Chiyu Mahou Chapter 21

Inukami-senpai and I were able to safely return to the Kingdom.

After we met up with the Bluerin and the guards, we were informed to go back as there was a search party dispatched by Lyngle Kingdom looking for us.

It seemed that the guards felt responsible and frantically searched day and night for us. After taking care of the bandits, the robed guard was the one who went to report back about our disappearance. I had to make sure to properly thank them afterwards.

After arriving back at Lyngle Kingdom, we headed towards where the King was in order to inform him that we were safe. I left Bluerin with the guard. It seemed the both of them got along with each other before I knew it. Of course, it was also to keep a certain someone from trying to touch Bluerin…

Inukami-senpai and I entered the reception hall. The King was here along with Rose, Sigris, and an elder called Sergio who was present during our summoning.

There were no palace guards. Did they have that much trust in us already I wonder?

“Ooh… Usato… Suzune, it’s good that you are both unharmed.”

After the King confirmed our safety in person, he let out a sigh of relief and sat down on his throne. He seemed to be quite exhausted and this showed how worried he was. For now, I should express my apologies for the trouble we’ve put the King through.. or so I thought but Inukami-senpai’s words came first.

“We’re sorry to have made you this worried and anxious.”

“No, there’s no need to apologize. Rather, I should be the one saying sorry. I’m sure this journey was harsh on the both of you. Sorry, Usato. If I didn’t tell you to participate in this training with Suzune…”

The King being too good of a person was actually making this somewhat difficult. While I felt troubled over his words, I somehow managed to form a response.

“No I… I’m really fine. If I had to say it, I’m used to situations like these, that’s why…”

“Used to it?”

That was a slip of the tongue.

There might be consequences if I answered honestly here.

“Aah, i-it’s nothing! In my previous world, I would go to forests a lot!”

“I-is that so…”

Wait, why was I covering for Rose here?

….Don’t tell me I’ve been trained by Rose on an unconscious level too?

Suddenly, Rose faced me and gave a faint smile.

This dreadful sense of defeat…



“It’s nothing of concern… yes, nothing.”

I couldn’t let Inukami-senpai suspect anything.

“…..Incidentally, Usato, is everything going alright with your training in the Rescue Squad?”

This was the one question I didn’t want to answer—!

Just a few moments ago I deceived him somehow but I didn’t expect this question to come so soon.

…What should I do? To be honest, compared to fighting with the Blue Grizzly, this was more nerve wracking. Rose was here as well, I should prepare myself for what happens after I reply…

“I…. I’m doing well, y-yeah.”

“I see… I was honestly worried. But you’re doing well huh… I’m glad.”

My heart hurts.

It felt like something heavy was trying to crush my heart. While the pangs of my conscience were suffocating me, the King seemed to be talking to Sergio.

“King Lloyd, soon…”

“I understand, even without you reminding me, Sergio…. Usato, Suzune. The both of you are probably tired. Take it easy and get some rest.”

With the King’s permission, we left the throne room.

However, how should I say it— Rose was the same as always but… Sigris and Sergio’s faces seemed grim. They were both relieved after seeing that we were safe but after that, they seemed to be worried about something. At least that was the feeling I got.

“……If it’s just my imagination, then it should be fine.”








“Usato! Senpai!!”

“W-wait for me, Kazuki-sama!”

“Kazuki and Seria-sama…”

While walking inside the castle with Inukami-senpai, Kazuki was running towards us while out of breath with Seria-sama.

Come to think of it, we’ve caused Kazuki to really worry about us.

“It’s been a while, Kazuki.”

“It’s been a while… Not! After I woke up, Usato and Senpai went missing after being attacked by monsters…. I…. I was incredibly worried you know!!”

“Ah, sorry.”

I felt really ashamed.

While Inukami-senpai and Seria-sama were talking, Seria-sama looked over at both of our exchanges and giggled. Her smile was very charming. As expected of a princess, her every action was extremely elegant.

“Fufufu, when Suzume-sama’s group went missing and Kazuki-sama heard about it, he quickly got changed and started running in search of you two.”

“Ah! Please don’t tell them about that!”

“Hahaha, you’re really reckless aren’t you, Kazuki-kun.”

Senpai, who was trying to liven things up, poked fun at Kazuki.

If that’s so, I should—

“As for Inukami-senpai, she ended up being hated by a small monkey.”

“T-that’s… You’re being a bully, Usato-kun!!”

“Usato, a small monkey?”

“Actually you know… Inukami———“

“It’s nothing at all, right?”

Inukami-senpai covered my mouth. You don’t want it to be exposed that much huh, Senpai. But I’ll just casually tell Kazuki about it later.

Kazuki and Seria-sama tilted their heads to the side while Senpai was flustered. They seemed to be thinking of something as Seria-sama and Kazuki noted our behavior.

“They’re getting along so well.”

“That does seem to be the case….”

It appeared that the Princess was having another misunderstanding. Kazuki doesn’t notice it but———.

This could be bad. Knowing Senpai, she might try to play along with this misunderstanding and take it further…

In reality, I could see the corners of Senpai’s mouth distorting into the shape of a crescent moon.

“No, that’s not the case.”


After saying those words, Senpai looked shocked and retreated. No, I mean… You should at least try to restrain yourself a little… It’s impossible I guess.

“I see, how unfortunate~.”

Seria-sama, that smile wasn’t an “unfortunate” smile at all. It seemed that even though the world has changed, girls still liked to gossip about love relationships. We’re not particularly in a relationship though!

“Ah, by the way Usato, Rose-san is amazing~”

“What are you saying all of a sudden!?”

To think that Rose’s name would come out from Kazuki’s mouth…

That person and Kazuki should have had almost no contact with each other, or at least that was supposed to be the case. While trembling with fear, I waited for Kazuki’s next words. If he says something like ‘I really admire and look up to someone like Rose, please let me enter the Rescue Squad!’… Even If I have to knock Kazuki unconscious to stop him, I’ll do it.

“When you guys went missing and I tried to go searching, I was stopped at the castle gates by Rose…. I was being serious and gave everything I had but… I couldn’t do a single thing against her.”

“That person, it’s because she’s everything but normal…”

She could easily lift Bluerin and me up while running at full speed…

Even the snake that I cornered until I was on the verge of death was defeated in one blow by her….

And now Kazuki held an image of something like a hero towards Rose… My expression couldn’t help but stiffen.

That’s not good, not good at all Kazuki… That person’s not a hero since she’s a healer who plays the role of a villain.

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