Chiyu Mahou Chapter 2

In the end, Kazuki ended up giving in to the king’s request.

Of course at first Kazuki intended to refuse, but after hearing the disastrous scene caused by the Maou in their previous clash… he ended up accepting it, maybe it was due to his innate nature.

In addition to Kazuki’s decision, Inukami-senpai didn’t particularly have any objections……

Or rather… I felt she didn’t plan to object it at all in the first place.

I don’t know the reason, I have no idea what she’s thinking about at all….

“Well then… Kazuki, Suzune, Usato. I want to use this crystal to measure your aptitudes.”

Leading us to a room was a female magician, Welsey, who was introduced to us thanks to the king. According to her, we needed to place our hands on the crystal that was enshrined at the center of the room. Aptitude huh… in other words, we’ll be able to know the type of magic that we can use.

It seems that the types of magic you can use are diverse, but some examples of orthodox types of magic were fire, water, and lightning.

There were also plenty other systems of magic like teleportation or illusion magic. Among all these, there are also types that can only be used by certain races that weren’t often seen.

As far as I was concerned, magic to me was something like flying on a broom and conjuring a guardian spirit from a staff. The reality of this entire situation still didn’t feel real to me but my heart was pounding from the expectation of being able to use magic.

“Well then Kazuki, please try touching it”

I wonder what kind of ability I will have… while holding onto that thought, I waited for my turn to come.

“Suzune’s is yellow… you have the aptitude for lightning magic!! The quantity of magical power doesn’t lose to Kazuki either!!”

“Lightning… kufufu”

Kazuki’s was light, and Inukami-senpai’s was lightning.

Also Inukami-senpai’s previous character has already collapsed.

Welsey seemed excited from seeing the amazing amount of magical power. “As expected of heroes!” says a delighted Welsey. However, to her reaction, it pinpointed on my mental condition that was on the verge of breaking and was weak as a wet tissue.

Nnn? Kazuki didn’t seem to be too happy.

“What’s the matter Kazuki?”

“…After all, what’s a shining light supposed to do? When we’re fighting, am I supposed to flash the enemies’ eyes so they get dazzled?”

“It’s okay, you just have to fire something like a beam Kazuki-kun, and then after that you can use a sword of light to cut through—“

“Can you be quiet for a bit? Inukami-senpai, it wouldn’t be good to break this world you know?”

This person was bad news.

After coming to another world, she’s been acting strange.

“Usato-kun on the inside is an acrimonious person huh. That… I don’t hate that at all you know?”

I already don’t want to associate myself with this person anymore.

Who was it that said this person was the school’s number one beauty? Ah, it was me.

Leaving Inukami-senpai aside, Kazuki’s situation was…

“No no no no!! Light magic is amazing you know! After all, there are only a limited amount of users, it’s a type of magic that’s scarce! Holding light you can use it to repel the wicked! It’s a matchless power when fighting against demons! It’s something to be proud of, after all it’s the highest and most supreme attribute!”

“I-Is that so…”

“Fufufu, I’m looking forward to the training!! Well let’s get going! We need to report to the king!!”

Eh, I haven’t finished yet though? Was I forgotten?

Forgetting about me, Welsey took Kazuki’s hand and started making her way out of the room.

I couldn’t just let her go like this, the moment I was about to call her to stop… Inukami-senpai grabbed Welsey’s arm.

“There’s still someone we haven’t tested yet right? Welsey-san”

“…Who is it? Eeehh aaah sorry!! I forgot!! Come come… erm”

“It’s Usato”

I didn’t know it would hurt this much when someone forgets your name…

I drew close to the crystal while feeling depressed from waiting excitedly for my turn before.

I looked at the crystal and before long it changed its color to a somewhat transparent green color.


“It’s a beautiful color, it looks just like an emerald”

“That is certainly so, all I saw for mine was something glowing and wasn’t able to tell what the color was”

Inukami-senpai and Kazuki say so as they both watched me touch the crystal.

The intensity of the color represented the amount of magical power while the color itself was the attribute. At least that was what I heard from Welsey.

The color was questionably dilute, would it be slightly above average when compared to an ordinary person?

In other words, the crystal being emerald-green probably means—-

“Looks like the manipulation of plants or vegetation… umm what’s the matter? Welsey-san, making that kind of expression… your face looks blue”

“I-If I don’t re-report this”

“Huh? Why are you grabbing onto my hand?”

“If I don’t report thissssssss!!”

Welsey gripped onto my hand like a vise and began to run.

Eh? What? What is this!? Did I do something bad!?


We arrived at the reception hall where the king was.

My breathing was disordered and as I took rough breaths, my hand was still being held by Welsey as the king appeared before us.

I haven’t held hands with a girl since elementary school but something isn’t right. There shouldn’t be such a dreadful feeling due to a full power sprint.

In the reception hall along with the king, there were palace guards wearing armor lined up along the walls.

“King Lloyd!”

“What is it Welsey? Do you already know the capabilities of Kazuki and the others? Oh? Isn’t that Usato? Where are the others?”

“Kazuki and Suzune were both measured and have splendid qualities. However…”

“…What is it? Originally Usato was someone who happened to dragged into this world. He didn’t come here for the sake of fighting you know?”

This king was truly a good person.

He probably felt that Welsey-san thought I was useless and gave his words to imply his good intentions. Although I don’t think that’s Welsey’s intention since she’s been grasping my hand like she was trying to crush it and with only her physical strength as well.

“That’s not what this is about! I understand the deep reasoning behind those words. However his aptitude is… that…”

“What is it? Don’t tell me it’s the ability to govern over the darkness attribute? Hahahahaha!!”

The king suddenly laughed around the surrounding people.

The ability to manipulate darkness was rare even in the demonic race.

My crystal also showed an emerald-green color, so there’s no possibility of that.

Even so, I felt a sense of crisis from seeing Welsey’s perplexed expression.

“It’s… healing magic”

“Haha…ha? What did you just say?”

“The crystal was emerald-green, so in other words, he has the qualification to be a healing magician“

Healing magic?

What is that? Something like a recovery magic class?


“Why did everyone become silent?”

My system of magic was really that awful!? It was that awful that you couldn’t even laugh at it!? Judging from the name healing, it should be the curing type of ability right!? So why was it that this atmosphere was cold like the air at night!?

The king cleared his throat with an ahem and looked towards me.

His facial expression was neither delighted nor bewildered but rather showed a strange expression.

“Usato, you probably don’t know the circumstances so I will explain it okay?”

“Ah, okay”

“Magicians capable of using healing magic are uncommon, but ordinary magicians are at least able to perform first-aid treatment. However, healing magic exceeds that by far and magicians possessing this type of magic are capable of doing much more. In fact, there are also several people in this country whom possess it.”

“So in other words you are saying…?”

“Well that is, how should I say it… o-oh yeah, tomorrow let’s have Usato be dispatched to the town nearby the castle and train under the doctor!! How’s that!?”

The conversation became excessively confusing that I didn’t know what was happening but it was gradually getting scarier.

““That’s a great idea you know, Usato-dono!””

““That’s right!””

“Isn’t that a great proposal? You should accept Usato-kun”

“Welsey-san, for some time now you’ve been grabbing hold of my hand and it’s been gradually getting damp you know”

The king was sweating profusely as he was looking at me. The introduction to the doctor was pushed onto to me suddenly too. No, this was almost an order.

Also for some time now it wasn’t my hand that was sweating from being grasped but the female magician next to me, Welsey’s hand.

“Eh? But this country has healing magicians similar to me…”

“No! Don’t be manipulated!! In various ways, just don’t!! That is if you want to become a proper healing magician!!”


Who’s the one doing the manipulating? Is it a figure that was dangerous to the king?

The other people in the surroundings were nodding their heads in agreement, I was able to understand that it must be a great matter.

For the time being, I was concerned with my understanding about my deployment for tomorrow. As I was about to open my mouth to ask, the reception hall’s door opened and a faint-looking guard came in, who seemed to be out of breath.

“King-sama! There’s a big problem! Rose-sama has come!”

“What!? Don’t allow her through no matter what! Especially now!!”

“Ho-however that’s…”

Now then, who was this Rose?

Hearing that name, the people in the vicinity call out to me… “Hide! Hide right now!”

Was it alright to hide? But Welsey isn’t letting go of my hand you know.

Welsey separated a little from me and… eh? “Sorry” Why did you apologize!? Welsey-san with tears forming from her eyes separated from me and appeared distressed. From the reception hall’s door, someone walked through with vigor.

“Llyod-sama! Have the heroes come already!”

“Ah, this is bad…”

The person opened the door somewhat violently; it was a beautiful woman who had a strong-minded tone. Her appearance somewhat resembled a doctor as she was clad in a white robe attire. Close to her right eye was a scar and the emphasis was on her beautiful emerald-green hair… or rather the focus might be her ferocious nature.

The woman walked briskly towards the throne and gradually got closer to the king that was covered in sweat.

“Why are you so surprised from seeing my face? You’re not plotting anything now are you?”

“Th-that’s not the case at all. I thought that you were supposed to be on break right now?”

“Kahaha! Me? Having a day off for the sake of the country heh—- …nnn? Who are you?”

The woman called Rose faced my direction while glaring at me.

Uuu, this person was kinda scary… I don’t want this kind of person to know I have the qualifications for healing magic.

“Th-that person isn’t a hero! He’s just a young boy who was unfortunately dragged here!”

The king was frantic.

“I see… oi boy, what’s your name?”


“…Usato huh, my name is Rose… just Rose. I’m the Leader of this Kingdom’s Rescue Squad. Best regards”

The Leader of the Rescue Squad? … I  couldn’t see this person as someone who would be in charge of an occupation where other people’s lives are in their hands.

Even though she looks so noble, it was strange that for a while now that I’ve only been feeling fear from her.

I felt my own sweat running down on my forehead.

“I-it’s fine already isn’t it? Usato is probably already tired, I want to give him some rest”

“Well that is true, so then Lloyd-sama… where are the heroes?”

“Aah if that’s the case…”

“Oi Usato! Are you okay!?”

“Why did you suddenly break into a run, Welsey?”

From where Rose came through the door, Kazuki and Inukami-senpai entered.

Sorry, the person next to me was an existence resembling an ogre. It would be a bad idea to get closer.

The king looked towards Kazuki.

“It’s them”

“Hoh, that’s a good expression you have isn’t it?”

King Lloyd secretly did a Guts Pose1.

With this, Rose’s interest has shifted to Kazuki’s side. The surrounding people let out a breath of relief while making sure that Rose wasn’t aware.

“I’m okay Kazuki”

“…Fuu why is it that when you touched the crystal and it turned emerald-green, Welsey-san’s expression changed and then took you away? What were you thinking Welsey?”

Ah, why did you say that?

“Emerald-green… you say?”

Rose-san looked this way and the corners of her mouth raised into a smile.

The king’s face became pale and naturally mine did as well. Right now I’ve fallen into a crisis I’ve never faced before. The culprit was the young man Kazuki who was getting closer to me.

I know he didn’t mean any ill will, but… I wished you could have read the mood…

“Lloyd-sama, I’m going to borrow this child for a bit okay?”

“Welsey!! Take Usato to refuge immediately!! As of now, as far as we’re concerned, he’s an existence similar to this country’s national treasure!!”

“Just when did I become this country’s national treasure!?”

Hearing the king’s command, Welsey who separated herself from my hand before came closer to me again and prepared her staff. I couldn’t see in front if you’re blocking me.

Being unable to see from the front, I moved sideways to look but Rose-san’s figure was already gone. “Wh-where are you!?” said Welsey who was bewildered. I looked around me but then suddenly I felt like I was floating… someone embraced me under their arms.

Before I was aware of it, Rose-san was next to me. She was lifting me up with one arm under her armpit…? I have a height of 170 cm but she lifted me up so easily!?

“Lloyd-sama. I shall show you how I will raise this youth in the healing magic department first company!!”

“Wait! Please wait!! I don’t want Usato-dono to be corrupted!! He hasn’t been tainted yet, he’s still a pure white healing magiciannnnn!!”

King Lloyd stood up from his chair and called out to Rose-san who was carrying me under her arms.

But it didn’t reach Rose-san who was raising a loud laughter. I wonder what I should do. Kazuki and Inukami-san were looking at me, they seemed to be dumbfounded by the current situation and couldn’t keep up. Eh? Eh? What was this, abduction!? Inside the country!? At this point, I once again tried to comprehend my current situation. I tried to keep my eyes on Rose-san who was smiling and laughing like a wild animal.

Usato-kun got taken away.

We’ve just met today, yet not even half a day has passed… he was someone I could communicate well with. That was supposed to be the case but… forgive me Usato-kun! You seemed like a heroine during that scene and I couldn’t move!

“Aah, Usato is an ordinary person since coming here and has no relation to this world but…”

“Where is Usato-kun being taken right now? I overheard he was going to be trained…”

Right now, rushing out from here wouldn’t do any good.

First I should hear the circumstances from King Lloyd and be conscious of them.

“…Welsey, I’m leaving the explanation to you”

“Yes… erm”

King Lloyd moved his lower back down and showed a worn out facial expression after requesting for Welsey to explain.

His spirit must have been worn to a great extent facing that woman called Rose just now.

Welsey came in front of Kazuki and I. From the king’s order, she began her explanation.

“The place he’s being taken to is a medical care establishment just a short distance away from this castle. At that place is the special leader Rose-sama along with two healing magicians and five helpers for a total of eight members.

“Isn’t that too few?”

For a Rescue Squad, wasn’t that excessively few?

There was bound to be a demand for a large amount of people who were necessary when you’re fighting monsters… at least that should be the case…

“It’s plenty. No matter what kind of aptitudes magicians have, they are all able to use recovery magic to the degree of first-aid. Therefore, you can heal your own wounds yourself. Naturally you can heal a comrade’s wound too… but… a large injury wouldn’t immediately get healed”

“That is I want to address…”

“Usato’s aptitude was demonstrated to be able to use healing magic”

A wound that I couldn’t heal myself but healing magicians could was their specialty… that basically sums it. If that was so, then Usato-kun has a high possibility of being a valuable healing magician to this country is what it meant.

But there was still something I can’t comprehend. That was the hesitation in entrusting Usato-kun to the Rescue Squad’s leader Rose-san.

“Why is that you didn’t want to entrust Usato to that woman called Rose?”


“I don’t mind”

Lloyd gave permission to Welsey.

As expected, there are some circumstances involved…

“Rose-sama is the expert when it comes to healing magicians. However… how should I say it… her training policy regarding her subordinates is a little unusual”

“Unusual? Specifically like what?”

“Erm, I’m not well-informed but… ““The Rescue Squad is always side by side with one another even in death! Therefore you bastards will be granted the survival techniques to survive any type of predicament you pieces of shit!”” … they constantly say things like that, they have a strict guidance to their group members. In reality, the Palace Guards and Rescue Squad had combination training with Rose-sama as the instructor but the Palace Guards and soldiers weren’t able to bear it. In the end, only the Rescue Squad finished the training.”

“Am I correct to assume that Rose-sama is a character who possesses considerable ability since the palace guards couldn’t endure her training?”

The guards in the training would raise their voices if they had objections, Rose who was able to perform that training should be a person with a good amount of ability.

When I asked that question to King Lloyd, he replied while stroking his chin while having a look of nostalgia.

“Aah, the Rescue Squad we have today in the past was… no let’s lay off on this topic… anyways they are entirely different from your average army. When the Maou army invaded, many lives were saved thanks to the assistance of the Rescue Squad’s activities. It was also thanks to them that we were able to repel the Maou army. …With such achievements, Rose’s training policy is not wrong… however…”


“That, to complete that training is… haa”

From Welsey’s explanation, a big sigh came from King Lloyd on the throne.

The king’s anxiety did not match his age as he seemed to be concerned about Usato-kun’s safety.

Rose took me to a place a short distance away from the castle. I reached a large building made of bricks.

The sky was already starting to turn dark and in my surroundings was an overgrown forest.

Rose urged me to go in the building, and I saw that the inside was thoroughly cleaned. In the interior was a bed for patients along with medicine lying around. The medical care interior made me say “unexpectedly it’s very clean”, as I raised my voice of admiration I looked around restlessly.

“From today on, this will be the place you’ll be staying at”


“Oi you all!! It’s a newcomer, come out!!”

Before answering my question, Rose raised a loud voice like a beast to call some people out.

As she did, inside the building several people were making a rattling noise with their footsteps simultaneously as they got closer. The first one to enter was a grim looking man who stood straight in front of Rose and extended his back.

What was this person… scary.

“Welcome back home Rose-anego2!!”

“Ohh Alek, during my absence did anything happen?”

“It’s just the usual, no one came by!”

“I see, that’s a good thing”

Other men started coming one after another starting with that man who was addressed as Alek.

I felt my own face stiffening.

Is it just this one spectacle in this world that was different…?

“You guys will introduce yourselves. Starting from today, this is Usato who will be under my care. All of you get along with each other”



It wasn’t good at all!!

I couldn’t believe my character was breaking down like this. In front of my eyes were five evil-looking men observing me, and remembering the previous development from just a few moments ago made me feel scared.

If I live will I be able to go back home?


1. Guts pose, similar to a fist pump.
2. Anego = elder sister

Shiru: I didn’t get to proofread properly last time for chapter 1 because I was extremely tired. It was also my first time translating and I will improve along the way as I translate more. I hope that the quality is better this time around.


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  4. Quick comment, since the author has published more than one novel on the NU page has author as ‘Kurokado’, but it is given as くろかた on syosetu. I have no idea how to get something like this corrected at NU though.


  5. I love this twist. The side character (to the actual heroes) has decent potential; but is hijacked by what’s supposed to be a support-group (mere healers), who’s instead the equivalent of elite search and rescue units; with more training than typical soldiers.

    And they’re mafia/yakuza-like too.

    The funniest part though is that Suzune-sempai thinks of Usato as a hapless maiden and herself as the hero who needs to rescue him. She really isn’t the pure, innocent girl Usato thought she was at first.

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  6. To elaborate slightly more… “Anego” is a very rough way of saying “Big sister”. Largely used by deliquents and yakuza to show respect on female member who has higher position in their group…

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    • I actually put a note before, but the author never puts one. I thought that the POV switches are intuitive for the most part, the characters are unique in their thoughts and speech. For example, the way each character addresses another. I think the confusion is because of the spacing, it might have been accidentally removed. I will add something to separate it.


  8. “Well then Kazuki, please try touching it”
    I wonder what kind of ability I will have… while holding onto that thought, I waited for my turn to come.
    “Suzune’s is yellow… you have the aptitude for lightning magic!! The quantity of magical power doesn’t lose to Kazuki either!!”
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    Kazuki’s is light, and Inukami-senpai’s is lightning.

    Leaving Inukami-senpai aside, Kazuki was… → maybe Kazuki should be Welsey here? Since Kazuki was a bit pessimistic about his power but the next sentence sounds to be very happy instead.

    That was supposed to be case but → the case

    a character who possesses a considerable of ability → considerable ability

    Cheers for an ‘okay’ king!

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      • what i mean by those ( ) is, doesn’t it sounds like something is missing there? Kazuki was the one who’s touching but next was Suzune’s result.


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  10. #This is a rant#
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    Yeah translators have the right to choose if he wants or not and yeah only a minority of readers will mind that but i do mind it, that’s why this is a rant.


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