Chiyu Mahou Chapter 38

You could say that it was a victory over the Maou army this time around.

The damage on our side wasn’t small but I was happy at the fact that lots of people survived. I couldn’t help but think that the efforts of our Rescue Squad weren’t wasted.

Afterwards… I heard that when I fell unconscious, a lot of things happened. We had to carry the wounded that couldn’t move and retrieve the weapons and armor on battlefield so that bandits couldn’t use them. Well at any rate, there were a lot of things to deal with after a battle.

I woke up after sleeping for three days and there was no doubt that Tong was the one who complained to me the most. But I’m really glad everyone in the Rescue Squad was safe. Leaving aside the muscle-brained Tong, Olga-san and Uluru-san didn’t have strong bodies. I’m glad the two of them are fine.

The day after I had woken up, I went to see Kazuki and Inukami-senpai receive their medals and decorations from the King in front of the nation’s people.

‘This is amazing’ was what I thought until Rose called me up on stage. Why me!? Rose gave me an evil smile while I was in disorder; she then smacked me in the back and forced me to go up.

It was amazing being up on that stage and receiving cheers from the citizens. Due to my influence as being someone from the modern era, I gave a bow to the people cheering. After getting a taste of Rose’s knuckles and being in tears, I received a medal of honor for my efforts in the war from the King.

Which reminds me, what sort of efforts did I do? When I asked that, she said I had captured an important enemy and I was able to prevent many deaths with that merit. “Accept it, it’s something to honor you.” I couldn’t help but shiver as she quietly whispered that to me.

After that, one week passed until I finally returned to my daily life. I was heading towards Bluerin’s shed at the moment to tell him what I experienced in the battlefield. It seemed that Blue Grizzlies possessed high intelligence and were able to understand people who gave it their all. That was why I frequently talked to Bluerin like this but the animal in question was sleeping like a cow and yawning.

“Hey, Bluerin. I’m telling you, a lot of things happened.”


“I should have taken you with me. Or rather, you should go and exercise. You might forget about your wild nature.”

Peshi Peshi. I removed the dust on Bluerin’s head against his will. I usually carry him around but I should have him walk once in a while. He’s grown a bit bigger and he’s storing more fat. He was also eating a lot more.

Oh yeah, I was summoned by the King. I could take this guy along with me.

“Let’s go, Bluerin.”


Just as I thought that it couldn’t be helped, Bluerin started to walk on his own beside me. I laughed a bit at his funny appearance as he tried to walk and gave him his usual meal. I walked together with Bluerin who was in a good mood to the Rescue Squad’s entrance and spotted a familiar figure.

“Ah, Usato-kun!”


It was a girl who could use healing magic just like me. I waved at Uluru-san and rushed over.

“Is your body already fine?”

“Yes, I slept well and am now completely recovered.”

“I’m glad! I was really worried when Usato-kun and Rose both left… Ah, Bluerin-chan, good morning.”

Uluru-san waved at Bluerin with her small hand but Bluerin simply turned the other way. That inflicted quite a bit of damage and shock to Uluru-san but she forced a smile and turned towards me.

“G-going for a walk?”

“Well, the King summoned me. Afterwards… I’ll take this fellow for a little walk.”

“….Ahaha, be careful when you enter town.”

“Eh? What do you mean—“

“Big brother is waiting for me so I should get back soon—!”

….She escaped as I was about to question them. Just what was happening in town? Don’t tell me the people in town were angry because of the people we couldn’t save? The Kingdom made sure to give a proper burial and ceremony for those that had passed away… Of course I was present as well. If there were people that resented me, I wouldn’t deny that it was because I lacked the ability.

If that time were to come, I would just honestly accept it.

I prepared myself to be condemned by families and reached the castle’s gates. It was a white castle with a large moat surrounding it. At the gates were three people… A knight wearing dignified armor, a guard with red hair, and Aruku Girdle-san.

They noticed my appearance and with a joyful look, they rushed over.

“Usato-dono, how’s your body’s condition?”

“I’m already fine. Ark-san… It looks like you’re fine too judging by your appearance.”

Since we weren’t fighting right now and Ark was stationed here to guard the gates, I could assume that he wasn’t too injured. I had to thank Ark-san for protecting Uluru-san and Orga-san.

“Once again… Ark-san. Thank you very much for protecting us.”

“No! It was something that was to be expected! To us, all of you were important existences out there in the battlefield! I should be the one thanking you instead!”

Ark-san crossed one hand over his chest and bowed his head. The knights from behind took off their helmets and bowed with amazing vigor as well. While I was still spaced out by their actions, Ark-san continued to talk,

“It was thanks to Usato-dono and Rose-dono that I… No, that we were able to come back alive!”

“No… There were a lot of people that I couldn’t save…”

“Even so… If it weren’t for you, we would’ve lost many allies!”

“Ah, n…o….. For now, please raise your head.”

I wasn’t used to being thanked like this. Ark-san and the two other knights raised their heads. Well, there was no way I wasn’t happy about being thanked but this was because of my own selfishness. I only felt troubled when they gave me this much gratitude.

As I stroked Bluerin who seemed to be bored, I sought for acceptable words.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. I was almost killed several times on the battlefield by demons but the other soldiers would save me. Therefore, we’re equal.”

Ark-san gave a smile at my response and probably feeling a little ticklish on the inside, he scratched his head in embarrassment.

“I see, Usato-dono really is an interesting person… Ah! If you’re here, you probably want to enter the castle! I’ll open it immediately!”

“Oh yeah… I forgot about that.”

As I recalled what I came here for, the knights opened the gates. Giving my thanks to them, Bluerin and I entered the castle.

It was spacious as always.

I walked on the stone paving and eventually reached the door with knights on standby. I entered and left Bluerin to wait outside. He was surprisingly obedient, it should be fine.

Afterwards, I was guided by a maid to where the King was but I kept being thanked by knights as we were walking. …This was just the castle but was Uluru-san’s ‘be careful’ referring to this? If the castle was like this, it must be terrifying in town.

“Ooh, it’s Usato.”

“Good morning, King Lloyd.”

When I entered to the place that the maid guided me to, King Lloyd greeted me with a gentle expression with Sergio-sama next to him. …In addition, there was also Sigris-san.

“Usato, sorry for suddenly summoning you.”

“No, I don’t mind at all. So the reason I was called here… What did you need from me today?”

“That is… Sigris-san.”


After King Lloyd exchanged glances with Sigiris, Sigris turned to face me. As always he had a stern looking face but he seemed be looking at me with somewhat gentle eyes… At least that’s what I felt. It was a big difference from the eyes I see every day from those idiots.

If I had to give a comparison, it was similar to Rose’s eyes but it was hard to judge because she was scary. The smile that Rose showed me after the fight with the Maou army was most likely her ‘dere’ side.

“Do you remember that demon you caught, Usato-sama?”


That person with… white hair right? I still didn’t know if that person was male or female. But afterwards, I was told by Inukami-senpai that I was able to knock that person out by using the impact from my punches and healing their injuries at the same time. However, thinking about it carefully that would mean that only Rose and I would be able to defeat them… Uluru-san and Orga-san’s bodies were too weak.

…But why call for me…? Don’t tell me…

“Did they commit suicide?”

It was possible. They might’ve believed that they would go through cruel treatment in Lyngle Kingdom and chose to end their own life to avoid the suffering… I’ve heard about cases like that.

Maybe that Black Knight was afraid of that…

“That’s not it. They surprisingly cooperated with our questioning.”


“I know it’s a bit anti-climactic. I thought the same even though I was there witnessing it.”

Sigris-san sympathized with my response as he furrowed his brows. But if they complied with the questioning, why call for me?

“It looks like the one referred to as the Black Knight didn’t have any particular loyalty towards the Maou army. Although we were unwilling, we were able to gain a large amount of information from conversing with them.”

“But isn’t that dangerous?”

“Naturally, it’s not like we trust everything they’re saying. We’re just conscious of the information given to us.”

Well, of course. You would normally think this was some sort of trap as they didn’t resist a questioning… Which I didn’t need to tell Sigris as he seemed to understand. However, I was getting increasingly confused as to the reason I was summoned here.

“Why was I called here?”

“The Black Knight won’t cooperate with us anymore unless they meet Usato-sama.”


“To meet Usato… This was the reason.”

“Eh!? But Lloyd-sama! I only caught them!”

“Phrasing it like catching them is easy… You caught a monster that could overwhelm the two heroes, Usato. I suspect that other than Rose, only you can fight the Black Knight on an equal level.”


I was thrown into disorder by King Lloyd’s words. I couldn’t say that I can’t go because ‘the demon obviously held a grudge against me for capturing them‘ anymore. I couldn’t do something that shameless…

“During the middle of the questioning, the Black Knight was willing to offer some important information as long we fulfilled a certain condition.”

“That condition was to talk with you Usato-dono.”


It seemed like even after the fight was over, there were still disturbances to my everyday life.

I felt like I was in a slump and my shoulders dropped as if feeling down.

“I guess I should at least hear them out… For that important information…”

“They said it had to be Usato, they wouldn’t take anyone else.”

Naturally, I had no choice but to hear them out.

This was an important task, after all.

“They said they know the power for the Second-in-Command of the Third Maou Army.”

…….Wasn’t this some extremely dangerous information?




I could hear the sound of my footsteps resounding in the basement. Sigris and several other reliable-looking knights were around to protect me.


“Don’t worry Usato-kun. We’ll at least give you a shield!”

“It’s fine if you think I can’t win but.. You don’t have to assume that I’ll turn my back and run away immediately…”

For some reason, Inukami-senpai was tagging along.

No, I think I would be happy if she came along because she was worried about me. But honestly, I felt like it would just be more complicated if Senpai came along.

For the record, Kazuki was spending time together with Seria-sama. Seriously, he was really having quite the feast. I don’t really mind since Kazuki’s a normie but please hurry up and explode for eternity.

“But in reality, only Usato-kun and Rose would be able to deal with them right now.”

“My magic isn’t meant to be used to hurt the opponent though…”

Back then, I thought they simply fainted. Could it be that I actually inflicted some serious wounds on her…?


“Sigris-san!! Did you give treatment to the Black Knight!?”

“No, to be honest, they’ve been wearing that black armor since the beginning… What’s wrong? Do you think they’re injured? But it didn’t look like that at all…”


“….This is bad.”

It seemed like Inukami-senpai understood since her face went pale. When I fought the Black Knight, I punched their face, struck their stomach and elbowed their sides.

…I don’t intend to boast but recently I’ve been able to easily break boulders. Inukami-senpai and I were descending the basement in a rush. I don’t know if there was any point in us rushing towards them now but…


Once we descended, there was a soldier standing on guard. Behind that soldier was the cage where the person wearing black armor was being held.

“Usato-dono, what’s the matter!?”


In response to the knight’s voice, Inukami-senpai and I looked through the opening of the cage. It was very ominous because of how dark it was in but I could tell…

Mixed in the air was the slight smell of iron. Were they planning to leave their injury untreated?

“We meet again, healing magician.”

“….You’re hurt aren’t you?”

“Eh? Aah, I know. But it’s fine. This is what you call pain right?”

The Black Knight murmured from the inside of their armor. Their voice sounded like a child that was happy.

Inukami-senpai seemed to perceive something from their voice as she grabbed onto my clothes.

“Usato-kun, she might be an M without realizing it herself…”

“You should be quiet for a bit… So, why did you call for me?”

“I just thought that I wanted to meet the person who captured me again… Oops, hahaha, what’s this? It’s hard to move.”

The Black Knight was staggering as they let out a sigh.

She was that. She was a pervert just like Inukami-senpai.

“Excuse me Knight-san, can I have the key?”


“Wait, Usato-kun!?”

As a member of the Rescue Squad, there was no way I could ignore someone that was hurt. I suspect that when I elbowed their sides, it damaged their internal organs. Inukami-senpai’s expression cramped up and caught my arm to stop me but bluntly speaking, she couldn’t match my physical strength.

After I received the key from the knight, Sigris-san had finally arrived. Sigris looked at the Black Knight and the two of us before he said,

“Just what is going on right now…?”

“Sigris-san, Usato-kun is actually…”




That healing magician was right in front of my eyes. The female hero tried to stop him but the healer pointed at me and explained something.

After a moment, a mysterious sensation assaulted my body again.


My body was numb with pain, it was something that I had never felt before as my body was tougher than the average demon and I had this invincible armor. The ‘me’ who couldn’t be injured right now was… hurt and couldn’t fully recover.

After several days, my face and stomach had recovered. However, there was still a sharp pain in my sides.

I had never been injured this much before. I could only word this as ‘extremely painful’.

While I stroked my sides is if they were dear to me, I shifted my attention to the young boy in front of me.

Healing magic, it was a scarce power among the humans. The ability was simple, it allowed them to heal. That was all. The Third Commander warned us of Rose and according to my conversation with the knights… He was Rose’s disciple.

The group of recovery magic… I didn’t think much of them but I had been beaten to a pulp as result. I didn’t think that my dark magic would be defeated in a head-on fight.

It was this guy. This was the guy who injured me.

He was the one to give me pain.

He was the one to give me the sense of defeat.

He released me from the bothersome place known as the Maou army.

“I’m coming in.”


Clank. The boy opened the door and entered. I could see that behind the boy was the female hero who seemed to be out of breath and the Commander who was directing bloodlust at me. It looks like the healing magician was going to do something to me.

“What, going to torture me?”

“Take out your hand.”

“Eh? …Why?”

“Because I’m telling you to take it out!!”


Seeing the gentle expression of the healing user turn into one of a demon’s, I couldn’t help but take out my hand. What was with this? Did the Lyngle Kingdom find a method to incorporate bloodlust into their team of healers? Even though I was accustomed to being shouted at every day, I felt fear for a moment there.

The hand that I took out was gently seized by the healer and a dense amount of healing magic radiated out as it enveloped my hand. My hand and the healer’s hands were connected. The healing magic flowed from my hand and penetrated my body.

“Just what are you planning…”

My hand felt a warm light as it spread to my shoulders, then to my head, then to my chest, and finally to my hips.

“I’ve healed you.”

“That was unnecessary..!”

My pain was stolen, thinking that, I tried to shake off their hand but even though they were holding my hand gently… I couldn’t move it. The healer placed their other hand on the cheek that they had punched.

“Good grief, it would just leave a bad taste in my mouth if you died here… Unfortunately, I have no intentions to be connected with someone else’s death. Although I’m not a heartless person, I’m not a kind person either. This is for my own self-satisfaction, you should just be quiet and be healed by me.”


The hand that penetrated through my armor was now on my cheek. The hand had so much warmth that I couldn’t believe it. Until this day, no one had touched me like this because I had rejected them. Not even my parents. I unconsciously touched their hand.


“….It’s okay….. Probably.”

“Don’t sound so confident saying that!”

I didn’t know how to express the feelings that were welling up within me. Being shrouded by the healing magic’s light, a warmth on my skin that wasn’t from a demon… A lot of things that were still unknown to me…. I couldn’t help but yearn for it.


The hand touching my cheek grew weaker as the healing magic disappeared. The pain from my sides had completely disappeared. It was only a few seconds but I didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore. However, I didn’t let go of the hand that was on me.

“Excuse me, could you please let go… I’m a little scared.”

“Just for a bit longer.”


“Can I feel your hand like this just for a bit longer?”

My cheeks and the healer’s hand were getting wet. Without understanding what was going on, my helmet was covered over my head as I felt more of their hand.

“Haa…. If you cry like that, there’s no way I can refuse you know…”

I see, I was shedding tears…

My vision was blurred and I could see the boy in front of me feeling troubled as he scratched his head. I had learned the feeling of looking at a ‘person’ for the first time.




Afterwards, the Black Knight, no, the silver haired girl with brown skin started to honestly give us information.

I wasn’t sure if they were satisfied after talking with me but I was able to be of use to King Lloyd. After coming up from the basement, I reported to the King and headed outside the castle. On the way, Senpai said she wanted to go outside as well. Senpai and I were now walking together as she was faintly smiling at me.

“Good grief Usato-kun, to think that you would raise a flag with the enemy… But as expected of the man that I approve of.”

“I was just simply fulfilling my duty. To begin with, I’m not the type of guy to raise romance flags….”

“No no, you don’t know that for sure~”

“However… I might’ve overdone it a little… We’re still enemies after all.”

On the battlefield I could vaguely see that it was a female but I didn’t expect that our ages would be similar. It was because they were covered in all that armor and I couldn’t tell… Sigris-san’s eyes were staring in amazement when he first heard it.

“Even if it was to heal them… You can’t just touch a girl’s face like that.”

“But… I was the one to punch them in the face, you know? To give a comparison, it would be like a Blue Grizzly’s power being pounded on their face.”

“….I can sympathize with that.”

It couldn’t be helped since we were enemies, they’ll have to be a prisoner for now. They were obediently answering questions which was why I found it hard to consider them my enemy. That was why I didn’t like the thought of them dying right now. These feelings of guilt would get in my way and affect my mental condition.

However, when Inukami-senpai and Kazuki were stabbed…. I was really angry.

“I was really angry at that time. Thinking that the two of you would be killed… But now that you’re all alive, I feel very grateful.”

“You’re really simple… But that’s one of your good points.”

While taking light hits on my shoulder from Senpai Pon Pon in good humor, we made our way out of the castle.

As I continued walking and went past the castle’s training grounds, something big and blue lunged at me.



I caught the big and blue thing, Bluerin, and he started to walk together with us after I had let him down. I felt that Inukami-senpai was opening her mouth wide and trying to say something to me…

“Is there something weird?”

“No no no no!! I’m just surprised that you suddenly caught Bluerin who weighs more than your average brown bear!”

“Ah, I’m used to it. I’m used to… Let’s head into town?”


“Somehow Usato-kun feels a bit further away now…”

After the war, I felt a strange sense of discomfort. For some reason, it felt like I couldn’t stay still. Before I realized it, I would start doing push-ups. When I did, Rose came and said ‘You’re so noisy! It’s midnight dammit!’ and after saying so she kicked me in the air as hard as she could. Well, it was my bad for doing muscle training in the middle of the night.

“But really, Bluerin is cute as always…”


Bluerin nimbly dodged Senpai’s hand as she tried to pet him. ….Just why were you so stubborn about this? You let me pet you to some extent… Well, maybe you had to achieve a certain amount of trust with Bluerin before you could pet him?

“If we’re heading into town, you should put on a disguise or something, Inukami-senpai.”

“Usato-kun should too. You are already this country’s… No, you are already our hero.”

What an exaggeration… But I couldn’t completely deny it and so I put on my coat’s hood… Wait a minute, Bluerin was here so he would give away my identity anyways. I gave up on putting a disguise.

Senpai braided her hair. It suited her awfully well but if I complimented her she would just get conceited so I decided to not say anything…

“We’re heading into town, right?”

“Yes. Before I came here, I met Uluru-san so I was hoping to go and meet Orga-san as well.”

“If I recall, they were people that could also using healing magic like you, right?”

“They’re different from me as their bodies aren’t as strong but Orga-san’s healing magic exceeds mine.”


I heard that after the war had ended, Orga-san collapsed. From what the others told me, he woke up before me but since his body was weaker than mine, I was still worried. It was probably fine since Uluru-san was around but I should at least personally check up on him.

We went through the castle gates and exited as I waved goodbye to Ark-san.

That reminds me…

“Bluerin, should we return to the forest to check on the current situation?”


“The forest. I’m referring to that forest.”

Inukami-senpai showed a reluctant expression as she looked at the both of us. She didn’t have a good impression of Bluerin’s home.

“I thought of making a tombstone for your family, Bluerin. There might not be any remains of the body because of the magic beast but we should still make a tombstone.”


He seemed to understand my words as he gave a fragile cry. I gently brushed Bluerin’s nose. He was probably remembering his mother and father.

Bluerin’s body growth was fast but he was still only a child on the inside. We should go back to the forest and hold a memorial service for him.

“I can’t just leave here whenever I wanted since the enemy could attack at any time… But once the war settles down, we can both go…Nn?”

“What’s wrong?”

A girl with blond hair stood in front of the entrance to town. The inhabitants of this world possessed various colors of hair. It might be due to the existence of magic in this world. Similar to the last time I saw this girl, I felt the corners of mouth twitching upwards.

The girl had her back facing me and I could see triangular ears on top of their head. They also had a tail. In other words, she was one of the few beast kin that resided in Lyngle Kingdom.

From there, I started to run towards her.

“I’ve found you!!”


I stepped forward with enough force to engrave well-defined footprints onto the ground. I covered the distance of 12 or so meters in a few steps. It looked like she was expecting me as she suddenly turned around. I raised my voice and exclaimed at the beast girl,

“I’ll have you listen what I have to say!!”

This beast girl was the one who showed me the vision of the two of my friends dying. The girl stared at my face in wonder and was hesitant to say something.  But she seemed to have found her resolve and declared to me,

“—It seems that you lived. If that’s the case, I’ll have you pay your debt, user of healing magic.”


While hearing the footsteps of Senpai and Bluerin running to catch up to me, I expressionlessly looked at the girl in front of me. When I locked on the girl’s eyes with mine, I felt a sense of chill from her words.

The girl seemed to be aware of how I was feeling and squeezed out her next words…

“My mother, please save her…”

That’s right, I knew the words she was going to say.

Author: Usato: “I’ve found you!” (Original smile)
This is the epilogue for Arc 1.
The next Arc will talk about the other countries. And I will try my best to insert as many jokes as possible.

Shiru: Sorry for the wait. I was translating offline and couldn’t post these chapters because of IRL circumstances. I am fine now and I will be able to post an update on the site if something like this were to happen again in the future.


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