Chiyu Mahou Chapter 45 Part 2


Ark Girdle.

He’s a knight guarding the castle gate that possessed a main protagonist’s traits.

He’s a good-looking guy but in a different sense from Kazuki-kun….

“However, I’ll have to leave my post for a bit.”


What did he mean?

As I was pondering on what Ark-san had said, the man himself straightened his back and said,

“This unworthy Ark Girdle will assist Usato-sama from the Rescue Squad on his journey.”

His voice resonated with optimism.


“Hahaha, I’m surprised too. After all, I was only relayed this message just yesterday at the castle.”

Of course I felt shocked. After all, to decide a retainer just yesterday was quite fast. As expected of Usato-kun, he was shrewd. I’m a little resentful of the fact that he got someone of such high caliber as well.

No, he probably noticed it himself.. the fact that Ark-san had the qualities of a main protagonist.

“Fuu, as I would expect from Usato-kun. It’s my complete loss… Ark-san, please look after Usato-kun.”


While feeling a complete sense of defeat, I walked towards town. Usato-kun should be fine if Ark-san is with him. Unless Usato-kun faces an overwhelming enemy, he should be fine with that strong body of his. In addition, there was also Amako who could foresee the future. He’ll definitely be okay.

Actually, his party was on the level of an impenetrable iron wall. How would you defeat it?

I was the one who felt the most troubled.. I would be headed to a country with hot climate that held strong beliefs towards the heroes. The country is called Calmerio and it was really far.. it felt troublesome in many ways. There were problems with being too popular!!

“…No, I shouldn’t be feeling depressed.”

From what I hear, I should be able to gain their support. Since I was a hero, I had to be the one to go in our current circumstances.







I had finished my training for the day and I was currently present in front of the clinic on the streets. The gazes in my surroundings directed towards me felt warmer now. Well, I used to carry Bluerin all the time on the streets so I guess it was quite the difference.

For now…

“Hello there.”

I gave a greeting as I lightly knocked on the clinic’s door and opened it. As always, this place felt similar to the Rescue Squad’s facilities and the surroundings were clean as well. It felt like it had been a while since I came here… As I was having those thoughts, I could a pitter-patter sound of footsteps making their way towards me. Before long, a girl that I was familiar with had appeared before me.

“Welcome to… Wait, it’s Usato-kun.”

“Hello there, Uluru-san. I came here today to meet with Olga-san… Is he busy?”

“Nope, it’s alright. We don’t have many patients today. It’s a good day.”

A good day, huh. A day without many patients meant that weren’t many wounded or sick people… Indeed, it’s a good day. While following Uluru-san who was in a good mood and smiling, I told her my reasons for coming here.

“Hmm, Big Brother’s healing magic huh… Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. After all, that’s his only redeeming trait.”

Uluru-san was unexpectedly strict and harsh on Olga-san. No, maybe she was originally like this?

“But leaving my brother aside, Usato-kun sure has becoming amazing. I heard about it. You exchanged blows with Rose-san, right?”

“Eh? That’s not right.”

“Eh? That’s… Ahahaha, now that I think about it… There’s no way anyone could exchange blows with—“

“She was just punching at me.”

“You didn’t… die?”

It didn’t make much of a difference either way. Even if I did spar with her, I would still be the only one receiving punches. I’ve been focusing only on defense and did my best to avoid that one blow.

“But really, I did my best. But you can think of it as Leader taking it easy on me. After all, I’m still alive… But why do you know about this?”

“….Aha-haha, I heard a strange scream while I was by the Rescue Squad and I caught sight of you having a fight with Rose-san.”

So from there, she thought I was having a fight with Rose… Even though I was simply clinging onto my dear life. I even remember begging for my life to Rose at one point. Even so, we resumed the training.

“Even so, it sounds like you went through quite a lot… Ah, this is my brother’s room.”

“Thank you very much.”

Uluru-san knocked on the door and said out loud that “Usato is here.”

After a short moment, a voice came from the other side of door and told us to enter.

Upon entering the room, I could see that there wasn’t much furniture and could see the figure of a man sitting on a chair.

“Even though you fell sick, sorry for not visiting you, Olga-san.”

“I don’t really mind, I’d rather people visit me when I’m energetic.”

Uluru-san’s brother, Olga Fleur. He’s a healing magician who was anything but average just like Rose and ran a clinic. He was the person I would ask to teach me.




“I see, you’re asking me about healing magic before you go on your journey…”

For the time being, I explained to Olga-san about the current situation of how I would be sending letters to different countries. Olga-san was pondering on something but it didn’t seem like he would refuse.

“However, I don’t think it’s really necessary for me to teach you anything, you know? Usato-kun, you’ve already become a healer that’s even more amazing than me.”

“Even so, I want to ask you because Rose is in the forest right now.”

“Y-yeah… After all, I don’t have a strong body like you… Healing is all I’ve got.”

Olga-san said so as he folded his arms and looked troubled. Uluru-san raised her hand and started to give advice to the troubled Olga-san…

“Well then, how about comparing our healing magic together as a test? You don’t mind right, Usato-kun?”

“No problem.”

“Then, let’s do it!”

“You’re not going to ask for my opinion… Hahaha.”

I released my healing magic from the palm of my hand before Olga-san who was smiling bitterly and Uluru-san who was smiling cheerfully. Just like when I did this test with the crystal before, the same pale green light appeared.

Uluru-san’s healing magic seemed to be thicker than mine but the colors weren’t too different. However, Olga-san’s was…

“…As expected.”

Dense. There was no transparency at all. It was completely green. Compared to Rose though, hers was a much darker green than Olga-san’s.

“Olga-san, how do you usually refine your magic power? I seem to always get this thin green color when I do it…”

“It’s the same for me. I don’t do anything different from you two. My magic is a little different.. it’s something you’re born with.”

“Born with…”

“However, this dense healing magic is effective at curing diseases. In exchange, I get a much weaker effect from casting healing magic on myself… Ahahaha.”

—Perhaps the denseness of healing magic can tell you what it can heal?

I looked towards the usual magic I released from my hand and slowly clenched it to form a fist. The light dwelling in my fist remained the same color it has been since I first started using this magic in this world.

“As far as I know, using healing magic to heal diseases is different than using it to heal injuries. Basically, you’re healing them from the ‘inside’… Got it? You’re not curing them of their disease, you’re healing them of their disease.”

“…I don’t really get it but I guess I can assume that Big Brother’s healing magic is at least one step ahead of mine?”

“Let see… I guess you can think of it like that way, I don’t think it’s wrong.”

Compared to my healing magic, it was definitely one step ahead…

Rose could probably help me in some way but I felt like this was something that I had to learn for myself. If I take into consideration of the difference between me and Olga-san, it was the denseness and the color. If I were to be able to match those, wouldn’t I be able to heal diseases as well?

From what Rose has taught me, she would…


—For now, I should try to concentrate my healing magic instead of trying to expand it.

I suppressed the overflowing magic from my palm so that the light wouldn’t escape when I enclosed it. From there, I poured more power into my palm. My thought process was like… Maybe I could just increase the amount of magic power in one area to increase its thickness. Even I knew it was such a simple and plain idea.

However, I could feel some sort of change as the magic power inside me started to travel like electricity.

“Usato-kun, what are you doing?”

“Eh? I just wanted to add some more magic power.”

I took my eyes off my hand and kept on putting more magic power into it. The green-colored healing magic’s light gradually started to become a darker color. Maybe I could do this… The moment I was thinking so, Olga-san who took a peek at what I was doing suddenly took a hold of my hand.

“Usato-kun! Stop what you’re trying to do right now!!”


Don’t tell me that I succeeded!? —At that instant, the overflowing magic and light in the palm of my hand… Was scattered with fresh blood.







One hour had passed since I tried to put more magic power into my hand.

My magic did become a denser color at that moment. But afterwards, it might’ve been that my hand couldn’t handle the amount of power… But my hand had ruptured with blood. It’s not like my hand exploded but just that there was a cut and blood flowed out from there.

I was surprised to learn about this kind of development. Of course, I healed my wound with my own healing magic shortly afterwards.

I realized it as I was healing myself but it seemed that what I tried to do was quite dangerous. Uluru-san wanted to try it too but was harshly scolded by Olga-san. I could understand where he was coming from though.

“When you increase the concentration of magic, it will become denser and have different properties.”

Olga-san started to teach me a bit more about these rules. He also taught me that as the color became darker, it would become harder to heal myself. I should take into consideration that demerit.

In fact, I noticed it too. I tried to heal myself with that denser healing magic but I wasn’t able to. Olga-san was naturally born with denser healing magic and even he had a lot of trouble when it came to healing himself. I could somewhat understand these results.

“It was something worth trying.”

I felt like I would be able to grasp it by repeating this process. I suspect that this was how Rose and Olga-san were able to quickly heal people. It would be difficult to heal people with diseases but up until now I thought it would be impossible for me.

I should make sure to use a safer amount of magical power when I attempt this again.

For that purpose…

“It seems like I’ll need to do some training.”

I gathered my healing power once again to form a denser color.

This new type of training was just perfect since I would be able to do it anywhere. But I didn’t want to inconvenience these two again in case my hand got splattered with blood again… I should head back to the training grounds.

But as I was walking home, I looked back to see…


“Oh, if it isn’t Senpai…”

I could see Senpai who was smiling and waving her hand towards me. She rushed over towards me with a happy expression and started to excitedly talk,

“It’s a bit sudden but how did you notice Ark-san’s main protagonist traits!?”

“Just what are you talking about?”

It really was sudden, Senpai.

—Well, I was thinking of quickly returning home to try to this new training but I don’t mind hanging around here for a bit longer. Senpai seemed to be acting really unreasonable right now… No, it was just the usual.

“Please wait a moment… Fuuuh—hahhhh… Alright, I’m ready.”

I took in a deep breath and released it.

“Is it that bothersome to talk to me, Usato-kun?”

“There’s no way that’s true.”

Only a bit.

Well, I really don’t mind talking with her though so I didn’t say it out loud.


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