Chiyu Mahou Chapter 1

Editor: Kiskaiya

Kurokata (Author): It’s Kurokata, pleased to meet you. It’s been a while but I’ll be submitting my works again.

A room filled to the brim with the scent of blood.

The figure of someone screaming.

The loud laughter of a grim man.

I absentmindedly observed the spectacle before me.

“Hyaha! The wound is disinfected!”


It wasn’t someone being disinfected with fire.

This was just the normal disinfection of a soldier’s wounds.

Hahaha. What did it look like?

“Injured person kidnapped!”


Right now, this blockhead—Tall and lanky man, didn’t actually kidnap a person, but was rather just carrying an injured woman around.

He wasn’t acting like a bandit trying to rob and sell her off either, so I don’t see why this female soldier was bawling.

“Oi oi, hey… what’s with this arm? You’re not trying to hide it from me are you, you sow! I’ll treat it for you, yaa!”


This situation wasn’t strange at all.

After all, if you left injuries untreated, they could easily become infected.

It’s not like we were doing a shakedown, you know?

But I have to say, my men are amazing. Even that crying woman is silent now.

Although in reality, she was silenced from fear.

As I was spacing out, one of my men came up to me. That hyaha! expression from before was now tinged with a bit of fear as he faced me.

“Vice Leader! I’ve thrown the injured person on the bed! Please be at ease!”

Hey, hey, throwing an injured person on the bed isn’t good.

You’re asking me to be at ease, but how am I supposed to relax when you say it like that?

At times like this, I have to scold them properly.

“You! How many times do I have to tell you to handle the patients carefully! And you, too, the both of you are useless!”

““Sorry, Vice Leader!””

Ah, I almost forgot. My name is Usato Ken, but everyone calls me either Usato or Vice Leader.

I’m a hero that was summoned from another world.

Right now, I’m the Vice Leader of the Rescue Squad and my specialty is healing magic.

I am very glad to work in this post filled with smiles…


In the world I came from, I was a very ordinary high school student, but as to why I’m now here at such a pleasant post… that was the start of my misadventures.


It was a harsh, rainy day.

The lessons for the day had ended and I was about to make my way home when it started pouring.

I had left my umbrella at home, so I could only observe the other students passing by.

Of course, no one would conveniently have an extra umbrella for their classmate.

That being said, I didn’t want to experience the unpleasant feeling of being soaked.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll take shelter for a little bit before leaving.”

It wasn’t as though I was in a hurry, and I didn’t particularly hate the rain either.

…It’s been 30 minutes and it doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop anytime soon.

When I got to the school entrance, I unwillingly let out a sigh.

Hey, I’m going to start to hate you at this rate, rain.

And so, after another hour passed, the surroundings started to lighten up as the dark clouds dispersed over the skies.

“Well, it probably won’t get any darker… hmm?”

A familiar pair was walking towards the entrance from the hallways.

If I remember correctly, those two are… people from the student council.

The boy’s name is Ryuusen Ichiju. Ichiju (一樹) can also be written and read as Kazuki (カズキ), it’s a pretty cool name. Being naturally tall and good-looking, it’s almost as though he has no shortcomings at all; just like a protagonist from a galge.

Furthermore, he’s also the vice president of the Student Council, as well as my classmate. Everyone sees him as an almost-perfect superhuman.

Compared to me, Usato Ken, who only stands out because of my surname… the difference is like heaven and earth.


“What’s the matter, Inukami-senpai?”

“Isn’t that boy from your class…”

Inukami Suzune. A dignified-looking girl with black hair, she was a third-year student and the current Student Council president. Intelligent, outstanding at athletics, and exceedingly beautiful. Being gifted with both brains and beauty, she was widely admired by the boys in the school and popular with some girls who had special preferences.

It was rumored that she was dating Ryuusen.

That kind of girl walked closer and even took notice of me.

“You don’t have an umbrella?”

“Er, well… yes..”

“I see, so that’s why you’re waiting here. However, the school is going to be closing very soon.”

It’s already that late, huh?

I opened my phone and checked the time while sneaking a glance outside.

It looked like it would still be a while before the rain really stopped…

The thought of asking my parents to pick me up crossed my mind, but they were both still working, so I couldn’t rely on them.

Inukami-senpai folded her arms, looking troubled.

“Muu… the student council’s reputation is going to be affected if I let you go home drenched like this.”

“If that’s the case, senpai, how about I lend Usato-kun my umbrella? I have another folding umbrella, so,” saying that, Ryuusen handed over his umbrella with a smile.

I see. This kind of personality would be popular with the girls at school.

He is in the same class as me, and even though this is our first conversation, how do I say it… it’s somewhat refreshing. Also, I’m a bit moved that he knows my name.

“Thank you, Ryuusen-kun.”

“Hey, hey, attaching a ‘-kun’ makes me feel uneasy. Relax, you can just call me Kazuki. And I will call you.. erm..”

“You can call me Usato.”

There were plenty of people called Ken in our school, after all.

And just like this, I unexpectedly became friends with the most popular guy in school and was even casually calling him by his first name.. Tomorrow, his fangirls will be shooting blood-thirsty glares my way.

“Well, then, may I also address you as Usato-kun?”

“I wouldn’t mind, you know.”

Inside, I was delighted; the school’s number one beauty calling me by name? I can die in peace now.

I thought I was unlucky today, but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

It was definitely not everyday one became friends with the two most popular people in the school.

Rain, you’re the best! Pour even harder if you want to.

It was all thanks to you that we could meet like this.

I’m not sure if we were getting along or if Kazuki wanted to raise the tension further, but I ended up getting invited to walk home with them.

In just moments, Kazuki has already gained a tight hold on the heart and emotions of an outsider like me, but for him, he was only thankful to have made another friend.

And here I had doubted him and directed my pettiness towards him by assuming things… I apologized and asked for forgiveness in my heart.

As Inukami-senpai didn’t object to the suggestion of walking home together, I decided to accompany them.

“Have you decided what you’ll be doing from now on till university?”

“Nope, I’m still in my second year.”

“Senpai, you also asked me about this, right?”

“Fufu, I don’t have anything like that. That’s why I’m curious about other people’s plans.”

The rain poured down incessantly as we walked.

Possibly because of the heavy rain, there weren’t any cars passing by us.

Well, with this kind of weather you wouldn’t want to go out for sure, so I suppose that’s natural..

While thinking and listening to the resounding noise of the rain, my heart became strangely calm. Were the two of them perhaps releasing some kind of negative aura to bring the rain?

With these thoughts worrying me, I raised a question to Inukami-senpai out of curiosity.

“Inukami-senpai, you still haven’t decided on a university even though you’re a third-year?”

“I haven’t decided.”

“Isn’t that bad?”

It was impolite, but I was voicing my honest thoughts.

Inukami-senpai was already a third-year in high school; if she didn’t choose a university soon, she might not be able to go anymore.

Hearing my reply, senpai showed an unpleasant smile.

Somehow, that smile didn’t suit Inukami-senpai‘s dignified appearance as Student Council President.

“That’s right, but you see, I can’t find what I want to do… I’m the one saying this, but when I set an objective, I can achieve it almost immediately. It feels like this isn’t the place for me. I have thoughts like that, sometimes.”

“Senpai is amazing, Usato.”

“For sure.”

“Ah, wait, what I said just now wasn’t sarcasm, okay..?”

“I know!” I said, exchanging glances with Kazuki while laughing.

Inukami-senpai’s cheeks flushed a scarlet red and she turned her head away angrily.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. Kazuki, are you and Inukami-senpai dating?” I asked abruptly, just to see their reactions.

The two of them looked at me with puzzled expressions.

“Huh? That’s not it.”

“That’s right, it’s a misunderstanding by the students. We’re together often because there’s a lot of student council work.”

That was a surprise. I was convinced that they were actually dating.

“That’s a lie, right?”

“Hahaha, why would I lie about this?”

Huh, I thought Kazuki would be more difficult to approach. He’s unexpectedly a very friendly person.

When I told him my thoughts, he replied, “I don’t want Usato to be the one telling me that.”… Well, I understand.

I usually talked to just the people I knew, after all. Him thinking of me that way couldn’t be helped, I guess.

“…What’s that sound?”


The other two looked perplexed and came to a halt.

When I looked back, both of them had their hands cupped over their ears as if they were trying to listen to something…

What did they hear? I didn’t notice anything.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Usato, did you hear something just now? Like a GON?”

“I didn’t hear anything at all…”

“I heard it. This is… the sound of a bell?”

Except for me, it seemed that they both heard it.

Inukami-senpai said “the sound of a bell”, but there weren’t any buildings nearby that would play such a sound.

Not to mention that the sound of pouring rain was masking everything else; it would be difficult to hear the sound of a ringing bell.

However, it was unlikely that both of them misheard it.

“Ar-are you alright?”

The instant I got closer to them, a strange pattern appeared on the ground.

When I saw it, my first thought was that it looked like the ones in video games.

“A m-magic circle?!”

A magic circle. But in a world dominated by science, something like that couldn’t possibly…

I was startled, but quickly regained my composure before deciding to confirm it for myself.

The pattern on the ground assembled into a formation, shining and pulsing with light.

Wasn’t this… wasn’t this the kind of development where you end up being transported to another world?!

With a situation as absurd as this, I silently held my breath in anticipation.

“Kazuki, w-what do you think of another world?!”

“Eh? What are you suddenly saying Usato!! But anyways, what is this?! Is someone filming?!”

That’s right! At a time like this, to someone saying such incomprehensible things, that’s what you’d normally reply with. I’m sorry!

“Usato-kun, in another world, do you think there will be things like magic and monsters… maybe even heroes?”

“I get the feeling I’ll be able to get along extremely well with Inukami-senpai.”

Inukami-senpai was a person from this side!

She was definitely someone who read young-adult stories on the net.

The magic circle on the ground came to life once more with a dark light that slowly grew brighter.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening, the dazzling light made me shut my eyes and left me feeling dizzy.

All of a sudden, I felt a floating sensation and my consciousness faded.


As I slowly opened my blurry eyes, my hands felt the cold touch of the hard floor.

I raised my head up, using one side of my body to prop myself up from the ground.

Beneath me wasn’t a concrete road, but one that glowed faintly with a smooth lustre.

“…nnn… where—?”

I looked at my surroundings and saw that I was in a gorgeous reception hall.

There were several strangers standing nearby, and in the center of it all was a man sitting on a large, ornate chair.

As I got up, I tried to get my bearings on the current situation.

Looking closely, the man in the middle was sitting on something akin to a throne.

He was also wearing what appeared to be high-class Western clothing, and his head was adorned with a crown.

On top of all this, the old people around him were wearing the kind of clothing you’d only see in an RPG.

I turned my head to see people dressed like knights lined up along the sides, sporting full armor with Western swords dangling on the sides of their hips.

“Are you okay, Usato?”

“Kazuki, where are we?”

Kazuki was beside me. He wore an uneasy expression as he called out to me.

I’m glad. It looks like we weren’t separated.

Since Kazuki was here, senpai was probably here as well.

I turned to look and sure enough, Inukami-senpai was on the other side of him.

It looked like she had already woken up. She made her way over and sat next to me.

“I don’t know. But there were already a lot of people with strange appearances when I woke up.”

“I see. Are you okay senpai?”

“Aah, you don’t need to be worried. I’m not hurt anywhere.”

Noticing that we were all awake now, the regal man with the crown stood up and approached us.

Rather than due to solemnity or any sort of insight, we were being overpowered by his presence.

“It seems that you have all awoken.”

He looked exceedingly distinguished and important; what did someone like that want with us?

As my eyes slowly wandered to our surroundings, Kazuki, who was ever vigilant, bravely turned to face him.

“You, who are you?”

“You bastard! How dare you disrespect Lloyd-sama!”

Next to the king-like character stood a man who appeared to be his retainer, and it looked like Kazuki’s flippant manner of speaking riled him up.

“It’s fine. Suddenly being called here like this, it’s natural to ask something like that. There’s no need to get angry over such a small thing, Gio.

“Ho-however… I understand..”

“Sorry. My vassal is rigid in many ways.”


“My name is Lloyd Bluegust Lyngle. I am the king of the Lyngle Kingdom.”

Lyngle Kingdom. I’ve never heard of this country.

“It seems that you are perplexed. Let me offer an explanation. You’ve all been summoned to my Lyngle Kingdom as heroes.”

“As heroes?”

I heard a small voice next to me quietly squealing ‘It’s here!’, but I was determined to believe that it wasn’t Inukami-senpai’s voice.

Please don’t destroy your image as the cool beauty, senpai. I really admire that noble image of you!

Additionally, Kazuki, you’re the serious type, please restrain yourself and don’t act so rashly.

“Yes, as heroes. Several years ago, the Demon King was resurrected. The Demon King wasted no time steadily spreading influence with an army. Our kingdom had the resolve to fight but no matter how desperately we tried, we could not match the Demon King’s army in strength. We were barely able to repel the previous attack and might not be able to the next time we clash. Hence, we resorted to using our last measure… We made the decision to perform the forbidden technique, Hero Summoning, to call forth help from another world.”

Next to me, Inukami-senpai was unable to calm down and was pacing about excitedly while stomping her feet.

Senpai’s dignified image was starting to collapse.

No, it’s already crumbled.

“What are the requirements to be summoned?”

“It would be unfortunate to accidentally call the wrong person to this world. For that reason, the magic formation itself makes the selection. When you were being summoned, you heard the sound of a bell, correct?”

“…Uh yes, there was a sound like that. But if that’s so, Usato…”

Kazuki looked my way. I believe the expression on his face is in silent apology for dragging me in.

Only the chosen heroes heard the bell. In other words, since I didn’t hear it, I didn’t meet the requirements.

So, this means..?

“I just got dragged along?”

I couldn’t think of anything else but this …but, I didn’t actually mind?

Even without meeting such a requirement, I still had my own worth.

I’m a person who really hates losing!!

The two of them looked at me while I was bewildered… yes, yes, I was the one in the wrong place, I understand.

It was a fact that I was pulled into this; but it felt like a tiny crack appeared in my heart.

As I was holding back the pain in my chest, I noticed the king looking at me before wearily closing his eyes.

This is bad, I’ll be treated as useless baggage and thrown out…

“So you got pulled along… There’s a way to send you back, but Hero Summoning is a one-way passage with set conditions. It’s possible to summon someone, but sending them back can’t be done using this technique. It’s the same with the two others beside you… I am truly sorry… I don’t mind even if you shout curses at me.”

…Maybe this king was really a good person?

No… Summoning heroes—taking other people out of their worlds with no way back wasn’t something a good person would do, right?


“Don’t screw around!”

Before I could finish, Kazuki raised his voice in fury.

On either side of the king, the soldiers immediately put their hands on the hilts of their swords, ready to draw.

H-hey, I’m happy you’re getting mad for my sake, but can you calm down for a second?!

“Have you thought about what’s going to happen to our loved ones?! Our parents are in our former world! Senpai’s too! And Usato’s as well..!”

“I am very sorry… but we are desperate.”

While clenching his hand into a fist, Kazuki took a step forward.

I only just became friends with him a few hours ago, but he’s such a great guy.

Though, I personally find it hard to take this seriously since it’s all so insane…

“Calm down, Kazuki! I’m happy you’re getting mad for my sake, but there’s no point in acting violently, right?”

“Kuh… If Usato says so.”

Inside Kazuki’s mind, how much weight did my statements actually hold?

“I know we’re doing things for our own convenience. Being forcibly taken into this world, I don’t know if we can ever give you appropriate compensation. But, we will find the magic to send you all back without fail. Until then, lend your powers to us… Please…”


O—i… In front of Kazuki, Lloyd prostrated himself on the cold castle floor.

Wasn’t this conversation progressing a little too fast!?

There’s no question, this person is an extremely good king!

The kings in the novels I’ve read are completely different!

“I am the king of this country! I have a duty to protect the citizens! For their sake, I will bow my head as many times I need to!”

Standing up from his place at Kazuki’s feet, Lloyd made his way to me and silently bowed his head.

The king of a country was bowing his head to a mere student.

Inside that strange scene, Kazuki, who had calmed down, dropped his shoulders as if he was giving up.

“…Just before, I was being impolite. I am very sorry. Please raise your head, King-sama. Let’s talk, we’ll hear you out. How about starting with that first.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

King Lloyd turned and nodded his head in assent to Inukami-senpai and I.

Inukami-senpai flashed a smile and gave me a thumbs up. That was a side of her I’d never seen before in school…

These guys were unexpectedly adapting well to the situation and going along with it…


  1. Galge is short for galgame, Japanese games centered on interactions with attractive girls. Typically visual novels and dating sims.

Kurokata: It’s an isekai comedy….?


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