Chiyu Mahou Chapter 50 Part 1

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She’s carefully examining us.

Those were my thoughts the moment I made eye contact with the woman in front of me.

The woman had a neutral expression as she gently addressed Halfa-san who still stood at the door behind us,

“Good work, Halfa.”

“Yes. Then, I will excuse myself.”

After Halfa-san bowed and left the room, my attention returned to this woman known as the Principal… I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I was just curious. I wasn’t the only one that was curious. Inukami-senpai and Kazuki were also focused on her.

The cheerful grin on the Principal’s face seemed mischevious, yet strangely comforting.Welsey-san then stepped forward and spoke in a familiar tone,

“I’m truly sorry for the abrupt visit. It’s been a while, Principal Gladis.”

“It really has been a while. I’m happy to see you again, Welsey. I wonder if you could introduce me to the children behind you.”

“Of course. Then, everyone…”

Were these two acquaintances? Well, Welsey-san was a magic expert so it might’ve been strange for her to have no relation at all with a school that helps cultivate magic. The three of us introduced ourselves in turn.

“I’m Inukami Suzune, it’s an honor to meet you.”

“I’m Ryuusen Kazuki.”

“I’m Usato Ken.”

“….These children are overflowing with talent. My name is Aiela Gladis, Luquis has been entrusted to me and is under my care.”

Aiela Gladis-san nodded in admiration towards us during her introduction.

Not only was she the principal of this school but she also governed Luquis. It was an amazing feat considering how young she was… She looked only slightly older than Rose.

“Now then, you didn’t come here just to greet me right?”

“Naturally. We came here today to discuss the crisis approaching this continent…”

Welsey-san retrieved a letter from her bosom and carefully handed it over to Gladis-san.

She opened it and silently read it.

I forgot to consider this until now but, this was a school and a place for learning… Although the contents of the letter didn’t explicitly request that students fight, we were still asking for their cooperation and assistance. I wonder if Gladis-san would disagree with that. If she thought this letter was requesting for something like conscription, it would be difficult to explain…


After a period of silence, the letter in Gladis-san’s hand shook… She sighed lightly, stood up from her chair and left the letter on her desk.

“I see, the Maou army… But I heard that you were victorious in the recent battle?”

“It was a battle that we were supposed to lose. We won only due to the heroes and this healing user. It was also due to the efforts of one more person…”

One more person… She probably meant Amako. If it wasn’t for her, it would’ve been really bad. I really was walking on a dangerous tightrope.

“Haah… To think that Lloyd would send the two heroes over here… He did so because he wanted to express how serious he is, right?”

“Yes, he realized that just sending a letters would have no meaning.”

“He really is absurd. Well, that’s one of his good points.”

Gladis-san seemed to be at a loss as she folded her arms and took another look at Kazuki and Inukami-senpai.

“I can tell that they’re the heroes just from looking at them. They’re exceptional, as expected of the ones that were selected among many from a different world. Additionally… There’s one more young man. Judging at his uniform, he’s part of her unit…?”

She was puzzled as she looked at me. I felt like I was out of place here. That was natural since Inukami-senpai and Kazuki had the qualities of a hero. I had healing magic and the differences in our magic power were overwhelming. Halfa-san probably saw that clearly when he looked at us.

“He’s a healing magician just like Rose and was summoned from the same world as the heroes. That’s why he is present here.”

Was Welsey-san worried about what Gladis-san might say? Welsey-san seemed to support my participation as she explained my identity. Gladis-san stared at me in wonder as she listened to the explanation.

“I thought so, but to think it really is the same white uniform as hers… I see. You really can’t judge a person by their appearance.”

….Wait a moment.

It seems like you know who Rose is, but this felt unfair.  Unlike her appearance, Rose is a perverted and sadistic person whose eyebrow wouldn’t even flinch at someone suffering. Yet not judging me by my appearance… Actually, how I looked on the outside is exactly what I am. Did she think I’m like Rose?

I felt discontented by her misunderstanding…

Gladis-san had a troubled expression and knit her brows as she continued,

“Could you wait a bit before I give a reply? As expected, I can’t just decide on my own for something as big as this… I need time to discuss it. Or are you short on time for your journey?”

“No, we’re not. In the end, we’re not the ones deciding so we’ll stay here and wait for your official decision.”

“Then we will arrange housing for your group. You’re all guests so it’s proper manners.”

“Thank you for your kindness.”

….The conversation went a lot smoother than I expected. We even had our housing arranged for us. If the letters I deliver are received with the same good will, then it’ll be….… Yeah, it won’t. The last place I would go to isn’t very welcoming to humans after all.

“For now, we just have to wait.”

“Yeah, there’s not much else to do.”

I felt relieved as I whispered back to Kazuki. It would take some time but it seemed to be alright. On top of that, we were even given a place to stay. I was feeling a bit tired now too, I didn’t notice how nervous I was until now.

Gladis-san held a jewel in her hand and muttered something to it. In the next instant, Halfa-san entered the room and greeted us again.

“Well then… Halfa. Can you guide them to their lodgings?”

“Leave it to me. Then, everyone follow me.”

Halfa-san bowed as he answered and turned around to lead the way. His grey ashen hair, which extended to his shoulders, shook under his light steps as he urged us towards the door. We followed Halfa-san’s example and bowed towards Gladis-san. As we were about to turn around, Gladis smiled at us. She seemed to have thought of something.

“Ah, that’s right, while we’re making the decision… If it’s alright with everyone, how about observing some of the lessons here at our school? Individuals such as yourselves possessing excellent powers would be a good stimulus to the students here. Of course, I don’t mind if you refuse.”

Ah, that kind of proposal was right in the strike zone of a certain someone—

“Is it really okay!?”


Just as I had thought, Senpai took the bite immediately. She was excited and delighted while Kazuki and I forced a smile. Gladis-san was surprised by Senpai’s response.

“Hey there, settle down Senpai… Sorry, she’s a person who can’t hold herself back. Along the way here, she caused many… many… problems….”

“Ah, h-hey! Let go of me Usato-kun! S-so rough… Are you someone who likes doing it forcefully…!?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Seizing Inukami-senpai’s arm, I drew her closer to me as I dragged her away. It was the usual occurrence where she was just joking around so there was no reason to think too deeply about it. If we stayed any longer here, she’ll expose her true character in front of Gladis-san. It was better to let Gladis-san’s first impression of Senpai remain that of a courteous person.

“Well, we’ll be on our way.”

I said as I pulled on Inukami-senpai’s arm. I dragged her with me as Halfa-san led us to our rooms.

….Kazuki and Welsey-san’s expressions looked like they witnessed something amazing. Was it my imagination? I was only pulling Senpai out due to my instinct and sincerity after all.



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  1. … he should just marry her… he saves the world from her… he get’s a sexy girl… she’d be an extra bodyguard, and he’d be her leash….

    see… everyone wins…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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    • I sort of agree with you and then again… not. I would feel so sorry for him if he ended up with her.


      • She’s sexy, willing to do naughty things, works hard, won’t betray him and can follow him around. Her only flaw is that he can’t trust her to not get herself lost or thrown into jail for her love of loli….

        But he’ll look out for her even if he doesn’t marry her…. So he’d just lose out if he doesn’t marry her.


  2. He doesn’t get it, does he?

    He’s a healer, who are universally considered wimps.
    He’s just successfully manhandled a Summoned Hero.
    Of course everyone thinks they’ve witnessed something amazing!

    He doesn’t think anything of it, because she’s a Childhood Friend.

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    • They weren’t childhood friends though?

      Anyway it totally looks like them flirting, aside from the ease in which he handles her

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  3. Thanks for the chapter
    Well, of course they’d be surprised… a “weak” healing magician easily handles a summoned hero (even if she specializes in magic, she’s still a hero)…

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