Chiyu Mahou Chapter 47 Part 2



Looking out from the window, Rose could see a silver-haired girl heading out. Rose couldn’t help but laugh as she saw the girl being wary of her surroundings as she walked.

As Rose was about to move to capture the fool—

“Excuse me.”


—The door was knocked and a rough voice came from the other side.

Rose put her coat on as she replied with an “Enter.”

A tall man with a frightening looking face— Alek had entered the room and gave a bow.

“What is it?”

“Sorry for the bother but I couldn’t seem to find Felm anywhere, have you seen her…?”

“Aah, you mean that.”

Distorting her mouth into a monster’s smile, Rose’s line of sight fell onto the window. Looking outside, she could see Felm sneakily moving and trying to hide herself. She probably had some sort of plan to secretly leave with Usato as she was carrying a lot of luggage…

—She was still not at a stage to leave from here yet.

“I see, she’s going after Usato and trying to leave here.”


After opening the window, she put force onto her legs and jumped out. With Rose’s physical ability that far exceeded an ordinary person’s, she instantly moved in front of Felm who had been walking ahead all this time. Felm who had been slowly walking was petrified when she saw that Rose had suddenly appeared and couldn’t understand the situation…


“Well, just wait a moment.”

Felm ran away in the opposite direction once she regained her senses. However, Rose caught Felm by grabbing onto her clothes as expected and Felm dangled fruitlessly in the air.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Even if you apologize at this point, you know…”

Felm’s face went pale like never before as all the power in her arms and legs were drained of strength. It was understandable considering the abuse she received from Rose thus far. At the moment, Felm was being held by the collar by no other than an evil, hell-dwelling spirit known as Rose. Felm understood she would be beaten up right away if she took on her usual attitude right now.

“You were probably planning on following Usato and going to a different city…”

“Y-you’re wrong….”

“Which part is wrong? Huh!?”

As Felm let out a pitiable voice, Rose started walking with Felm in hand towards the lodgings. It wasn’t like Rose couldn’t let Usato take care of this fellow. It would be a great chance for Felm to learn more about humans and what is considered normal for them. But given the circumstances and Usato’s important mission, Rose had decided against it since she didn’t want Felm to get in the way.

“Either way, you would have been stopped by the gate guards. There’s no way you would get through.”

“…E-even I…”

“Huh? ‘Even I’ what?”

“I-it’s nothing…”

Felm had wanted to say something in objection but stopped halfway through. As Felm went silent, she also became dispirited and slumped her shoulders.

“Well then, I still have to give you your punishment for leaving without permission.”


Felm knew. She knew that she wouldn’t be forgiven even if she begged Rose. Felm had personally witnessed Usato getting beaten up without question by Rose. When she saw Rose for the first time on the battlefield, Felm just thought that she was scary. Now that Felm met Rose in person, Rose was an existence to be feared as she shivered in terror before her.

‘I’m going to hold a grudge against you for this… Usato.’

Felm had those thoughts against Usato who had left as she was dragged away into the hell called training.

Alek who had witnessed this scene from the window could only shake his head and think ‘just the usual’. From there, he went back to continue his own training.






Weren’t there too many people to greet me as I made my way to the gate? A lot of people had called out to me in loud voices as I was walked towards the gates. Before long, I could see a group with horses and the gate itself.

There were roughly around 10 or maybe more people? In that group, a young man had gotten off the carriage and waved his hand in my direction.


“Ah, Kazuki.”

I didn’t hear about the specifics of how we would be travelling but it seemed we would be riding in a horse-drawn carriage. Looking closely, I could see several lightly armored knights stationed around the carriage. They were probably arranged that way to protect the horses and the people riding them. In that group of knights, I could see Ark-san.

“Bluerin, you… Will you be alright riding this?”


There’s no way I’d be fine, is what Bluerin implied as he kept pounding on my legs.

“Why you… You’re really not holding back against me anymore.”

“You’re just too sturdy and tough, Usato.”


Bluerin nodded in agreement with Amako’s words which irritated me a little so I flicked his nose with my finger for the time being.

As I headed towards the carriage arranged for us, I called out to Ark-san.

“Good morning, Ark-san.”

“Good morning!”

After dismounting from his horse, Ark-san placed a fist on his chest as he returned my greeting. As I was thinking he was energetic as usual, he suddenly presented his hands before me.

“We will handle your belongings, Usato-dono. You should head towards your carriage in the front.”

“A-ah, thank you. As for Bluerin…?”

“I’m sorry to say so but he’ll be moving along with us instead.”

As expected. Well… I can’t imagine Bluerin getting onto the carriage. As I gave my luggage to Ark-san, Amako and I started walking to the front where our carriage was— As we were walking, Bluerin was scowling at me as he gave a ‘Gururuh’ sound and retrieved my belongings that I had placed on the ground.

“Don’t give too much trouble to Ark-san, okay?”


“What’s with that uncertain reply of yours…?”

…It should probably be fine. If anything happens, I just have to come outside and watch over him.

Bluerin handed over my belongings to a knight that was close by and I headed inside the carriage. There was enough room to fit about 10 people and it looked a little more modest on the inside than I had initially thought.

Paying closer attention to the surroundings, there was Inukami-senpai and Kazuki… There was also a woman with a white robe and long light blue hair, Welsey-san.

“Good morning, everyone.”

For now, I should greet everyone. Amako and I replied with our own greetings.

“It’s been a while since we’ve talked, Usato-sama.”

“Eeh, Welsey-san. You’re also coming on this journey?”

You really left quite the impression on me, after all.

Like when you suddenly took me by the hand when you found out about my magic attribute.

Or how scared you looked when you saw Rose.

“Yes, it would be too much to leave everything to just the heroes which is why I’ll do my best to help until we reach Luquis.”

“Is that so…?”

It’s not like I thought we would be the only emissaries being sent but Lloyd-sama was really generous to send a mage like Welsey-san who was really important to this Kingdom.

“As for me, I’m really glad to have someone like Welsey-san come with us.”

“No no no, I can’t contribute much with my amount of power.”

“Senpai and I learned magic from you, have more confidence in yourself teacher.”

The two of them had a lot of trust in Welsey from the looks of it. Maybe Welsey was similar to how Rose was like to me as my teacher… Although I would have preferred Welsey-san’s calming aura over Rose’s aura. After all, Rose’s aura was like a savage animal’s where just looking at her would cause me to tremble.

If I said this to her in person, there’s no doubt she would beat me senseless. As I was lost in my thoughts, Amako suddenly tugged on my uniform’s cuffs in silence. Amako showed an expression of worry and directed her gaze towards Welsey-san.

I could somewhat understand what her thoughts were and spoke to Amako.

“This person is alright. Rather, you should be more wary of Senpai.”


“Nnn? Just now, did you naturally treat me like some dangerous person…?”

Inukami-senpai didn’t seem content as she said so and showed a sour expression.

Ignore it, ignore it.

I let my back rest on the wall.. when the carriage suddenly shook and I could hear the wheel of carriage bumping into something.

“It might’ve been better to just walk..”

“That reminds me, Welsey-san. The letters..”

“I’m taking good care of them, don’t worry.”

Welsey-san opened a small rucksack and retrieved several sheets of paper.

“Suzune-sama and Kazuki-sama should have already been told this but these are the letters you’ll be sending. At the moment I’ll be taking care of them but I’ll hand over the letters to everyone once you go your separate ways. That’s why you don’t need to worry about these letters for now.”

“When we depart? We’re not sending a letter to Luquis?”

“For Luquis, I’ll be the one delivering the letter. Is what I’ve been told but I don’t mind if Suzune-sama and the rest want to come along.”

….In other words, Welsey-san would be setting up an example of how we should present the letters? If that’s the case, it would really help. It’s not like you could suddenly appear, deliver a letter to an important person, and be like ‘bye’.

Leaving aside Kazuki and Senpai who were in the student council in my former world, I wasn’t used to doing something like this at all which was why I was worried.

At least one of my worries had been resolved. Thinking so, I leaned back in relief as I looked outside from the window. I could only see  the green of the surrounding trees. I was still used to the scenery before me but after a few hours, I’ll be able to witness ones I haven’t seen.

The beginning of a journey— A new place.

It would be a great adventure with a dangerous road full of the unknown.

For better or worse, I had become accustomed to this world. I didn’t know what would happen beyond this point and I could only absentmindedly dwell on the possibilities.

Author: It’s the beginning of the Luquis arc.
Felm will be staying at home. As expected, someone who was treated as a prisoner recently can’t just simply go along with everyone. Instead of travelling along with Usato, Felm will be entrusted with Rose.


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    • Probably with some form of Stockholm syndrome as well. I can imagine Felm crying and hiding behind Usato from Rose when he returns.

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    • If i were Usato, coming back and see Felm sit in the corner with empty eyes, i probably will take her to my room by instinct (i can’t resist empty eyes look XD)


  1. Thank you for the update. I feel sprry for Felm – although her blaming Usato for everything makes me feel less sorry for her 😅


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    It will be interesting to see how Felm adjusts.


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