Chiyu Mahou Chapter 8

Kurokata: I’ve made a modification to the title outlines. I apologize for the sudden change.

Forest Diary

It was the second day of my daily life in the forest. Before retiring for the day, I wanted to be a bit more familiar with the Grand and Blue Grizzlies’ ecology.
I was relying on the moonlight to see; it was a bit dark but I could still make out what I was writing. I wondered if it had become a habit this past month, but I felt uneasy if I wasn’t keeping my thoughts in a diary.

Day 2
With the black rabbit leading the way, I quickly arrived at the monster’s dwelling.

Inside were two Blue Grizzlies along with one Grand Grizzly. Of the two, one appeared to be a cub with its small stature. The other one had a large build so it was probably the parent. Although it was written in the book that Grand Grizzlies like to move in groups… it takes a Blue Grizzly a century to turn into a Grand Grizzly… Could these two types of bears still be considered part of the same monster group?!

Seeing as there hadn’t been much development in the past hour, I wrapped things up for today.
As usual, the rabbit was riding on my shoulder.. but since you were cute, I’ll permit it.

Day 3
I was observing their habitat again. Just like yesterday, they weren’t moving.
Nothing noteworthy happened, guess that was it for today.
I wondered what this rabbit actually was and why it kept following me… It understood my words and was able to sense danger, which was very convenient. I had an endless amount of doubts towards it.
But it was cute so whatever.

Day 4
My stomach hurts.

Day 5
As expected, the water was no good.
It was very reassuring to have the rabbit at my side while I was suffering from stomach aches.

By the afternoon, my condition improved and I continued observing the bears.

Looking down at them from a tree, the bears seemed to be on a hunt today. Even though I haven’t seen them for only a day, it felt like it had been a long time. As for the hunt itself, it felt like the Grand Grizzly was leading the Blue Grizzly cub. Somehow, the sight of it was calming.

From watching them today, I learned that they basically eat anything. They also brought down a Fall Boar, a wild boar monster, with ease.

Was I really capable of taking them down?

Day 6
I encountered a monster today.
The black rabbit led me to a place with clean water and just when we were heading back… the rabbit started trembling.
What appeared was something akin to a tsuchinoko1; a gigantic snake. I didn’t know the name of this creature so I just named it as a giga tsuchinoko, or rather I just shortened it to Giganoko. Its abdomen was thick and its body was around 7 meters long.
Slithering on its belly, it came directly for me while I froze in fear. Of course, I ran. It chased after me persistently but I managed to get away.
Just as a precaution, I also took a detour on the way back.

Somehow, that snake gave me a strange feeling. Unlike the other monsters of this forest, it felt ominous.
In addition, the black rabbit appeared to be frightened, even though it remained composed in the Grand Grizzly’s presence…

Despite not fully understanding the monsters in this forest, it seemed that something dreadful was occurring here.

Day 7
Nothing abnormal happened with the bears today.
This was bad, it had already been one week, I was starting to forget why I was here.

Day 8
I encountered the Giganoko again.
It was lurking in a place not far off from my base.
When I first encountered it, it was deeper in the forest, or at least that was supposed to be the case.. did it follow me back to my base? If so, then it was targeting me. I’ll pass on getting eaten.
It would be good if I brought down the Grand Grizzly soon.

I had a bad feeling about this.

Day 9
In the morning, the rabbit seemed scared so I decided against setting out and took a longer rest on the tree.
I considered fetching my water canteen from the ground but it was risky, and there was no substitute for my life.

Nevertheless, wasn’t this rabbit too emotionally attached to me? Even if I healed its wound, would one normally be this attached?
To be honest, I want to take it home.

Tomorrow, once the Giganoko goes away, I’ll start hunting the bears.

Day 10
In the end, I wasn’t able to hunt the Grand Grizzly.
It wasn’t that my desperate attempts at a strategy failed… I didn’t even have the chance to use any.


Right in front of me was the cruel sight of a Grand Grizzly’s messy, half-eaten corpse.

1. In Japanese folklore, the tsuchinoko is a snake-like being that literally translates to child of hammer or child of dirt.It’s classified as a Yokai and tsuchinokos are described to have fangs and venom similar to a viper.

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  1. Thanks fro the chapter, I was hoping for an absurd development like the MC beating the Bear bare handed, but well lets see how he deals with whatever eated the Grand Bear.

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    • He probably could win hand to paw, but he has no experience and is still thinking in old world terms with no understanding of just how much he has grown in ability.


  2. YES! NEW CHAPTER! I’m gonna take a wild guess here, but I’m pretty sure the rabbit is gonna die, I can already imagine how.

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  3. I wonder what happened to the Kingdom’s side? He’s been missing for quite a while now… when is his deadline again?

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  5. (prediction)He’s gonna bring the blue bear back and tell rose that he gonna rear it into a grand bear ^^, (evidence) the picture they show for the cover shows that the blue bear(cub? HUGE) is super attached to him

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  6. A rabbit took a liking to MC. That reminds me of the demi-girl that stared at MC before going out of town. Coincidence?
    also, need footnote on tsuchinoko please. just because..


  7. Thanks for the chapter! Hey some one go call Yuna for this snake. She will make the snake pay for it with it’s life, for some one who don’t know Yuna is the bear mc from Bear Bare a kuma


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