Chiyu Mahou Chapter 9

Atrocious— That word was the first to come to mind at the scene before me.

There was the Grand Grizzly’s corpse lying here, the monster that Rose told me to defeat. Noticing its distorted limbs as I got closer, I also saw a mark on its body; it appeared to be a large and raw bite wound.

Additionally, a Blue Grizzly was next to it in a similar state.

“…This isn’t right.”


“This is.. just too much isn’t it…”

It was a one-sided and cold-blooded slaughter, where the dominating side probably got provoked or irritated. It wasn’t an act of a predator seizing its prey and trying to eat them.

There was also something of much more concern than just my feelings of anger.

“…Rose, she’s going to kill me for sure.”

I didn’t personally see how the bears were killed. However, almost anyone could tell to some degree that the other side’s intent was to completely break them.

In this area, there was only one opponent that came to mind that would be capable of such an act. It was that tsuchinoko-like snake.

I was thrown into this forest to defeat a Grand Grizzly. Now that it was dead and I couldn’t bring back proof to Rose that I took it down…


“…This is bad, this is bad this is bad…!”

I considered taking the bear’s fangs and showing it to Rose as a trophy, essentially deceiving her that I cleared her condition. However, it was that ridiculous woman after all… If there’was anything suspicious about my behavior, she would go investigate it herself and immediately see the truth.

I punched a tree with my fist, as if I was trying to disagree with myself.

Suddenly, I heard a conspicuous rustling sound but I was so disordered that I paid little attention to it.

At the moment, my composure and thoughts weren’t back to normal yet, but the rabbit gave a loud squeak beside my ear to warn me.

“..! Is it that snake!?”

I immediately put strength into my legs and got ready to run, but because it was so sudden, I didn’t realize that there was no real danger. I dropped my guard when a small, blue figure appeared.


“Is it the Blue Grizzly’s cub?”

What appeared was a Blue Grizzly about one meter in diameter.

The little one looked at me with distant eyes, and then it got closer to the two bears’ remains.

The cub raised a sorrowful cry.



I wasn’t a particularly praiseworthy person.

I had never helped others with good intentions, nor had I ever stopped others that had ill intentions. I was merely an ordinary boy in high school. Despite getting a little stronger from Rose’s torment, my true nature was still the same.

No matter how much I struggled, I was still the same high school boy who hated to lose.

Because I was a sore loser, I didn’t like admitting defeat to Rose.

I didn’t like that my prey was taken.

I didn’t like the fact that my determination was in vain.

However, above all those…

I didn’t like the scene of the bear cub raising its sad cries right in front of me.



I know I was contradicting myself.

Originally, I was supposed to defeat the Grand Grizzly next to you. I might even be using the current situation as an excuse.


“I’ll defeat the enemy. That’s why, take a look. I’ll gift you the most supreme snake meat.”

This was just for my own self-satisfaction, as a person who hated to lose, I’ll be the one to defeat that snake.

This time I won’t run away, I will fight.

—With a clear conviction, I turned my back on the cub.

I walked away to oppose a malicious enemy for the first time.

Shiru: I’m working alone again now, I’ll also be taking a short break (2 weeks, maybe less) to sort some things out.

22 Comments on “Chiyu Mahou Chapter 9

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        (つノ Nepu!!!
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  2. There is a difference between being a sore looser and getting upset over things you have no control over.

    He should have just left the forest and told her the grand grizzly got hunted before he got a chance to kill it.

    He has no idea what that snake is or how powerful it is it’s foolish to hunt it with so little information.


    • about the same amount of info as he had when he got hurled into the forest to defeat a bear he knew basically nothing about. plus, there’s a 99% chance crazy chick would just tell him to go defeat the snake anyway and throw him back into the forest.

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