Chiyu Mahou Chapter 39

I have settled the things on my end. While I can’t be too specific, I can say that I didn’t agree with something related to my job. In the end, I was able to reach an agreement and got a different job. I also moved. Now I can maintain a proper schedule like what I had when I first started translating.

One update every week.

Save my mother. That’s what the beast girl said.

Strong emotions were concealed within her expressionless eyes…

She mentioned something about a price. It was likely that she was referring to the vision she showed me that allowed me to save Inukami-senpai and Kazuki.  I have to admit that if it weren’t for that foreknowledge, I might’ve not been able to save those two. We could have also lost the war as a result.

Understanding that, I took Inukami-senpai and Bluerin along with me to the Rescue Squad’s lodgings. We couldn’t talk out here in the open since other people might hear our conversation. People rarely come here to be treated and I trust everyone in this squad.

There was no better place to hold a private conversation.

Bluerin returned to his shed and I led the beast girl to the dining hall. Inukami-senpai and I sat down, facing the beast girl who was seated on the other side.

“Well then, why don’t you tell me the rest of your story?”

“Hey, Usato-kun. I have no idea where this conversation is going but before that… Who is this little beast girl? She’s cute, can I pet her?”

“….I chose you because I only have you to rely on.”

“Only me?”

“You guys are ignoring me huh… Usato-kun, is it that enjoyable to tease me? If it that’s what excites you then I don’t mind being teased.”

We’re having an important discussion right now… Just wait a bit you little attention seeker. Actually, why is it that she could only rely on me? If she just needed someone who could use healing magic, she could’ve just asked Olga-san or Uluru-san…

“My name is Amako. As you can see, I’m a beast girl. I already know who you are. You’re Usato who uses healing magic in a strange way.”

“I’m well aware that I’m using it in a weird way but… Well, it’s fine. I have a lot to ask you. Why did you… show ‘that’ to me?”

Of course I was referring to the vision she showed me of Inukami-senpai and Kazuki being killed by the Black Knight. Everything began with that vision.

Amako paused at my words. She then looked at Inukami-senpai and hesitantly started talking,

“If I didn’t do so, this Kingdom would’ve been gone. The heroes would die, the Kingdom would lose the war, and eventually the country would collapse… Everything would be gone.”

“…What do you think, Senpai?”

“That is a very likely scenario. If Usato-kun didn’t come at that time, Kazuki and I would’ve died for sure. I don’t want to sound too conceited but if we died there, the Kingdom’s morale would have drastically fallen and would have lost right then and there.”

In other words, we were walking on a thin rope.

It seems like my actions at the time changed fate itself. I was just thinking about saving my friends but looking back at the heavy responsibility I had, my body couldn’t help but shiver.

“…I did so because someone has been taking care of me here. But more importantly, I couldn’t afford to lose you now that I’ve finally found you.”

“So I can assume that your magic is unique and something that only the beast kin possess, right?”


It was probably something like fortune telling or seeing the future.

Even so, it seemed to be really accurate.

“I also knew that the Kingdom would lose against the Maou army one year ago. That’s why before the fighting began, I was searching… For a healing magician who would could heal any illness or injury.”

“If you knew that the Kingdom was going to lose, why didn’t you leave? I know you saved my life and all but… Wouldn’t it have been safer to run away to a different country if you knew this country was going to lose?”

“Senpai, the other countries discriminate against the beast kin. She probably couldn’t go even if she wanted to.”

“…Other countries wouldn’t work huh… To think that the beast kin are oppressed to this extent.”

Amako silently nodded to my words. She probably experienced something frightening before arriving here. I don’t know where she came from but the other countries bought and sold beast kin as slaves.

Even if she had the power to tell the future, she was still just a powerless child. Instead, it’s amazing that she’s come this far.

“I came here from the country where the beast kin inhabit. “

“It’s quite far from here…”

“I didn’t feel like it was too difficult or harsh. After all, it’s for the sake of saving my mother.”

“Does your mother have some kind of sickness?

“…Yes, I’ve been told that it can’t be cured under normal circumstances… She’s been in a coma all this time.”

So that’s why she needed someone with healing magic.

“The beast kin can’t give birth to a child with healing magic… It’s magic that only humans can possess… However, I couldn’t find a future where my mother would be cured by a human no matter which country I went to.”

“…Discrimination it seems. Humans excluding other groups isn’t anything new…Healing magicians aren’t held in a very high regard after all.”

Senpai nodded as she said so. However, I was thinking about something else. Amako probably went to countless countries and used her power to overcome any dangerous situations.

If she could use her power this well, I have my doubts. The figures of authority in the beast kin country wouldn’t let her go that easily, right? As I was pondering, Amako continued to talk.

“But I was able to find three healers… I was even able to see a future where two of the healers would journey with me back to my country to save my mother.”

“Olga-san, Uluru-san, Leader… These three?”

“Yes, but it was hopeless even if they came along.”


“The people from the clinic can’t fight… As for the scary people in the Rescue Squad… They listened to my story but didn’t agree to come along.”


I could more or less imagine that being the case. Olga-san and Uluru-san wouldn’t be able to withstand a long journey. Rose was the leader and she couldn’t just leave her post. It was more likely she would just respond with a “I don’t believe you” and refuse.

“And so, I was selected among these people.”

“If it’s you, you’ll come along with me. And with just one look at you, I knew that you would be able to prevent the downfall of this Kingdom and change its fate. Since you would be the one to save my mother… I showed that vision to you.”

“Is it something that you can just easily show…? It gave me a really painful headache though…”

“I need an enormous amount of magic power to show visions to someone else… After showing you that vision, I was in bed for three days and three nights so we’re equal.”

So that’s why I couldn’t find Amako afterwards.

Thinking about it now, this person saved both Inukami-senpai and Kazuki’s lives. You could even say she saved the Kingdom…

I want to give my consent to her but this was a much bigger problem than I imagined. As far as I know, the beast kin country was exclusive to their own race. I don’t know what kind of position Amako held in her country but I couldn’t be careless about this.

“For the time being, I would like to discuss with the King… I probably can’t decide on my own. Will you come along with me as I explain the situation to Lloyd?”

“Of course I’ll go.”

“Alright, first I should find Rose. For now, just sit here and wait. Senpai too.”

Leader should be in her room at this time.

After lifting myself off the chair, I started to walk while gathering my thoughts. Now then, how should I explain this…?


Usato-kun had a worn-out expression as he left the dining hall. The ones that remained were me and Amako who sat courteously across from me.

….So cute, she’s just like a little doll. I can’t believe it, it’s a real fox girl…I wonder if it’s okay to touch her… No, I must touch her— Oops, I almost couldn’t control myself. That was close.

First of all, I should piece together everything we just talked about.

She must’ve faced a lot of hardships to make it all the way here from her home country.

This beast girl came all the way here to request Usato to cure her bed-ridden mother.

As a result, she showed Usato the future of me dying and prevented this Kingdom from being destroyed. History was changed from this action.

The price in exchange for this was for Usato’s cooperation.

“Don’t you think that you could have gotten Usato to help without saying anything?”

“…If it was my past self, I probably would have done that. But after arriving here, I didn’t want the people in this Kingdom to be affected.”

“I see…”

Due to how kind King Lloyd was, this Kingdom was strangely peaceful. Everyone was kind and didn’t discriminate against others. When Amako first arrived here, she must’ve thought of everyone as her enemy.

“I feel that this country is kinder to me than my own country. There’s no discrimination, everyone treats me like an equal… But my mother is suffering back at home… I can’t just abandon her, I need to take Usato along with me…”

Her monologue was in bits and pieces. It wasn’t like Usato-kun’s monologue that was clear… It felt like she was afraid of me as she talked. It seemed that she didn’t like me all that much.

“…When I found Usato, I doubted my own eyes. I didn’t think a method like this would be able to prevent the Kingdom’s ruin.”

“Just how does your magic work? What kind of limits does it have?”

She was able to see the defeat of the Kingdom one year ago. I can assume her range was quite vast.

“It’s very uncertain. I can’t always see the immediate future. But when I sleep, I sometimes see the future half a year or one year from now at irregular intervals. I am also able to see two different futures for someone who has the possibility of changing it. I can also only show that person my visions… they are people who can choose between two futures.”

“I see. So you showed Usato-kun that vision and he was able to prevent the Kingdom from falling. But do they beast kin normally possess this kind of magic? From what I’ve seen, it’s quite amazing.”

“It’s related to my bloodline.”


“My family specializes in prophecies. My mother is also able to use this ability but she said out of everyone in the family, I was the best.”


….It was possible that the beast kin from Amako’s country were frantically searching for her right now.

This seems to be a lot more troublesome than I thought. I suspect that Rose rejected Amako’s offer in the future because she suspected Amako held some important position in her country. We were still at war right now, she would of course refuse.

“….Well, the one deciding is Usato-kun.”

Even though he said he’d discuss it, he’s probably not someone to refuse someone needing his help.


“So a beast girl came from her home country to request for your help to cure her mother by journeying back with her, is that right?”

“Basically, that’s the jist of it.”

I was inside the Leader’s tidy office. I sat down on a wooden chair and in front of me was a beautiful woman with green hair.

Rose sighed as she seemed to find the matter regarding Amako to be bothersome.

“…Good grief, you’ve really gone and gotten yourself into something troublesome… To begin with, it’s really hard to distinguish between the beast kin… It looks like the rumors about the Princess of Prophecies weren’t completely off.”

“…Princess of Prophecies?”

It seemed like a really troubling title.

“Within the circle of the beast kin, there exists a rare few who possess the magic to prophesize. They play an important role in their society to foresee any calamities… Since this beast girl came here to Lyngle Kingdom… There’s a possibility that the beast kin country will treat us as enemies. After all, they have an abnormal amount of hostility towards humans.”

“Even though we’re fighting a war with the Maou army?”

“To the beast kin, they find humans more of an eyesore.”

I didn’t expect Amako to hold such an important status. While feeling glad that I discussed this with Rose first, I was also thinking about how dangerous it would be if I was found outside the Kingdom with Amako.

“…Could I hear Leader’s opinions on this matter?”

“No way. Is what I’d like to say but we should first discuss it with Lloyd before making a final decision. It’s already too late to have an audience with him… Or rather, it’ll be impossible for a few days. Lloyd-sama is about to discuss with other countries about cooperating right now.”

It seems like I won’t be able to get an audience any time soon. I should listen more to what Amako has to say… Or should I prepare myself by doing some training?

“In the meantime, you’ll be training. In case King Lloyd allows you to go on the journey, you should be preparing yourself. Just protecting yourself is the best you can do right now. You’ll be training under me again. At any rate, no one will be coming by to get treated here.”

“I don’t particularly mind but…”

I can say I’m already very accustomed to this since training doesn’t feel that bad anymore. Still, I had to hold make myself back from making an unpleasant face in front of Rose.

I didn’t want her to get mad at me over something like this.

“Can I make a stop at the Lyngle forest?”

“Hmm, why?”

“I was just thinking of making a grave for Bluerin’s parents…”

“A grave… You have my permission.”

“Eh? You’re not refusing me? I thought Leader would reject it instantly seeing as you’re a cold-hearted and savage woman.”

In reality, I was imagining her response to be “Huh? A grave? Just make one over here. It’d be a waste of time to go all the way there.” But now I’m curious about the sudden turn of events.

Were my words somehow strange? Rose showed a rare smile as she quickly moved to grab my head with one hand and lifted me up in the air.

“Usato, I’m happy that I don’t have to hold back against you anymore. You know?”

“I-If you’re happy then, stop this Iron Claw— Ouch ow ow ow ow ow…”

I writhed in agony as I was being crushed by one hand. Just what are you trying to do to me!? I just told you my honest thoughts. After a few dozen seconds of hell, I was finally released. Rose was looking down on me from above like I was filth as I fell down.

“If you still have any more words like that to say, speak up. Hey.”

“I’ve already received plenty of punishment… The injuries are at the level where my healing magic can’t immediately heal them either…”

Just how much raw power does this woman have… She’s just like an Amazoness. While I thought that on the inside, I sat down on the chair in front of Rose again.

“If you want to go to the forest, you should head there as soon as you can. Don’t you become some monster’s lunch now, got it?”

“I’ll be fine… Probably.”

I can just run away if it’s anything I can’t handle.

Not to put on airs or anything but I did run away from a Grand Grizzly. I can also heal any poison or injuries with healing magic. I can also survive to some extent without a source of fire if I bring some food along with me.

…I’m also used to that ‘water’ now.

“Well, I still need to report to Senpai and Amako who are waiting downstairs.”


Giving my thanks to Leader, I headed out the room and descended down the stairs. While holding down my face due to the effects of Rose’s Iron Claw, I could see that Inukami-senpai was eagerly talking to Amako in the dining hall.

….Amako had a distinctly different aura as her blond hair gave off a sense of brilliance. Comparing her to Inukami-senpai, she had a smaller physique as well. Her age… She appeared to be around 13 or 14 years old?

She did really well to make it this far by herself.

“….I see, it looks like it’ll take some time.”

Amako said so after staring at my face for a bit. Did she foresee this conversation as well? If so, it saves me the trouble from having to explain. On the other hand, Inukami-senpai was extremely bewildered.

“…You guys just communicated by looking at each other’s eyes. To think that you would even go after an innocent girl like this—“

“It’s just going to take some time before we get an audience with Lloyd-sama. I’m absolutely not committing a crime like that.”

Did Senpai want to portray me as a criminal? Well, assuming that this world’s sense of values recognizes a Lolicon as something bad…

Senpai trembled at my words and after looking at me with a sad expression, she turned away.

“Recently, haven’t you been treating me in a very crude manner? I’ll cry soon, you know?”

“Since you can still say something like that, you’re fine. Besides, isn’t treating you crudely like this proof that we’re getting along really well?”

“…Somehow I feel like my perception of getting along well is different from Usato-kun’s.”

That’s because Senpai is thinking of getting along like playmates while I’m thinking of getting along like true friends. Compared to our previous relationship where she was an unattainable flower, I preferred our relationship now where we didn’t need to hesitate to speak our thoughts.

“As for you… What will you do?”

“I didn’t think I’d be able to immediately head out anyways… I’ll head back for today.”

“That reminds me, where are you living?”

“I’m freeloading at Auntie’s. She runs a fruit store.”

“…That place huh.”

I remember a store selling fruit just before I was thrown into the forest by Rose. It seems she’s been freeloading there. Quite a bit of time has passed since then, she’s been watching me for a while now.

What should I do? I could head out to the streets or I could just go do some training. However, Inukami-senpai was staring at me with eyes of expectation…

“I was thinking of heading out too. I’ll escort you back home.”


“Inukami-senpai… you’re going too, right?”

“Of course!”

I took off my uniform as I didn’t want to stand out and wore some normal looking civilian clothing. I’ll just let Bluerin stay… he’ll get his exercise when we head to the forest. When that happens, the little fellow’s wild instincts will awaken.



While plotting my grand scheme of awakening Bluerin’s wild instincts, Amako who was walking ahead of me was now staring into my eyes. Seeing her blue eyes, I couldn’t help but think worthless thoughts like ‘people in a different world sure have pretty eyes.’

“Thank you.”

It was faint but she showed a slight smile as she said those words.

I didn’t know where that ‘thank you’ was being directed at.

It could be that I would be saving her mother.

It could be that I would be coming along with her.

It could be that I saved the Kingdom.

It could be even be related to that fact that I’m escorting her back home right now.

But no matter which it was, I had already decided what to say.

“Me too, thank you.”

I didn’t have to part with Senpai and Kazuki because of this girl in front of me.

From there, we continued walking towards the street as Inukami-senpai kept showing a strange expression. Amako’s face was expressionless but her steps felt a bit lighter.

As we arrived at the entrance to enter the streets, Amako seemed to remember something and turned towards me and Inukami-senpai… As if she were trying to warn us about something—

“I almost forgot to say this but… Usato and Inukami, you’re both surrounded by everyone here.”


After saying so, Amako suddenly turned around and ran away. With her nimble beast kin movements, she quickly disappeared from the town’s streets. Inukami-senpai tapped onto my shoulder as I was still spaced out. As expected, a hastily made disguise like this wasn’t any good. I could see the townspeople showing expressions of joy as they spotted us. The people who were selling goods also stopped at what they were doing as they started enclosing us.

“Amako, that’s something you should tell us sooner…”

“Usato-kun, how do you think we look like to the surrounding people..? Maybe we look like a pair of lovers?”

“More like a master and their attendant. Rather than that, can’t you be a little more nervous?”

It’s not like I could just run around the entire town now that they’ve seen me. They could always just exchange information about my whereabouts too. It was at this time I was made to be painfully aware of how powerful a union between people could be.

While giving a big sigh, I resolved myself to face the oncoming trial.


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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The part where the kingdom’s army would collapse if the heroes were killed made more sense here than in the manga. Here it’s because their morale would plummet, in the manga, the translation made it sound that without their power, the army would lose.


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