Chiyu Mahou Chapter 36

Once Usato-kun restrained the enemy’s Black Knight, it greatly influenced the Maou army.

Their morale had drastically dropped and before long, the Kingdom’s soldiers started going on the offense.

Right now, I was lending my shoulder to Kazuki-kun and I was acting as Usato’s guard as he was treating several soldiers. Usato-kun let down the Black Knight that was wrapped in a coat and started healing the soldiers at a surreal speed with a nonchalant look on his face.

“Let me ask you, Usato-kun. Just what did you do?”

“….I understand, but… We don’t have that much time right now, you know?”

It wasn’t long before Usato-kun quickly took hold of the Black Knight again.

He’s been using just his bare hands to fight in this war. —No, it wasn’t uncommon to use hand-to-hand combat to fight in a war. But there was something peculiar about his fight.

The Black Knight’s power didn’t affect Usato-kun at all.

“Senpai, it’s not like I’m special or anything… Even I don’t exactly know what’s going on. Or rather I want to ask, just what did I do…?”

“Well even if you ask me… All I saw was you punching and kicking…”

The Black Knight had the frightening ability to reflect any attack.

Such a dangerous power to counter wasn’t recorded in any of the history books.

But Usato-kun used his fists to defeat them. Even he doesn’t know why he was able to break through the Black Knight’s power. That was why I couldn’t fully comprehend just how strange this truly was.

“I mean, I was using healing magic while I was striking.”


Using healing magic while punching…?

“But wouldn’t that be meaningless… It would just heal the opponent after you damage them…”

“Yes, I don’t understand the reason for it at all. That’s why I don’t understand how this fellow here got injured.”

I could see that the Black Knight was at a loss for words while Usato-kun was sighing.

To begin with, I didn’t understand the point of using a punch that would heal the other party. It was interesting since it fit Usato-kun who didn’t want to hurt the opponent but that wasn’t an answer.

Usato-kun continued to speak as I was lost in my own thoughts.

“If you don’t want to hurt your opponent, just hit them and heal them at the same time until they faint…. Is what Rose said. I was surprised but it’s true that I find it unpleasant to hurt my opponent.”

“Nn? Nnnnnnn? Usato-kun, I feel like there’s something wrong with that….”

“Eh? Is there something wrong with that? The injuries will be healed but the shock from the impact and pain could knock the opponent out. It’s something I can do because it won’t harm my opponent. Although I only used it this time because you said the opponent would just repel my attacks…. Ah, it’s not that someone forced me to use this method. I’m using it because of my own selfishness.”

Usato-kun… You’ve… Really been corrupted. Even though I’m the one saying it, you’ve been corrupted ever since arriving to this world.


Punching while healing.

An armor that reflects pain.

There should be some connection to Usato-kun and the Black Knight’s magic.

He simply punched.

“Punching while healing.”

Was that skill even remotely useful!? …Would be what most people would think but Usato-kun was diligently performing that strange punch. If he logically thought about it, he would just heal his opponent no matter how much damage he did. His line of thinking completely lacked common sense. You could say he’s abnormal.

“Senpai. I have a feeling you were thinking something rude about me just now?”


For now, let’s assume that his fists were able to penetrate the Black Knight’s armor because of a special characteristic that his magic held.

This was just my hypothesis but maybe the reflection conditions for the black armor required some kind of injury to be etched onto it. A blow from a punch or a sword slash would definitely leave something on that armor. Once the Black Knight recognizes it as an attack, they could reflect it back.

I experienced it for myself first hand. It took a few seconds before a wound appeared on my chest. In other words, it was activated manually instead of automatically.

But even with an invincible armor like that, there were still exploits.

Healing magic could heal living beings.

If the Black Knight’s armor was inanimate it would be a different story but the user themselves said it was armor created from their magic.

If my guess was right, there were three reasons as to why Usato-kun could break through their armor.

Number one, he applied healing magic on his fists as he was attacking.

Number two, as he did damage, he also rapidly healed it. The healing speed was fast enough that the armor didn’t recognize Usato-kun’s attack.

Number three, in the instant that Usato-kun was using healing magic, the impact from his punches still made their way through the armor and inflicted direct damage to the Black Knight’s inner body.

It was an absurd guess but seeing the face of the Black Knight being restrained by coat, I was sure she was thinking the same thing.

“….As expected of you, Usato-kun.”

“Um, I’m bothered by that fact that you convinced yourself with your own interpretation… Actually, what should we do with this person? It’s not like I could carry them around forever.”

While carrying the Black Knight over his shoulders, Usato-kun stood up and pointed to them.

Beside Usato-kun, I could see that the painful expression from the soldier’s faces had disappeared. So fast. I thought so when he healed me but his healing magic was really in a different dimension.

“They’ll probably be treated as a prisoner.”

“…They won’t be treated cruelly right?”

“I don’t think King Lloyd would do that.”

It was that kind King after all. They might question the Black Knight but I don’t think they’ll do anything too severe.

….But for a while now, I’ve been curious about something—

“Just how long are you going to carry the Black Knight, I mean, this girl over your shoulders?”

There shouldn’t be any problems letting them down.

“This uniform is something like a symbol of status on this battlefield. This will let the knights fighting here know that I’m part of the Rescue Squad which is why…”

“I see, then you’ll need something else to bind them… Also…”


“Thank you for coming to save me. If Usato-kun didn’t come, we would be dead by now.”

In reality, it was a fatal wound. It hurt so much and I probably won’t ever forget the sensation of growing weaker as I continuously lost blood. In addition… I was having regrets as I was thinking that ‘I’m going to die in a place like this’.

I would die without leaving anything behind, I would die without achieving anything. If I died, would my friends die too? I would die without being able to keep my promise.

While I was thinking that over and over and over and over again, you appeared.

“Obviously I would come. Inukami-senpai is my important and weird Senpai while Kazuki is my friend.”


“Anyways, Senpai. The enemy is gradually retreating. It’s probably because we captured this fellow… We should give a push here to gain advantage.”

…..Just now, was he referring to me as the weird Senpai?

N-no, that didn’t matter at the moment. Leaving that aside, Usato-kun was right. We should press the advantage here. If it was Sigris, he would say the same thing.

“Inukami-sama! Kazuki-sama is awake!”


After hearing the soldier’s voice, Usato-kun and I immediately rushed over to Kazuki’s side. After giving a simple explanation to the soldier, Usato-kun started applying treatment to Kazuki’s abdomen. Usato-kun and I directed a smile towards Kazuki-kun.

“Are you alright, Kazuki!?”

“Hahaha, looks like you’ve really done it…. Thank you. You really saved me.”

“I’m sorry, if I didn’t form such a reckless plan like that, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt…”

“Please don’t apologize… There wasn’t anything we could do against that Black Knight.”

Kazuki-kun got up and sheathed his sword in his scabbard. He seemed to be firing himself up as he said,

“Alright! Senpai, the war isn’t over yet. I’ll assist you in the frontlines, let’s go!”

Was it fine for him to move? Of course, I wasn’t insensitive enough to ask that. The wound and pain on my chest had completely disappeared. Once again, I couldn’t help but feel that Usato-kun really saved us.

….He helped me recover when I was ‘damaged’…. Hmm.

(TL: Can also be read as deflowered)

“Usato-kun, you have to take responsibility for this—“

“What kind of idiotic things are you talking about?”

While Usato-kun referred to me as an idiot, I looked around to confirm our current situation.

It was hard to tell but the Kingdom’s troops were pushing the other side back. If this continued, it would end in our victory… Well, there’s no way it would be that easy.

“Before the Maou army does something, we should prepare ourselves. Kazuki-kun, can do you it?”

“I can!”

“As for me, I’ll return to the frontlines as soon as I find something else to bind this person.”

“Then I guess we’ll temporarily go separate ways from here, Usato-kun.”

He was fighting a different fight than us in a sense. He couldn’t be bound to this person forever.

After Usato-kun explained the situation to a soldier and received bindings, he started to bind the awfully obedient Black Knight.

“….This is a little, no, this is very immoral.”

“I’m telling you, I don’t have that kind of preference.”

After he finished tying the Black Knight, he could finally retrieve his coat. The uniform seemed to be of great importance as he checked to see if it was damaged. After doing so, he put his arm through the sleeve and wore the coat.

“Fuuh, I should manage with this.”

“Usato-dono, what should we do with this thing?”

“I can’t decide by my own discretion… Just leave it to Sigris to decide. I have to get back to the frontlines, just make sure that they don’t escape. Okay?”

“Yes, I understand!”

The soldier replied with vigor and Usato-kun who seemed to be troubled could only nod. Afterwards, he had a serious look on his face as he looked at me and Kazuki.

“Senpai, Kazuki. If possible, don’t get injured like earlier. Even my healing magic can’t heal a corpse.”

“I know. If possible I won’t try to do the impossible. Usato-kun, you take care too.”

I wonder if my words allowed Usato-kun to feel relieved since he turned around and started sprinting towards the frontlines. Kazuki-kun and I intended to get everything in order before heading out.

“Do your best, Usato-kun.”

Seeing his running figure and whispering those words, I turned to face the soldiers—

“Wait a moment.”


In that instant, a female with beautiful green hair appeared and caught Usato-kun by the collar, forcefully stopping him.


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