Chiyu Mahou Chapter 24

Kurokata (Author): The first half is from the Maou army’s point of view while the second half is from the protagonist’s point of view.

Plains area.

Near the boundary line.

In order to cross the other side of the large river from Maou’s Territory, many soldiers were constructing an enormous bridge.

This group was the Maou’s army with thousands of troops that would invade Lyngle Kingdom.

The Commander of the Third Army, Amira Belgret, raised her voice as if trying to inspire herself for the approaching war.

“The bridge is close to finishing! We are the Maou-sama’s arms, we’ll offer the strength of our bodies!!”

As her voice spread across, the surrounding soldiers responded by raising their voices.

Amira nodded as if content while a knight in black armor gave an exhausted sigh.

“Commander, you overdid it a little. To be honest, it’s annoying.”

“Even if you say that… It can’t be helped that they would get worked up. Leaving that aside… You! How dare you use the word “annoying” towards your superior!”

“Haah, I’m truly sorry. I’m just irritated I’ve been sent out to a battlefield with nothing interesting to do.”

Hearing her subordinate’s lack of motivation, a vein appeared on Amira’s forehead.

However, she didn’t reproach the black armored knight who showed disrespect towards her.

“……Well, it’s fine. But formally, you are my subordinate. You’ll listen to instructions right?”

“I understand, you know.”

The soldier in black armor replied as if it was bothersome while turning around and walking away.

The remaining Amira held her forehead.

“Haah… It’s good that they’re capable but why are they so difficult to handle… But since the war is just beginning, they’ll have to obey even if they don’t like it.”

“Looks like you’re having quite a bit of trouble.”

“Hyululurk… Is it fine? That is, not babysitting your favorite pet.”

Walking towards her was the demon Hyululurk who had a frivolous smile.

As for the favorite pet, it was a monster that he created, [Balzinack]. It was a strategic weapon in this invasion.

“Don’t say it so sarcastically… Well, how are things progressing?”

“Exactly as it looks… We should be finished in a few hours.”

Amira muttered so as she gave a glance at the bridge construction.

Half of the bridge’s materials were from trees that were cut down—

The remaining ones were from substances made using magic.

Although it couldn’t be said to be a strong bridge, it was sufficient for a large number of troops to cross over.

“But you know… If this bridge were to be demolished right now, there would be various problems right? For one, the morale would drop.”

“Well regarding that, isn’t that why we have people watching day and night? …Don’t say such ominous things.”

“Hahaha, sorry—”

“Commander!! Something in the front is flying towards us!!”


After a moment— A thick, cylinder object appeared in front and fell towards the bridge, giving it a direct hit.  The cylinder object that was piercing through the bridge was a big tree.

As the bridge made crackling sounds, the pierced portion collapsed and sunk tragically.

“W… What! What just happened!? The bridge is…”

The soldiers were understandably in a daze as they looked towards Amira and Hyululurk. However, before Amira could come to her senses, a figure of a person from the opposite shore could be seen in the distance.

Although it was faint, she could see the figure had green hair— Hearing from her teacher, Amira knew only one person with that hair color.


Towards the angry war cry on the opposite shore, the person gave a laugh which resembled an Oni.







“Really, what’s happening…”

Inside of my head, the image that was shown to me by that fox girl wouldn’t go away.

…Would I have to see the scene of my friends in a bloody mess every day?

Was that girl trying to tell me something?

It was necessary to repay this favor?

What was their intention for approaching me?

I remember Rose mentioned that some of the beast kin had special powers. If that’s so, could that girl’s magic be to induce illusions on people? Or…

“Let people see the future…”

Was there something like that? Well, there was still the fact that I had only recently arrived to this world and there were still a lot of things regarding magic that I didn’t know. I can’t deny the possibility that magic to see the future doesn’t exist.

But why did they show me? If that scene was really going to happen, then Kazuki and Inukami-senpai will—

“That’s no good. That’s no good, no good!”

Jumping up from my bed, I shook my head. There was still no proof that set it in stone.

Giving a long sigh, I laid back down on the bed as I looked at the ceiling.

“….With so many things that I don’t know, I’m just getting irritated.”

Why would they sell a favor in this way where I can’t help but worry…?

Since I can’t get an answer no matter how long I sit here thinking, I should ask directly.

…..Alright, first of all I should catch them and see if I can get them to tell their story.





“Just where is that little girl!?!?”

Was what I suddenly exclaimed.

I changed my way of thinking as I thought that the little girl might’ve held a grudge or placed a curse on me. After thinking so, I dashed out of the lodging house and came into town.

First, let’s head towards the place where she first grabbed my hand.

I suspect that my current actions and expression made me quite the eccentric person or even a pervert. But the townspeople really didn’t seem to mind it. After all, I was in my training uniform which essentially was a permit for eccentricity.

Or rather, if I acted normally, they would treat it as strange.

“—Not here!”

The girl from before wasn’t here.

The next spot would be where I first saw the girl on the street stalls. Maybe I could ask the owner of that stall—

“It’s closed!”

To begin with they weren’t even opened, what a failure.

Next was the back street—

“It’s too wide, I don’t know!”

Am I an idiot..?

Still, even after searching almost everywhere, the fox girl wasn’t there.

I asked people as I walked down the streets but they all said they didn’t know. What’s more was they kept avoiding eye contact with me which hurt. It couldn’t be helped… I already searched most of the main street so I headed towards the last location.

“It’s the gate that leads to outside of the Kingdom…”

Of course, I didn’t have much expectation.

But it was possible for something to be in places you’d least expect it. No, I could even say that my last bit of hope was placed on this gate.

“Nothing resembling a fox kin passed through here, you know?”

“I know right?”

I knew it. I shouldn’t have had hopes and dreams…

The gatekeeper Thomas telling me directly got my tension to fall as I started to trudgingly walk towards town.

“….In the end, I wasn’t able to ask….”

Why was it that I couldn’t find them after searching that much? I searched everywhere I could and in addition I did it while running at top speed… This was obviously odd.

Did they use foresight of the future and escape from my pursuit…?

“Something as convenient as that, there’s no way that’s possible—“

“What’s ‘there’s no way that’s possible’?”


Behind me, I hear the voice of the Oni leader that headed out last night.

But I’m not afraid. I’ve already gotten used to it so I slowly turned around— Rose was covered in dust from head to foot.

…..What should I say? For now, I should comment on one thing.

“A dust-covered leader, this is a great thing indeed!”

“Hohou, I’m happy that you complimented me… Come here, lend me your face so I can crush it.”


My face… it felt it was going to burst.

I was being held by the Iron Claw and suspended in the air.

No, I’m really sorry. That’s why, please stop.

“I need to report something to the castle. Incidentally, you’re coming too.”

“Geez, please do something about this.”

Being released from her Iron Claw, I was carried and transported away like a prisoner.

Doing it so easily like this, was I a stuffed toy or something?

“Just before, you said something wasn’t possible, or something like that… What were you doing?”

“Ah, I was searching for someone.”


“What’s with that face? Well anyways, I’m searching for a beast girl with blond hair.”

That reminds me, this person should know a lot about this town. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

“….Aah, that beast girl, it was from that time when you said something I didn’t comprehend… What about her?”

It looked like a big misunderstanding as I was being held in Rose’s arms at the moment but since it would be troublesome I decided to not say anything about it for now.

“Do you know anything regarding that girl?”

“……Two years ago, that beast girl suddenly arrived alone to this country. I was surprised as she was still only 12 years old…. That’s all.”

Coming alone, a 12 year old beast girl or rather, a child?

If that was true, this fox girl was really incredible. The confidence I had that I could catch them was now all gone.


“….I have a principle to not interfere with other people’s hobbies but…. Um… Maybe you should stop that?”

“Right now, when you show such a gentle expression on the surface, it has the opposite effect but…..”

Ow… It really hurts to see you use such a rare and compassionate gaze to look at me!!

Return to the usual Rose! Not this gentle Rose!!

Although my mental state was taking a beating, I was taken to the castle as Rose held me in her arms.


While still holding me, Rose and I appeared before the King in the reception hall.

It seemed she was really pleased with this sensation of being able to easily lift me and had no intentions to let me down.

“Rose? Why is Usato…”

“Reporting in. I have confirmed that the Maou’s army is marching from the boundary line.”

“As expected, they’ve come! What does the situation look like for the Maou’s army?”

It looks like the Maou’s army has finally come. Thinking about why Rose was smeared in dust, was it because she scouted by herself?

However, despite hearing that the Maou’s army was approaching, it still didn’t feel real. Maybe it was due to the common sense from my previous world… Or it could be that I didn’t feel a sense of crisis.

“Those guys had no way to cross the stream and made hasty preparations to build a bridge—“

“What! Kuh…. If that’s so, they should already be—“

“Before they finished, I destroyed it. With this, it should buy us a few more days of time.”

“……N-Nicely done.”

I wonder if this person knows what it means to scout…..

The King had an expression beyond admiration— Still it’s amazing, as expected of our leader.

“Tomorrow, I will inform the nation’s people of the Maou army’s advance. Truly, you’ve done a good job with the task I’ve put you through. I’m sorry for letting you bear the dangers…”

“You need not worry, then—“

After saying so to the King, she left the reception hall.

Of course, she took me along with her as if it was a natural thing.

“You understand right, Usato?”

“Well…. Yes.”

‘Understanding’ as in knowing the state of affairs of the Maou army, right?

I didn’t know what she was intending for but it was probably about something afterwards.

“Before the war begins, there are various things you need to be aware of in order to survive.”

“Various things?”

“Aah, important things. Not here though, I’ll tell you at the lodging house.”

I wonder what I needed to be aware of.

But what I was concerned about right now wasn’t that.

“Leader, it’s about time you let me down, please.”

“…..I forgot.”

That’s cruel.

Kurokata: It’s a bit late but thank you very much for the thoughts and impressions.


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