Chiyu Mahou Chapter 46 Part 1

Shiru: Short part 1, you can expect the next part tomorrow night.

Rose and Felm had come back from their trip to the forest.

I think about 10 days have passed? It seemed that Felm spent relatively the same amount of time as me when I went to the forest.

Felm’s expression when she came back.. it’s like she was tired of everything in this world. Felm was also spaced out and saying “You betrayed me…” I’m guessing she also had a similar experience with that savage rabbit. I’m fine now though since I had Bluerin.

However, after Felm had come back.. I’m not too sure how to say it but she felt sturdier than before. It was just my hunch though so it might not exactly be the case.

Lots of things sure happened here while Rose and Felm were in the forest.

First of all, Lloyd-sama made a bold and grand declaration to everyone in this nation about sending the letters out. Well, compared to fighting on the frontlines with the Maou army it might not seem like a big deal. But to me, it felt like it stirred quite the ruckus from the people in my surroundings.

There was also my request for getting Ark-san to accompany me on my journey… I wonder if they already told him? I didn’t want too many people in my party as it would be harder to move around. I would prefer just having the minimum of people required. I was thinking of going to the castle and directly asking Ark-san just in case but I decided against it…

I can imagine a lot of adverse effects of having a large number of people… I think I have a good idea of how many people would be good while taking into account my own abilities.

Since I was waiting and Rose wasn’t here in that time, I just proceeded to train more healing magic.

The results weren’t too favorable. Manipulating the amount of magic power was too difficult and it would get depleted quickly while I was attempting this. I could only rely on my own intuition at this point and get a grasp for controlling my own magic power to just the right amount.

I managed to get to point of maintaining the condensed state but it lasted for only a few seconds.

“It really is difficult.”

I was at the training grounds and attempted to condense my magic again. It wasn’t stable at all as my magic power vanished. I felt exhausted and sat down on the ground.

I would be heading for the journey tomorrow but despite that I hadn’t made much progress. It was the first time I encountered a wall since coming to this world.

Until this point, it was all thanks to Rose that I was able to progress through my healing training. I did feel like running away at times because of how severe her training was but I put in effort and I was rewarded with good results. That’s why I did my best.

“I just can’t always have things going my way, huh…”

While I sat crossed-legged with the intent to gather magic power into my hands, the accumulated magic disappeared instantly this time. Did I not have enough concentration this time around?

As expected, I couldn’t expect to cure someone of their disease in 10 days.

“Hey, Usato.”

“Yes….? Wait, Leader? What’s the matter?”

I hadn’t heard anything until now. Rose called out from behind me and she was sitting on a rock.

What was it? She seemed to be bewildered or something. She’s showing a reaction that I haven’t seen from her until now. She approached me in silence and caught my hand.

“When did you start adding magic power into your hands like this?”

“S-sorry! It feels like I’m doing something wrong!?”

“Answer the question.”

Was I really doing something bad? Olga-san got angry at that time and it did feel dangerous… For now, I should honestly answer Rose.

“I-I saw Olga-san condense his magic and I tried to do the same thing to change the color of my own healing magic!”

“Olga…? You saw his magic and that’s why you’re attempting this?”

While I was feeling nervous, Rose hit my hand with a smack and folded her arms. She was looking at me in thought. After a few seconds pass, the corners of her mouth curved up and formed a crescent moon. Then while she tried to hide her eyes, her body shook as she seemed to suppress herself and let out a laugh in a small voice.

“Ku, hahaha…”

“Umm, what’s wrong?”

Did she finally turn insane?

While I was thinking something rude, Rose had settled down after laughing for a bit. Then she showed a really wonderful smile.

In fact, it was kind of scary seeing her smile like this… I’ve never seen her smile like this before. She unfolded her arms while I was confused at what would happen next. However, Rose grinded her hand against my head and combed my hair. She then revealed another smile.

“This is something like a special property of healing magic. I’m sure you’ve noticed it but as the color gets dense, the effects of healing get stronger. But to compensate, the healing on yourself gets weaker.”

“…As expected, it was like that.”

“I didn’t think you were capable of it yet. You could easily die if you apply it during the wrong situation but… Well, isn’t it easy? If it’s you, you should be fine even if you’re dealing with a large number of people. Even I didn’t expect for you to notice this by yourself.”

—In other words, I exceeded her expectations and started being able to do something ahead of schedule. It might’ve taken me longer with much more training. Somehow I felt like I could try even harder now.

“Err… Is there a trick behind this?”

“It’s all about effort. There’s no shortcut to this. It’s the same as it’s always been with your training. Since you’ve been able to put in effort before, you should definitely be able to put in effort now.”

Which meant that there was no other method or tricks to getting this to work. I just had to do my best and put in the effort…

Now that I knew was making good progress, I grasped my fist tightly while feeling a sense of achievement.



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