Chiyu Mahou Chapter 25

After Rose gave the report that the Maou’s army was approaching, she led me back to the Rescue Squad’s lodgings.

I momentarily returned back to my own room, and after taking a short break, I headed to Rose’s.

The Leader’s room was on the second floor.

I had never visited the room yet but other than training times, she would always be there.

Before entering, I knocked three times.

“Excuse me, it’s Usato.”


“Pardon me.”

After hearing that voice coming from inside, I opened the door and entered.

Looking around, it was several times cleaner than I had imagined. The bookshelves were lined up with various books while there seemed to be documents piled on top of one desk.

Leaning on that desk with their elbow and sitting on a chair was Rose.

It seemed like her hair was wet too, she probably had a shower after we came back. Well, she was covered in dust after all.

“Sit down.”


With Rose’s prompt, I sat down on the chair in front of the desk. It felt similar to an interview where it was difficult to settle down.

“….I should ask just to be sure but you do remember what your own role is, right?”

“Erm, be in the vanguard like Leader and heal the injured when I can?”

“Looks like you really do remember. Then, let’s talk about the specifics regarding that… To start with, we won’t enter the vanguard yet when the battle begins. That’s the first stage.”

Meaning in the first stage, we won’t be moving at all it seems. Although I had some doubts regarding this, I should first hear what Rose has to say.

“During that time, Tong and them will move out. Today you also met with Olga and Uluru for the letter errand I sent you. Along with those two, the four of us will set-up a base point where we will begin treating the wounded that get brought back.”

“Why is it that we don’t move out at first?”

“What are you going to do with your healing magic when there’s no one injured in the beginning? You would just throw the vanguard in disorder while being an easy mark for the enemy, right?”

“Ah, that’s true.”

I didn’t think that far ahead. Certainly, there wouldn’t be many wounded in the beginning. It could be said that we had no role unless there were people in need of treatment.

Which was why we should leave it to Tong and the others in the beginning. We’ll be in the rear treating anyone that gets brought back as the frontline advances.

“Next, there’s an important thing you need to be aware of before entering the vanguard.”

“Important thing?”

“Aah, it’s important. I’m the one saying this but… Don’t make a mistake as to who you help.”

“…..Is it this? Don’t save the enemy or something?”

I wonder why you were mentioning something that was obvious. There was no meaning in saving the opponent who was trying to take you down without reason.

“Ah, I guess you would interpret it like that. What I meant was to not carelessly heal the injured.”

“Basically… What you mean is…?”

“For example, there’s a soldier trying to fight despite having a minor injury. If you tried to help them, what would happen?”

“…..I would be getting in the way of others fighting in the war, right?”

“That’s the reason. What it means is that while you’re on the front, you don’t just heal everyone.”

I see, while making sure I don’t get in way of our allies, I need to support them when I should. It made sense.

“With this, the first topic is now finished. The next one is about you.”


Wasn’t the previous conversation related to me?

However, somehow it felt like it wasn’t the usual Rose. It was like this just before we entered the castle as well. It seemed like she didn’t have her usual thorns or spiteful words. Just what kind of change has occurred inside her? Or was it that she was about to reveal some kind of strategy…

Nn? Something was flying towards me—


“That’s the Rescue Squad’s uniform. Try putting it on.”


What was thrown to me was clothing similar to a white robe-like coat. The Rescue Squad’s symbol, a red flower, was embroidered on the right portion of the chest area. In addition, the cloth used seems to be of fine quality as it was very smooth and firm. It was the same as what Rose always wore.

“This was prepared to stand out on the chaotic battlefield as an exclusive uniform. It’s very durable and water-proof. I’m giving it to you.”

“T-thank you very much.”

These clothes must’ve been really expensive. I shouldn’t ask about what kind of materials were used to make it.

….Somehow, I was a little happy. I passed my arms through the uniform and fastened the snaps. I had just put it on but my impression was that it was easy to move in. It also felt comfortable to wear.

“…..Hooh, it looks quite nice doesn’t it? The results of tempering your body are effective.”


Before I knew it, this person came this close to me… I couldn’t even hear their footsteps.

Rose was about an arm’s length away from me. As she approached me, she reached for my cheek with her hand. My body couldn’t move as if paralyzed.

This wasn’t fear.

It felt more like it was because of a sense of duty as I restrained my own body and ignored my own will.

“Tong and them are black, while the Fleur siblings are grey. And now you’re wearing the same white as me, do you know the meaning of it? Incidentally, this was originally made for someone else but things didn’t go as planned.”

“Eh, why?”

“Fuu, it’s still too early for you to know.”


After a moment, I felt an impact on the back of my neck as I felt my whole body spin one revolution.

As expected, Rose was Rose.

As my conscious gradually faded, for some reason, she had her eyes closed and it felt like she was relieved that she had met me.


“….As expected, Rose is cruel!”


“….Wait, huh?”

Regaining my conscious, I was on my bed. On the other bed was Tong who was sleeping and snoring.

On the wall there… that was the coat I received from Rose… Well, the other squad’s clothes were hanging there too.

….Was Rose was the one who brought me back here and hung it there?

“Gu-nu-nu, that person, either they’re a tsundere or not… I don’t know… Which reminds me, I think I heard a voice other than mine just a moment ago…”

If I recall, it was ‘Uwa!?’ and it was a male’s voice that I heard.


I could hear a voice coming from the window… This was the second floor.

There was no way a person would come—

“Notice already~”


I couldn’t help it and exclaimed.

Thinking that I was still half-asleep, I rubbed my eyes to see…

Re-examining it, I could still see that it was Kazuki’s figure that was clinging onto the window’s grip on the second floor.

For now, I should open the window and jump down.

“F-for the time being, let’s talk on the ground.”


I couldn’t let Kazuki in the room as Tong was still here. In addition, if Rose knew that I was still up at this time, it would be too late to regret it.

Descending down with Kazuki, we moved away from the house. With the moon’s light, we could easily move without having to worry about our surroundings.

“Then, what are you up to when it’s this late? D-don’t tell me… I don’t have that kind of preference!!”

“….What are you saying, Usato?”

“Sorry, my mind is just rotten.”

You were just too pure. To the point that it was vastly different from Inukami-senpai.

We moved to the spot where I usually trained and we sat down as I waited for Kazuki to talk.

“Hahaha, you’re a weird fellow~ Senpai had the same response, you know?”

Inukami-senpai eh.

I could guess what she was thinking. But Kazuki, you weren’t the weird one here. It was just that Inukami-senpai and I had corrupted minds so you shouldn’t mind it.

….Oops, we already derailed from the original topic.

“In the end, what did you come here for?”

“….In the evening, I heard from the King that the war with the Maou’s army would be beginning.”


The Maou… The King was fast in telling the news. Leaving Inukami-senpai aside, Kazuki feeling uneasy couldn’t be helped.

“Senpai was a little perplexed but immediately got energetic again… But I kept thinking about the fight ahead… I couldn’t sleep at night… Before I noticed it, I slipped out of the castle…. And for some reason, I’m now paying a visit to you here.”


“I look calm but, here I am, running away….. Usato…. I’m…”

Looking at me was Kazuki whose face was being illuminated by the moonlight. It was the usual gallant and handsome-looking expression but somehow it looked frail.

“Scared of fighting.”

For the time being, I should let him say what was on his mind.

Why was he consulting with me and not Inukami-senpai….?


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  1. “For example, there’s a soldier trying to fight despite having a minor illness. If you were to help them and let them re-join the fight, what would happen?”

    “…..They would become a burden for the others fighting in the war, right?”

    This doesn’t make much sense to me. There is no reason a soldier with a minor injury would be a burden before or after being healed. Iirc when I read this scene in the manga they said/meant that if the MC stepped in to heal a minor injury he would become a burden instead of help, not the soldier.

    Also it’d be injury not illness.

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapters!

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  4. So….since they made a big point repeatedly about how the enemy specifically targets healers…wouldn’t having a distinctive uniform for healers different from everyone else be a rather counterproductive idea? (Not that they aren’t both protected by inpenetrable plot armor anyway)


  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    Ahaha… Usato, you’re the only guy from another world he knows. And Suzune would just be hyped as hell to fight.


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