Chiyu Mahou Chapter 53

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Senpai basically dragged us all the way to the school’s entrance by hand.

We looked around the school near the entrance and noticed Halfa-san coming out. We started walking towards him and I initiated the conversation,

“Hello, Halfa-san. We haven’t seen each other since yesterday.”

“Good morning, Usato-san. I heard you stayed somewhere else yesterday, were you alright?”

“I’m alright….. More or less.”


It’s not like I could tell him that the house’s owner attacked me.

Halfa-san tilted his head to the side in puzzlement but it lasted only for a few moments. He wryly smiled and replied,

“Well… If you’re fine, then that’s all that matters. In any case, it looks like Inukami-san is really looking forward to this so let’s not delay any longer. I’ll be your guide, please follow me.”

Fortunately, Halfa-san didn’t continue to question me. We followed Halfa-san as he led us into the school.

We passed by the plaza that I saw yesterday but there weren’t any students in sight.

They were probably attending classes around this time.

“Classes, huh. I wonder what they’re learning.” I thought out loud.

“I mean, they’re most likely taking practical classes for using magic, right?” mused Kazuki.

“That’s just one of the many things the students learn here.” Halfa answered. “Students can also study different martial arts. When they graduate, there are many paths for them to take. Some of them become adventurers, knights, scholars… This is why we provide them an opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects.”

It really felt more like a University than a High School here…

For the job I want, I would take classes related to that profession. It was a little amazing how similar the system here was to my former world.

We walked around the school for several minutes, making small talk as we went. We then reached a door which seemed to be an entrance to a room. On top of the door was a plate that had characters from this world engraved on it. Halfa-san paused for a moment before turning around and saying,

“Inside this room, the classes for the Foundations of Magic are being held. When you first take lessons in magic here, almost everyone starts with this course. Naturally, I have taken this class too.”

“Foundations of Magic… I’m curious to see how it differs from the lessons that Senpai and I received from Welsey-san.”

How did I learn about magic again? I don’t think I can remember anything other than running… If I recall, Rose said this during our magic sessions, “While you’re running, feel the flow of magic.”

Thinking back to it, I still don’t know and understand how to really use magic.

“However, it’s unfortunate… This isn’t our destination, we’ll be observing the class I’m in.”


“Yes. Today, my class just happens to be having some practical lessons for magic. The three of you can observe from the side or you could even participate in them if you would like.”

“Is it really okay for us to participate? We might get in the way, you know?”

“We’ve received permission from the Principal so there’s no problem.”

I think it would be fine for Kazuki and Inukami-senpai to participate, but it’s impossible for me. After all, a practical session for magic meant that they would be practicing their offensive capabilities for magic. I have healing magic. I could restore but I couldn’t destroy.

If we were talking about physical attacks though, I did have some offensive capability in that regard. I could punch and kick but that wasn’t really magic. It was just violence.

“Usato-san, you won’t be participating?” Halfa asked.

“I’m… You know, have healing magic. Even if I go, it would be meaningless.”

“I see… That’s unfortunate.”

Why did you look so disappointed? It was obvious from just looking at you… Now you’re making me strangely guilty for no reason.

Just what are you expecting from a healing magician like me… I’m not much, I’m just a magician who can only run, punch, and heal.

“It seems like the time has come for you to display your true strength… Usato-kun.” Inukami said, both proud and elated.

As usual, her words and conduct towards me lacked any common sense. In a certain way, it made me feel relieved.

“Like I’m saying, I can’t use magic like Senpai and Kazuki. If you’re talking about what I can do, then I could punch or kick…”

“…But I think that punch and kick of yours is a little too destructive…”

Just now, I thought I heard Senpai mumble something but I didn’t really catch it.

….No, I actually heard it. Even I know how to hold back. I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear it.

Still, no matter how I see it… I was using a physical attack and not a magic attack. I didn’t really want to show it to people who were using magic properly.

“Hm, we’ve taken a bit too much time talking here. Let’s hurry and advance to our destination.”

Halfa-san appeared reluctant to leave, but led the way once more.

Yeah, I don’t really know why he looked disappointed when I said I wasn’t participating. After all, it was definitely better for both the heroes, Kazuki and Inukami-senpai, to participate.

Perhaps, there was a reason for why he wanted me to participate…?

“I’m probably overthinking it…”

There was no merit in having me take part.

“Was I too self-conscious?”

I muttered quietly and wryly smiled before catching up to Kazuki and Senpai who were following Halfa-san.


We walked through a tidy passageway and entered a large open space.

From here, we could finally see the ‘class’ that was taking place.

Unlike when we first witnessed students casually using magic in the plaza, the students here purposely aimed their magic at other students.



The first thing that caught my eye was a boy who launched a fireball from his hand. The girl who was his practice partner blocked the fireball by forming an earthen wall as she placed her hand on the ground. Sparks flew everywhere as the fireball slammed against the wall. The girl then made several baseball-sized stones and fired them at the boy.

Whether it was the amount of spirit everyone was exhibiting or anything else… It was completely different than what I saw yesterday at the plaza.


“Senpai, I get that you’re happy and all but… Please stop beating on me.”

A Senpai like this was already troublesome.

It’s reached a point where she’s so troublesome that I don’t even need to think of what she’s doing that’s troublesome.

Senpai seemed to be in really good spirits at the moment. When she took a look at my face, she couldn’t hold in her excitement and started shaking my shoulders. Honestly, no one could match her when it came to making trouble.

“Kazuki, do something about this Senpai…”

“Hahaha, impossible. Do your best.”

You didn’t need to laugh while saying it. You look like you’re enjoying this…

Kazuki abandoned me and Senpai’s excitement was wearing me out. Halfa-san who guided us all this way turned to us and said,

“This is the class I’m in. However, we’re doing some combination training with the juniors today. So it’s not like everyone here is my classmate.”

“Juniors? …Now that you mention it, there are students who are a bit shorter…”

It seemed to be true. Looking closely, there were senior students who looked 3 years apart from the junior students observing from the sidelines.


I could see a familiar face practicing their magic at the edge. That’s… Kyou and Kiriha? They’re in the same class as Halfa-san?

Kiriha was repeatedly thrusting with her palm and shooting wind that minced the target in front of her. Kyou had some sort of equipment on his leg and unlike Kiriha, he made wide kicks that shot out much more wind.

“Wind, huh…”

How cool. I watched them continue their practice. But then Kyou noticed me. They were quite far away so I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like Kyou was surprised and urged Kiriha who was next to him to look this way.

When Kiriha faced where I was, I waved my hand towards her. She was amazed and staring at me in wonder but still managed to give a tiny wave with her hand.

“Are you acquaintances with them?”

Halfa-san asked in surprise, as I was looking at where Kiriha and Kyou were. I didn’t read too much into how he adressed them as ‘acquaintances’. He spoke once more while he earnestly stared at me with interest,

“Kyou and Kiriha rarely get involved with any humans, you see… Honestly, I’m quite surprised. If you try to call out to them, you would only face rejection.”

That was how they were at school?

…Well, I shouldn’t stick my nose where it doesn’t belong.

Just as I thought to head to where Kiriha is to see how she’s doing… Senpai lightly tapped me on the shoulder. She had finally calmed down, but I just now noticed it.

“Those two are Amako’s friends?”

Senpai lowered her voice in consideration so that Halfa-san wouldn’t hear. I whispered back,


“Those are some nice animal ears they got. Introduce me afterwards.”

“I will politely refuse.”

I smiled and gave an immediate response. I definitely couldn’t allow the trust I had finally built up with them to be destroyed by your excitement. I’m sure you’ll be crushed by my response but please bear with it for a bit longer, Senpai.

“But why! Why, why! Usato-kun!”

As she complained so, she caught my shoulder once more and starting shaking it. A female student with a different uniform from the rest rushed over to our location and called out,

“Halfa, you’ve brought them along!”

Notcing her tall stature as she got closer, she was probably a teacher.

Halfa-san directed his arm toward the teacher as if he was planning to introduce us to her,

“This is my teacher—“

“I’m Carla.”

She reminded me a bit of Rose… She gave off this masculinity as a woman. No…. She didn’t give off a violent feeling like Rose though.

“I’ve already heard from Principal Gladis. You’ve done well to come all the way from Lyngle Kingdom. Feel free to observe all you like today. If you have any interest, I don’t mind you participating either. It would be a good stimulus to the students here since the three of you have fought in the front lines already.”

“Stimulus, we aren’t really…”

“Your group is definitely not ordinary as both Halfa and the Principal approved you inclusion. What’s more, your Master is also my Master.”

Suddenly, Carla-san looked at me after she mentioned master.

Uwaah. This person feels like an acquaintance of Rose…

I didn’t feel the ‘wild’ aura from here but they were definitely in a relationship where they get along. This person has a gentle face but I dare say that this person has a high possibility of having something like Rose’s Iron Claw.

Damn. Even after leaving Lyngle, I couldn’t escape Rose’s curse… But I didn’t find it that unpleasant, it just felt frustrating.

“Well, before that. We should probably introduce you all to the other students…”

I felt I would faint from Carla’s loud voice as she suddenly shouted,


Her voice was loud enough for everyone here to hear her.

After Carla’s voice resounded, the students stopped practicing and gathered in front of her.

The students’ gazes naturally fell upon our unfamiliar group.

“We’re supposed to be doing combination training today with the juniors but… Today the magicians from Lyngle Kingdom have come here to observe the classes here. Don’t underestimate them just because they’re not students here. They are stronger than all of you and have already experienced fighting in a real war.”

Most of the students gulped due to nervousness but among them there were a few doubtful glances… Or actually, most of those doubtful glances were directed towards me. Incidentally, Kyou was also looking at me with doubt.

In reality, I was just an ordinary guy compared to the beautiful-looking Senpai or the handsome-looking Kazuki beside me. It would be a wonder if no one thought it was strange. Even with power being added in as a factor, both of them were above me. Haha… I’m definitely not feeling sad.

“……Ah! That person in white… It was the person that Kiriha was beating up yesterday….!”

Among the group of students noisily discussing with each other, someone voiced that out.

If you’re talking about yesterday, I wonder which time of the day were you referring to. If you’re talking about noon, then you were clearly trying to give me a bad image. Sure enough, after hearing ‘beating up’, several more students directed suspicious glances at me.

“Did something happen yesterday?”

“It was just a misunderstanding…”

I replied back to Kazuki who was beside me while my brow twitched.

I’m reaping what I sow… Is what I wanted to say but it’s hard to blame someone for misunderstanding a situation like that. I guess I could find some respite in knowing that Senpai and Kazuki won’t doubt me.

“If those guys are stronger than me, then why don’t they show us what kind of magic they use in the lessons? It should be fine, right?”

———However, my relief was short-lived.

It was a very young, high-pitched voice from the junior students’ side. Even so, a girl with twin tails looked this way. Her eyes were full of suspicion and she raised her hand as she spoke up to Carla-san.

When Carla-san saw who had spoken, she clicked her tongue and said under her breath—

“…This lass again.”

She said it so quietly that I could barely hear her— Hey, you’re supposed to be a teacher.

The voice I heard from her just now, it reminded me of the feeling I got from Rose. Just why… I felt like her stare froze me and sent chills down my spine. Carla-san is really scary.

No, who cares whether Carla-san is scary or not right now….

No, I mean, not that it doesn’t completely matter but… This situation is a little bad.

What’s bad?

The person who would definitely make a move in this situation is—

“I don’t mind! Sounds good, let’s do it!! Where should we fire our magic!?”


The girl who kindled this fire, you made one mistake. You didn’t consider the variable of a hero who has an extraordinary passion for fantasy.

Senpai walked triumphantly as she received permission from Carla-san to participate. I couldn’t help but put a hand to my forehead.


The contents of the training were simple. Use magic to attack the target in front of us.

If it was just that, it wouldn’t be different from normal. However, this training was slightly different from what I thought.

“Yeah, this wooden sword is a little hard to use…”

“This was specially made to resist magic so even if it’s hard to handle, bear with it.”

A weapon that utilized magic.

Of course, I didn’t have to use this. I could go bare-handed, anything goes really. It was easy to understand since all you had to do was fire magic at the target by focusing your magic into the wooden sword. Thinking back to what I saw when I first came here, I did see students hit the targets but they weren’t destroyed. These targets must have high magic resist.

In the training field, Senpai was waiting to get started. Behind Senpai were a group of students eagerly awaiting the announcement for Senpai to start… Among them, I saw Halfa-san and Kiriha with Kyou.

Kazuki and I stood just a bit away from the group of students.

“Hey, Kazuki…”


“Senpai, do you think… She’ll go easy…?”

“…Even though you already know the answer, it’s our Senpai, after all.”

Looking away from the front, Kazuki turned to me and spoke again to reassure me,

“But…. Regardless of how Senpai likes to handle things, I think she can’t forgive the people who tried to make a fool out of you, Usato.”

“….Senpai is…”

Senpai was thinking about me and doing this for my sake… I’m a little moved.

I looked at Senpai who was in high spirits and whose sword was already surging with lightning.

“No, wait wait.”

Enough about me being moved… Senpai was not holding back, and this training wasn’t going to solve anything. At the very least, hold back a bit— As I was about to voice my thoughts, Senpai had already moved.

With a light run, she drew closer to the target. Then, similar to firing an arrow from a bow, she launched herself and instantly appeared before the target.

Her lightning fast movement was too swift for the spectators to see, the students didn’t know what happened. But once they saw her wooden sword pierce the target, they finally realized she had performed her attack.


It was understandable that one of the students voiced their confusion.

Even after receiving Rose’s training, it was at a speed that I could barely perceive.

“It’s not over yet!”

Senpai said this after releasing her wooden sword. Just what was she up to? Senpai, her hands now free of the sword, gathered more lightning magic in her fingertips and fired it towards the wooden sword.

Senpai looked elated as she proudly shouted—

“Extra Attack!”

Shouting what seemed to be some kind of signature phrase for her attack, the lightning fired from her fingertips hit the wooden sword directly. An explosion, caused by the electrical discharge, burst out of the sword.

The sword that had pierced the target mere seconds ago had been reduced to cinders…


Don’t you think.. you overdid it!?

I kept my mouth shut and continued watching you but who the heck told you to do this much!? Or actually, what was up with that terrifying technique of yours!? If you show people something like that, the people after you have nothing left to show!

The surrounding students were speechless at the scene they just witnessed. Senpai looked around in satisfaction as she folded her arms and nodded.

“As expected of the heroes of Lyngle Kingdom, you exceeded my expectations.” Carla-san approached me and Kazuki. “How about you guys? Do you want to teach a lesson to my students like her?”

“I can’t use any magic like that so…”

“You can use anything to attack the target in this training. Whether it be swords, magic… Normally though, there’s almost no one who could destroy that target with their bare hands.”

Looks like I’ve been completely exposed here.

However, I was a little stubborn. Despite how high Senpai set the bar, I wouldn’t be satisfied unless it was overcome somehow. Yes, which is why… Instead of me, Kazuki should go.

“N-No, instead of me, it’d be better for Kazuki to go. Your magic is flashier than mine.”

“Yeah. I don’t know if you’re joking or being serious, but… Well, I’ll go if you don’t want to go, Usato. I wanted to go and try my hand at this too.”

I felt a little sorry for pushing this onto Kazuki…

But… My magic couldn’t be displayed in front of an audience at all. I couldn’t make any explosions nor did it have any power. It was just plain.

I wonder how Kazuki was going to display his magic. He was currently receiving some instructions about the training from Carla-san.

“Alright, if you’re going to do it, use the target next to Inukami’s. I don’t mind if you damage it as much as Inukami. Are you going to use a weapon?”

“No, I’ll only use magic this time around.”

Kazuki carried a wooden sword and walked towards his target just like Inukami-senpai.

Inukami-senpai came back as if switching places with him. A large number of the students’ stares were directed at her as she made her way next to me.

“It’s Kazuki-kun’s turn next, huh… Usato-kun, are you really not going to try?”

“The hurdle is way too high for me. Senpai, do you want me to smash that target or something?”

“….Fufuh, it’s not like you can’t do it, right? Compared to the Blue Grizzlies in that forest and that demon, those targets are just paper.”

I really don’t know how to react to that ridiculous comparison of yours. To begin with, I never smashed a Blue Grizzly apart and as for the demon… I knocked Felm unconscious with healing magic. I never smashed any of those apart…. No, I guess you can say I smashed Felm’s armor.


Without any warning, Kazuki had created three large balls of light filled with magic.

Light magic— It’s a rare and powerful magic.

Upon seeing this, the students made more of a racket than when they saw Senpai’s magic. However, Kazuki’s eyes didn’t leave the target as he concentrated and focused more magic power into his palm.

“Mumu, I’ve never seen that move before.”

“Forming magic remotely instead of firing it directly… What an interesting way of thinking. It’ll serve as a nice example for my idiotic students.”

Carla-san voiced her admiration as she watched Kazuki.

I was astonished that he had enough magic power to remotely form his magic like that. Unlike fire or lightning magic, I thought Kazuki’s light magic and my healing magic disappeared on its own once it was detached from our physical bodies… If I worked hard, would I be able to achieve that too?

It seemed convenient to form a healing ball to heal people at a distance.


After Kazuki’s short phrase, the balls of light in his palm fired at the target. The spheres seemed to still be under Kazuki’s control even as they were in flight. They moved a little awkwardly…

“My magic is dangerous so… Descend!”

Kazuki maneuvered the three balls of light so they were directly above the target. Afterwards he swung down with his hand and the three spheres shot down with an absurd speed.

The technique that Kazuki brought out wasn’t flashy and was even a little plain compared to Senpai’s. However, his technique was much more dangerous.

I mean, the lights that came down and exploded from Kazuki’s technique formed a hole in the ground…

“It looks like Kazuki-kun has figured out his own weakness and overcome it since his fight with the Black Knight…”


It seemed like these two have both invented their own dirty little techniques.

The magic from the two heroes— The students who had doubted them before were now looking at Senpai and Kazuki in both awe and fear.

“Did I not mention it…? These two are the heroes from Lyngle Kingdom, they are strong individuals who have survived the carnage in the fight against the Maou army….. Of course, there’s one more.”

Was there really any more reason for me to go out there?

The stares that were on Senpai and Kazuki were now on me.

“I wonder what kind of magic he uses…”

“He looks weak and plain compared to the other two…”

“Maybe his magic just not eye-catching?”

I heard such heartless remarks throughout the crowd.

Even I didn’t want to display it but to think I would hear such comments just from my outward appearance alone… Fortunately, Kazuki wasn’t here to overhear these remarks.

“Um, just what magic does he use?” someone asked Carla-san.

Carla-san’s eyebrow twitched at this question and and gave me a glance from the side. I’m only speculating but… She knows the students here will cause a commotion once they learn what my magic is…

In other words, I shouldn’t worry about what the other students think. After all, she knows I’m a disciple of Rose and she surely knows what that means.


I guess there’s no helping it.

Since Senpai and Kazuki personally revealed what their magic is, I didn’t really have a choice.

I sighed without realizing it. My fate was probably sealed the moment I decided to attend this class.

It seemed impossible to hide it anyways…

I sighed again.

I straightened my uniform, stood tall, and took a step forward.

“I’m a healing magician that belongs to the Rescue Squad in Lyngle Kingdom.”

Now then, how will they react?

I’ve grown a little from the abuse and unreasonable situations I’ve been placed in. A bit of ridicule won’t hurt me.



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