Chiyu Mahou Chapter 14

It was the second time that I was visiting this town.

There were a lot of people walking down the road, but I shouldn’t drop my speed.

Like Rose said, I needed to get used to running around people.

Nevertheless, I’ll probably get a lot of stares from others while running around town and carrying Bluerin on my shoulders.


Normally, the people in town should be scared of Bluerin because he was a monster. Yet for some reason, instead of being afraid, they seemed to be giving an ‘again huh’ look every time they saw me.

“I wonder why we’re not causing a commotion. Right, Bluerin?”

To the others, my appearance should be strange. After all, I was wearing a weird training vest and sitting on top of me was a big bear.

If it was me, I would definitely report this.

Although I was conscious of the fact that I was calling myself strange.

“Well, I guess it’s better if there’s no commotion. That way, I can concentrate.”

The town was quite large… I had been here once before, yet I couldn’t help but run on the main street where people lived rather than in the alleyways. The reason was that in case I got lost, I could use the large castle as a landmark to guide me.

Nevertheless, there were a lot of shops here. A lot of the fruits that I fed to Bluerin in the morning were being sold here, I wonder if they were a specialty here. I’ll ask Tong afterwards to see.


The last time I passed here I only took a few side glances but this time I noticed a fragrant smell in the air.

I peeked inside the street stall while I was running; they were selling peculiar-shaped food inside and they were much different in shape compared to the food in my former world.

“Haa… Haa… Wa… it…”

At any rate, what was going on?

For some time now, I had been hearing a voice. It seemed like it was gradually getting closer to me, it appeared we were separated at a distance. It might be because I was running but still, it was odd for someone to approach me.

Was someone trying to call out to me?

Having my doubts, I took a look behind—

“… Geho… Haa… Haa… Wait, you there…”

Separated by 10 meters, there was a slender male who collapsed due to using up all his strength.

I was dumbfounded at the sight in front of me but Bluerin’s cry helped me return to my senses. I went up to meet the other party halfway.

Putting Bluerin down for a moment, I placed the palm of my hand on the man’s back and poured healing magic into him.

“Are, are you okay……?”

Cough… Finally… You noticed…”

This person seemed to want something from me.

While using healing magic, I raised my body up.

The thin man who had a pale face showed an apologetic expression and raised his body as well.

He had blonde hair and was fairly handsome. However, he seemed to have a very unfortunate look from the shadow of his appearance.

It seemed like he was still feeling unwell, we should return to the main street for now. From there, I found a wooden box for him to sit on.

“How are you feeling?”

“No, it’s just… Sorry…”

“I don’t particularly mind. You have some business with me?”

He seemed to have settled down a lot, a lot of vigor had returned to his face. The man, feeling embarrassed, scratched his head with his hand.

“Well~, looks like I ended up being greeted by my kouhai.”

“Kouhai you say…”

“Huh? You didn’t hear it from leader-san?”

Kouhai? The only senpais that came to mind in the Rescue Squad after entering this world were Tong and them.

That scary bunch weren’t suited to be called senpai though.

If that was so, this person was…… Ah.

“You’re a healing magician apart from me and leader!”

“Hahaha, leader-san. It seems like she didn’t explain much about us. Well then, I should introduce myself. I’m a Rescue Squad member, Olga Fleur. By the way, I’m 23 years old. I’d be happy if you just call me Olga without reserve.“

“My name is Usato. I recently joined the Rescue Squad. I look forward to working with you, Olga-san.”

This person could use healing magic just like me.

From what Rose told me, this person wouldn’t be in charge of the front lines but rather be supporting from the back.

“Sorry, I’m disturbing you while you’re training. I walked here to buy pharmaceutical drugs when suddenly I spotted a Rescue Squad member carrying a Blue Grizzly cub on their back….. What’s more, it was a face I didn’t recognize. That’s why I thought it might be that newcomer that I heard about from before.”

“I see, so that’s how it is… Nn? How do you know I’m someone in the Rescue Squad?”

Being able to see that I was a strange person carrying a bear was understandable, however, that shouldn’t give any hints to my relations with the Rescue Squad.

How did he know?

“Hahaha, that’s because of the clothes you’re wearing. This training uniform is special because only the Rescue Squad members are permitted to wear it. On the uniform, there should be a green embroidery on it right?”

“Eh? …… Ah, yeah there is one.”

A green flower was sewn on the trousers near my thighs.

I had never really thought much about it but it seemed that Olga-san was able to tell I was part of the Rescue Squad because of this.

“Incidentally, around this area is where Tong and the others usually run. The townspeople are quite used to it now.”

“I see, that’s why they weren’t too astonished when they saw me and Bluerin…”

“Although I would be eaten if I tried bringing along a Blue Grizzly cub with me… Hahaha.”

I ran this much in town already and I was wondering why someone carrying a bear wasn’t having much impact. Well well, the mystery was solved now.

Bluerin was looking at me while I was making a strange expression. I gently petted him, and then I looked towards Olga’s direction.

He was showing a smile towards me and then he opened his mouth,

“Even so, it’s really surprising. To be able to go along with leader-san’s grueling training that is. We couldn’t accompany it at all you know.”

“No no, I’m desperate too that’s why… Nn? ‘We’, meaning, you’re referring to the… other person who can use healing magic right?

“That’s right, it’s my little sister that’s 5 years younger than me. Instead of participating in the training, we’re running a clinic.”

It was a pair of siblings that were able to use healing magic huh. One’s aptitude for magic seemed to run close in the family.

“Ooh, brother and sister is it…”

“But it’s not like we’re not in the Rescue Squad anymore. Whenever an emergency arises, we return to the leader-san’s side and treat the injured.”

I see now, in exchange for not participating in the training, they helped with diagnosis and treatment around town. When a war happens, their role was to heal allies in the rear. It looked like this person had thought out various things already.

However, Olga-san should be a healing magician just like me. Why was he unable to heal himself when he was chasing after me?

“Olga-san, could it be that you can’t heal your own body?”

“Ah, about that, healing myself has never been my strong point. Conversely, healing others is my specialty. Even so, my body being weak is the reason why leader-san’s training isn’t suited for me… It’s a different reason for my sister, however.”

“So that’s the case…”

There seemed to be individual differences between what could be done with magic and what couldn’t be done.

If I had time to spare later on, I would like to go see Olga-san and his little sister’s clinic.

Carrying Bluerin on my back, I stood up.

“Well, I should be getting back to training now. It would be best if Olga-san rested for a while longer.”

“Sorry for disturbing you, Usato-kun.”

“Not at all, I was glad to be able to talk with you, Olga-san.”

I shouldn’t rest for too long.

The reason was because I’ll get scolded but it was also because I wanted to take my training seriously.

“Ah, there’s just one more thing.”


Olga-san called out to me and I turned back to look at him, his face was no longer smiling but was instead replaced with a very serious expression.

“I want you to not hate Rose-san too much. That person is quite violent but how should I say it… They’re clumsy and awkward, that’s why…”

From this point on, they changed from calling ‘leader-san’ to ‘Rose-san’, which meant they were likely referring to Rose as an individual person and not her role as a leader. If that was the case, my answer was already decided.

“It’s alright. From the beginning, I’ve never hated her! Then, see you on another occasion!!”

She was a strict, violent, kichiku leader but for some reason I didn’t have any feelings of hate towards her.

Although I had one or two things to say to her about when she threw me in that forest… If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have met Bluerin so I guess it was acceptable.

But with regards to the Grand Grizzly, that was unfortunate…

However, thinking about what would have happened if that snake in the forest came out to attack the kingdom, I felt shivers running down my spine.

“……Thinking of it like that, maybe it was a good thing after all.”

While facing forward, I ran.

If I made another turn around the castle, I should be able to see Kazuki and senpai at this time. It had been a while since I had last seen their faces, I should go see them.

……But wouldn’t it be bad to take Bluerin inside of the castle?


While looking at the sight of the boy running and shouldering the Blue Grizzly cub, I was lost in my own emotions.

“A healing magician that’s the same type as leader-san, he’s that kind of boy…”

He wasn’t a healing magician like me who was a specialty type, but rather a well-balanced type. Actually, I had no complaints about the effects of the healing magic he casted on me.

I was still only in my twenties, but I felt a little moved.

While sitting on the wooden box that Usato-kun prepared for me, I looked up towards the sky.

“It seems you’ve finally found it leader-san… You won’t be deployed on the battlefield just by yourself next time you know.”

“Big brotherrrr.”

It seemed that my little sister has come.

Regardless of how worried you were, there was no need to show such a frantic expression…… Truly, such a troublesome little sister.

“Big brother! You’ve been out by yourself for the entire day, do you want to die!?”

“I’m not that weak of a person you know!?”

“Eh? But, it’s big brother after all.”

What was with that way of talking…? Naturally treating my existence like it was weak… Wasn’t that cruel?

No no, I shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. I should talk to my cute little sister about the recent encounter I just had.

“Leaving that aside, I met an interesting child today you know.”


“You should try meeting him once too.”

From now on, there will surely be interesting things in store to look forward to.


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