Chiyu Mahou Chapter 31

Author: This time around, the perspective is in third person.

It was around the time when Usato and the others were treating the wounded.

The war had just started but the situation was swiftly changing.

The battle commenced when the human mages fired magic at the Maou army. It had more than enough power to whittle down the Maou’s numbers.

The attack appeared to be a direct hit, however, it was ineffective. Just as the magic attack was about to hit the Maou army, their troops vanished like haze.

The leader of the knights, Sigris, witnessed this scene and could only grind his teeth.

Illusion magic. Using this magic required a target to show the illusion to but… To be able to cast it on this scale was beyond normal. Sigris mumbled in an agonizing tone, “As expected of these demonic beings.” Once the dust from the attack had scattered, Sigris could see that the real Maou army had finally made their appearance. While staring at the opposing side, Sigris gave instructions to his army.

Since the initial plan had failed, it would now become a war of attrition.

To win this war, one had to utilize swords, bows, and magic. The physical advantages that the demons had over the humans were apparent on the battlefield. The Kingdom’s troops fell one by one. In addition, the frontlines were being trampled by the monster [Balzinack] and the [Black Knight].

The Maou’s soldiers were confident in their victory.

They were thinking, “We can win this war.”

The morale for the Maou army had dropped because their bridge was destroyed. However, they became aware of their own superiority over the Kingdom’s army over time and their morale increased along with the intensity of their attacks.

But standing in the way of their ruthless march were two humans.

They were the heroes summoned from another world, Kazuki and Inukami. They possessed light and lightning magic, and although they looked like teenagers… their magic power surpassed each of the Kingdom’s soldiers.

The demon soldiers were unaware of the existences known as the Heroes. They were cowering before the overwhelming magic power that these two individuals displayed.

However, the situation still couldn’t be reversed with just the two of them. Even now, the Maou army held the advantage.

If the current situation were to maintain as it was, the Kingdom’s side would lose for sure.




There was no doubt the Maou army’s side was winning.

It was probably around the time when the war had just started… The demon soldiers fighting noticed something peculiar. It was something that would definitely appear on a battlefield like this and yet the impossible was happening.

A young demon soldier looked around his surroundings while languidly wielding his sword.

They weren’t here. The thing that should exist in a battlefield like this wasn’t here.


There weren’t any corpses. No, his fallen comrades were on the ground. But more importantly, there were no humans. No matter where the soldier looked, he could only see humans and demons fighting.

He could only see his fellow comrades; there were no human bodies at all.

It was extremely strange. At the same time that a bloodstain had permeated into the ground, the soldier felt a sense of terror.

The soldier’s comrades had also gradually noticed something was odd and had stiffened expressions.

“W-what’s going on… Are we all under some kind of  strange human magic…?”

Those feelings were understandable but as the humans were the enemy, they wouldn’t show mercy.

The humans continued attacking even as the demons were bewildered. The human side didn’t need to worry about this strange phenomenon at all.

It would be safe to assume they had an idea of what was going on.

The humans also had strong resentment towards the demons. They remembered the last time the demons had attacked them without warning. What’s more, they strongly remember the humiliation they suffered as the Maou army didn’t see them as a real threat.

The humans had bloodshot eyes and rushed onto the Maou army soldiers. They violently used their swords to repel the demons.

“Damn, what are you doing!? You savages!!”

“You should know why without me saying it…”

With those harsh words, the Kingdom army continued their assault.

Entrusting their sword strikes to anger and calmly dodging the demons’ attacks, the humans aimed their blades at where the demons’ formation was in disorder.

The ‘species’ known as the Kingdom soldiers weren’t enemies to be taken lightly.

While the demons thought that in their head, they resolved themselves for their death.

However, at this timing, one demon forced their way through.

“You human monsters…”

As one of the demon soldiers was about to lose their life to a human, the human was cut down in an instant by the demon that had suddenly appeared. The demon that had appeared resembled a Captain. The Captain glared down at the demon that was saved and then shouted to the surroundings.

“What are you doing, you fools! Did you trash already forget about Commander Belgret’s warning!?!?”

“I’m… saved?”

“Hmph, as expected of recruits from the countryside… It’s pathetic to think that you’re my subordinates. To think an inferior race like this could cloud your eyes to this extent…”

Commander Belgret’s warning?

Without understanding what was going on, the demons fell on their backside. The soldier that was cut down started to move again. From their chest to their side, a thick laceration was engraved. Even though they were demon recruits, they knew that the Kingdom soldier would die at this rate.

“Listen up, Belgret-sama said ‘Watch out for the kidnappers’. Also, if the circumstances permit it…—“

The Captain felt something in that instant and held their sword horizontally.

Although it was difficult to see, there was a black shadow. As the existence similar to the wind got closer, a voice of doubt was raised.


“Good grief… I should have finished you off…”

As the Captain said those words, the suffering human soldier disappeared right in front of everyone.

“Tsk, are those guys really human?”

“What… was that… just now? The human that was just cut down… Also there was something like a shadow…”

“It’s a monster; try to kill it if you can. Also don’t misunderstand, it’s not like our army has the absolute advantage in this war…”

Just before, the Captain called them the [Kidnappers].

According to the Commander of the Third Army, Celica, they were individuals who could carry the injured to places to treat them at speeds that your eyes couldn’t keep up with… As far as their Army was concerned, they declared it as the worst type of enemy.

It shouldn’t be possible that there were humans who could move faster than what demons could see with their eyes. There was no doubt that the demons were the superior race, which was why the demons were half in doubt as they listened to the meek Celica.

But the reality was that they couldn’t see them and the human soldier was gone.

Humans would keep on coming one after another, with no signs of them waning in strength at all. It was similar to spring water erupting and flowing endlessly.

He felt somewhat afraid… Of the species called humans….

“…They are indeed monsters.”




The soldier felt something shaking them and came to their senses.

The soldier had avoided the demon’s blade and was going to attack as the opening presented but—  They had been cut down by a different demon instead. It was obvious that their own recovery magic wouldn’t be able to heal the wound as it was too deep. Yet, it seemed that they were still alive.

The soldier really thought it was over for them. But since they were still alive, it was probably thanks to the Rescue Squad. The person who had carried the soldier was a plump man.

‘I have to thank him…’ While the soldier thought so, the man who had saved the soldier entered their vision.

“T… Than—“

“Hm!? Looks like you’ve awakened!!”

“Sob… I’m sorry…”

Turning his head around to face the soldier was the plump man, Mill.

Even though they intended to give their thanks, they immediately apologized instead. However this couldn’t be helped… While the soldier was telling that to themselves, a hand was holding down on their wound.


“Stop moving you damn idiot!! Someone like you should just stay still!! Do you want to die!?”


His statement was just like a bandit’s but the soldier understood what was happening to their body.

Mill was holding down on the soldier’s wound to stop the blood from flowing. The soldier suspected that while using healing magic, they had also performed emergency first aid.


“…Ah… Kya.”

One man was carrying one female soldier who was facing backwards on his shoulders. What’s more was that the man was running. The female soldier experienced a brief moment of pain as her wound was being pressed on. After that had passed and she realized her own situation, she looked at the plump man’s face—

“Is this the afterlife…?”

She seemed to be confused.

Let’s ignore that part; there was no doubt that this was also part of the Rescue Squad’s duty.

One might expect the speed to drop since the man was carrying someone but the momentum wasn’t declining at all. The man freely ran through the battlefield, and at times he jumped. The surrounding scenery would gradually change.

While the Maou army was focused on fighting, they didn’t notice these two running through the battlefield at all.

“—We’ve almost returned!”

After Mill glanced once at the female soldier, he raised his speed.

Their destination was the establishment tent with healing magicians. Once they reached there, they could treat her wound and she would be able to fight again.


“What’s… the matter?”

Did the man notice something? Mill had stopped moving. From his line of sight, Mill could see numerous fallen human soldiers. Since they were still breathing, they could still be saved. However, the female soldier on Mill’s shoulders was reaching the limit of her stamina. If Mill were to try and save these soldiers now, she might die.

Mill was given a cruel set of choices in this kind of situation but he was composed… The reason was that he could see the figure of his comrade in the distance.



Alek was carrying three injured soldiers over his shoulders and was heading towards the tent, but without any warning, Mill threw one of the soldiers on the ground and the female soldier towards Alek.



The two of them shouted as they were suddenly thrown in the air. They kept rotating in the air until they reached Alek who then gently caught them with one arm. Alek then turned around to look at Mill while holding everyone and shouted,

“Don’t fling the wounded!! You damn blockhead!!”

“I’ll entrust those two to you!!”

“…You owe me!”

“Sure, I’ll let you eat my cooking when the time comes!!”

The violent Mill who threw the soldiers had the corners of his mouth warped in a little smile and headed towards the other soldiers that had fallen.

Having a similar smile to Gomul’s, Mill started carrying the other 5 soldiers on the ground.

“Heh, I don’t need it. Something like your cooking that is… Alright then, time to save people~”

The soldiers’ mouths were flapping open and closed. Seeing that they were fine, Alek started running towards the tent where Rose was. After avoiding the busy soldiers moving about, Alek arrived at the tent and entered.

There were 4 people on the inside currently being treated with healing magic.

“You’ve brought people Alek!”

“Usato huh, quickly heal them. It would be a bother if they died here.”

“Hey! These soldiers’ eyes are completely white!”

“If you have complaints, tell them to Mill. It’s not related to me at all.”

“Haah— Well it’s fine… Lay down the wounded in any of the available beds. Gently, okay?”

Just several months ago, this boy was scared of Alek and his group. Now the boy had grown to the point where he could be this impertinent. Alek couldn’t help but smile as he thought of how amusing the boy used to be. While doing so, Alek put the wounded into the open beds.


“What’s so funny?”

“No, I just thought you’ve become quite the cheeky brat, that’s all.”

“Leave that aside. Hurry and go save more soldiers.”

“Yes, yes.”

Usato turned his back towards the patients and started applying healing magic again with sweat dripping down from his forehead. Alek rushed out into the battlefield once again.

It was a group with only 5 members running around the battlefield. People thought ‘There are simply just not enough people’. In reality, that was exactly the case… Even if they could keep the damage minimal, there were still causalities and lives that could simply not be saved.

However, they weren’t being pessimistic about it.

Their line of thought was that for the lives that they couldn’t save, they’ll make up for it by saving the lives they could.


Tong, Mill, Alek, Gomul, and Guld ran through the battlefield kidnapping soldiers.

They would do so until it was time for ‘the two being reserved’ to come out—



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