Chiyu Mahou Chapter 30

Author: The first part will be from Kazuki’s perspective while the second part will be from the protagonist’s.

While gazing at the expansive plains, I used my trembling right hand to draw the sword that I received from the King.

“It’s okay… It’s okay…”

Even though I was telling myself that, my words only served to distract myself from my own insecurity. I honestly thought that it’d be good if something like the Maou army didn’t come here. After all, there wouldn’t be a war right now and the people I’ve met in this world wouldn’t need to lose their lives.

As the heroes, Senpai and I were told to defeat the enemies with the other soldiers and open a path. With that, we might have a chance to take down their general… But it was only a ‘chance’, Sigris strictly emphasized that to us. Perhaps he said so to advise us to not be too reckless. As the Commander, he probably felt guilty for dragging ordinary people like us into a war.

“Kazuki-kun, don’t push yourself. If you don’t like fighting, then you can stay in the back—“

Senpai, who was sitting next to me, said those words.

“It’s okay. There’s no need to worry about me.”

“Even if you say that…”

“Well you have various worries of your own don’t you, Senpai?”

“I do feel anxious… But even at a time like this, I honestly feel my heart is full of excitement.”

Excitement? When she was in the student council back then, she never used such an ambiguous word.

However… I vaguely understood what kind of person Senpai was. That was why I—

“I don’t understand Senpai’s thinking at all.”

“Fufu, as expected… You see, Usato-kun referred to me as a ‘weird person’. It’s just that I’m different from normal.”

“A weird person? Usato said that?”

It was surprising that Usato would say something like that to Senpai.

“Yeah, this was during that time when we went missing… Well, now isn’t the time to talk about that. We’ll talk about it when we safely return home.”

“When we safely return… huh.”

“You have a reason to return home, right?”

Senpai said so while grinning and looking at me.

Even in our current situation, she could still make an expression like this. Perhaps she was the only one here who could still make a face like that. One could say she had no sense of tension at all but… It seemed like she was enjoying herself.

“Yeah, I have people that are waiting for me on the other side.”

“….Kazuki-kun, I don’t think you should say those lines.”

“What do you mean?”

“Eh!? Aah, don’t worry about it… Yeah, don’t worry about it.”

For a moment, her expression turned pale but she quickly concealed it and turned her head towards the plains. I wonder if I said something strange.

Just as I was about to question her suspicious behavior, a strong sensation wrapped around my body and sent chills down my spine. I unconsciously looked over in the distance of the plains.

However, the Maou army was still nowhere to be seen. But I knew they were getting closer.

Senpai stared at the plains with a tense expression.


“….They’ve come.”

It was likely that Sigris-san had also noticed.

In fact, messengers from different units were already being sent just shortly after I felt that sensation. Just like the plan entailed, the magic unit would be attacking first.

“….We should prepare as well.”

“Got it!”

I slowly took a deep breath and accumulated my magic power.

My magic attribute is light… I don’t know how effective it’ll be against the Maou army but… I’ll try my best. I’ve gotten used to this feeling of power circulating throughout my body.

But as expected, I still felt it wasn’t something ordinary people should be used.

“As we are the army for Lyngle Kingdom, we’ll keep fighting until we defeat the Maou army!”

I could hear Sigris-san exclaiming behind me and trying to boost the troop’s morale. The soldiers’ eyes look sharper than before.

“For the King! For the nation! For Lyngle Kingdom!”

Before I knew it, the anxiety in their eyes had disappeared and they were shouting along with Sigris. It was quite the spectacle to see the earth tremble as 1500 soldiers raised their voices.


Standing on top of a hill where the clatter of voices couldn’t reach was a dark shadow. That shadow was very small and it could be due to the fact that it was far away but it appeared to be pitch-black.

“What is… that…”

The number of shadows gradually multiplied in number.

The shapes of these shadows were obviously not human. Their forms were scattered and disorganized; some were similar and some were different. Some features I noticed they had were horns and dark brown skin.

However, other than that… they seemed similar to humans.

“You’re kidding… They’re not that much different from us…”

‘They’ had finally arrived. Raising their voices as they approached us, they drew their weapons.

I thought they would look more like monsters. The image I had of them were things with six arms, or lots of heads, or maybe even something with an amoeba-like shape… But it was those guys that would be attacking us? They had appearances resembling ours… To attack them would—

“Magic unit, get ready—!!”


Sigris’ loud voice woke me up from my train of thought and I shook off that timid feeling from my mind. I shifted my attention towards the approaching Maou army.

“We’re the First Spear Unit. Can you do it?”

“I’ll do it… Because I have no choice but to do it!!”

I aimed my palm towards the front and gathered my magic.

I’ve used this against monsters but this was my first time using it against something that resembled a human… But if I wavered now, we’ll be killed. I had no choice but to do it.

“Don’t think badly of me…”

The magic soldiers on standby in the vanguard timed their magic with ours. We started accumulating magic in our palms and aimed towards the approaching army.

As soon as they were in range, we would fire.

“It wouldn’t do if we didn’t have a flashy start.”

Senpai’s entire body was overflowing with lightning. It seemed that she was ready.

I was ready to fire off at any given moment… The other soldiers had finished with their preparations as well. We had completed our arrangements for the interception… Yet the Maou army didn’t stop. Their troops kept advancing like saboteurs launching a kamikaze attack.

“When I give the signal, we’ll fire together!”

The distance between the two armies was gradually shortening. We wouldn’t be able to pull back now and so I braced myself—



Using all my power, I released a bright white beam of light. After a little delay, the magic from the other soldiers had also flooded in and headed towards the Maou army.




“….It has begun huh.”

I heard large explosions outside. Afterwards I also heard loud shouts and noises; this signaled the outbreak of war.

We, the Rescue Squad, were currently standing in a row before Rose.

“I think you guys already know but… We’ll be on standby and the ones wearing black will head out to bring back the injured first.”


The fellows wearing black vigorously raised their voices.

But aren’t these designs a little odd? These black jackets resembled… something a criminal would wear. If these guys got caught, I don’t think anyone would be surprised.

“The ones wearing grey will remain here. But depending on the situation, run away if necessary.”


Olga-san and Uluru-san both wore grey with similar designs to Rose’s and mine. These two have important roles here at the HQ.

“Lastly, you and I will head out as the battle gradually progresses.”

“I understand.”

“Alright, then let’s start… I’m counting on you Tong, Alek, Mill, Guld, and Gomul.”


“Then, you guys can go. Come back alive just like last time.”

The five of them raised their voices in response to ensure Rose that they would be fine.

I probably didn’t have to worry about these guys but I still felt a little uneasy. If these guys were to be killed by the Maou army… Nah, no way.

Tong and the others nosily rushed out of the entrance. I’m sure they’ll be fine. For now, we should remain on standby in the tent.

“I wonder if Senpai and Kazuki are alright… This would be their first time fighting on the battlefield…”

“Worried about your friends?”

“Uluru-san… Of course I’d be worried, they’re my “friends” after all.”

“I’m… worried about Usato-kun~”

“What do you mean—“

As I was about to voice my doubts to her, a man with a scary-looking face entered the tent in a rush.

That man was Tong, one of the members who headed out. While carrying a sobbing girl over his shoulder, he walked towards us.

“I brought someone!”

““So fast!?””

Uluru-san’s voice overlapped with mine. It hasn’t even been 5 minutes since the battle started.

“Obviously, this is the norm. There will be a lot of wounded coming one after another. Tong, leave that person with Usato and get back out there.”

“Yes!! Hey Usato, I’ll be leaving it to you.”


Tong entrusted the female soldier to me. Her condition… She had deep cuts etched on her shoulder and foot.

“Uuu… Face, scary…..”

“Poor thing, she must be sobbing because it’s painful… Certainly, that has to be case. It’s alright, the pain will go away.”

“Usato-kun, you shouldn’t look away from reality you know…”

I can’t hear you.

For some reason the female soldier was trying to cling onto me stubbornly. While resisting her attempts, I poured healing magic onto her wounds. If the wounds were only to this degree, she should immediately recover. After a few seconds, her cuts were healed.

“Are you okay?”

“…You are… T-that’s right, I got injured… The plan failed… The Maou army did a kamikaze attack with illusion magic… There was a large and black monster… Then I was kidnapped——“

“Please calm down a little.”

Her memory seemed cloudy due to the shock.  It might just be temporary… But the plan failed, illusion magic, a large and black enemy…

…Black enemy… Black armor——


A surge of pain ran through my head. I saw the vision that the beast girl had shown me before once again.

Why did I remember that scene right now… It’s as if it was really—

“It’s as if Kazuki and Senpai would really die…”

“Usato-kun! Help me with this!”

“Ah~~~ Jeez! I understand!”

I’m sure Kazuki and Senpai will be fine. I couldn’t even be compared with them in terms of strength. They wouldn’t die so easily.

But if… If their lives were in danger, I—

“Have no choice but to do it.”

It was my job to heal the wounded. I’ll protect my allies’ lives… It was my duty.


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