Chiyu Mahou Chapter 4

Training Diary

Being told by Rose-san to write a diary, I will start writing from today.

I don’t know how to write using the letters of this world but it was a good thing if this will be private.

I’ll do it alright, I’ll write about my daily resentment here.


Day 1

For now, I should write about today’s events.

Yesterday, after being told by Tong about the hellish training; it was unexpectedly easy.

First of all, I was made to sense magical power. I was able to easily do it.

In the center of my chest, I felt a warm sensation that filled me up. Apparently that was the feeling of magical power. Afterwards Rose-san told me I should aim to take that magical power outside of my body.

After magic practice finished, I learned information regarding this world.

Sitting on a desk, a thick article was handed over to me along with a single instruction; “Read it” I was told only that. This was a rather absurd thing you just said sensei, you know.

There was no way I could read the letters of this world! And so I yelled my objection to her.

According to Rose, the heroes that are summoned have an automatic translation magic attached to them.

While half-convinced, I opened the article to take a look. Certainly, I was able to read if it were only the words. I was very astonished.

Once again, I thought that magic was amazing.

Apparently, there are creatures that are simply called monsters in this world. This feels like an RPG. Thinking that, I was overwhelmed with my own emotions and let out my thoughts in a strange voice. I was then hit by Rose-san.

It was very painful.

As I was silently reading, I became aware of the great variety of races in this world. Among them were elves, beastmen etc. There were races that you would see that often appear in games.

Other than Lyngle Kingdom, I understood there were also many other countries. Majority of them are human countries however.

As I was silently reading the massive book, Rose-san sat on the seat in front of me in silence.

At that time, the pressure was no joke.

But, if this is the kind of training I get every day, I can manage this can’t I?

However, Tong was looking at me like a pitiful person and this made me concerned.

Well, tomorrow I will keep at it in my training.


Day 2

I ran a lot.


Day 3

I ran until my whole body had its muscles ached with pain.

I wasn’t given breaks. When I collapsed, Rose-san restored my body and made me run.

I was determined not to say thank you. After all, that person is seriously odd. Saying things like “Temper your legs, and then you won’t die” or “Feel your magical power as you’re running”.

I’m not this person’s slave, I uttered to her and she replied, “Do this as if you were going to die, if you die I will heal you”

In front of this person, even death becomes a relief.

After that, I told Rose-san “My legs are worn-out!” Then she silently slapped the side of my thigh.

As I was rolling around in agony, the pain from my legs disappeared.

“The muscular pain has been forcefully restored. With this, your legs are fixed. Hurry up and start running, trash”

…She was seriously dangerous.


Day 4

Today I joined together with the other group members.

I went through muscle training. It was a soldier’s training rather than a lifesaving team’s training.

While yelling out a strange and inspiring shout, we sprinted with all our power while close to together in speed. Naturally, I was left behind.

To add on to that, Rose-san looked towards me and said, “Oi, there’s an insect that got left behind here?”

Kazuki, save me.


Day 5

Wondering if my mind’s SOS signal was delivered, Kazuki and Inukami-senpai showed up.

Both of them seemed to be taking the castle’s training. The contents mainly included sword and magic.

The teachers were the magician Welsey-san, and the corps commander by the name of Sigris-san.

From what Welsey-san said, Sigris-san is a very strict person but also a good person.

There was also the king’s daughter, princess Seria. She often tagged along the training with Kazuki. She was gentle and kind just like the king, or according to senpai; a very lovely person.



I couldn’t say anything.

Huh?  I wonder if Kazuki and senpai are located in different places than me in this world.

Why is that both Kazuki and senpai have a proper fantasy?

I was asked what I was doing but I just told them I only ran.

They showed a questioning facial expression but Inukami-senpai alone was looking at my leg section and gulped.

She asked if she could touch it for a bit, however she was breathing roughly so I ignored her.

Everyone was doing their best. It won’t do if I wasn’t trying my best.


Day 6

I ran today.

As I was running, I noticed that a pale green light gathered in my hand.

I was thinking at that time, “Is this necessary right now?”

Today Rose-san was a cold-blooded savage hag (haha). (TN: Usato’s note)

Not being able to read this is all the more reason to write insults.


Day 7

I’m sorry for bad-mouthing you.


Day 8

I take back my words from two days ago, healing magic was extremely necessary.


Day 9

Healing magic was absolutely necessary.


Day 10

I can see my mental state has become rough.

I’ve reached the point of being able to discharge my magic out of my body. No matter how much I run, I no longer feel tired.

Getting me haggard day by day… What was the reason I wonder.

I was already tired of being called troublesome by Rose-san.

My legs felt sore but I restored them with my healing magic.


Day 11

Starting from today, a new menu was added on.

It was push-ups.

For the time being, do a thousand of them… so I was told and I matter-of-factly did them while using healing magic.

For some reason, Rose-san showed a satisfied face at my state. Was there something on my face I wonder?


Day 12

From morning till noon I ran. Then I did push-ups until night time.

Other than that, there was nothing else to write about. If I had to… somehow my body feels light.


Day 13

What was this sensation… when I realized it, a weight was attached to me. It was really heavy.

As I was running, there were guards who saw me but then immediately drew away and stopped looking towards me.


Day 14

Tong that bastard, he ate my lunch.

That bastard, I won’t forgive you…!


If I think about it, it’s been two weeks since I started training.

Huh, what was my purpose for coming here again?

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    • That’s the idea. Healing magicians that can survive on the battlefield are much more useful than the dead ones. Since they don’t have the use of offensive magic they need to be physically fit instead


  1. Hahaha…it’s like reading someone’s downfall into insanity. Magnificient. Rose is pretty damn good at brainwashin-, er, mental conditioning.

    It’s also a lot more detailed than the manga. Well, thanks for the chapter!

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  2. I’m a little sad that the diary wasn’t presented the way it was in the manga (where his two schoolmates are reading it and reacting in horror). Although I would rather the mangaka stick to the novel, in this case I think the mangaka made a good decision.

    The contents themselves were more detailed though. Hang in there, Usato.

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  3. Hah. I’m expecting him to have become bodybuilder muscular and shrugging off all forms of damage. Meanwhile, Inukami-sempai lusting over him in her weird sort of way.


  4. 。  〃〃∩ ∧__∧
     || ̄ ̄`ヽ_つ⊂ノ ̄ ̄|
     || Thanks Nepu!!! |
     || _________|
           | ::|
          _| ::|_

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  5. Just found out that someone started translating this and dropped by to leave my thanks.
    I like your attitude and you might find someone who is interested in the series and wants to help out just like you if you ask in some places like maybe novelupdates forum or something (don’t have any experience myself since my english is way to bad but I found this translation in one of them)

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  6. Just started reading this, so sorry if I’m commenting later than others.

    This is … classic cult techniques. Kind of scary. Wondering if this chick isn’t actually a bad guy instead of ‘humorously drill sergeant-y’.


  7. Training Hell : the Summary. At least it’s not a tasteless time skip.
    What happened on day 7 I wonder? I’m curious..


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