Chiyu Mahou Chapter 12

At last, I finally made it back to Lyngle Kingdom from that jungle of hell.

Although I was poisoned by the snake before and was injured, Rose was able to heal everything.

At the moment, I wasn’t able to do that with my own power.

Thinking of it like that… as expected, Rose’s healing magic really was amazing.

Probably because I was secluded in the forest this whole time, it felt like a long time had passed but it had actually only been 10 days.

Currently, I was in an old stable near the Rescue Squad’s lodging house with the Blue Grizzly cub, now named “Bluerin”, and tending to its wounds with healing magic.

I ruffled its blue fur with my hand.

“Fufufu, it’s a nice name, if I do say so myself. Isn’t that right, Bluerin?”

No, I really did think Bluerin was a good name.

It was a Blue Grizzly so taking the “Blue” and “ri” then changing it to rin… You get a cute name that had some aspects from its original character.

Even so, it was really times like these when my sense comes out.

While I was nodding to myself, I placed my hand on Bluerin’s head. The little guy moved its head as if nodding in agreement with my words—


While making such a sound, my hand was bitten.

…. I see, it seemed like you were very happy about receiving this name. Hahaha, you couldn’t control your play-biting that even blood was coming out?

As for the current situation, Bluerin was accepted into the kingdom without problems.

To be honest, I thought we would be kicked out. However, from what Rose said, a monster that obeyed a human such as the black rabbit Kukuru was usually considered pretty safe. After being observed for a few days, we gained permission to enter the kingdom.

…… Apparently, I also had to submit a difficult report and some other things along with this. For that matter, it seemed Rose will be the one doing it for me.

On the surface she was a really scary teacher but I didn’t dislike being able to rely on her at times like these… those were my true feelings.

“By the way…”


“It’s you, you traitorous person… no, you traitorous rabbit.”


“…… It’s useless even if you cutely tilt your head like that you know?”

For a moment, my heart felt swayed from that cuteness and I felt like forgiving it… but I’ll keep that a secret.

My relationship with Bluerin was similar to Rose’s whose pet was Kukuru.

Kukuru was a monster called the [Noir Rabbit] and was apparently considered quite rare from what Rose said.

I had a bit of a grudge towards this rabbit.

I was talking about how my pure heart was played with. Purposely injuring itself just to get closer to me, something like that…… although I do see it was praiseworthy for doing it as the task given by its owner—

“However, I’m not satisfied with something. You being Rose’s pet… I was thinking along the lines of a dragon or a legendary living creature…… It’s unfair that you’re this cute right!?”


“Ouch!? Sorry! Bluerin is cute too!”

Bluerin was the cutest okay!? That’s why… That’s why… Stop beating on my lower leg!

While desperately suppressing my pain, Kukuru looked at me with an odd expression. Then it jumped onto my back, used it as a stepping stone and jumped once more.

Looking behind me, Kukuru was on Rose’s shoulder.

“There there, good child.”


“Ou, I properly took care of the report. This bear is already the Rescue Squad’s property.”

“…… Property, huh.”

Well, that’s just how it was.

It  wasn’t like they’re letting me stay here for free, there was also the need for Bluerin’s feed. It wouldn’t do if this little guy wasn’t working.

While thinking that, I faced Bluerin’s direction. He was sticking his face inside the bundle of straw. Somehow, it was like his entire body was shaking.

Bluerin, you… No matter how scary Rose was, that’s just too much right?

“Well the matter concerning this bear is already done with. I came here because of that good-for-nothing thing.”


It was that snake right?

Calling it a good-for-nothing….. was it just the literal meaning or could it be for an entirely different reason?

“If it’s about that monster, I encountered it when erm… ‘Kukuru’ was leading me to a place with clean water.”

“I see. That thing was in a place where we couldn’t find it while healing its wounds and saving up its strength….. However, to be able to kill the Grand Grizzly…”


“What is it?”

“Exactly just how dangerous is the Grand Grizzly? The only thing I know about it is from books, that’s why…”

This was the thing I was the most curious about.

I truly want to know just how dangerous of a place I was thrown into.

Rose folded her arms while showing she felt it was troublesome.

“Let see. Even if this country’s elites gathered and formed a group, they wouldn’t be able to match the enemy. It’s at that level.”

“Are you an idiot!?”


“I’m sorry.”

I ended up apologizing immediately. This was a situation where I could make her back down but despite that…. I reflexively apologized…!

If I thought about it carefully, the snake killed the Grand Grizzly who would easily overpower a group of elites. It almost desperately cornered me to my death, so while I can’t say I’m amazing; it makes me want to work a little harder right?

I voiced my thoughts to the unconcerned Rose to see her reaction, and surprisingly she didn’t give me the usual verbal abuse.

“…… In relation to the events this time, you passed. No, you can even say you went above and beyond that. Although we injured it before, you were the one to drive it into that state. You’ve earned the right.”

“What right is that exactly?”

“It’s the right to be on the same battlefield of war as me. Your foundation is still lacking but you’ve obtained something different from other healing magicians.”

“Something different?”

“A body to withstand pain, the physical ability, in addition…”

Rose held her fist against my chest.

“A tenacious spirit, something that the other two remaining healing magicians on my team weren’t able to obtain. Be proud of it.”

“I’m still not really self-aware of that but… Nn? Two other healing magicians?”

That reminds me, there were two other healing magicians besides Rose in this squad.

However, I haven’t seen their figures at all after I was thrown into the Rescue Squad.

“Their bodies are weak so they’re running a clinic in town.”

“Ah, so that’s why…”

…… I was kinda envious.

After all, they didn’t have to go through Rose’s training……

“They will support us from the back lines, others will collect the injured, while you and I will be in the vanguard healing the injured.”

“I’m in the vanguard!?”

“Naturally. You’re similar to me, that’s why.”

“What… is?”

“I don’t have time. The Maou army will come soon. I suspect that in order to not fail like last time, they’ll come aiming for us this time. From there, you will appear as the hidden gem.”

To sum it up, I was like a trump card to the Maou army…… wah wasn’t that too much of an exaggeration? Rather it might be close to deceiving them.

Such an important task, could I really do it?

In a battle of life and death, would my mental condition still be the same as usual?

Looking at my dark expression, Rose probably was able to guess my thoughts and said,

“It can’t be helped if you’re feeling worried. But prepare yourself, they will definitely hunt for the heroes on the battlefield.”


Kazuki and Inukami-senpai.

Both of them were different from me, they were true heroes. It was already arranged for them to be fighting the Maou army.

They will definitely be fighting on the battlefield.

What should I do?

To be honest, I didn’t really want to participate on the battlefield.

But above that, the feeling of not wanting to lose a friend in this world was stronger.

There was also my own stubbornness where I wouldn’t like it if both of them went without me. The both of them were doing their best, I wouldn’t like it if only I was in a safe place. There was also the fact that we came from the same circumstances.

It was similar to a child’s selfishness but turning a blind eye to it is something I couldn’t do.

I looked at Rose with a serious expression.

“I will…… not fight.”


“I will not kill the enemy.”


“But I will save everyone.”

“That’s fine, we’re a medical squad, there’s no need to kill the opponent. What matters is how many we save. The guys that want to self-sacrifice themselves… hit them and take them back. The guys that our enemies want to kill… snatch them away from the enemy. The guys that seem like they’re on the verge of death… do everything to keep them alive as if your own life was on the line. That is our role… you understand? Newcomer. Keep on talking about these idealistic thoughts, we the Rescue Squad, just wouldn’t be the Rescue Squad without them.”

I had a power.

It wasn’t the power to kill the opponent, it was the power to keep others alive.

Until now, I had been unsure about my own path. But at this moment, I had come to a decision because of this person’s words.

The battlefield was a merciless place where people could easily die.

However, if my power could help save someone’s life in a place like that… without hesitation, I stepped forward.

I responded to her words by raising my voice,

“Yes! Leader!!”

It was at this time that I became a member of the Rescue Squad.


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    Thanks for the chapter!

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    • Thanks for the correction I uploaded it pretty late lol. The Web Novel romaji would be “Bururin” (ブルリン)which would sound like Bluelin in English. I’m just translating as close as I can to the author’s.


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