Chiyu Mahou Chapter 50 Part 2

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Halfa-san led us to an inn near the school.

The lodgings for the knights in our group had been taken into consideration as well, according to Halfa-san.

I felt relieved knowing that Ark-san and the other knights would be able to get a good night’s rest… They protected us during this journey after all.

Although we were given time to rest, I still continued my healing magic training. While doing this type of training didn’t involve any physical activity, it still caused fatigue. I really hope to use these few days to rest both my body and mind.

Since I now knew where we would be staying, I should move on to the next most important objective.

It was important to carry my belongings but granting Amako’s request comes first. Seeing the figures of Inukami-senpai and Kazuki entering the inn, I called out to Welsey-san who was also entering the same inn as us.

“Welsey-san, I’ll inform Ark-san and the rest of this place. Additionally… Thank you very much for your help today.”

I had to meet with Amako’s friend, I couldn’t ignore this matter. While I was thinking this, Welsey-san laughed awkwardly and scratched her cheek… I wonder. Why does it seem like she was showing an apologetic expression to me?

“I didn’t really do much, it was nothing. Compared to you, Usato-sama, you had to deal with something much more troublesome…”

“If it’s about me, I’m fine. Besides, I decided on my own to take on such a troublesome task. It could also be seen as my way of repaying the kindness that Lyngle Kingdom has given me.”

“….Suzune-sama and Kazuki-sama have also said something similar…”

While still looking apologetic, she said these words and realized that her worries were unfounded. The three of us had already reached a conclusion regarding  the initial summoning. Kazuki, Inukami-senpai, and I didn’t resent anyone in the Kingdom. They were under desperate conditions and had to use the hero summoning. I’ve slowly come to understand their circumstances over time.

“I’m really glad to have been able to meet you and many other people. I was also able to get along extremely well with a nice person like Kazuki and a pretty person like Inukami-senpai. As far as I’m concerned, that’s more than enough.”

“That’s.. something that wouldn’t be good to say in front of Suzune-sama, right?”

“That’s right. That’s why this conversation is a secret.”

“Fufufu, I understand.”

Welsey-san’s tone was much lighter than before and her stiff smile had also relaxed. I’m glad she was energetic again but I really hope she wouldn’t say anything to Senpai. My previous statement about her sounded so conceited for someone like me. It was like I was some kind of playboy.

“T-then… I’ll be going.”

“Yes, take care.”

Despite how I acted so confidently in front of Welsey-san in the beginning, I left in such a pitiable and cowardly state. I immediately turned away from Welsey-san as I would die of embarrassment if she noticed anything. It really didn’t suit my character at all.

Exiting the inn, I returned to the streets, my face still feeling a little hot.

It was getting closer to evening now so the avenues were somewhat less crowded than the daytime even though I was walking on the main street.


On the other end of an alleyway, there stood a group of people in robes. Within this group of people, a young boy glared at me.

While I couldn’t completely read his expression, I could tell it wasn’t a trivial matter.


….I was curious about the boy and got closer to take a peek. The alley  led to a park with a plaza. The robed people from before were displaying their magic and laughing like children. Other than the boy who was expressionlessly looking at the magic on display, nothing was out of the ordinary.

Except for the presence of magic, it was a normal park.

“….Is it just my imagination?”

I thought the boy was being bullied, but it looks like I was just overthinking it. I might’ve been still been on guard because of that beast girl who had attacked me.

Since it looked like I had no business here, I returned to the previous street and walked towards the gate.

….The boy from before had soot all over his robes unlike the others. The other kids seemed to be around Amako’s age and their robes were clean and tidy. That was all I really saw, I wonder why I felt curious.

Something about the situation felt off.

….No, it was probably a bad idea to enter a situation and handle it poorly. That boy was glaring at me with resentment after all. I didn’t want to be entangled with something strange and I already had my hands full with Rose.


I arrived at the gate.

The carriage was in a stable and I could see Ark-san and Amako near it. I was relieved to see that Bluerin was behaving himself. I waved at them to get their attention.


Ark-san noticed and waved back.

….I should summarize today’s events and tell them to Ark-san.


“———I see, an inn in front the school. I’m familiar with that place.”

Surprisingly, I didn’t need to explain much.

We were able to smoothly deliver the letter but the response would take some time, which is why it was decided that everyone would be staying at the inn.

While I explained the location to Amako, Ark-san folded his arms in thought and then laughed after a few moments.

“If it’s about us, you don’t need to worry at all. I’m familiar with the inn that Usato-dono described. You don’t need to guide us there. You should go ahead and take Amako to meet their friend. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen your friend, right? I bet you want to see them as soon as possible.”

“Ark-san… Amako, you should thank Ark-san.”

“Thank you… Ark… san.”

Amako, you could also call my name with a –san attached to it… I don’t mind, you know?

If you think about it, I’m older than you.

As I was thinking to whisper my thoughts to Amako, she faced me and spoke out first.

“Calling Usato with a –san attached feels somewhat embarrassing.”

“Hey, just what do you mean by that?”

She could say that  because of her foresight abilities, but did she say it because she was sensitive towards this kind of thing? Or did she say it because it would be unpleasant to call me with a –san? I really wish you would make it clear for me.

….Wait, I needed to calm down before my line of thinking start becoming similar to Senpai’s. I had something important to do right now. I would be going with Amako to meet with her friend.

“Fufu, you two can go and leave us to stand watch here. I’ll inform you if we get a reply for the letter. You can also leave Bluerin to us.”

“Really… I don’t know how to thank you for everything. Then I’ll accept your offer, Ark-san. Let’s go, Amako.”

“Yeah. Then, this way.”

As expected, Ark-san was someone you could rely on. Only capable people like him would be able to say these words.

Bidding farewell to Ark-san, Amako led me through the streets and crowd by hand. Amako seemed to be in a good mood. I could tell since her tail, hidden as it was under the white coat, was swaying from side to side.

…However, I still had to tell Amako about what happened. Of course, I was referring to her beast kin friend who had attacked me this morning.

“Ah, Amako. Before we head to your friend’s place, I need to tell you something.”

“Her home is just nearby, we’ll reach it soon. I want to hurry and introduce you to her.”

“No, that’s…”

Was Amako that happy? Even if I tried to stop her, I don’t think I would be able to. What should I do? My first impression was the worst. If the person I would be meeting was the same person who had punched me in the day time… She might just attack me the moment we meet.

While I was endlessly thinking of what to do, Amako who still led me by the hand had stopped. Before I knew it, the path we were on had become quite dark.


I saw a crumbling building with faint light leaking from the windows. The house seemed stable enough that it wouldn’t collapse at a moment’s notice, but when it was coupled with the dark atmosphere it gave off, I couldn’t help but feel that this house was ominous. I guess I could describe it as one of those western buildings I would see in Japan being converted into a haunted house.

It made me wonder if someone really lived here.

“For people like us, it’s more convenient to live in places like this.”

“Ah, I see.”

As one would expect, nobody would think about coming here to this gloomy and eerie place. It was sort of like a forbidden area.

…However, it was bad for me at the moment, in various ways, to meet this person in a desolate place.

After all, she went all-out against me despite the fact it was day time in front of so many people. I can’t imagine what she would do without any spectators.

“….Amako, I don’t want to disturb your reunion with your friend. I think it would be a better idea for us not to meet yet. I would be satisfied at just being able to see you happy.”

“What are you saying? Usato, you’re going to meet her too… Don’t make excuses… I don’t mind Usato coming along with me… You won’t get in the way… You’re being weird Usato, are you hiding something from me?”

“…You easily destroyed my attempt at a natural conversation to a surprising degree. I’ve already conveyed everything I wanted to say on this topic.”

I understood I would be meeting her friend just from this conversation. Forget it, I wouldn’t try to talk my way out of this as it was an everyday occurrence. Aah, Amako would have a response no matter what I would say as she could just foresight it. It made me realized once again that I wouldn’t be able to win an argument in this lifetime with this girl as my opponent.

Being able to see the future was just way too convenient. If I had foresight magic, Rose would… Impossible, my body wouldn’t be able to react in time.

“Haah, I get it. I’ll tell you…”

I told Amako about what happened today.

When I described that person’s ears and hair, Amako confirmed that it was the person I was about to meet. When I told Amako that I stopped her friend’s punch, she moved away from me.

Just how many more times was she going to draw away from me?

“I understand the situation. Usato should stay behind me, I’ll clear up the misunderstanding.”

“I’ve really placed my troubles on a girl who is younger than me…”

I sighed and walked with Amako towards the old house. She knocked on the door.

….However, there was no response— But the moment I thought that, the door in front of Amako burst open and something flew towards me.

…Eh? What was coming towards me—

“You tailed me all the way back here!? You monster——!!”

“Ah… I see now…”

The moment that the door in front of Amako opened, someone with a broom commenced their attack on me. It was a familiar voice. Seeing her swing her broom down towards me, I dejectedly coated my body in healing magic.


The door near Amako was kicked open and a beast girl came out with a broom. The beast girl’s long, slitted eyes were filled with anger and it didn’t seem like she would listen to anything I had to say. This situation was just like this morning except that she now had a broom to swing at me. I see, Amako foresaw this and dodged to the side. Yup, this is dangerous. I really wish you would help me out and say something.


I dodged the downward swing from the broom and distanced myself from her. My opponent seemed very tense. She huffed like an infuriated predator, then charged forward with her broom.

“I don’t know what kind of monster you are but… I won’t let you put your hands on my friends here!”

“Wait, let’s correct something first. I’m a human. If I keep being called a monster like this, even I’ll think that I’m some kind of monster. I don’t really want that.”

“You can regenerate your own injuries! If you’re not an ogre, what else could you be!? You’re telling me you’re a human!? Don’t take me for a fool! Even I can differentiate between a monster and a person!”

“….You’ve really said it now. Something that shouldn’t be said. Calling someone an ogre is something you absolutely shouldn’t say to a person, you know? It would cause quite a lot of problems if it wasn’t me, you know?”

Someone who could regenerate themselves had to be an ogre. As expected, even I would be annoyed at a statement like that.

Amako, hurry and resolve the misunderstanding… Why were you standing still in fear? There’s a fearsome beast girl right in front of me but why are you stepping back away from me? Even though I’m extremely calm right now? The calmest I’ve ever been.

Looking at the current situation, it looked like I couldn’t depend on Amako. Even so, I doubt I could convince this enraged beast girl in front of me right now about Amako. It might just add more fuel to the fire. Then from this situation, it looks like I’ll have to do something by myself…

“There’s no helping it. I guess I have to make it so you’ll listen to what I have to say…”

I felt the thin healing magic around my body and focused my magic around my fist. Secret, healing punch. It wouldn’t leave you with any injuries so it was a punch filled with kindness. I’ll use this punch to make you settle down so you’ll listen what I have to say.

A technique that could render the other party powerless and prevent future trouble. It was a wonderful technique and the most suitable for me.



My opponent stood still and just observed. We couldn’t stay in a deadlock like this forever. I’ll aim for that broom first. I’ll destroy the broom and then go for her body.

“Here I go…”

I closed the distance in an instant by taking a step forward with all my strength. Appearing before the girl’s eyes in one breath, I threw out my magic-coated fist—

“Usato, stop!”


Amako forced her way through and appeared in front of me. Being surprised at the sudden appearance of Amako, I forced my legs to stop like hitting a brake. Amako put out her palm in front of me and indicated me to stop.

“You can’t do that, Usato.”

“No… I just thought I’d make her more submissive first or something like that…”

“Even if you can heal her injuries, you’ll leave scars in her heart.”

I wonder what Amako meant by that. I don’t think I would give her a trauma nor did I have the intention of doing so.

“…The fact that you’re not self-conscious about it is what makes it truly scary.”


“It’s nothing. Just leave the rest to me.”

…..Well, Amako intervened, so I should just leave it to her. Thanks to Amako forcing her way through, it seemed that the other beast girl had finally calmed down.

“…T-that voice… Is it A-Amako’s…?”

“Long time no see, Kiriha.”

As Amako called out to her, she slowly took off the coat’s hood.

Amako exposed her golden hair and triangular fox ears before the beast girl called Kiriha. Amako looked at me and then spoke reassuring words to Kiriha,

“This person isn’t an enemy… Also, he’s more or less.. a human.”

…………Hey, more or less? What do you mean by that?


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