Chiyu Mahou Chapter 51 Part 1

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“Sorry! It was my misunderstanding!”

The misunderstanding with the girl called Kiriha had finally been cleared up. That was great and all but the problem came afterwards… Once Kiriha learned that I might be able to save Amako’s mother, she started to blame herself even more.

I had to move away from her because of how long she was blaming herself.

Kiriha was kneeling down on the ground before me at the moment but that didn’t make me any less uncomfortable. I was a little surprised people in this world also bowed down to someone to apologize.

“It’s okay, Usato doesn’t mind. He’s a little awkward but he’s a nice person.”

“But… I did a lot of violent things to him…”

“Leaving the ‘awkward’ part aside, it’s just like Amako said, I don’t mind. You have your own circumstances too. And look, I’m uninjured.”

I squatted down and presented my hand to Kiriha who was still prostrated. It was the hand she injured this morning. The wounds were cured in a flash with magic and my hand didn’t have a single scratch on it. Kiriha looked up and took my hand to carefully examine it. After a few moments, she spoke in astonishment,

“I’m convinced since I know you used healing magic but… To think a genuine healer could do this much honestly amazes me… There are no traces of your injury too.”

“Do you know someone else that can use healing magic?”

“I know one other person but they don’t use it.”

They don’t use it… The fact that they were able to study here without using it is really something. If possible, I wanted to ask more about this topic but Kiriha had finally raised her head. I’ll find another chance to ask about it.

We didn’t come here to receive an apology. It was to let Amako meet her friend. That was why I wasn’t really bothered by the fact that I was attacked by Kiriha. It was trivial in comparison.

“I said it before, but I really don’t mind. I have a general understanding of how people view the beast kin here. That’s why I don’t blame you for misunderstanding the situation and thinking that I was trying to capture you. It was also partly my fault because of how I acted so we’re even.”

I really overdid it this time.

There was no need to receive that fist of hers; I should have tried to persuade her more with words. I guess I couldn’t help but want to test how much I had grown from my training.

I’m too immature and inexperienced. I still had a long way to go just like Rose had said.

“Ha-haha… What a strange person. I was shivering in fear because of what you might demand from me. As expected of the person Amako brought along with her, I should say. Really… Such a strange human.”

“There’s no way my eyes would be mistaken about his character.”

“I agree with that… There’s no way Amako’s eyes could be wrong.”

Kiriha laughed at my words and finally got off the ground while patting the dust off her tail.

Since Kiriha had just come out from her house, she was wearing some plain and simple clothes instead of the robe that she wore this morning. It was probably to conceal her ears and her tail.

…Most of her tail was white in color with a light brown tip. It didn’t resemble a fox or a dog tail… I wonder what type of beast she is. She reminds me a bit of the Japanese youkai, Kamaitachi, so maybe she’s part of the weasel family? It’s possible. Either way, she’s definitely someone I couldn’t introduce to Inukami-senpai.

“Usato, it’s not polite to keep looking at her like that.”

“Hahaha, sorry sorry.”

“Really, you’re quite a strange human. When other humans see my appearance, they immediately look at me with scorn. You don’t do that.”

I wasn’t someone from this world after all.

Besides, I was one of the people that found animal ears to be cute. I doubt many people from my world would hate them.

Let’s leave those worthless thoughts of mine aside for now… I just noticed that Kiriha had presented her hand in front of me. When I made eye contact with her, she blushed.

Amako seemed to be urging me from the side… Were we just shaking hands?

While feeling a little embarrassed, I lightly took a hold of her hand.

“….Umm.. Yeah, I didn’t get to introduce myself yet. I’m Kiriha. I’m attending the senior classes here at school.”

“I’m Usato, a healing magician of the Rescue Squad in Lyngle Kingdom. Well, I guess this is sort of like a handshake to make up with each other.”

With this, it looks like Amako and Kiriha would finally have a chance to talk with each other.

“Ah, this won’t do. I was in the middle of making dinner. The people who headed out will be returning home soon… If you would like, how about staying here to eat? I still want to apologize for what I did.”

—Or at least I thought so until Kiriha directed the conversation towards me again.

“Dinner, huh…”

It was still a little early, plus they might have something prepared for me back at the inn… It might be awkward to eat with the people who live here too. It seemed like a better idea to leave Amako alone here to talk with her friend.

“Erm… T— Nn?”

As I was about to reject Kiriha’s offer, Amako pulled on the sleeve of my uniform. She looked up and our eyes met. Although her face was expressionless, she made a humble request.

“Usato, you should eat too?”


“…..I guess I have no choice…”

Amako really knew how to handle me.

Salra-san left me with the responsibility of looking after her… I probably didn’t want Amako to feel lonely in any way.

Kiriha was already energetically talking about preparing my portion of the meal once she saw my exchange with Amako. Since it had come to this, I didn’t really have much choice…

“You don’t have to mind the people living here. Come now, while I can’t call it a luxurious meal, I have some confidence in my skills so you’ll be in for a treat.”

While opening the door that had been kicked open, Kiriha urged us to come inside. Amako and I walked towards the entrance and looked inside.

——The inside was similar to the housing in the Rescue Squad. It wasn’t that spacious but there was a table that could seat about 10 people. I could also see stairs that led to the second floor.

“It’s… a nice place.”

“Is that sarcasm? Or do you really think so?”

“I live in a similar place in Lyngle Kingdom. I really think it’s a nice place. I feel really comfortable here.”

I wonder how Felm was doing? Was she energetic? Was she eating regularly? She was probably skipping out on training and getting beaten up by Rose but she was still my Kouhai. I should at least wish for her well-being in my mind. Yeah, in my mind.

“Are you spacing out? ….Let’s quickly go inside?”

“Nn… Aah, sorry.”



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