Chiyu Mahou Chapter 29

Plains area.

It was a dangerous place with numerous monsters.

This was where the Maou army’s encampment was. Of course, the Rescue Squad had also set-up something akin to a clinic here.

We had tents and various things in the cart. We mostly brought things that would be useful. Because we were transporting by carriage, the luggage was kept simple. However, Bluerin would be staying at home. Afterall, he might not be able tell who was friend or foe in a war like this.

It was currently evening and I was sitting down on a chair inside the Rescue Squad’s camp. The camp itself was being guarded by soldiers on patrol. The chair made of wood wasn’t very comfortable to sit on but I didn’t particularly mind.

I had nothing to do at the moment.

Rose went with Sigris-san and the others, Tong and his group were sleeping. Olga-san and Uluru-san were with the other soldiers.

These grim looking guys, they sure are taking it easy and sleeping even though the Maou army could come at any time. What’s more, they also stated ‘Umm yeah, it’s that you know, we’re resting in preparation for the important fight’ or something like that.

Rose also said ‘you should just rest’.

Just how should I rest?

Well, I’m aware of how odd I am for asking. But if I thought about it carefully, were there any instances where Rose let me take a break? Nope, not at all. During training times, I would keep going until I collapsed from exhaustion. It was the same when I was thrown into the forest. Even if I included that time I was with Inukami-senpai, I still didn’t really get much time to rest. And now when I finally receive a day off, I didn’t really feel like taking a break.

When I had holidays off in my former world, I would be lazy, play games, and sleep. That should normally be the case but now I wonder just how much have I adapted to this world’s lifestyle?

“Pardon the intrusion!!”


A man in armor arrived inside the tent. I could recognize that energetic voice; it was the guard who previously escorted and searched for us when Inukami-senpai and I went missing.

“Ooh, Usato-dono! Where are the others?”

“They’re not here right now, you know? But If you wait around a bit, the Leader should be coming back soon…”

“No that’s fine, I actually came here with someone who wanted to deliver a message.”

A message… Was it something urgent?

Straightening their back, they gave a bow as the person behind said,

“I, Ark Girdle, have been entrusted as your guard for this battle!! I will protect all of you no matter what, even at the cost of my own life!!”

“….Y-yes, I also look forward to working with you, Ark-san….”

As expected, this guy was really a good person.

I understood this not because of his emotions but rather his actions. This might be where the enemy will strike first which was why if possible, I’d like to have people I could place my faith in.

“Somewhere along the way as the war starts, I’ll be entering the battlefield. That’s why I’ll be entrusting my comrades to you guys.”

“Rest assured and leave everything to us! Well then, I should be getting back on patrol.”

“Do your best.”

After giving a final bow, Ark-san exited the tent. Yupp, they’re a lively bunch, I hope that they don’t suffer any injuries in this war.

I was spacing out and still sitting in my chair as I stared at where Ark-san exited. You could say that I shouldn’t be so carefree since the battle was just ahead but I felt that not doing anything was also fine. As they say, you don’t have time to spare. I guess this counted as taking a break for me.

After some time passed, someone entered the tent once again as I was still spacing out.

It was a figure with long and beautiful black hair that swayed as they entered the tent… Inukami-senpai looked this way. While giving a ‘cool’ smile and broadly grinning, she started coming closer to me.

“Hey, Usato-kun.”

“Hello, Inukami-senpai.”

The senpai who was currently approaching me had donned on silver armor that glittered. I wonder if it was something like a lightweight-type, it was armor that placed importance on being able to easily move around in.

As she noticed my line of sight, Senpai showed a proud expression and puffed her chest out with pride.

“Fufu, this? This is… Do you want to know? You want to know right?”

“It’s fine.”

“Of course you want to know. Then I’ll tell you! I’ll make an exception this time!!”

Could you listen to what people are saying?

“This armor has a support magic imbued into it which supports my lightning magic! In addition, it was made in a way so that it would not hinder my movements. It’s an excellent piece of equipment!”

“You look somewhat happy.”

“Of course!”

This person couldn’t be swayed.

It was almost similar to a child who was boasting… It was a little irritating.

“Fufun, how do you like—“

“Senpai, you’re not very feminine huh?”

“Wh… What are you saying?”

“I mean, how delighted you look about your armor, normally girls wouldn’t have your reaction, right?”

“No… You’re wrong Usato-kun… I mean, even I like things that are cute you know!?”

Well, I know that.

After all, you desperately try your best to touch Bluerin. But you always get knocked back and sometimes you got completely crushed by his weight.

“That’s right! It’s not a bad idea if I just take Usato-kun who can completely heal me!!”

“Eeh!? Taking me by your side!?”

“I mean, wouldn’t it be great if you could heal me!?”

“I’m sorry, I have no idea what you mean at all.”

What was with this change of attitude? It was like ‘if I can’t get Bluerin, Usato-kun is here isn’t he?’

Inukami-senpai was gradually creeping closer to me. Somehow I felt somewhat afraid and slowly stood up from my chair, separating myself from Inukami-senpai.

“The battle is approaching, it’s a good suggestion I think!”

“I absolutely think otherwise.”

“Stubborn! However Usato-kun, I won’t retreat so easily today!”

“To begin with, you never pull back.”

“Fufun, I understand now! You’re just embarrassed and trying to hide it… In other words, you’re being Tsun right now!!”

For some reason, today’s Senpai was behaving recklessly. Now that I took a good look at Senpai, her eyes weren’t focused.

However, she was conscious. As expected of Inukami-senpai… Her annoyance is limitless.

“Please calm down, Senpai. You’re acting strange right now.”

“I’m not acting strange at all.”

“…Are you alright?”

This was bad. Somehow, this was really bad.

I wonder if Inukami-senpai harbored fear for the upcoming battle and that was what led to this. Or rather, you could say it would be strange if she didn’t. Even Inukami-senpai was just a high school girl before coming here. On the surface she seemed firm but on the inside she might be considerably scared.

“I desired this situation, where Usato-kun would be refusing and putting resistance as I try to take possession of him.”

“Never mind, I was wrong. You were already strange to begin with.”

Ah, this person doesn’t have any fear at all. Unlike Kazuki, she was definitely broken somewhere. It really makes me question if she left a part or two back in our previous world.

“Like I said, I’m not acting strange at all.”

“….I understand. I understand so, could you please stop where you are for a moment? Humans are creatures that can communicate by talking, let’s talk through this.”

Even Inukami-senpai had a diligent side as the president of the student council back in our school. She’ll surely settle down and we’ll be able to talk.

See, even now her movements were slowing and she seemed to be thinking—

“At times, using strength is necessary. That time has come.”


I had to call for help immediately… Kuh, with the exception of my strength and stamina, I couldn’t match Inukami-senpai in anything else. Calling for Rose would be kind of pathetic which was why my only other option was Kazuki.

If he hears this then he’ll come to save me. ‘My Friend’, Kazuki.

“Usato, what’s wrong!?”

“You actually came!?”

Different from Inukami-senpai, Kazuki was wearing heavy armor and came into the tent with a flustered expression. I felt moved because of how fast he came here.

Kazuki saw that Inukami-senpai was also here, he made an expression as if he had finally found her and pointed towards her.

“…! Inukami-senpai!? You were here!? I was searching for you! Sigris-san is holding a meeting with everyone to form a plan for the upcoming battle….”

“It’s alright, once I take possession of Usato-kun, I’ll immediately head there.”

“Just what are you saying?”

This person was uninterested in concealing themselves.

Kazuki had no idea what was happening and could only incline his head to the side.

“Right now Inukami-senpai is deranged!! Take her away immediately, Kazuki!”

“I-I don’t really know what’s going on but… I’ll do as Usato says!”

Once again, just how much influence do my words have on Kazuki? However, this time his judgment was nice. He bound Inukami-senpai’s arms behind her and started dragging her away from the tent.

“Muu, as expected, you’re the biggest obstacle!! Let me go, Kazuki-kun!”

“Just what are you trying to do!?”

I completely agree with that statement, Kazuki. Just what are you trying to do, Inukami-senpai?

Afterwards, please don’t call for me to save you.

“Release me~!”

“T-then, see you Usato!”

“Thanks, Kazuki.”

Similar to a storm, Inukami-senpai had left. I’m really grateful to Kazuki, seriously… It wouldn’t be strange at all if I got suppressed by Inukami-senpai just now.

She’s not a bad person at all. We unexpectedly get along because of similar interests, her personality isn’t bad either. Instead, I get a good impression from her because she’s not perfect.

But I wonder why she was aiming for me. I don’t know the reason for it, I don’t remember triggering any flags like in those Galges either. I didn’t have any communication skills either.

“Yup, I have no idea.”

This case will go unsolved I guess.

Well, I didn’t really have the spare time to think about it right now. Until the scouts get back, we won’t really have a good estimate of when we’ll be fighting.

I had to brace myself for what’ll come. However, Rose did say this. Since the Maou army was rebuilding the bridge, the time when they’ll advance should be—

“Tomorrow morning…”

I had to make preparations.

As for the guard from before, they would have a rough time with a wild Inukami-senpai.


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      • She missed an important step though: get the princess in on it to confine Kazuki.

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