Chiyu Mahou Chapter 44 Part 2

Shiru: There was a little mistake. There’s a guard with red hair called Ark Girdle, different from Alek from the Rescue Squad. I already revised it in previous chapters.

This was also a typo. Salura >> Salra



“Well then, about the specifics for sending the letter… Alfi, I’ll leave it to you to tell Usato-dono.”

“Yes, as you command! Usato-sama… and Amako-sama, right? This way, please.”

A woman with flax colored hair done in braids and who wore clothes that resembled a scholar’s prompted us to go outside.

This was my first time meeting her. I’ve visited the castle many times but I haven’t seen her before. Was she a person from the outside? Or maybe we passed each other by coincidence…

After giving a bow to Lloyd-sama and the others, Amako and I followed the woman to a passage way in the castle. The woman in front of us had a spring in her steps and seemed to be in a good mood. She suddenly turned around and said,

“It’s our first time meeting, isn’t it? I’m Alfi and I’ve been given the honor to be a scholar in this country. Well, I say I’m a scholar but the range of what I research is quite large. To put it in simple terms, I compile a lot of literature on this country’s development. This was suggested by Lloyd as this country needed to build up knowledge which would help during emergencies…… In other words, you can basically think of me as someone who has a lot of free time! I don’t mind! This time around, I’ll be teaching the general geography of the countries to Usato-sama for the letter you’ll send. Ah, but it’s not that difficult. I’ll make a proper route for you to follow so as long you’re careful of monsters and bandits…I estimate that you should reach your destination in several months.”

“Usato, this person will talk for a while.”

In rapid succession, Alfi-san went over all the important topics while Amako was holding back her laughter and smiling. We kept on advancing as the conversation went on. This person’s character was quite the strong one. But I will able to understand some important things now since I’ll be able to learn the geography for the country I’ll be sending my letter to.

Alfi led us to an area of the castle I hadn’t seen before. When we reached somewhere with almost no windows, we stopped in front of a large gate made out of wood. Alfi turned around to smile at us and pointed towards the gate.

“It’s here. It’s something like a private room reserved for me, I suspect the other rooms are occupied by my coworkers so don’t feel reserved and come on in.”


As we were led into the room, there was an abundant amount of paper everywhere. The papers were stacked on top of each other and were so high that they reached the ceiling. It was quite the sight.

Alfi seemed to be making a path for us as she cleared away paper and prepared a table with chairs.

While I still felt bewildered by the room, Amako and I sat down on the chairs. Alfi was looking through a bookshelf and eventually took out a big book along with a large sheet of paper. Alfi brushed off the dust from what she brought out and said,

“Now then, map map map…. It’s this. Yup, I’ll start my explanation now.”

Alfi spread out a somewhat crudely made map and started to explain.

“Right now, we’re residing in this Lyngle Kingdom and it’s the place that’s the closest to the territory of the Maou.”

The green section that was shown on the map was probably the plains area where we had just fought against the Maou army recently. It was also where it divided the two territories. I could see that there was forest surrounding this Kingdom along with a few small villages sporadically spread out. It was definitely not a large country.

“And beyond this plains area is a river. The Maou territory is just beyond that river and they also crossed that river last time to fight.”

“I see.”

“I should say this beforehand, it’s expected that Usato-sama and the heroes will be arriving at the same location for the first place that will be visited.”

“The same?”

Wasn’t it better to send us to different places since we were all sending letters out to somewhere else?

“I understand your doubts. However, it will be a tough journey from Lyngle Kingdom so it’s necessary. It’s important to place safety first and that applies to taking detours along the way. For this reason, it has been decided that your groups will first reach this place…the Magic City, Luquis.”

The Magic City, Luquis. If I recall correctly, this place had one healing magician residing here. And according to Amako, there was also that one Beast Kin who helped her out here as well….

“Of course, the letter will be handed to Luquis as well. They have a gathering of some of the greatest magicians across the continent. However, due to the identity of your magic attribute… You’ll be met with much discrimination so do take care, Usato-sama….. I’m worried that you’ll carelessly start beating up students or something since Rose-sama was the one who taught you healing magic.”

Amako couldn’t help but laugh a little at Alfi’s somewhat playful statement.

But I wasn’t laughing.

“That’s quite the harsh joke. I’m not that much of a monster.”


Just now, the person beside me gave something like an unexpected response. Ignore it, ignore it. I’m definitely a human. I didn’t have superhuman strength like Rose who could fling someone in the air like a pinball. I also wasn’t a brute who would heal someone once they fainted and made them continue running.

Good grief, it was really weird for everyone in the Rescue Squad to think that I was the same as Rose.

“Calling Rose-sama a monster… You’re just as the rumors say. Well then, along with Luquis, your group will be sending letters to three countries.”

“Three huh, then along with the Beast Kin country, it’ll be four…”

“Aah, that’s not the case. The Beast Kin country is among the many other countries out there and if I have to say it they’re only known for two things. But in Usato-sama’s case, it’s a bit special and why we’re including this country as part of the route. Your final destination is still more or less Mialark. Right here.”

Following the direction she was pointing with her finger, there was a large river that had a circular form in the middle. At the center of that was a mark of a country.

—It was quite far from Lyngle Kingdom.

“You will be handing a letter to the Queen that governs this place… Ah, it’s here. It’s in just a bit of a distance away from Luquis… The Country of Prayer, Samariel.”


Hearing that name, Amako was startled as her tail was standing on its end. Was there something in this country? …I wonder what it was. I had a really bad feeling for some reason.

“This place here… In a certain sense, it was the country that was the most cooperative with us… They just don’t like dealing with any non-humans.”

“To the point that it’s excessive, I take it?”

“That’s right. Which is why I want you to pay extra attention to Amako when you enter this country… I think there should be no problems in entering the country but when you’re getting an audience with the ruler… It’d probably be better to not take her along. We’re really sorry despite understanding these circumstances but still sending you there. Kazuki-sama and Inukami-sama are heading into a different direction from Samariel so…”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to apologize. Just your thought of wanting to help us makes me happy.”

The Country of Prayer huh? It seems like they are really religious… I’m an atheist so I shouldn’t be influenced but it could turn out troublesome since Amako was a non-human.

“Still, this is unexpectedly not much, isn’t it? We only have to go to send letters to three countries.”

“It’s because we don’t have that much time. We’ll be sending other knights to the other countries to bear this important duty. The countries that the heroes and Usato-sama are being sent to… The rulers all have difficult personalities and will be hard to please. However, if we receive their cooperation, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that we would stand a chance against the Maou army.”


“Which is why Lyngle Kingdom is dispatching important people like the heroes and Usato-sama. It’s an action that shows our sincerity and good faith.”

….It looks like I have a really heavy and important responsibility.

“…I don’t know if sending me could be called showing sincerity to the other countries.”

“That’s due to your efforts. It seems like you haven’t noticed it, there’s no one in this country who doesn’t know you. You’re someone who’s been saving people in the Rescue Squad after all. It should be to the extent that people in the foreign countries have heard rumors about you, don’t you think? Whether they believe it or not is a different story…”

“Even If I’m famous, I’m not happy at all…”

I gave a sigh as my shoulders drooped down. It would be nice if I could walk alone on the streets even with all these rumors…

Well, I’ll do something about it when the time comes.

“Then, regarding the matter of the Beast Kin country… To be honest, we don’t know that much about them. You can take a ship in Mialark to the opposite shore but we don’t know the geography beyond that.”

“It should be fine, I’ll explain to Usato from there.”

“I see. If that’s the case, I’m relieved. It’s a somewhat closed and isolated country so I only had materials from long ago to refer to.”

That was to be expected. After all, it was a race that held the human population in bitterness. There was no chance for any exchange of information between them.

Still, this Beast Kin country was quite far. In that case, just how many people should I bring along? I was honestly planning of bringing just Bluerin and Amako who would be able to deal with various situations when push comes to shove. If possible, I just wanted people who were straightforward and capable.

“For the journey, how many people should be taken along?”

“We want as few people as possible so about five people. But Usato-sama might want even fewer people. I’m sure there are not many people who can keep up with you on the battlefield.”

“No, well… You’re right but…”

She ended hitting it right on the mark.

This person really understood my thought process.

“In addition… We also had a discussion of the heroes accompanying you for when you head over to the Beast Kin country since the discrimination towards beast kin slaves have been really bad in the recent years. The heroes would be able to help you combat a lot of threats or attacks against Usato-sama but since you’re taking Amako-sama along as well, the country might see this as some kind of ill intent by taking hold of a hostage… Therefore, we decided against that and felt that one or two people accompanying you as the core should be sufficient.”

“No, in my case, I should be fine as long as I follow the knowledge and common sense taught to me by a certain person. I also feel that bringing too many people in the Beast Kin country would have an adverse effect.”

Amako kept nodding at my words; it looks like I wasn’t wrong. If that was the case, just who would be coming…? It would be good if they were someone who wouldn’t lose to a common bandit…

………..Ah. If it was that person, I might be able to rely on them.

“Err… About the person to accompany me… How about Ark Girdle-san?”

“Ark Girdle… Ah, that gate guard! I see, him is it? He has an unexpected amount of extensive knowledge… Yes, Usato-sama has good eyes.”

If it was that cool guard with red hair, Ark-san, he wouldn’t be defeated by a bandit and I could trust him since he protected the Rescue Squad during the war. What’s more was that he was a cheerful and straightforward person.

“Afterwards, I’ll try and receive confirmation to see if he’ll accept or not… Erm, the explanation is now over… Wait, I forgot… Aaah. It’s about the matter of what you’ll do after finishing your business in the Beast Kin country.”

“Afterwards…? I see, we have to return here.”

I completely forgot.

That’s right, we had to get back home. I just kept thinking of how to get to my destination that I forgot.

“Coming back is simple. Return to Luquis again and from there you’ll come back. You could also give the letter when you return instead but as expected, that would be a bit…”

“It sounds like a very wearisome journey back home…”

Well, compared to heading out on my journey it was… easy, I guess? That was because I had an important duty to accomplish by sending the letters and I wouldn’t know what might happen.

Alfi-san seemed to be done as she gave a bow and headed towards where Lloyd-sama to report.

Since we were done here, I should obediently accept it and go back.

I wanted to meet Senpai and Kazuki but I’m sure they were having their own discussion of plans for their journey so maybe at another opportunity. Thankfully, there was still half a month left before heading out to send those letters.





“—And that’s what happened.”


After escorting Amako back home to Salra-san’s place, I told Rose about what I discussed with Lloyd-sama and everything else related to the matter as I watched Felm train.

“They sure picked quite the troublesome country. Well, if it’s you, you should be fine.”

“Is it okay to be that carelessly optimistic about it…?”

“What? Do you feel uneasy?”

Seeing Rose’s smile, I could only give up in my mind and let out a sigh.

“Compared to the first time I came here to train with Leader, I’m not particularly worried.”

“Really? I bet you’re just saying that.”

“W-wait, you’re just ignoring me…?”

Leader gave a weird laugh as Felm who was doing push-ups and seemed to be in pain spoke up. Seeing her, I scratched my cheek in confusion. Rose was only sitting on her and yet why did it look like she was in so much agony? When I was at your stage, I was already bearing stone blocks along with Rose on top of me…

“Well, do your best. When I did this, it was even stricter for me.”

“!?….Kuh, if you can do it… I can obviously do it too…”

As beads of sweat dripped down from her forehead, she started to frantically do push-ups. Rose shook her head in disbelief as she combed her hair upwards with her hand and crossed her legs….

“I’m about to take this one to the ‘forest’ soon. During that time, I’ll be counting on you to take care of the house.”

“….Isn’t it a bit too soon?”

“This fellow is always up to something when it starts getting easier for her. For the moment, I’ll throw her in a place where she can’t be at ease.”

This demon planned to forcefully correct someone’s laziness.

“…Well I guess it doesn’t matter when, it’s the path everyone has to go through here.”

“It was special in your case. This one right here doesn’t have enough guts so I plan to leave her there until the very last moment.”

Felm was in a daze by doing push-ups so she was unaware but tomorrow she will learn how unreasonable Hell could be. But she probably won’t experience something as cruel as me so it should be fine… Namu.


Due to the abrupt intensity of her push-ups, Felm crumbled down on the ground from exhaustion. Since Rose was sitting on top of her, Felm had to face the inevitable weight of Rose as she collapsed. It felt like Rose was sitting on a tatami seat with no resistance—

“….Dammit, again huh…? How many times does this make it? Wake up, I’m adding another 500 push-ups, you idler!”


“Uwah… She’s already fallen so many times but Rose is forcing her to get up every time…”

Rose stood up and started applying healing magic on Felm’s shoulder while shouting abusive words at her.

I should gradually hear something like a crying voice so I bowed to Rose in silence. I could always talk later. If I stayed here any longer, I felt I would be dragged in. I didn’t have any problems with training but I would find it difficult and sad if Felm continued resenting me.

“….Yeah, do your best.”

As to whether or not she could hear my voice… I would say probably not.

Shiru: ‘Namu’, the best equivalent would be ‘Amen’.


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