Chiyu Mahou Chapter 23

Yesterday after I came back to the lodging house, Rose headed out somewhere during the night.

Before going out, she gave me the day off for today but…

“Why is it that I’m going out into town now…?”

In my hands, I held a memo pad and a letter given to me by Rose. The memo had a pointlessly well-drawn map on it.

However, I was drawing an awful lot of attention. I was wearing my training uniform even though I wasn’t training and I didn’t take Bluerin along.

“I wonder why he’s just normally walking…”


Was it really that unusual for the Rescue Squad to be walking normally? If everyone’s this astonished, I must’ve been thoroughly corrupted already.

While ignoring the surrounding whispers, I walked on while following the map.

“Is that it?”

I caught sight of a white building made of bricks with various shops lined up outside.

According to the map, it should be inside… was it alright to just go in? Somehow the atmosphere made it difficult to enter.

For the time being, I should head towards the building.

As I was walking, I came across a familiar figure with golden hair and a ‘tail’.


The fox girl was about 10 meters apart from me and stood there staring at me.

What was this? Her gaze felt like it could see through me and my thoughts…. It made me feel uneasy.

“….I should hurry up and go.”

I felt like I shouldn’t get involved with her.

With quick steps, I reached the gate and pulled. Even now, the girl was still staring at me but without minding it, I entered inside and shut the gate. While suppressing my rapidly beating heart, I looked around inside.

It seemed they cleaned regularly as it was spotless here. It was almost similar to the Rescue Squad’s lodging house. For the time being, I decided to call for someone.

“….Excuse m-e!”


An energetic girl’s voice came from inside the shop and after a few seconds, she came out after a short jog.

She was slightly shorter than me and had ‘semi-short’ blonde hair.

This girl’s hair color gave a very familiar feeling, similar to déjà vu.

“Hello! How may I help you at Fleur’s Clinic?”

“….Fleur! ….Erm, I was entrusted with a letter from Rose-san but…”

“Eh! Really!?”

Speaking of Fleur, there was another healing magician besides me and Rose. Olga-san mentioned he had a little sister too if I recall correctly.

In other words, this was Olga’s clinic that he mentioned before.

I handed over Rose’s letter to the girl in front of me.

“Thank you very much! Ah, is it fine if I ask for your name?”

“I’m Usato, it’s Usato Ken.”

“Usato…? I think I remembering hearing that name from big brother… Ah, you’re the guy who recently became Rose’s subordinate, right!?”

“T-that’s right.”

How should I put it? She’s really energetic.

She could definitely get along with the girls in my former world.

Most likely, this girl was Olga-san’s little sister.

“I’m Uluru Fleur! Um… I’m 18 years old!”

“I’m… 17 years old?”

“….It seems you’re younger than me by one year!”

She stated her age in her self-introduction; I guess she does resemble Olga-san a bit.

“Well then, where’s Olga-san?”

“Big brother is inside treating a patient! Usato-kun, are you interested in observing them?”

Examining a patient huh…

Other than Rose-san, I haven’t gotten the chance to see healing magic from others. I should go take a look, I might be able to use as reference.

“If that’s so, I’ll gladly accept your offer….”

“Then, follow me!”

Uluru-san guided me inside.

We went past several doors until we reached our destination. Once we reached there, Uluru-san opened the door just a little so that we could peek inside. While suppressing her voice, she said,

“Don’t talk too loud okay? Big brother gets easily distracted so…”

“I understand.”

With Uluru-san urging me, I peeked through the opening. I could see Olga-san’s figure… And a child who was lying down on a bed. Beside the child was a woman who appeared to be the mother and holding onto the child’s hand. Was the patient suffering from some kind of illness?

“That child got injured a few days ago and some strange germs entered the wound. It’s also only gotten worse… The symptoms are severe which is why the mother came to our clinic for help.”

“I see…”

“Slowly take a deep breath… Here I go.”

Olga-san’s hands drew in green-colored magical power.

The transparent green-color turned into a dark green and shone stronger. Since I used healing magic, I could tell that his was a bit different… Especially that thick magical power— It wasn’t a large amount but it was very dense.

Olga-san placed both his hands with the accumulated power on the child’s stomach. After the healing magic spread out for about 20 waves, it entered into the child’s body. It was amazingly smooth; I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it. After a few seconds, the child who had their hands shielding his face from the light, relaxed their hands——

“Yep… It’s alright now.”

“…..It’s true, I don’t feel sick anymore! I’ve been gotten better Mama!”


In the blink of an eye, the child was cured just like that. Seeing that her child was so feeble only a few moments ago yet being so lively now, the mother couldn’t help but continuously bow. Olga-san showed a troubled expression but I personally thought it was the perfect healing magic. I wouldn’t be able to imitate that delicate-style.

Afterwards, Olga-san led the parent and child out. After returning and seeing I was here, he revealed a refreshing smile.

“Hey, Usato-kun.”

“Hello, Olga-san.”

“Yes yes, I’m happy that you’ve come here. Uluru greeted you properly, right?”

“Mou—, I did it properly! Ah, Usato-kun, we should sit down and talk instead of standing.”

Being prompted by Uluru-san, I sat down on a wooden chair.

On the opposite side of the table sat Olga-san and Uluru-san.

“It seems you came to deliver a letter from Rose-san. Thank you.”

“No, you don’t need to be so polite and thank me for it. I’ve been curious about this place as well and wanted to see it.”

In reality, I’m glad I came here now. Seeing Olga-san’s healing magic… Perhaps Rose wanted me to see it?

“Hey hey, Usato-kun! How’s everyone at the Rescue Squad?”

“Tong and them? I don’t think anything has changed.”

“Is that so? They don’t change do they? Next is———”

Maybe it was rare for someone other than a patient to visit the clinic since Uluru-san had lots of questions. I gave a wry smile as I answered all of them. Suddenly, Olga-san who had been smiling along all this time started to talk,

“Usato-kun, how about working here when you come next time?”


“Mou, you can’t do that big brother, Usato-kun is really busy with Rose-san’s training!”

“Hahaha, is that so?”

…..Yeah, actually it might be a good idea.

I could come here to see Olga-san and study his healing magic. But I do have my training after all. Maybe I could ask Rose for her permission to give me one day off?

“I really do want to accept your offer but I would have to ask the leader’s opinion before I can give an answer.”

“I’ll be eagerly waiting for a good reply. We are quite busy since it’s just the two of us managing everything…”

“Big brother is just too weak, you know~”

“Hahaha, that’s harsh.”

They get along well. I’m slightly envious since I don’t have siblings. Speaking of which, Olga-san said he couldn’t go through with Rose-san’s training. Was Uluru able to?

Or was she just like Olga-san with a strong and weak point in their healing magic?

“Uluru-san, why did you decide to abandon the training?”

“Nn? I do have a reason for not being able to withstand Rose’s training but… I didn’t intend to give up on it.”

While giving a wry smile, Uluru-san pointed her index finger at Olga-san. It seemed similar to a troublesome child giving its mother a difficult time.

“My big brother was worried that’s why.”

“Hahaha…. I’m ashamed.”

I couldn’t help thinking that Uluru-san was the older sister here.

After that, we fooled around with different conversations. Before I knew it, it was already noon. They invited me for lunch but it’d be bad to impose this much, which was why I declined.

“Then, see you later, Usato-kun.”

“Come here again.”

“Yes, thank you very much for today.”

Olga-san and Uluru-san saw me off as I left the clinic. I’ve been training in seclusion as if I lived in the mountains but it doesn’t feel too bad to take a day off once in a while. But it’s really peaceful; this kind of peace is nice.

It’s almost as if this was an omen; similar to the calm before the storm.


“Usato-kun huh.  It’s rare to have someone around the same age, I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”


After seeing Usato-kun off, I picked up the letter from Rose-san.

It was something that Rose-san sent, there’s no doubt something important is written here.

I felt nervous while opening the envelope and taking out the letter and written there was—


“What’s wrong? Big brother.”

What on Earth…

They were already this close to approaching?

Seeing I had a look of impatience on my face, my little sister looked at me with a worried expression. I’m really a hopeless older brother to let my little sister worry like this…

“It looks like you’ll be meeting Usato-kun again soon….”

Although I shouldn’t say it like that, it was true.


After leaving the clinic, I walked around the street stalls with no particular goal in mind.

Yeah, it’s not bad, walking around like this. I had always been running around, this feels fresh.

“I wonder if I should buy something to eat… Wait, I didn’t bring money with me…”

I should temporarily return back home.

Turning around, I walked towards the lodging house’s direction— Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm.


Following the hand that seized my arm, it was the fox girl that I had seen before entering the clinic. Before I realized it, she was already next to me. To think that she could get this close without me noticing it… But rather than that, I felt like screaming once I saw her cold eyes staring into mine.

While she was still holding onto my arm with her gaze still fixed on me, she started talking in a small voice,

“…..I could only ‘see’ yours. That’s why, this belongs to you.”


My vision and hearing seemed to black out in that instant.

Is this girl trying to do something!?

It felt like I was hallucinating as images started to appear in my head.

Plains as far as the eye can see.

People wielding weapons.

A figure that wore pitch black armor.

Kazuki and Inukami-senpai submerged in a pool of blood.


I screamed. Brushing off the girl’s hand, I broke into a run with all my strength.

The scene felt excessively real.

It was like a ‘reality and delusion scene’. While I felt nauseous, I looked back. I saw the figure of a beast girl who appeared worried and held her arm in pain.

I met the girl’s gaze———— She was trying to say something as her lips moved,

“…..This is a large loan…. You have… a duty to repay this debt….”

After that, I didn’t look back even once.

Reaching the lodging house, I wrapped myself in my futon and tried my best to forget the scene I just saw.


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