Chiyu Mahou Chapter 22

Usato and Inukami left the reception hall.

The remaining three, Rose, Sigris, and Sergio turned to face Lloyd who sat on the throne with his arms crossed.

“……Did you find out anything related to the Fall Boar’s attack on Usato’s group?”

“I’m still not too sure regarding that matter but…”

Fall Boars are monsters that resided in plains and forests. Yet these monsters went out of their way to attack Usato and the rest. The leader of the Rescue Squad, Rose, and the leader of the Knights, Sigris, wouldn’t have been called here if this incident was just a coincidence. Sergio who had expected this question from the King, stepped forward and stated his opinion,

“The bandits that crossed the plains and attacked the heroes were interrogated. They all stated that ‘as usual, there weren’t many monsters’ when asked. Of course, these are the words of criminals that drift about outside of Lyngle Kingdom. It may be difficult to trust them.”

“No, we should trust them. If we take into consideration of the bandit’s other statements, we can infer a few things. The monsters appeared to be running away, but the question is from what? They might’ve running away from something terrifying and powerful in the other direction.”

Sergio’s forehead frowned after King Llyod stated so.

They had finally arrived. The enemy that this Kingdom would inevitably face… It wouldn’t be like last time where the enemy got pushed back because they underestimated this country. They’ll be advancing in full force. Although Sigris tried his best to remain his silent and even knowing it would be rude, he cut in the conversation and stated,

“The Maou’s army… right?”

“That’s right. They’ve finally come.”

The invaders had a whole army of ominous monsters from different races and tribes. If possible, the Kingdom should avoid this war but they’ll certainly attack without warning like last time.

“Commander Sigris, report this to all the Commanding Officers… Arrange your army so that they can set out at any time.”

“Yes!! I’ve heard and acknowledged this order!”


Lloyd gave a nod of approval towards Sigris’ reassuring response. Sigris gave a respectful bow and then exited in order to prepare.

Next, Lloyd looked towards a woman who was leaning on a wall with her arms crossed.


“I know already, Lloyd-sama. I should go and check on the situation with the Maou’s army, right?”

“…Sorry about this.”

“Don’t mind it, I’m aware I’m the fastest in this country. It should be fine if I go where the plains are with the boundary line, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, it should be around there… I’m truly grateful since we don’t have anyone else with the capabilities for this job.”

The inner plain area has a boundary line that divides 3 areas.

One of them being Lyngle Kingdom, another one is a neighboring country, and the last one is [Maou’s Territory]. It was previously called [Kuuro Pass], but with the appearance of the Maou, it became occupied by countless monsters in a flash.

“Well then, I’ll be heading out when it gets dark.”

“Wha— At night!? Isn’t that dangerous!? Rose-dono!”

Sergio’s concern was reasonable.

If the Maou’s army was really approaching, it would be extremely dangerous if one were to get close. However, this was Lyngle Kingdom’s Rose— almost every monster could be easily defeated by her.

“Rose…. Won’t you consider returning to your previous post as a leading Commanding Officer?”

Rose, who had intended on walk away, had those words thrown at her back.

She would refuse for certain but the question was still asked.

“…..I have no intention of returning. Also, I’m not the pure and good human you think I am, Lloyd-sama.”

“As expected, it’s because of that incident————”

“It’s always on my mind, it’s unlikely I’ll ever forget it. This scar will always remind me of the fact that their deaths are reality.”

While pointing to her right eye, Rose’s expression gradually broke down. On the surface, the reason for her not returning was because of her right eye but as expected, it’s ‘that incident’. She experienced a tragedy that probably left much deeper scars.

“This is a good opportunity, should I tell you why I created the Rescue Squad?”

“That’s… Why?”

Rose stared at Lloyd with her left eye.

Her jade green pupil seemed to draw the King in as it visibly shook… The King reciprocated her gaze with his own. The last victory was due to the contributions of the Rescue Squad. The one who approved of the Rescue Squad was Lloyd but he never heard about the purpose for its existence from Rose. But it was certain that saving people’s lives were only part of the reason. She surely had another goal in mind.


While covering her right eye with her right hand, her shoulders shook and the corners of her mouth distorted. Seeing that it was an expression that she normally wouldn’t show, Lloyd and Sergio drew closer to her in anticipation,

“Want a subordinate who won’t die.”

‘A subordinate who won’t die’ that’s what she was searching for. While the words ‘unlikely’ and ‘impossible’ were in Lloyd’s mind, he also recalled the figure of one boy.


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  1. So MC haven’t tasted true hell yet, he still doesn’t have the qualification to be a true subordinate.


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