Chiyu Mahou Chapter 40

The future I see is uncertain.

Normally, one can only see 10 minutes in the future. Unless a stronger magical power is possessed, it would be impossible to surpass that. Even I’m unsure as to why I’m able to see as far as one year ahead. I could also see two futures for people who were special and could alter their futures… But that wasn’t very useful.

Although the magic was unstable, it was quite useful for my everyday life. However, I don’t feel that thankful to be born with this magic.

It was when I became 7 years old that I really started to understand what my own magic really was. I knew what would occur in the next moment. When I slept, I would see my dreams being played out in reality. I realized that this wasn’t normal. Of course, I was delighted. I was proud and thought of how amazing this power was.

However, my mother… She warned me to never tell anyone else about my power. My power surpassed my mother’s and that was dangerous. She warned me since someone might target me for my power.

Since I was still a child, I didn’t really understand and could only ask why. I can still vividly remember my mother’s response, “It’s a gift from God, which is why you should use it for yourself.”

My mother was an amazing person. She could see all her futures clearly and she was never wrong. The King of the beast kins held my mother in high regard and gave status to our family. As a child, I didn’t find this bad at all but my mother didn’t look that happy.

It was a life without any discomfort.

People around us would always gaze at us in envy.

I was happy to live together with my mother that I love very much.

This was exactly the reason why I wanted to help my mother. With this power of mine, I thought that I would be able to help my mother. When I was 10 years old, I asked my mother if it was alright to use my magic. My mother said—

———“I don’t want you to become like me…”

To this day, I can’t forget my mother’s expression as she said that to me. It was like a final farewell that was full of sorrow as she tightly held me…. The embrace was strong as my brows furrowed due to the pain I was in.



Afterwards, a few days passed… And my mother———







I lifted my face up when I heard a familiar husky voice. In front of me, countless people were walking by. I could also see Lyngle Kingdom’s local specialty called Apacho which were thorny fruits within my field of view. Right, I was tending the store at the moment…

“Are you okay? Amako-chan.”

“Salra-san, sorry… I was spacing out.”

I was actually sleeping but I didn’t want them to worry too much and kept quiet about it. Salra-san was the one to pick me up when I first came to this country… My benefactor.

Honestly speaking, I was worn-out and in tatters when I first came here… I was lucky enough to find a carriage to jump onto but I already used up all my strength and fell asleep when I got on. When I woke up, I was in a bed that Salra-san put me in.

Afterwards I learned that Salra-san was a merchant who was stocking up on Apacho and I was in that cart full of them. I didn’t know this at that time and with my distrust of humans, I directed a lot of hostility towards Salra-san.


“Are you really alright? Maybe you should take the day off?”

“Ah, no… I’m fine.”

I was saved by this person and the townspeople. I always hid myself, running and running and running away… but this place was different. I’ve gone to many countries but… This was the first country was that was so different.

That’s why after staying here… I didn’t want to go back.

The country which was home to my mother… It was also the place that wanted to just use my power… But I still wanted to save my mother. After all, that was my original purpose for coming here; to search for someone with healing magic.

But to able to enter the country that used and threw away my mother…

“Oh, isn’t that Usato-sama?”


I naturally glanced towards the main street due to Salra-san’s words…There was something like a big pouch…? That was on a Blue Grizzly’s back… Bluerin? Walking beside was Usato who seemed to be heading towards the gate.

“No matter how I look at him, he seems like just a normal boy but… It seems like he was the one to save my nephew from what I heard…”

“I don’t think he’s normal at all.”

“Hahahaha! When he ran around town carrying that big monster, I didn’t know what to think! However, it’s normal considering that Rose-sama was the one who took him in.”

Just what did the Rescue Squad do before I came here? During my one year here of watching the store, I haven’t seen anyone else doing training like Usato’s….

….Come to think of it, I only knew the Usato from my prophecies. I don’t know anything about the Usato that ran through the streets here.

It was only recently that we talked face-to-face.  He could use healing magic, had a great physical ability and was quite rough. I didn’t know anything else about him. I understood that he was a kind person just like Salra-san but somewhere in my heart I couldn’t trust Usato.  I can’t help but think of the possibility of him one day betraying me and putting me into a cage. I would then be sold like an object.

It couldn’t be helped since there was fear wedged in deep inside my mind but I should try to trust Usato.

“….Salra-san, could I accompany sama… for a bit?”

I felt that things couldn’t stay like this.

Usato should be aware of how dangerous it was to travel to my country to cure my mother. Despite this, I wasn’t placing any trust into him at all even though he’s the one saving me. Just like how the Salra-san and the townspeople stepped up to help me… It was my turn to walk up and believe…

“Usato-sama? Ah, I remember now. We had a discussion yesterday. Amako-chan requested Usato-sama to help cure your mother, right? Sure thing, go along. You’ll definitely be fine if you’re with Usato-sama.”


“But don’t push yourself too much.”

It was a good thing that there weren’t a lot of people coming in today. I hurried to my room and got myself ready to go out. I then headed towards the gate.

As I walked out, I didn’t forget to call out to Salra-san that I was heading out.

I didn’t have to hide my ears and tails while walking in front of humans. I probably would have never imagined that a day like this would come before I came here. Nowadays I could just normally run through the streets. I wonder what my friends back at home would think if I told them? But in doing so, I realized I was unqualified to meet with them and breathed a sigh in dejection.

While feeling down, I lightly jogged towards the gates. Before long, I could see the backs of Usato and Bluerin.


“….Hm? Oh, it’s Amako. What’s wrong?”


Usato came to a halt and despite carrying the large article on his back, he was still able to normally respond and incline his head to the side. While feeling somewhat reserved in front of Usato, I drew closer to him and stopped next to him… I was displaying my intention to go along with him.

“Eh, you want to come along? You can’t, it’s dangerous.”

“Where are you going? ….Are you going to the forest with… monsters?”

I could see a vision of Usato and it showed me where he was headed. It was a forest full of monsters called [Dark Lyngle]. Usato and Bluerin were both going there.

“As expected, it seems like having foresight is really convenient.”

Usato then proceeded to talk about what he intended to do in the forest. Usato wasn’t carrying anything valuable on his back; it was actually a grave for Bluerin’s parents.  It appeared that Bluerin had a Grand Grizzly and Blue Grizzly as parents that passed away.

When a monster dies, their magic power will return to its origin in the soil. The origin of this power will then mold a new shape of a monster and the cycle repeats itself. This was how the ecosystem worked here for different species.

If you thought about it, death for a monster wasn’t exactly death in a way. However, that line of thinking would be disrespectful to Usato and Bluerin who were putting up graves.

“Even so, I want to go.”

“It might be a while before we get back, you know..? I’m sure the owner of that store would be worried about you…”

“If I go along with you, you won’t be attacked by any monsters. I’ll know when they’re coming and I do possess some combat capability.  Auntie said I’ll be fine if I’m with Usato too…”

“Even if you say you’ll be fine… it’s really dangerous. Right, Bluerin?”

My gaze fell upon Bluerin as his name was mentioned. I could hear Usato speaking in a barely audible voice to Bluerin.

…It seemed like Usato was asking Bluerin if he was okay with protecting me. The Bluerin in question responded with a howl that appeared to indicate his approval.

As Usato stood after his talk, I walked towards Bluerin and lightly petted him on the head.

“…You’re kidding right… Bluerin….”

For some reason, Usato showed an expression of shock like never before. I continued to pet Bluerin as he closed his eyes partly to indicate that it felt good.

We beast kin still have a few traces of a beast’s instincts. We can roughly read the emotions of monsters and animals. However, Bluerin was very obedient… he must trust Usato a lot.

“I see, you respond to wicked thoughts don’t you, Bluerin!”


“Inukami-senpai and Uluru-san are definitely an ‘out’… Not including you, only Leader has been able to pet Bluerin like this. Although I think it was because he was too intimidated by her and just quietly let her pet him…”

Usato was satisfied with his own answers and nodded. Usato then seemed to have thought of something and said “Excuse me for a bit” as he lifted me up. I was then mounted on Bluerin’s back.

“If it’s like this, it probably won’t be dangerous.”


Was Usato unexpectedly simple minded? But I wouldn’t say that out loud. If I tried to tell him that I could run very fast, he might still be worried about me… I don’t want give Usato any more unnecessary worry.

Instead of sitting on Bluerin, I was lying down instead. It was unexpectedly stable and as I held down on his back with my hands. His fur was really soft and firm.

Actually, it was really strange that Bluerin would be accompanying a human like Usato. Bluerin was a boy born from a Grand Grizzly who could be called the king of the bears. Why was he following Usato? While having this line of thought, Bluerin gave a soft howl as I gently caressed his head.

“Well then, let’s go. If possible, I want to return by today.”

Usato easily lifted his luggage and started to lightly walk towards the gate. Bluerin started to walk as well, matching Usato’s pace.

It was a bit shaky on Bluerin’s back it was slowly swaying from his movements. It didn’t feel all that bad, it was similar to riding a horse. In other words, it was quite comfortable….

“Hello, it’s Usato.”

“Ah, Usato-sama. What do you need today?”

“Actually, I’m planning on going outside… I have Leader’s permission.”

Usato gave something like a letter to the guard. After the guard saw it, he smiled and signaled the other guard to open the gate.

“Ok, it’s valid. It’s probably fine since it’s Usato-sama but do be careful.”

“Erm, Thomas-san was it? Thank you very much.”

After Usato gave his thanks to the guard called Thomas, he beckoned me to come over. While riding on Bluerin, we both headed through the gates. When the gates closed behind us, it was like we entered a different world as it suddenly became very quiet.

From there, Usato was stretching his arms and legs for some reason while looking into the distance. Why was he warming up? Is what I would like to ask but there’s plenty of other stuff I want to ask Usato.

I might just be worrying too much but I want make sure of something. I want to be able to place my trust in him in the truest sense…


“Yeah? …What’s wrong?”

“About Bluerin’s story… Could you tell me about it?”

“About me and Bluerin? I don’t really mind but… why?”

“It seems he trusts you a lot.”

I could see Bluerin’s happy expression as he looked at Usato. I didn’t sense any ill emotions from Bluerin’s eyes. The pure Bluerin was just simply happy.

Usato seemed to be in a slightly good mood and started to stretch his entire body like a bowstring while taking a deep breath.  Afterwards, Usato did a few small hops and pointed at a direction using his finger. We were probably heading in that direction. Bluerin and I naturally followed where Usato was pointing.

“Well then, Amako. Make sure to hold onto Bluerin tightly. At any rate, I’ll be toning down to match Bluerin’s pace but no matter what… Don’t let go, okay?”

“….Eh? Usato, what are you saying? Do you intend to run from here?”

It was like he was implying that we would run all the way there. That was just unreasonable though, it would take many hours to run from all the way here to reach our destination. We might even run into danger along the way, it would be odd to purposely drain your stamina …

Don’t tell me… He wasn’t joking when he said he wanted to return by today… He was serious?

“Eh? Yeah, that’s what I said.”

Even the beast kin who excel at running would be tired if they ran something this long… But this guy was serious about running it. For the time being, I’ll secretly look at the future… However I was stunned at the scene that would happen several seconds from now.

“Well, let’s go, Bluerin! ..RUN!! HEY!”



I tightly grabbed onto the fur of the confused Bluerin. Usato suddenly told Bluerin to run in a loud voice. After a few moments, I could already see the gate getting further and further away.

Usato’s speed was comparable to a Blue Grizzly’s running speed. What’s more was that a Blue Grizzly uses four limbs to run while humans only use two… Just what was his body made of?

“At this pace, I think we should reach there in about an hour…?”


As Usato was running, his face was the same as when he was standing a moment ago. In town, I heard that the Rescue Squad focused their training on running. Now that I’m seeing it for myself, I can’t believe it.

There’s no doubt that the healing magic being used in this country was different from all the other countries I’ve seen. No matter which country I went to, healing magicians would be discriminated against. The healing magicians too, very few of them had decent personalities… Additionally, they were disgusted with themselves because they possessed healing magic. And the moment they see me, they would think of capturing me and selling me off to a slave trader.

Thinking along those lines, there was no one better than Usato. Whether it be his personality or strong body to withstand the long journey, he was the most suitable.

“Are you alright, Bluerin?”


It appeared that it’s been a while since Bluerin had ran like this surrounded by nature. I could tell he was somewhat happy as he kicked the dirt away with a bit of a spring in his steps. During this time, I did my best to endure the shaking.

“Alright then, let’s maintain this speed…”

“Why are you able to run… normally… like this?”

While I desperately held onto Bluerin, I did my best to voice my doubts towards Usato. Usato tilted his head to the side as if my question was odd and looked towards me.

“Since you’re part of the beast kin, isn’t something like this very simple..?”

“It might not be that strange for one of the beast kin to run like this but I’m surprised that there’s a human who can run this fast…!”

“There are plenty of humans who run faster than me. Right now I don’t think I’m running that fast, I’m matching Bluerin’s pace because he’s out of shape.

Seeing that I was really surprised, Usato couldn’t help but be astonished too.

Just exactly how did you perceive the beast kin inside your head? That was beside the point though, it’s evident we’ve already surpassed the limits of a normal human’s running speed.

“I feel like my definition of humans needs to be re-evaluated…”

As I was taking that into consideration, a sudden gust of wind came and I buried myself into Bluerin’s fur to defend myself. I would be staying here till we reached the forest…

“That reminds me, you wanted to hear about how Bluerin and I met—“

“Sorry, not now.”

Usato was different from the other healing magicians. However, I really wished that his common sense wouldn’t differ so much…


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  1. Hahaha. I think she has motion sickness… Either way i think she can trust the MC now thanks for the chapter

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    • I guess it could be the opposite of the trope where medicine doesn’t develop because of the presence of magic that outperforms it: basic first aid being better than average healers where average battlemages are still useful.


      • Even if that were true at first, I get the feeling that would change the minute everyone see’s Rose and her “abduction” squad.


        • Well yes, regardless of the truth of the situation, I imagine rose represents the turn of an era for healers. But it’s a small squad and hasn’t been established long, so it’ll take time and a memorable battle like what just happened to change attitudes.


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  3. Thanks for the chapter, i bet will be freaking funny when the MC saves her mother, i think her mother is the type who say “Ara ara”


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