Chiyu Mahou Chapter 42 Part 1

Shiru: Starting from Arc 2, the author has increased their character count for each chapter while decreasing their amount of total chapters per Arc. I don’t like to release a chapter in parts but it’s the only way for me to maintain a weekly schedule as the chapters will only get longer. I will release in two parts, not multiple parts. The first part is shorter but the second one will be longer. I can also guarantee good translation quality by doing this.

We were able to come back safely yesterday before it got dark after making the grave for Bluerin’s parents. I roughly explained what we were doing in the forest to Salra-san who was looking after Amako. However in doing so, I ended up receiving these spiky fruits called Apacho… More than I could carry with my two arms.

It’d be rude to refuse so I accepted it and passed along the fruits to Alek when I got back. Alek then used the fruits to make today’s dessert after dinner. As expected of the person in charge of the Rescue Squad’s meals, his cooking actually tasted the most normal. Compared to the hazardous substance I had before.. It was the difference between Heaven and Earth.

As for today, I would be training with Rose. I wore my white uniform and went to the usual training spot. Rose was there in deep thought as she silently stared at me with folded arms.

“I was only thinking of doing training with you since it’s been so long but the matter you brought up yesterday… I don’t have much say in it.”

“Eh? But the illness is probably complicated, I don’t think I’ll be able to cure it…”

“You’ll naturally become more experienced and will be able to do so. Either way, it’s impossible for you right now.”

When you say it so bluntly like that, I already feel like giving up. Then I wonder what should I do? Should I just continue strengthening my body? After running yesterday, my body is more or less back to its top condition. I have quite a bit of stamina and strength now.

“You receive passing marks for your physical and mental strength but…”

I stand corrected… In front of Rose, I still had much more to improve on. I just wonder how far she wants me to go…

“Then, just what should I do?”

After saying so, Rose distanced herself from me a bit. She then started winding up an arm as if warming up. I have a really bad feeling about this…

“I’m going to hit you right now.”

“….Ahaha, good joke.”

“I’ll be punching at a speed that you can’t react to. You won’t be able to dodge or defend.”

“You really hate me that much!? More importantly, I’ll blow up if I receive one of your punches!!!”

I remembered the scene of Rose who smashed that snake’s head. Even with my amount of strength, I couldn’t do anything against that snake’s scales. Understanding that, I knew Rose’s strength was abnormal… I would surely meet my Dead End here if I received her punch.

“You rely on healing magic too much. Well, that’s how I trained you to use it but… It’s time for you to proceed to the next step.”

What’s with this ridiculous step-up!? You think I’ll just take it!?

With lightning speed, I started running away… Only to be caught by my hood…

“I-I don’t want to—! I-I’ll be killed! Did Amako not foresee this future—!?!?”

“If you were to head outside right now, you would still be too defenseless… Until now, you’ve got through each situation one way or another but you won’t be able to cure wounds caused by curses… Learn to evade.”

I haven’t been confident in my evasion before but why would it be at a level I can’t react to? Didn’t speed = power? This person probably had her reasons that were related to healing magic.

“Well, it’s not like I’m a demon. I’ll start off easy.”

“No, I mean.. Isn’t it bad in the first place to hit your own subordinate? Is that head of yours empty inside… Ah. I’m sorry.”

“I see! You want me to be serious!! I’m really happy! You’re so enthusiastic about your training!!”

Just why does my mouth unintentionally say things like that…? Rose was already ready to start… While giving a lifeless laugh, I used all my healing magic and coated myself.

There were thoughts floating inside my head… Like if I would be blown 10 meters away before hitting the ground… and barely being able to stand.

“Like I said, you’ll be avoiding… not blocking.”

“Don’t ask for the impossible—“

In that instant, I felt the strongest impact in my life as I was assaulted by a force that went through the opening of my arm. While feeling the intense pain of a fist drilling into my body, I felt my vision rotating round and round.

I would probably be able to understand what happened later on.

I never received an impact like this before…



I woke up under a tree in the training area. This felt nice… I was wrapped in the shade of the tree. That’s right, I didn’t start training with Rose. Did I do too much training before? What a nightmare I had… My impression of Rose was deteriorating lately. No, I can’t think like that… Uluru-san said that Rose was someone who was hurt easily… I can’t always be scared of her like this…

“Oh, you’re awake? Then let’s do it again.”

…..I was a little too quick to escape from the truth.

What happened before was real and Uluru-san’s remark about Rose feels very far away now… I guess I have no choice but to face reality.


Yeah… Just because there was nothing unusual with my body, I shouldn’t just assume what happened was just a dream. As expected of Rose, she really was a good role model for a master. Really, a master like her was too good for someone like me. In fact, it’s such a waste to have her as my master… Someone else should take my place instead.

“Don’t worry, I used just the right amount of strength when I punched you. Your body is fine, right?”

“….Thank you very much.”

I’ve always had this at the back of mind but… you’re really a monster.


In the end, I continued to receive Rose’s fists. I felt that I had dodged a punch on several occasions but Rose would increase the speed of her punch when that happened. I would be blown away every time. I couldn’t help but feel scared since I knew she was holding back… But my endurance did go up.

Well obviously it would go up… Even if I didn’t want it to, I’ve been doing this for 2 or 3 days now. I had the feeling that I could withstand any ordinary attack now. It felt like I could calmly receive a missile heading towards me.

I was around 170 cm tall? I had a fair bit of weight too… I would be blown away easily even with that but I was getting used to it. The thing was though… Every time I felt I would dodge a punch, I would receive a critical hit… Don’t tell me, that person already forgot what kind of training we were doing..?

—4 days had passed since I started this kind of training with Rose. I was letting my body rest for now. Rose gave me permission to take a breather and she also seemed to have some minor business to attend to. In other words, my day was open today.

Since that was the case, I headed for the castle. There was no reason in particular… I was just a little curious about someone and my feet ended up taking me here.

“So like I was saying, Leader is really horrible. She kept punching and blowing me away.”

“….Why are you here?”

“No, even if you ask me… I don’t really know myself.”

I was inside the cells and the person who complained was the Black Knight as she scowled at me. The Black Knight was sitting down inside of the cell and she didn’t wear her helmet to cover her face.

…She seemed to be behaving herself after we talked last time. But the Kingdom didn’t really know what to do with her after getting their answers. There were extreme opinions such as getting rid of her because she was dangerous. But since it was Lloyd-sama, he obstinately refused to give permission for it.

I don’t know if Lloyd-sama’s judgment is good but I personally agree. I don’t want something like the death penalty in a peaceful country like this. The Black Knight also had to bear the responsibility for the people she had hurt in the war. However, the scary fellows back at the squad seemed to have taken care of most of them. It might’ve been fortunate that Inukami-senpai and Kazuki fought a long battle against the Black Knight in this scenario.

“What will you do now?”

“…Nothing really… I’ll just be here.”

“Are you fine with that?”

“That’s not something I can decide, right? That’s up to you guys.”

She has a point but I really didn’t know what would happen. Well, I did capture her after all. I felt a sense of responsibility here. I also wouldn’t like to see her go through the death penalty.

“You are…”


“…It’s nothing. Hurry up and leave.”

“…Haah, I understand.”

Doing as she said, I left the cell. But maybe Rose was settling the Black Knight’s matters right now. I might not even have to do anything. Should I consult Rose about this?



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