Chiyu Mahou Chapter 43 Part 2


“A-are you okay, Usato?”

It was out of character for me to worry like this. Usato got up and sat down while suppressing his abdomen with his hand.  It seemed he received quite a bit of damage as he was swaying from side to side.

For the time being, I ran over to confirm his condition. But at the moment I got close to Usato, he clenched his fist and shouted—

“….I did it—!! I dodged it!!”

Yes, that’s what he shouted.


It was so unexpected that I couldn’t help but be startled… I couldn’t even give a proper response.

“Haah… Well done, now I don’t need to punch you anymore. You can go back to doing your usual training.”

Rose said so with a smile and folded her arms while looking down on the bowing Usato. I witnessed the dangerous chemistry between the two just a while ago… I couldn’t stop the perspiration of my cold sweat.

I wonder if Rose had something to attend to. Rose left for the lodgings just like that. It would be good if Usato did as he was told and just focused on training but—

“Really, to think she could change her trajectory in the middle of her punches… As expected, Rose is a monster.”

“You were fine after being kicked by that monster… Realize it already.”

“Nn? Did you say something?”

—I could only sigh at those words and we moved towards the usual training grounds. Usato retrieved his coat from something like a pouch and put it on.

“Well then, let’s do some light running today for your training… Ah, that reminds me, it’s a bit late but I still haven’t heard it.”

“Heard what?”

“Your name.”

“That’s *very* late…”

“I mean… We usually only have time to talk during dinner time but there’s not much time and we sleep immediately afterwards so…”

That was certainly the case. However, during these 10 days he hasn’t felt any discomfort or inconvenience from not knowing my name? It was kind of mortifying…

“Name, huh…”

Everyone back at the army pretty much called me the Black Knight so there was never really a need for people to ask for my name. I’ve probably only told that fellow who was leading the Second Army. But here, I should have already told Rose along with Tong and the others. Come to think of it, I don’t recall those guys calling my name in front of Usato.

It might’ve been a while since another person asked for my name.

“Fe… Felm. But my parents usually call me Fel.”

I was somewhat nervous as I said so but Usato nodded and said,

“Felm is it? Then, we’ll be running now. Get ready.”



“That’s it?”

“……What is it?”

….His reaction was so indifferent. I don’t like it. I really don’t like it, it really ticks me off… For the time being, I kicked Usato’s toes and started doing warm-ups.

I used a lot of power in that kick but… it seemed like it didn’t hurt at all as Usato started warming-up as well. This damn guy…

“What do you want to do? You would prefer to do some light running instead right?”

“Don’t mock me. Even I could keep up with those monsters.”

“Only being able to keep up isn’t good enough.”


Was he underestimating me? Usato was smiling as he started to lightly run. I wasn’t someone who would keep silent if someone made a fool out of me. The corners of my mouth naturally distorted as I chased after Usato.

“To begin with, I never liked someone such as you…”

“Hahaha, that’s because we haven’t gotten to know each other enough yet.”


I raised my speed to try to overtake Usato. I was irritated at his smile that he could maintain while running at this pace.

I’ve been here for 10 days so I’m already well aware of it but still… This guy was a monster.


“Ah, wait a moment. Leave the pacing to me—“

“Shut up!”

—I’ll pull ahead of you no matter what.

I’ll teach you the difference between a demon and a human, you conceited healing magician…










“…Hey Usato.”


“What happened to that good-for-nothing that I left you in charge of?”

After training, it was dinner time at the Rescue Squad’s lodgings but the vacant seat next to me caused Rose to question me. It was Felm’s seat. I had a wry smile and scratched my cheek as I answered Rose,

“No, you see.. They sort of collapsed.”


“I properly applied healing magic on them so they’re resting in their room, don’t worry.”

“….Hah… It’d be a pain if they collapsed tomorrow as well. Afterwards, take their meal to them.”

Seeing Rose trying to pin down her forehead with her hand, I said in a small voice “Is she being tsundere…?” while looking at the seat next to me.  Felm— I more or less learned her name today but she was more of a child than I thought. Although I didn’t understand why she seemed to dislike me but… She collapsed today because she kept trying to overtake me and eventually fainted.

“Hahaha, that little girl collapsed huh! It’s because Usato doesn’t know how to hold back!”

“But I just ran normally.”

“Your ‘normal’ is already at an abnormal level. At the very least, you’re not a human.”

“Shaddup! Compared to Leader, I’m still human!!”

You think I’ll be quiet when I’m being treated like a monster!? I glared at Gomul who kept spouting impolite words and vigorously stood up.

At that moment… Something scraped across my cheek, causing it to bleed.  I looked behind and I saw the object that was pierced into the wall… It was a wooden spoon. I looked forward and could see Rose glaring at me while smiling. After a period of silence and exchanging eye contact, I obediently sat down.

…Was a smile supposed to make someone so scared? Rather than that, maybe I should question how a wooden spoon could pierce through the wall?

“From the 10 days she’s been here, I can only guess that she’s a demon without much stamina. But that’s a different issue. Big Sis, how do you think we should proceed in training her from now on?”

Alek made an unexpected appearance with his polite manners as he carried the dishes out.

“A little girl who just relies completely on their own magic like that… I just have to crush their confidence a little and they’ll be obedient. Isn’t that right, Tong?”

“…Please spare me.”

Tong had an uncomfortable expression as he looked at Rose. I hear that he’s been in the Rescue Squad for the longest. I’m sure a lot has happened.

“Tong, what happened with Leader?”

“Shut up dammit, it doesn’t concern someone like you.”

I asked just to see but I was flat-out rejected. He must have had quite an embarrassing past. I’ll ask Alek or someone else later on so I can tease him about it.

I ate the last of my bread and gulped down the soup. I let out a sigh as I drank some water.



“Yes? What’s it this time?”

Rose called out to me again.

What was it this time? Was it a new training?

No… I don’t think she’ll go any further than ‘that’… At least I hope not.

“Go to the castle tomorrow early in the morning. Lloyd-sama has something to talk with you and the two heroes.”

“Eh? Meaning…”

“Yeah… It seems that they’ve finally reached a decision about what to do.”

Then I guess it’ll be about those letters that will be sent to other countries… I’m glad I was able to finish my training with Rose first. My endurance and reflexes have grown considerably… At least I know I won’t die unless the enemy uses an unbelievably strong attack.

“Is it okay for me to take Amako along?”


I’ll go and visit Salra-san’s shop tomorrow first thing in the morning.

While tidying up my own plates, I thought about what would happen after this. I’m curious about the neighboring country’s city but I should be cautious. There were other things along the way such as villages and settlements as well as rugged mountains.

“I’m not familiar with the terrain around here…”

I should visit Welsey tomorrow and look at a map while taking into consideration the route from Lyngle Kingdom to the Beast Country. I probably didn’t have to worry since Amako would be the guide but there was no harm in knowing more about the terrain myself.

“Well then, I’ll head towards the castle tomorrow. Thanks for the food.”

While taking along the food and tableware, I left the dining room.

I had to wake up early tomorrow; I should sleep as soon as possible. But before that, I needed to bring food to Felm who hasn’t eaten dinner yet.

“….I should knock first.”

There should be nothing wrong with her body. Besides, healing magic should be effective on anything with the exception of curses and mental fatigue. It hasn’t been long since I started learning healing magic so I could only do simple healing but Rose had said ‘Your type is the same as mine for healing magic.’

….Which meant that Felm was simply just indulging in her current circumstances. Since I wasn’t a brute like Rose who would forcefully wake someone up, I’ll just leave the food beside her bed— But then I thought about what would happen to her tomorrow. I should probably wake her up now.

Before heading into her room, I knocked. The room she was using used to be the storage room but I heard that Uluru-san and Olga-san used it before. The room was cleaned the day after Felm arrived and it was clean enough to sleep in but—

Hopefully things weren’t scattered everywhere, right…?

“She’s still asleep huh…Haah…”

There was no reaction so she was probably still asleep. I opened the door and let out a big sigh. The room didn’t feel like somewhere a person should sleep in. There was a lit candle and the figure of a silver-haired girl writing something.


She seemed to be frantically scribbling something but I really wished she had said something if she was already up. Even now, she didn’t notice I had entered the room. I shook my head while walking closer and called out to her,

“Hey. Felm.”


Felm fell down from her seat. Various things fell down from the desk as well and made all sorts of noises. While giving a wry smile at the former Black Knight, I picked up the notebook at my feet and looked at the cover.

It was the notebook I gave her. She was still using it… I think I might be a little happy.

“Are you alright?”

“W-whose fault do you think it is…?”

When I offered a hand to her and it was splendidly brushed off as she got up herself. As she did so, she noticed the notebook that was in my other hand. Her mouth kept on flapping like as it opened and closed.

“You’re making use of this it seems, thank you.”

“G-give it back!”

Even though you refused it so much in the beginning… Also wasn’t it originally mine? To think you would faithfully write in the diary, you have quite the honest side to you, don’t you? …Maybe she originally wasn’t a bad child to begin with. She was just a child you could find anywhere.

“You didn’t look inside right? If you did, I’ll kill you.”

…Excluding the part where she can easily say I’ll kill you. Either way, her magic was sealed so it was impossible for her. My affinity also seemed to oppose hers. Even if she tried to run away, there’s no way she could escape from me.

“You still haven’t eaten dinner yet, right? If you don’t eat, you won’t be able to vomit properly tomorrow.”

“…Don’t say vomit. I’ll eat, okay?”

What was she displeased with? After showing me a sour look, she turned away and walked away from me. In doing so, she also put the diary into her pocket like it was important. I couldn’t help but laugh a little…

“Well, it’s good to know you’re getting the best out of your environment.”

From what I’ve seen, Tong and the others have accepted her as a fellow non-human. I didn’t have to worry about her getting into any fights. In regards to training, she can keep up with me. Unlike Olga-san, she had a healthy body. She’s still got a little habit of skipping out but that’ll be fixed soon with Rose’s great technique.

All that’s left is— Whether or not Kazuki and Inukami-senpai could forgive her… It’s in the past but I doubt they’ll easily forgive someone who once tried to kill them. Rather than that—

“How long are you going to stay in my room!? H-hurry and get out!!”

“Yes yes.”

I’m more worried about how Inukami-senpai will react…


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