Chiyu Mahou Chapter 28

Author: First half is from Olga’s perspective while the second is from the Maou army’s.

As the Rescue Squad, we were currently heading towards the plains on a carriage.

Operating the reins at the front were Rose-san and Usato-kun. Usato-kun, despite saying how unwilling you were, I’ve noticed that you clearly have a relationship of trust with each other. I’m a little relieved.

Outside of the carriage, there were also many armed soldiers.

In order to fight with the Maou’s army, 1500 knights were trained.

The Maou army’s forces mainly consisted of demonic beings with physical abilities and magical powers that normal human beings did not possess.

Just from looking at the report, we couldn’t let our guard down. Everyone heading into the battlefield understood that.

As for why we were in a carriage, the reason was simple. We had an important role in this war which was why we had to preserve our stamina.

That was what Rose-san said, but… It could be possible that she was taking my weak constitution into consideration.

Inside the cart, there was my little sister Uluru along with Tong’s group, a total of seven people.

There was unexpectedly a lot of space inside, so I thought it wouldn’t feel cramped… That should have been the case.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been on an actual battlefield.”

“Yeeaah, my blood is boiling.”


“Big brother?”

Little sister, do you not notice this bizarre atmosphere?

It was like this the previous time as well.

Tong and his group also came up to me just before entering the war and tried to raise my morale with that kind of talk.

I could only give a faint smile as I remembered what happened last time.

“That reminds me, what has Tong’s group been talking about?”

“E-erm… that is…”

My little sister sat near the front and was the furthest away from Tong’s group. It seemed like she couldn’t hear them.

This was also a form of happiness; it’d be better not to tell her.

“Good grief, something like the Maou’s army.. There’s no way they would win against us in kidnapping.”

“Gehahaha! You’re not wrong about!! Even if their faces are grim to look at, they’re not that impressive!!”

“That’s right! What’s more is our Anego is here! There’s nothing to be afraid of!”

“Those guys are unfortunate! Hey, you.”

“…..Those Maou army guys, we won’t lose to them.”

“Fuun, anyone else?”

You still want to hear more replies…. Sometimes, I really worry for my little sister’s innocence.

“Oi, how about a contest? To find out who’s the strongest when it comes to kidnapping the injured.”

“Huuuh!? You, Alek, this isn’t a game you know.”

“How many times do I have to tell you before you understand, idiot! It’s about Motivation!!”

“….You have a point, Motivation is important… Why not. I’ll take you guys on! We’ll have a battle to see who will come up on top as the number one kidnapper!”

“…..You should say you’ll definitely save the wounded.”

“I won’t say something that doesn’t suit me.”

If you understand that, then don’t ask me……

What’s more, Alek. It’s not kidnapping the wounded, it’s bringing them along, you know.

….Well, even if I told them that, it would be futile.

However, their efforts are unfathomable. In the blink of an eye, you would see them bring in the injured who were screaming in fear and throwing them into the base.

As for their next prey… Injured person, they immediately head out to the battlefield to find them. They have the appearances like that of patriots…

In a sense, they’re the strongest soldiers.

I casually glanced at where my little sister was, and I could see that she seemed to be listening to something as she pressed her ear against the wall.

“What are you listening to?”

“Shh! I can’t hear!”


I think I should lecture her about this, but… When I started Imitating my little sister and listening carefully, I could hear faint voices from the other side. It was likely that they were Rose-san’s and Usato-kun’s voices.

“….It’s not good to eavesdrop, you know?”

“Uu, I know but—. I’m somewhat curious.”

I understand how you feel, but I still felt that it wasn’t a good thing.

“Rose-san and Usato-kun being in a ‘that kind of relationship’.. the likelihood of that is essentially nonexistent. That’s why you shouldn’t let your curiosity get the better of you, for it might lead to your ruin.”

“Big brother, you don’t understand a maiden’s heart at all.”



Uu, I was surprised to hear that something like a maiden’s heart existed for my little sister, considering her age.

Because of that astonishment, I was now being glared down by eyes of scorn. This was bad, I offended her. Even though it was almost time to deploy into the battlefield…

“And to think I went through such great troubles to find something to divert my tension…. Big brother is really dense.”


“When that happens, you won’t be able to move!”

Certainly… If something unexpected happens in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to move. I remember the last time the Maou’s army invaded.

My legs were shaking when I saw the wounded being transported and thrown to me.

And what’s more, I was left to deal with that heavy responsibility alone.

I supported myself with that in mind, and frantically carried out my role.

This time, that heavy duty would be shared with my little sister and I might lose the tension I had last time but…

At the same time, I feel relieved that I won’t be alone this time.

“What’s wrong? You suddenly became silent…”

“….Haha, it’s nothing.”

I couldn’t sustain myself by just glossing things over.

The bitterness of being alone, anyone could relate to that. My meeting with that person…

They were like that too, which was why that person wished for someone like him.

“Usato-kun, you…”

No, this was not something I could carelessly involve myself in.

I’m——— It was something very damaging after all.








It had been three days since the bridge was destroyed.

The bridge that was almost complete, was so easily demolished and it had to be built from scratch all over again.

It was a situation Amira did not expect and she grinded her teeth.

“Chi…. How much longer until it’s finished!?”

“By tomorrow morning…”

“Hurry it up!”

She fired her words in anger.

While showing a self-deprecating smile, it was evident that she was mocking herself in her mind.

I’m aware of the blunder that I made, and it was a big one.

The bridge could have been defended if I made sure to have patrols on the opposite shore.

I felt despair for something so simple that I didn’t do.

“Even though our morale was high… the march has been delayed considerably… I’m unsuited for my position as the Commander of the Third Army.”

“Excuse me— can I go back already? I’m quite tired.”

“Be quiet. I don’t have the time to mind someone like you at the moment…..”

The person who complained was the nearby black armored knight. A listless refusal was thrown at them.

No matter how one looked at it, she was feeling down, but she still had this kind of attitude towards the Black Knight.

“Hey, I really wonder why I have to wait in a place like this… If it wasn’t for the Commander of the Second Army’s command, I would’ve went home already.”

“Who would be sad if an impolite subordinate like you went away? To begin with, the Commander of the Second picked you out of the elites of the elites. There’s probably a good reason for you coming here.”

The Black Knight was not someone in Amira’s command, but rather someone sent by another Commander.

The reason they were sent in was ‘to accumulate experience’, or at least that was the official rationale behind it, so there was no feasible argument to be made against it.

“Hmph, it’d be pointless to gain experience from a battlefield like this… Well, I’ll just rest plenty after all of this is over.”

“…If you have time to spare, then you should be helping out with the labor…”

This subordinate and their boss were similar.

As far as Amira knew, the Second Commander was a blockhead and someone who didn’t do any work. It was shameful that they were in the same positions.

However, this subordinate of theirs was without a doubt someone with capable skill. They held a rare type of magic and no one else within the unit could rival them.

“…Haa, I got it. As soon as the bridge is finished tomorrow, I will announce the beginning of the invasion. As for you, take ‘Balzinack’ and mow down the enemies. I’ll leave you the role of raising the troops’ morale… I’m counting on you.”


“At least give me a proper reply.”

As if refusing to talk with them any further, Amira herself separated from the Black Knight and headed towards where the construction of the bridge was being directed.

The Black Knight was sitting on the ground as they looked at Amira leaving. They still did not feel any motivation.

“….Worthless. Fighting whenever you want, deciding when you want to end it… This sword full of decorations too…”

The sword was taken off from their waist and tossed away.

It was foolish for a swordsman to handle their sword with care and pride. If Celica was here right now, they would probably be enraged, but unfortunately, her appearance was nowhere to be found here.

“No matter what, it’s always boring. Aah, it’s depressing… Something like mowing down the enemy, what a joke.”

The armor that was covering the Black Knight seemed to be simmering due to the heat haze. It was almost as if it wasn’t armor at all, but rather an organic being. As they looked at both of their hands, they took off their armor and helmet while their mouth had a slight smile.

“Even though I don’t have the power to mow down the enemies…… They’re all idiots, the Maou, the Commanders, the demonic beings, the humans, everyone, everyone… Aha, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

What was exposed was a noble mouth along with a mad laughter.

Their appearance could not be called knightly by any standards.

It was a strange, pitch-black appearance similar to sludge as if—

“Even though, nothing is effective against me.”

It was a devil’s appearance.

Author: Sort of like a boss character. For some reason, I feel a little sick….

Shiru: I was busy with assignments and now I have to study for finals (in a week and half) but I’ll try to translate a few more chapters.

Proofreader: Matty


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  1. “It was foolish for a swordsman to handle their sword with care and pride.”
    I think it’s missing a not between “to” and “handle”, unless taking care of your sword for a swordsman is foolish..


  2. Thans for the chapter, I will admit that I don’t understand the big reveal at the ending.


    • The vision from the fox-girl earlier and the reveal at the end go hand and hand.


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