Chiyu Mahou Chapter 46 Part 2

…Which reminds me, why did Rose come here? Was she suspicious of me for practicing magic here? Or maybe she was surprised for a different reason?

“Right, I have something to relay to you… Tomorrow will be the day when the letters will be sent out. Which is why I’m supposed to tell you when you’ll depart but… It seems that people will see you off so just wait at the gates tomorrow morning. It doesn’t really suit me though. You can take Amako with you.”

“Ah, yes. I understand.”

“The heroes should join you shortly after. From there, you’ll merge and start your journey together since your first destination is the same.”

Seeing me off.. would the people in this country be seeing us off? The image I was getting of it was people cheering and shouting… I can agree that it doesn’t suit with me too. I don’t think Senpai and Kazuki would run away from it though.

“What should I bring?”

“Take your uniform and the bare minimum essentials along with you… If you’re taking that bear along with you, get something so that you can strap him on your back. Getting a cord to fasten him should be sufficient.”

The bare minimum luggage.. I guess I’ll take the knife I received from Rose and my notebook. I’ll also carry a bit of rations too. That’s all I really need, other people will probably bring anything else we would need.

“Is there anything else you want to ask me?”

“For now, that’s it.”

“I see. Then before you head out tomorrow, there’s one more thing I need to teach you.”

“…? What is it?”

There were a lot of dangerous things on the outside so perhaps she had some advice for me. Fundamentally speaking, Rose’s words are usually never wrong. I braced myself for next words as she presented her fist in front of me.

“If you ever get caught up in a situation with some fellows who look down on healing magic— you can beat them down without holding back.”

“I can’t do that!! That would cause a lot of problems!!”

Even Ark-san said it would be bad. This person’s boiling point was really low.. I can’t even imagine what kind of mess she would make out there.

“Those kinds of people only know about what healing magic is like on the tip of the iceberg. But once you beat them up, they’ll return to their real character so there’s no problem.”


For the time being, I’ll gratefully “accept” her words and change the topic to something less dangerous.

“—That’s pretty much all I wanted to say. You should go ahead and prepare for tomorrow. It’ll be too late once it gets dark.”


“I’ll be returning to the lodgings… Whether it’s for better or worse, this journey will definitely influence you. —I’m expecting a lot from you, Usato.”

After casually saying so, she started walking away from the training grounds.

I couldn’t help but mumble the words she just said as I saw her back.

“Expecting a lot from me, huh… It makes me happy, dammit.”

Was I this simple of a man? Or was it because it was Rose who praised me…? That could be the case since I did place a lot of trust in her.

She was my teacher since arriving in this world and probably the first person that I respected.

Well, then again… This might be due to the fact that Rose had tamed me to this extent.

“Now then, I should prepare for tomorrow since I already heard about what’ll happen.”

I started slowly walking back to the lodgings as I stretched myself. I had to prepare a leather belt to strap Bluerin on my back.

However, I stopped walking once I noticed a figure of a shadow within the forest and could even hear their footsteps. Looking closely, I noticed that they had silver hair. I was able to easily identify the figure.

“What are you up to, Felm?”


After the figure let out a startled voice, a girl with tanned skin and silver hair appeared from the shadows. Her silver hair reached down to her shoulders while her eyes seemed to draw me in. She was also wearing the training uniform with the Rescue Squad’s logo stitched onto it.

She broke her line of sight from me and turned away. While feeling nervous and putting her hands behind her back, she spoke…

“I’m taking my break right now and I can’t enter the town so I thought I would take a walk… But you’re here.”

“Ah, I see. But why hide?”

Although she was behaving right now, we were enemies at one point. She couldn’t just walk on the streets even if you take into account how open-minded people were in this country.

“It’s because I don’t like you.”

Why did she not like me to this extent? Well, I guess it wasn’t too strange since I was the one who captured her. If she doesn’t like me then there’s no helping it, I had to hurry and prepare for tomorrow right now. Once it gets dark, it’ll be troublesome in various ways.

“Haah, okay. You finally have a break and all so make sure to let your body get some proper rest…”



As I was passing by Felm, she caught my arm.

“You. Are you going somewhere tomorrow?”

“Huh? Which reminds me, I didn’t tell you?”

“…..Tell me.”


“I’m saying to tell me where you’re going!!”

……Even though she dislikes me, she’s nosy enough to press me for an answer for this. Since she seemed to be frantic about it, I gave her a simple explanation about the letters. As I finished my explanation, she seemed to be angry and wanted to say something but immediately stopped. Instead, she hung her head down.

“What’s wrong? Ah, perhaps you’ll feel lonely since I won’t be around—”


She kicked my leg in silence.

I have no idea what but this girl was displeased with something so she kicked my leg. This amount of pain wasn’t much and I was used to it so I didn’t show any reaction on the surface. However, it was still a kick with demonic strength so it still hurt and made my leg numb.

I was just joking but maybe she really did feel lonely.


“Wait, don’t tell me you really will feel—“

“It’s unfair!! You get to escape from this hell!”

“Ah, I see…”

She felt irritated after see my face once more so she kicked me again. Afterwards, she headed in a different direction from where I was walking. Her second kick had much more power behind it so it made me a little angry too.


I couldn’t help but think about how I usually interact with Rose during these kinds of moments. So while I really wanted to retaliate back, I was the senpai here and decided against it. Instead, I calmed down and looked at Felm till she disappeared from my sight.

…I could probably catch up to her instantly if I wanted to but it was probably best to leave her alone for now. The decision had already been made for me to go on this journey; there was no way for me to back out now. Maybe I should have at least said something like “you can just suffer here, you clumsy girl” when she kicked me again.

Actually, what’s with that? Saying that this was hell.

I’ve certainly had a taste of what hell was. If I were in her situation, I would be in comfort. I had to deal with a Grand Grizzly and some big monster snake. I couldn’t even sleep at night because I was scared of that snake, you know.


…Well, I should be open-minded here and forgive her. I started walking towards the lodgings again. I don’t know if it was thanks to her or not but my strides felt a bit lighter now. While pondering on why my steps had become a bit lighter, I headed back to prepare for tomorrow.


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