Chiyu Mahou Chapter 10

Author: This chapter is not from the protagonist’s point of view.

In a dark cloud covered area uninhabited by humans, and separated from Lyngle Kingdom; there was an eerie castle with high walls that towered over the surroundings.


The castle’s master, a beautiful man, was sitting on a dignified ornament chair.

His surroundings were dim and the interior design resembled a throne room.

In front of him was the kneeling figure of a tall woman with red hair. It’d be difficult to identify the woman as a human. Along with her red hair that reached her shoulders, she also had dark brown skin. But more importantly, there were twisted horns on top of her head.

The red-haired woman was most likely the man’s retainer.

The man slowly opened his mouth,

“How are things proceeding for the invasion of Lyngle Kingdom?”

“It’s proceeding smoothly. Currently, units are steadily making preparations for the invasion. We can commence the operation soon.“

The woman gave a very retainer-like response while the haughty man uninterestedly said,

“I see… It’s good if that’s the case. Dismissed.”


The woman gave a respectful bow and then acting in accordance with the man’s command, she left the room.

After the woman exited the room, she exhaled to loosen her tension. It was mental strain on a level she had never felt until now.

“Haa…… As expected, one would have trouble breathing when talking to Maou-sama.”

“Is that okay? You’re saying that despite being the commander of the third army…”

“……So it’s Hyululurk huh.”

Calling out from behind was a man with horns on his head similar to a sheep’s.

“It’s not really a big deal. Maou-sama is a gentleman with tolerance, he wouldn’t mind my irrelevant thoughts. Anyways, how about you? Dr. Monster Professor?”

“No way~ don’t address me with such a weird name. We’re co-workers so you can just call me Hyululurk.”


The woman felt troubled by Hyululurk’s personality and scratched her head.

“Hahaha, I’ll answer your question from before… I’ve completed the prototype Magic Monster.”

“Hoo, what’s it like?”

“It has strong poison, a large physique, and sharp fangs. In addition, its beauty transcends the framework of all other living creatures……”

“What’s the name of it?”

“Magic Monster Prototype Number 72, Balzinack! It’s my supreme masterpiece!”

“Nn? Didn’t the previous number 71 also have the same name? What happened to it?”

In response to the woman’s question, Hyululurk collapsed onto the ground while covering his eyes with his hands.

“Ah, that child. That child was deployed in the last Lyngle Kingdom invasion. It encountered the Corps Commander in that country and was repelled splendidly, that was the end for it… At that time, my mental state was similar to having lost my own child you know.”

“Corps Commander Sigris huh. With his true abilities, it’s certainly possible for him.”

Appearing in the woman’s mind was an enemy knight’s figure wrapped with zeal and wielding a rustic sword.

“However, there was also a very troublesome group on his side in the previous battle you see.”

“Ah, as a person supporting from the rear, I’m not well-informed but you’re talking about the ‘Kidnappers’ right?”

“Yep, it’s those guys. They don’t fight despite being soldiers on the battlefield. In the previous battle, you have no idea how much trouble they gave us…”

The woman had a bitter expression as she remembered their last advance on Lyngle Kingdom. Her pride was greatly wounded as her strategy used in the invasion was a failure.

Hyululurk then questioned,

“Hmm, then can’t you just defeat them first?”

“…Impossible. They are extraordinarily tough. In addition, they can move the injured without any loss in their speed. Furthermore, the boss of those guys is…”

“Their boss is?”


The woman gave a frown and then clenched her teeth. What exactly happened during her last encounter with their boss? While Hyululurk was thinking that, she started giving an answer on her own accord.

“Their boss is a user of healing magic.”

“…I see, the subordinates are responsible for bringing the injured to a safe place to be healed.”

“That’s the job for the subordinates. The boss personally jumps onto the battlefield, and from there they can heal any injuries….. It’s annoying since no matter what attacks are used, they can heal the injuries in a flash. They also recover any of their fatigue, it’s inhuman to the point where you could easily mistake the nature of their power as immortality. Their healing speed feels impossible to achieve when compared to normal recovery magic. The origins of healing magic are scarce and inconspicuous. Moreover, they are also always maintaining their body’s best condition with it.”

“……That way of using it, a normal human’s body shouldn’t be able to withstand it.”

Hyululurk wasn’t called the Monster Professor without reason.

Since humans were also included as research subjects, Hyululurk was well-acquainted with the human body’s structure. Based on the woman’s observations… No matter how a human crosses over their body’s limits with their abilities; the muscle tissues, bones, and internal organs should feel pain that no ordinary human could endure.

Much less to say to actually go through with it… You’d definitely have to be someone who was reckless with your own life.

“The problem is that they are able to endure it. Previously, before the Maou-sama was revived, my teacher and that person tried to kill each other. The fight finished with that person only losing a right eye, their boss is that kind of monster.”

“You mean the first army’s… that person really is a monster, you actually know right?”

“……I don’t know, I don’t know at all.”

Hyululurk sighed at the woman who was feigning ignorance.

“……To live after meeting your teacher, they must have some considerable skill.”

“Fuu, the newcomers in my unit don’t believe in my story at all. In the next invasion, I’ve arranged it so they’ll all personally experience it whether they want to or not.”

“You’re planning to that extent huh…”

“But I will personally dispel my teacher’s regrets in the next operation… that person… Rose, I’ll be the one to defeat her.”

“But your teacher is still alive you know.” Hyululurk casually muttered as the woman looked towards the direction where Lyngle Kingdom was located.

“I’ll bet it on my name, Amira Belgret!”

“This time around, you’ve been assigned to command the soldiers. Therefore, it would be bad if you went out on the front lines, don’t you agree..?”


Shiru: Thanks for the supportive comments. I appreciate them since I’m mainly translating for others to read. I used to leech off others’ translations as well so I know most people just read and move on.

I’m only saying this just so some people can understand; translating is time-consuming and I prioritize quality over quantity. I’m working alone as well, so honestly I’m probably reading my own chapters at least several times more than most of you. There are also difficulties sometimes when working with others. I had to catch up with my studies in the past 2 weeks so that I can continue to do this.

Therefore, please don’t complain about slow translations. Different people translate despite being busy for their own reasons but I just hope people keep that in mind for future reference for other translators.

Thank you for reading.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    The main reason people are griping is because the manga’s further ahead. What they don’t get is that not all novel translators can push out updates at a moments notice. It’s hard for a translator as Japanese is not a simple language to translate, it has three different sets of characters and not all of it translates well to English. Not to mention translators have lives of their own as well. But yeah, I for one am grateful you’re choosing quality over quantity.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! It’s alright if you take some time to translate chapters. I’m just happy to read the series

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  4. Thanks for the chapter

    This is purely my opinion… take your time in translating because all of us here are reading your works for free, so we don’t have the right to complain about slow translations

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  5. Thanks for the chapter

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  6. Thanks for the chapter. I know how hard translations are. There are times when you cannot properly convey the essence of a language to another language simply because they vary according to the speakers’ culture. Some words or concepts may exist in one but not in others. Or you may have an equivalent but it may not fully capture the whole meaning of the word. Quality over quantity? You’re right. And you’re doing a very fine job. Keep up the good work!

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  7. Thanks for the translation, I’ve just found this but it’s a good read so far.


  8. ♦ His surroundings were dim and the interior design resembled a throne’s. → a Throne room ’cause a throne is just the chair.
    ♦ It was mental strain on the level where that she had never felt until now. → delete ‘where’.

    kidnappers lol. Our MC is a kidnapper then.

    Thank you for translating!

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  9. I’m loving this novel! Thanks for ur great job with it! Keep going with the translations, u’re giving us so much fun and joy with it that I hope u’ll be going to heaven with no stops on the way when u die! kkkkkk
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  10. Hey, not sure if you are still translating when I’m posting this but thanks for the chapter. As for the complainers, they are people who, if given 7 chapters a week, would still complain about there not being 10. My point is that people feel entitled wether it’s free translations or if its, more commonly seen, YouTubers putting our free content. No matter how much you give, it’ll never be enough. The YouTube comments section (and most comment sections for that matter) has, and always will be a cesspool. Thankfully, novel comment section, like this one, are usually pretty positive with the occasional d-bags here and there. Anyways, keep up the good work (if you are still translating).


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