Chiyu Mahou Chapter 49 Part 1

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Though I felt uneasy during this trip, it only took a week for us to reach our destination by carriage. Thanks to Amako’s foresight, we were able to reach Luquis without much trouble. We still ran into monsters but according to Welsey-san, our encounter ratio for this trip was considered very low.

Well, Bluerin was also here and acted as something similar to a deterrent to the monsters but it didn’t change the fact that Amako’s magic was amazing.

After a few encounters along the way, we finally arrived at Luquis’ gate. I was inside the carriage and looked at the impressive gate throughout the window.

“It’s pretty…”

Lyngle’s gate gave off the impression of being solid and old. Luquis’ gate was black and decorated with ornaments of various colors. It looked gorgeous.

There was also something like a magic circle engraved onto this gate.. it was possible this wasn’t just an ordinary gate. I might be overthinking it though…

“It feels like a school.”

“Although it’s completely different from the kind of school we know.”

“Well, of course.”

I nodded in agreement at Kazuki’s words as he also looked out the window.

Welsey-san was talking with the guards at the moment but I should mentally prepare myself for when we do enter. We were in a sense representing Lyngle Kingdom so we had to be careful and act in a way that wouldn’t degrade Lyngle’s reputation.

“Senpai, please pay attention to your surroundings. You definitely can’t start an argument or cause trouble for others, okay?”

“You know… I was a former student council president who honored the rules, don’t treat me like someone who randomly attacks people on the streets… It seems you can’t trust me even this much?”

“I’m saying this because you’re the former student council president.”

Senpai had a strong sense of justice and she would definitely jump out to help a student if they looked like they were being falsely prosecuted.

But I did find this trait of hers to be praiseworthy.

“Amako, you’ll be putting on my coat right? Try your best to not move your tail.”

“It’s alright, I’m used to it.”

I put an overcoat that was similar in color to my uniform over Amako. She’ll be waiting inside the carriage while the rest of us along with Ark-san’s group headed towards the castle. It was an important mission so it felt more reassuring to be in their company.

Our group consisted of Welsey-san, Kazuki, Senpai, and me.

“I’ve received permission. Well then, we’ll be entering Luquis now!”

Welsey-san’s energetic voice came from outside and the carriage started to move. At the same time, the gate opened and revealed what was happening within.

The the buildings and shops stood in rows.

There were buildings of different sizes everywhere but they only emphasized the clear and noble atmosphere permeating the school dyed in white. What was with this? This school wasn’t just some common building but rather it reminded me of the Western architecture I would often see in my former world.

It was possible that I was basing my standards on the impressions I got from Lyngle Kingdom. There was a straight path alongside a row of buildings that led straight to the school.

In Lyngle Kingdom, stalls were also more commonplace. It seemed that the business here for these stylish and robe-like uniforms were good. Almost everyone on the streets wore the same thing and their ages weren’t too far apart either.

It was a strange sight. The amount of adults present here at the moment could be counted on one hand.

“This is.. the magic city…”

Honestly, I didn’t think there would be a place like this for students to live so freely. I heard it was a school so I was thinking it’d be more regulated… This would be more like a university back at home rather than the high school I attended.

“As expected, we can’t just take this carriage and ride it down this street. We’ll be walking from here.”

“Ah, yes… What about Bluerin?”

“The Blue Grizzly? It’ll be at the stables with the other horses. It would draw too much attention, after all.”

I see. I was a little scared that I would have to take him into the city. I can’t imagine what might happen so I was glad. Feeling relieved, we got off the carriage as Welsey-san had instructed. As for our belongings… They were still stored on the carriage so it should be fine. I heard there would be knights standing watch so I didn’t need to worry about anything being stolen.

“Even so…”

It felt like I was getting some unpleasant stares.

We had just entered through the gate but I could already see lots of students. Everyone was wearing a dark-colored robe… Or rather, I should say there wasn’t any other kind of clothing. Since I was wearing a white uniform, I felt like I stuck out…


“What’s wrong? Usato…”

“No, it’s just…”

Inside the crowd of students, there was a boy glaring at me. It was the kind of glare you would give to a parent you didn’t like. The robe of the boy who was glaring at me seemed to be dirty with soot.

Nevertheless, a glare like this was an everyday occurrence for me. Not to mention the fact that this kind of glare didn’t feel threatening at all… I made eye contact with the other party and they seemed startled as their body trembled. After a few moments, they ran away.

“Kazuki, could it be that my.. eyes are scary?”

In response, Kazuki took a moment before replying “Rather than scary, your eyes give off a very chivalrous-like feeling.”

I felt that ‘chivalrous’ was far from what it really was but I was still a bit happy that Kazuki said so.

“Chivalrous, huh. I see myself as someone timid, so praising me like that… I feel moved…”

Amako who was next to me muttered, “……During the times when he’s scary, he’s really scary though.” But I pretended to not hear a thing. I definitely heard nothing.

The compliment moved me from the bottom of my heart as Welsey-san led us on the main street and pointed to the opposite side. Following her finger, I could see the largest structure in this city.

“That’s where our goal is and it’s not that far. The knights will please standby here. We’ll be handing over the letter.. Well then, please follow me.”

“Yes. Well, I’ll leave Bluerin to you, Amako.”

“I’m not particularly worried but do be careful.”

It’d be nice if you could show a little concern… No, these were Amako’s words. They wouldn’t mean much if someone else said them but since Amako was the one saying it, these words showed how much she trusted me and was probably her way of encouraging me.

While persuading myself like this, the knights seeing us off bowed towards us for some time before we followed Welsey-san on the main street.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Well, Bluerin was also here and acted as something similar to a detergent to the monsters but it didn’t change the fact that Amako’s magic was amazing.

    Don’t you mean “deterrent” instead of “detergent”? Unless Blurin is cleaning out the monsters that is.

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