Chiyu Mahou Chapter 44 Part 1

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“It’s my first time entering inside the castle.”

The beast girl, Amako, was beside me as she looked around the castle in admiration. Just like I planned yesterday, I woke up early in the morning and went to pick up Amako.

After greeting the guards as usual, we headed inside the castle. As soon as we entered, two maids politely bowed and led us in further.

“Usato-sama… A-and your esteemed companion. We shall take you to King Lloyd.”

“Usato is an amazing person, huh.”

“Please don’t say it’s unexpected. Even I know that it doesn’t suit me.”

Since I still wasn’t used to having a ‘sama’ added to my name, I could only smile stiffly. From there, we walked on a pathway I wasn’t familiar with. This probably led to the King’s room. Once we reached a door, the maids opened it and prompted us to enter.

Upon entering the room I saw Lloyd-sama but there was also Sergio, Welsey-san, and Sigris with a great number of knights near him. Inukami-senpai and Kazuki were also here.

“Ooh you’ve come, Usato-dono.”

“Hello, it has been a while.”

“She’s the rumoured Amako?”

Lloyd-sama said so as he gazed at Amako with gentle eyes. It was barely noticeable but I could see she was a bit frightened at his glance. Lloyd-sama gave a small nod and said,

“…I see… Well then, it seems everyone is now here. I will now start talking about why I’ve gathered you all here. Usato-dono, I want you and your companion to stand next to Kazuki-dono’s group before I begin talking.”

“Yes. Let’s go, Amako.”


I lightly patted her on the shoulder and her tail stood straight up while freezing in place. Was she that nervous? Maybe it was expected since she was meeting a King from another country. As for me, I didn’t seem to have much tension to anything I encounter these days.

Along with Amako, we moved towards where Inukami-senpai and Kazuki were standing.

“Heey, Usato-kun.”

“Yo, Usato.”

“It’s been a while, I’m glad to see the two of you are still looking energetic.”

I wonder what it was. Somehow I felt that these two have changed a little in the 10 days I haven’t seen them. It was probably trivial but perhaps they had some kind of extreme training… As expected I should say, they probably thought it was necessary for this journey.

“The reason for gathering everyone here… It’s about sending letters to the other countries for their cooperation. We didn’t succeed last time but we’ll try again. This is the conclusion I reached after discussing with my advisor Sergio and the Commander Sigris… If we were to fight with the Maou army again, we’ll have a much more difficult fight compared to the previous. I put the heroes in danger even though they saved us. If it weren’t for the Rescue Squad, we would have had countless casualties as well.”

Lloyd-sama calmly said these words as he observed the people around him. I only looked around for a bit but I didn’t see anyone whose expressions seemed to object the King’s words… Rather, I saw that they were holding onto their resolve like they were ready for anything.

—Lloyd-sama was truly loved. With his straight-forward personality, he was able to gather people like this to follow him. The country itself seemed to have been shaped into the ruler’s personality.

“We have to take action. We can’t be afraid of the short-term losses, we have to think about the long-term goals. Even if we’re rejected harshly and even isolated by the others, we must inform the other countries of this threat known as the Maou. In doing so, we should also try to unify the other countries to combat this threat. The letters should start sending to majority of the countries after 15 days.”

The majority of the countries… Even so, one letter wouldn’t be enough to move a nation.

Additionally, the other countries refused cooperation before. With that being the case, it would be reasonable to assume that just sending a letter wouldn’t be effective. In other words—

“Inukami-dono, Kazuki-dono—“

There needs to be people with special positions… Namely, the heroes.

“And Usato-dono.”

“Yes as for me, I was just… Wait, huh?”

As I stood like a fool and reacted to my name being called, Lloyd-sama nodded in affirmation.

Inukami-senpai, Kazuki, and even Sigris-san nodded too for some reason. It seemed no one was objecting it. No, I mean I know that I would be sending out letters but in my case there was no reason to call me out since I wouldn’t have much influence over the other countries…

While ignoring Amako who was next to me and also standing there foolishly while saying “Usato is amazing after all…”, the King started to speak a few brief words—

“I apologize, I keep putting our troubles onto you guys.”

“No need, we also feel that the people of this country are important. We’ll gladly accept this responsibility.”

“Fufufu, we’ll get to travel to various countries… It sounds tough but also fun. You’re also thinking the same right, Usato-kun?”

“……Yes, I guess so.”

I don’t have any objections in going but I felt a lot of pressure from receiving such an important task. I gave a small sigh while making sure that the surrounding people didn’t notice.

Lloyd-sama might’ve been aware of my thoughts as he delightfully opened his mouth while looking at me and Amako.

“Usato-dono, I’m sorry to trouble you. However, the place you’ll be sending a letter to is somewhat special.”


“That will be explained in detail later, for the time being… I’ve said everything I had to say to everyone present here. With this, the meeting is now over… But the heroes along with Usato-dono’s group, Welsey, and Sigris will remain here.”

With that, Lloyd-sama had brought a close to this assembly.

The other knights left out the door in a line while the ones that were called out remained. The ones that remained naturally turned their gazes to Lloyd-sama.

….Nn? There were also three people I wasn’t familiar with that stayed… I wonder who they are.

I tilted my head in wonder and looked at the three unfamiliar people… One of them winked at me when our eyes met. They were quite the friendly person… While I thought so, I waited for the King’s next words.

“First of all, Amako. I thank you for predicting the future and saving this country from its downfall.”


After the amount of people had decreased, Lloyd-sama suddenly lowered his head before Amako and said those words. In response to Lloyd-sama’s sudden action, Sergio-sama and Welsey-san became flustered. However, the one is the most panic right now was none other than Amako.

“I can’t cause such a big commotion in front of everyone else but I thought it wouldn’t do if I didn’t properly give my thanks for saving this country.”


“….Then, Usato-dono. The last place you’ll be sending your letter to will be the Country of Water, Mialark.”

“!….That place is—“

“When you cross the continent, you will eventually encounter a large river. In the center of that resides a city of water… But in the opposite shore far away in the distance of that place— Is the Beast Kin Country.”

I see, so that’s why Lloyd-sama was letting me sending a letter to this country called Mialark. It was convenient since it was near the Beast Kin Country…

“However, the journey won’t be easy… I’m sorry to place these burdens on you, Usato-dono.”

“You’re depending on me, which is why I’ll gladly take up this responsibility.”

“…Thank you.”

Instead, I should be the one saying that. I’m sure that Lloyd-sama had a lot of trouble trying to think of a way to fulfill my request. I couldn’t thank him enough.

…At any rate, a country that’s located in water huh…Was the country itself not that big since it was just a river? Or maybe the country was in the middle of something like a large lake even though it was called a river…



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