Chiyu Mahou Chapter 34

The war between Lyngle Kingdom and the Maou army continued.

Enemies and allies were scattered throughout the battlefield while the Rescue Squad was able to prevent a lot of casualties.

Inside of all that, I was earnestly trying my best to treat the wounded. I wiped the sweat off from my forehead as I started to feel the pressure and stress of being in a battlefield like this.

“——You aren’t completely recovered. Try not to push yourself too much out there.”

After I had finished treating the injured soldier, I went on the find the next person.

My surroundings contained the smell of death that belonged to either enemies or allies. While trying my best to not vomit, I frantically swallowed and advanced forward.

“….I understand, dammit….!”

There were obviously going to be causalities and death in a war like this…!

It was war after all, there’s no way I could save every life out here! Even I could die at any moment on a battlefield like this…!

While being tormented at the thought of death, my stubbornness allowed me to continue moving forward.

There was no way I could take it easy on myself when Inukami-senpai and Kazuki were doing their best out here.


Just then, a sharp pain ran through my head.

In my mind I could clearly see the scene of Inukami-senpai and Kazuki being killed.

No matter how much healing magic I used, the pain didn’t go away.

“It hurts…”

“I won’t fall in battlefield like this!”

“Especially at a time like this!”

While I stopped moving and raised my voice, a soldier with horns swung their axe at me.

I immediately rolled on the floor to avoid it but the axe was able to make contact with my right arm.


This wound wasn’t much but my headache wouldn’t stop.

Just what was going on…!? Don’t tell me danger was approaching Inukami-senpai and Kazuki!?

If that was really the case, I had to head towards them no matter what.


The enemy ignored my state of confusion and started running towards me. Because of my headache, I didn’t pay careful attention to my surroundings and tripped over a corpse.


The demon was shouting something as they swung their axe downwards at me.

If I died instantly, my healing magic would be meaningless. If that happened, I wouldn’t be able to help Kazuki and Senpai.

I braced myself for my own death as I covered my head with my arms.



At the moment I was resolving myself, the soldier that I treated just before kicked the demon attacking me and pierced them with their sword.

“Usato-dono! Are you alright!?”

“Eh, the soldier from before… T-thank you very much.”

T-that was dangerous.

I let out a sigh of relief as I thanked the soldier. Just then, I remembered I still had this headache.

“T-that’s right! Inuka….. I mean, do you know where the two heroes are right now!?”

“Hero-sama? I recall they should be at the center of the frontlines—“

“Thank you very much!”

“B-be careful!”


It wasn’t far from here.

While thanking the soldier again, I started to run. I felt like the headache from before was some kind of bad omen, I had to hurry.

Please be safe, Senpai, Kazuki!




“Aren’t you going to come and attack?”


“Calm down Kazuki-kun, it’s not a good idea to attack without being fully prepared.”

The attack on Kazuki’s shoulder didn’t damage his armor, it only damaged the inside.

The Captain and the other three who had been attacked also only had wounds on the inside.

When he transformed his armor to attack and failed, he also uttered that it was ‘unfortunate’. The meaning might seem apparent but there was no way such an obvious surprise attack would connect. It meant that they didn’t intend for the attack to connect, they were aiming for something else.

If I were to consider all the possibilities…

“….Any damage inflicted on that armor can be returned.”

“Looks like I’ve been exposed. Well, I did give you guys a hint after all…”


The Black Knight still had this much confidence despite us finding out what their power was.

But that was understandable. Even if we do know what their power was, we didn’t know how to overcome it.

I suspect that it could return blunt attacks as well and slashing attacks were simply out of the question.

If we assume they could return every attack, we had to defeat them without fighting directly in combat.

“Don’t run away, okay? Leaving the others aside, the two of you are strong for being humans. Keep on coming at me, keep attacking, keep attacking, keep attacking, until you finally give up and die by my hands.”

“…..We have no choice but to do it. At any rate, the others won’t be able to match this guy.”

“But if Senpai is right, our attacks won’t work since they can return any attack—“

“Don’t be hasty. Listen to me, Kazuki-kun. There’s something I want to try but it might be a bit dangerous.”

I said so in a small voice so the other side couldn’t hear.

For their [Inversion] to activate, they had to meet some sort of requirements. That means there will be chances to attack them.

After telling my plan to Kazuki, I informed the soldiers behind us.

“—Do you think it’ll work?”

“Senpai, that’s just way too dangerous…”

“If anything happens, Usato-kun can heal us.”

While saying so, I drew my slender sword in advance.

This plan relied on Kazuki-kun while I would just be acting as the support.

“Let’s go, Kazuki-kun…!”

I was the first to rush at the Black Knight while Kazuki followed shortly after.

“Heeh, you’re coming huh.”

“There’s no way we can retreat!!”

The Black Knight transformed his armor into something like a tentacle and thrusted it towards us. We had to be careful when attacking or we might get countered.

While ducking to dodge the oncoming attack, I generated an orb of lightning and aimed near their feet.

“With this…!”

A small whirlwind of dust had formed, this should obstruct their vision.

Then just like according to the plan, Kazuki and I will take advantage of this to launch a surprise attack. This was to test if they could return attacks that weren’t within their vision.


I had suppressed my voice since my shoulder had been cut. Before long, something warm flowed out from my shoulder and stained my clothes.

It seems like we had failed as I could see blood trickling down from Kazuki’s cheek.




I grinded my teeth in anger as the laughing Black Knight seemed to be enjoying this situation.

It felt like a hopeless situation as we couldn’t run or attack them.

If we had Usato-kun here to heal us, we would be able to keep on attacking. My feet had stopped moving as I wasn’t used to being in pain like Usato-kun.

“Haha, I guess I’m still just an ordinary person who lived in modern times.”

I came from a world of peace, I had never been injured to this extent. That’s why it hurts— Really, my shoulder was in so much pain that I felt like crying.

“Nn? Shoulder?”

When I had attacked the Black Knight, I slashed at their back and not their shoulder.

If that was the case, I should’ve been feeling pain from my back instead.

There were two attacks but Kazuki and I started attacking at almost the same time. Kazuki’s attack was reflected back, however, mine wasn’t.

“Don’t tell me…. Kazuki-kun! Let’s try it again!”

“…..I understand!”

While my feet were surging with lightning, I crouched down.

We probably only had one chance. I’m counting on you, Kazuki-kun.




Senpai seemed to have a plan.

I had no idea how to fight a cheating enemy like this but I’ll trust Senpai’s judgment and do what she says.

I concentrated on amassing my light magic so that I could fire it any given moment.

“Hey comrades, are you getting groggy?”

“Be quiet!!”

I defended with my sword against the oncoming attack from the Black Knight.

Withstanding attacks like these weren’t a problem. But we had no way to deal with their counter. Senpai was attempting to do something right now; I should just do what I can right now.

“Here you go!”


I received the black mass coming towards me with my sword. The impact was similar to a hammer.

My arm and shoulder made creaking noises as I held my ground. The pain was draining me of my composure. If I take it easy for even a moment, I would be crushed. I couldn’t defend forever like this.

I couldn’t attack directly— I had to find a different way to win this!

After deflecting and avoiding the attack, I sheathed my sword. While the opponent tilted their head because of my action, I gathered light into both of my hands. I then clapped my hands together.

“If I could blind you..!!”


A strong flash of light enveloped the surroundings, it was an unusual skill but it should be effective against this kind of opponent.

Even if direct attacks don’t work, the enemy was supposed to be weak to light.

Just as I had thought, the Black Knight was trying to cover their eyes with their arms.

In order to increase our distance from each other, I kicked the Black Knight in the abdomen as hard as I could.

“Gwah…. This doesn’t work either huh.”

While feeling the pain from my own stomach, I didn’t break my line of sight away from the Black Knight.

The pain was returned to me but it appeared that the force I had used to kick the Black Knight wasn’t. The Black Knight stood up and after showing an astonished expression, they laughed.

“To think you would try to blind me like that, that was really unexpected!! There haven’t been any users to use such an idiotic-like skill like that before!”


At the moment I was about to reply, I saw an astonishing scene.

There was something silver embedded in the Black Knight’s chest.

Senpai had used her lightning to accelerate herself and moved behind the enemy. Right now, her sword was piercing the Black Knight.


“You can’t return this attack? Is this the correct answer…?”

When I saw Senpai’s sword piercing the Black Knight, I felt like I was about to faint but then I noticed something strange was happening. Senpai seemed to be fine.


“Did it work!?”

I took my eyes off of Senpai for only one moment and that was when she had moved.

I didn’t know exactly what she had in mind but she noticed something when the two of us attacked the Black Knight for the first time. She then had me distracting the opponent until she found an opening to go in.

“Kazuki-kun! Attack now! It should be effective right now!”

A black fluid was flowing out from where the Black Knight was being pierced. Understanding Senpai’s intentions, I drew my sword and shouted.


—But as expected of Senpai!!

I couldn’t help but praise her. While thinking so, I ran towards the Black Knight.

“Dammit, to think I would fall in a place like this!”

If we could defeat them here, we would gain a huge advantage in this war and the other side’s moral would drop. We would turn the current situation around in an instant— This will lead us one step closer to ending this battle!

Raising the sword from my hip to an overhead position, I slashed downwards.

“Just kidding.”

Just as I heard those words, a sword was mercilessly thrusted into my stomach.

Unsure of what had happened, I turned to look at the Black Knight— The sword that was piercing him had snapped in two and Senpai was on the ground vomiting blood.

And using my hand, I pulled out the sword from my back…

“Gah… Wh..y….”

“To begin with, you were mistaken if you thought that your attacks were actually hurting me. This armor is made from my magic. The inside won’t be affected at all as long as I have this, it’s the ultimate armor.”

“What’s… with that…”

Wasn’t this guy a complete monster?

There was no way anyone could win against someone like this. I collapsed onto the ground as I was vomiting blood. What’s more was that blood was gushing out from my stomach and I started to feel weaker.

It was no good.

I didn’t have any strength left.

“…..Sorry, Usato.”

It looks like I won’t… be able to return.





Seeing that the two heroes had fallen, I looked at my surroundings.

Since the heroes were defeated, the morale of the Kingdom’s soldiers had been reduced. On the other hand, the demons were full of vigor.

Such a ridiculously boring scene.

“Starting a war like this, just what is the Maou thinking? If they wanted more territory, there were better ways to do it… Well it’s not something I needed to worry about.”

I didn’t find anything of worth in this war.

It was always like this.

Ever since I was born, not a single person could injure me.  Whether it be demons, humans, my parents… They couldn’t injure me and I grew distant from them.

“Guess I should finish up.”

Removing the sword from myself, I went towards the female hero that was still breathing.

She glared at me while holding her stomach in pain. Without showing much reaction towards it, I held the sword in an underhand grip and aimed at the hero’s heart.

“It was fun… Only a little though.”

The sword descended towards her heart.

Aah, it was already over. The moment I was feeling disappointed—

“As if I’d let you do that, aaaaaahh!!”


A childish and young voice that didn’t suit this battlefield resounded in my eardrums.

I unconsciously turned around to face the idiotic voice and at that moment— There was an impact of some sort on my face and I felt a sensation that I never should have experienced.

———It huuuuurts!?


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