Chiyu Mahou Chapter 35

I could see Kazuki and Inukami-senpai collapsed on the ground. A knight clouded in black armor was about to finish them off. The scene was exactly like what I had seen before and my mind went blank.

“Was I too late…!? No, I’m not!!”

After I sent the Black Knight flying, I quickly hurried over to Inukami-senpai and Kazuki and started using healing magic.

The both of them seemed have a similar sword pierced through their chests.

It would normally be a serious wound that they could die from but I can save them…!

“U-usato-kun. To think I would see a hallucination like this just as I’m on the verge of death… Aah, since it’s a hallucination, can you call me Suzu-tan before I die…?”

“Inukami-senpai, you had more leeway than I thought. Well then, I guess Kazuki is top priority, I’ll go treat him first.”

“W-wait a minute, I’m in the same condition as him, I have a hole in my chest.”

To utter such words in a situation like this, you really are just…

However, it seemed she was right. Her injury was really serious.

Her wound was serious enough that normal magic wouldn’t be able to heal it… But thankfully I was capable of healing this immediately. First of all, I’ll heal Kazuki since he was still unconscious—

“Usato-kun… Behind!”


I reflexively reacted to Senpai’s voice and carried the both of them away.

As I was activating my healing magic through both of my arms, I could see that an aggravated Black Knight had struck their sword at where I was previously at. I felt a chill as I barely escaped and could have lost my life right there.

“T-that was dangerous… Thank you very much, Senpai.”

“No no, don’t worry about it. I’m getting benefits as well, I’m being held in your arms right now.”

“You really are blunt.”

Did she recover enough to the point where she could talk carefree like this or was she always this playful on the battlefield?



The Black Knight in front of us was murmuring something as they took hold of their sword. As I was about to voice my doubts, Inukami-senpai’s expression changed into astonishment as she lifted her head to look at the Black Knight.

“Just what are you…!?”

“Their helmet—“

The place I had punched started to crumble away and I could see half of the Black Knight’s face. From what I could see, it was a silver-haired female that wasn’t human.

….Leaving that aside, why was Senpai so surprised?

“Sorry, but I have no idea why Inukami-senpai is so surprised at the enemy right now.”

“The Black Knight’s magic armor can return any attack that was inflicted on it back to the opponent, it’s an outrageous magic…. The other knights and I were defeated because of that…..”

“What’s with that? Isn’t that just cheating…?”

While being cautious of the Black Knight, I looked at the surrounding soldiers that had fallen. I could see from their wounds that they were similar. So what Inukami-senpai was saying wasn’t necessarily a lie.

Since they were still breathing, I could save them.

As expected of the knights of this world, the people in this world were amazing.

“Inukami-senpai, I’ll leave Kazuki to you.”


I’ve finished their treatment for the most part. After letting the two of them down, I faced the Black Knight.

The system of magic they were using was most likely [Darkness]. It was a scarce ability similar to mine and they had more experience in actual combat than me. That seems to be what I’ll be facing.

While the Black Knight was holding down on their swelling cheek, they directed their eyes filled with fury towards me.


This person was bad news, in a different sense than Inukami-senpai.

Why was it that I kept facing such dangerous people? At first it was a bear, a snake, and then Rose.

But there was no time to be perplexed. To be honest, I really didn’t want to fight. The lives of soldiers collapsed there were in danger with every moment I wasted.

After shrouding myself in healing magic, I took one step forward.


“I’ll hold that guy back.”

Since they could return any attack inflicted on them, I could also just heal back any damage they did to me. I’ll just knock them far away and restrain them.

“S-stop it! Even if it’s you!”

I could hear Senpai’s voice from behind as I instantly came close to the Black Knight.

The Black Knight— No, the female before me transformed her armor into a gigantic arm and swung at me from the side.

It was a simple attack but masked behind it was also a counter-attack ability.

I could just receive the hit but since I could take a fair amount of pain and heal it, I simply used my right foot to knock it down.


As I felt a sense of discomfort at the sole of my foot, I flicked it. The pain… there wasn’t any? Did they miss?


Why are you so surprised when you’re the one who was attacking…?

However, the pain didn’t come. They ran out of magic power… There was no way that was possible, I wonder if they just didn’t use it. If that was the case, this was an opportunity.

Gripping my right arm, I twisted my body to wind up as I prepared to punch at the Black Knight. They started to defend but my real aim was their left side!



I penetrated their defense with my just my right arm.

Maybe they weren’t that strong?

No, this might just be part of their strategy. Even if I attacked them, it wasn’t like they were taking direct damage. I quickly moved away from my current position.

While the Black Knight held the front of their neck, the part of the armor that chipped off emitted black smoke. I also had some of the black armor in my hand but the original stiffness disappeared and it felt like some muddy black fluid instead. What was this armor? I didn’t understand at all.

“Gwuh… You incomprehensible little thing!”

“Uwah, yikes.”

Just then, I noticed another arm was approaching me. From there, I escaped to where Inukami-senpai was. Trying to grab hold of them didn’t seem effective which meant that it wasn’t possible to throw them far away either.

Therefore, I had to stop them from moving somehow.

“Inukami-senpai, do you have anything that could bind something down?”

“Do you think there would be something like that here… However, Usato-kun—“

“Aah, you’re misunderstanding something. I don’t have that sort of preference.”

“Wait for me to finish at least… But what do you need that for…?”

“…If you don’t have it then it can’t be helped.”

I took off the Rescue Squad’s uniform and held it from the collar with my left hand.

While fixing my gaze at the Black Knight, I quietly murmured,

“Sorry, Leader.”

I took a big step forward while being conscious of what was in my left hand. Seeing that I was running with a coat in one hand, the Black Knight transformed their armor into a large needle and started attacking.


“Do you think I’ll die just because you tell me to!?”

I caught the needle in front of me.

Fresh blood gushed out from the wound I was receiving but I clenched my teeth and starting pulling the Black Knight towards me.


The Black Knight’s balance was lost but was still able to draw their sword at me as they glared.

“So dangerous!”

I managed to tilt my head and avoid the sword thrusting towards me. Since their left side was wide open, I used my left elbow to strike.

I had only intended to obstruct them from their next attack, it probably wouldn’t affect them—


It seemed they felt dizzy and retreated.

Was that effective just now? ….Maybe they were just acting?

I had no time to think about it, this was a monster that overwhelmed Inukami-senpai and Kazuki. Before I heal myself, I should push forward.

After striking the Black Knight with my left arm, I used both of my arms to grab a hold of theirs from under their body. I then used the coat to bind them.

“I caught you!”

This hold would leave them powerless and they wouldn’t be able to fight back!

I looked at Inukami-senpai’s direction to convey that I was fine.

However, Inukami-senpai seemed astonished once again.

“Eh!? Usato-kun, are you really fine!?”

“No, there’s nothing really wrong… Leaving that aside, we need to save the others!”

It seemed like Inukami-senpai wanted to ask more questions but right now we had to prioritize on healing the other soldiers. The Black Knight would be a bit of a hindrance since I had to shoulder them on my back but I couldn’t release them right now. While I carried the Black Knight, I ran towards the soldiers and started healing them.

“Dammit! Let me go! What the hell are you!?”

I really wanted to tell the person on my shoulder to be quiet but I‘ll just endure it for now.

Using my coat in as bindings would cause me various problems if I wanted to move freely on the battlefield. There was the possibility that I wouldn’t be recognized as Rose’s subordinate.

“Just what did you do!?”

“Even if you ask me what I did…”

“I would normally be able to reflect it! Why! Something as easy as this…”

They seemed to be confused.

……It seemed Inukami-senpai was surprised as well when I could normally fight this person. I only noticed it now but I didn’t receive any damage from their magic.

I didn’t know the reason, it might have to do with ‘that’. ….Probably.

“I have no intention of giving you an answer.”


No, it was actually because I didn’t really know the reason…

But I can say one thing… I did just as Rose said when I was attacking.


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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Will that Black Knight joins the ranks of a certain black dragon and a certain paladin?

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      • The masochist black dragon (Tio) from Arifureta, and the masochist paladin (Darkness) from Konosuba.


        • Ah! You were talking about two novels. I thought you were talking about a single novel that had both …

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  2. thanks for the chapter, totally apreciate that. but if you could, would you mind not referring a single person as “they”, it’s just a bit misleading, and my apologise (it’s a suggestion not criticism)


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