Chiyu Mahou Chapter 43 Part 1

Day 1

Usato kept on pushing me to write this but I really have no idea what the point of this was… But for the time being, I thought I would write about today’s events. It’s been many years since I’ve written something but surprisingly, I still remembered how to write.

I was forcefully taken out of the cell by that woman today. I got taken to some place called the Rescue Squad. I had something fastened onto my neck which sealed my magic… I couldn’t get it off no matter what I did. During the moment I realized I couldn’t take this off, I witnessed the scene of Usato being sent flying. It was amusing to see his silly face.

That’s all that happened today.

It seemed that I would be training with Rose tomorrow. Since I was a demon, I probably didn’t have to prepare much for training meant for humans. It’ll be easy.


Day 2

I thought I would die today.

I misunderstood the situation. I thought it would be easy because it was training for humans. I ran along with the ogre-like Tong and Alek along with the goblin-like Mill, Gomul, and Guld. Their running was just way too excessive… it severely pushed my limits.

I asked if they were some kind of monsters but they replied that they were just humans.

…I suspect they were some kind of special monsters that have been tamed by Rose.

I feel sorry for them. They actually think they’re humans…

Although I had superhuman physical ability, I wasn’t all that impressive compared to other demons. Around the time that the sun had risen right above my head, I felt like falling down from fatigue. I’m not sure if it was intentional but Rose came at this timing and placed her palm on my leg, forcing me to run again. The physical pain was gone, but a different type of pain assaulted me.

I could hear something like “Just like Usato huh” from the guys in front of me but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t have the leisure to worry about other things right now.

This was hell. I want to return back to my cell.


Day 3

Since yesterday, I haven’t been able to move.


Day 4

That woman is not human. There’s something wrong with her. She kicked me out of bed and told me to start running even though I couldn’t move.

Why was Usato laughing?

Did he adapt to it already? Was this an everyday occurrence?


Day 5

I was running along with Usato today.

But it was strange… We were still running along with those ogres and goblins but he wasn’t running out of breath at all. Even though I was suffering so much… Was Usato not human? There’s no way a human could beat me so easily like this… That’s what I tried to convince myself but then I realized that only humans could use healing magic.

Usato was a human but at the same time, also not a human.

That was the only way I could explain it.


Day 6

Which reminds me, I heard a crashing sound deep in the forest when I first started training. Every time I heard it, birds would simultaneously fly away as well. It seemed like something was being thrown at a tree.

Tomorrow, I’ll check it out by pretending to be tired.

Skipping classes is one of my talents.


Day 7








Day 8



I’m very sorry for trying to sneak out of training.




Day 9

It might be hard to believe but the ‘training’ that Usato was doing… He was simply being punched with an unbelievable amount of power by Rose. Usato would be hit by a punch and spin several times in the air before crashing into a tree with tremendous force. After a few seconds, his body would fall to the ground.

I thought he might’ve died.

Even if the strength of that punch surpassed an ogre’s, it shouldn’t make a sound like that… It was just one punch and one impact to the body… However, Usato got up normally and then started applying healing magic towards his stomach. It looked painful but that was it.

I couldn’t believe what was taking place in front of me. Something like this… Without writing it down, I wouldn’t be able to preserve my own thoughts. Was this the territory of the Maou? No, what was happening right now far exceeded anything like what I’ve seen before.

I felt like I was going insane.


Day 10

For some reason, they thought I had taken an interest in Usato’s training.

During dinner, Rose told me that I could accompany Usato along with his training.

Honestly, I couldn’t give a reply because I was exhausted from training with those ogres and goblins. But perhaps this might be a chance.

I’m reluctant to go along with it but I still didn’t know the purpose for Usato’s training.

For some reason, Usato was strongly against it… I suspect there was something he didn’t want me to know.

It felt great seeing I was holding some advantage over him.

I was already tired today but I felt like I would get some good sleep today.



I checked the diary as I felt something was wrong. After I checked the contents again, I closed it once more.

…It looks like I was still dreaming.

—Someone, please wake me up. This wasn’t training… This was torture.

“That’s why I told you already, DODGE! How many times do I have to tell you before you get it?!”

“When I do dodge your damn fist, you change the trajectory anyways!! Unless you’re telling me to dodge all these questions of yours!”

“If you looked carefully, you would be able to dodge something like that!”

Rose was far away from Usato who had been sent flying. Usato stood up as if nothing happened and started to speak sharply to Rose with a frightening expression. During these days, I’ve been engraved with a sense of fear towards that woman… But Usato was now displaying this kind of attitude towards her without holding back. I couldn’t comprehend his mysterious actions.

“Damn, we’re doing it again…”

“What the hell is up with that? That’s what I should be saying…”

Usato spoke first while glaring at Rose. The two of them got closer to each other again… Their distance was about 10 meters.

Usato’s eyes didn’t resemble a human’s eyes at all. To face that monster with such straight forward eyes like those… He might just be stronger than everyone else except for the Third Commander. Even if they had a close relationship, I definitely had no confidence in winning against her.

While I was still trying to grip onto reality, Rose’s figure disappeared.

This time, I couldn’t see her movement at all. At first, it was at a level I could somewhat see.

I immediately looked at Usato.


“…Eh, did he dodge it?”

In just that one instant, Usato had turned his body to avoid Rose’s fist. I couldn’t believe it.. Dodging something like Rose’s fist that is. Did he use his eyes? Even so, it wasn’t a reaction that a human should have been capable of.

“H-he did it, with this—“

“Don’t let your guard down.”



I was glad to see Usato finally dodge Rose’s fist but… Rose mercilessly used a roundhouse kick on Usato’s abdomen during this moment. While hearing the intense impact from Usato’s body, he started flying away and didn’t stop even when he touched the ground. He bounced 4 times on the ground before coming to a halt….

It was truly the deed of a brute.



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