Chiyu Mahou Chapter 56

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“Well… Cheer up, Usato-kun.”

“I-it was the first time that I’ve seen you fight but, Usato, you were really amazing.”

After the practical class had ended, the three of us were led to the dining hall. The dining hall was quite spacious, as you’d expect from a magic school this large. I quickly ate my meal and was currently taking a breather. My thoughts naturally went back to the mock battle I just had.

I can’t believe how careless I was.

“How could I be so thoughtless… I’m ashamed of myself…”

These two next to me were heroes who could use amazing magic. In my case, I used healing magic which had a bad name attached to it. I also couldn’t really call myself a magician with how I just fought.

I wouldn’t be surprised if bad rumours about me were already spreading.

“It’s our fault too. If we thought about it carefully, we wouldn’t have participated in something so unfavourable for you, Usato….”

“I couldn’t control my own emotions and went with the flow. I apologize.”

“Don’t apologize, please. I still decided to participate on my own.”

I replied as the two of them tried to take on the blame.

It was wrong to blame them. The problem now was that I didn’t know what kind of influence I would have on the school due to my actions. One thing that comes to mind was… The other healing magician might receive even harsher treatment.

….First of all, I should discuss about the other healing magician with these two.

I started to explain about what happened just before they met with me today. Kazuki seemed to be in thought as he listened to me. Inukami-senpai was folding her arms and deeply pondering something as she tilted her head sideways.

“What do you want to do?”

Senpai suddenly asked.


“Do you want to save that other healing magician? Or do you want to stop others from bullying him?”

Although these two phrases sounded like the same thing, they were completely different in meaning.

The former would ensure that there would be no more harm done to him while the latter was only a temporary solution——— We had to decide between them and make a plan accordingly.

“Honestly, I don’t really know. Just, I’m can’t turn a blind eye to someone when they obviously need help.”

“….Well, I couldn’t just do nothing either when the other students were treating you like a fool, Usato-kun. It’s a little different from your situation but it’s also similar.”

“You can boldly say such embarrassing words, huh…”

“I think of you as a precious friend, so it’s natural.”

Hearing Senpai’s sudden words, I put a hand over my mouth and turned away.

Senpai looked like she was about to tease me and say “Oh, you’re embarrassed?” but Kazuki made eye contact with her and silently told her “Just stop it…”

How could this happen? How could I receive such a surprise attack from this deplorable Senpai of mine?

Her methods were far too despicable and cowardly.

As I was still facing away from Senpai, she put her hand on my shoulder and got me to turn around. She had a gentle expression and it looked like she remembered something.

I have a bad feeling about this. It felt it would be something troublesome again…

“Ah, that reminds me, Usato-kun. About the place you’re staying at today—“

“No can do.”

“Why can’t you just go with the flow and say ‘OK’! Look, I’m a good Senpai!”

You were really going to say that about yourself?

“You have the inn’s gorgeous meals and beds, just bear with it.”

“I don’t need those! I just… just… want to live a life with ‘fantasy’ in it!”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Everything you’ve been saying and doing so far is already full of ‘fantasy’.”

She seemed so honest when she spoke just now.

Overwhelmed by her excitement, I let out a sigh. Convincing her to give up would be difficult.

Suddenly, she grabbed both of my shoulders. People around us started looking in our direction.

“Wai….. Just calm down for a moment. It’s not like I’m bullying you or anything, you know?”

“Kiriha told me to ask you, Usato-kun!”

“What!? When did you make contact with her!?”

Was it during the training!? Either way, I can’t believe I overlooked this!

Moreover, Kiriha was pushing everything onto me!

“Senpai, please calm down! You’re making things difficult for Usato, please stop it!”

Kazuki shouted out to stop Senpai. He was probably thinking it’d be bad if we gathered any more attention.

Senpai would usually give in at this point, but it looked like she was being stubborn this time.

“I won’t stop. I won’t back down this time… Hmm?”

Senpai who was still grabbing my shoulders, tilted her head to the side and looked behind me.

She was being so unreasonable just a moment ago but now it seemed like she recovered. Was there someone behind me? I turned around.

“Fufufu, it looks like you’re having fun.”

“Just what on earth are you two doing…”

The woman with golden hair, Gladis-san, along with Welsey-san who was following behind her… The two of them looked at me and Senpai with strange eyes.

Did they have something to discuss with us? They sat down beside Kazuki.

…At least it didn’t seem like they came here to eat.

“I came here to apologize to the three of you.”

“Apologize? Why?”

Nothing comes to mind.

Why were we receiving an apology from Gladis-san? In fact, I should be the one apologizing for causing such a commotion in class.

Despite how we were gathering attention from the surrounding students, she didn’t mind it and continued to talk,

“After your group left yesterday, I gathered all the teachers here to talk about the Maou army and the cooperation with Lyngle Kingdom.”

“Is it related with why you’re apologizing?”

Did we receive an unfavourable result?

“About that… A few of the teachers felt that some of the contents in the letter are contradictory. Are the heroes really that amazing? Enough to drive away the Maou army? That’s one of the doubts. They’re suspicious of your true strength. They also can’t trust you, they don’t believe that the heroes would come themselves to protect the students here.”

“….Although we are messengers from Lyngle, we are just strangers. I don’t mind that we’re being suspected.”

“But you see, that’s just the surface. In truth, everyone is actually afraid. The Magic army here has never fought the Maou army, something that has only been heard from old stories. They seem like a powerful enemy. That’s why they’re desperately denying it… However, if Lyngle had lost the recent battle with the Maou army… They would attack Luquis next.”

That was obvious.

If you thought about it carefully, the Maou army would appear with even more force to attack Luquis once Lyngle falls into their hands.  Luquis was a place full of inexperienced magicians. I don’t think they would stand much of a chance against the Maou army.

I was sure Gladis-san understood that too.

“No matter how much I tried to elevate your true strengths, they wouldn’t believe me. Welsey and I could only give up on such an unreasonable negotiation.”

“Was that why you had us participate in the training with the other students?”

“You noticed?”

“When Usato-kun was fighting, I noticed there were quite a few people spectating outside. I had a good guess as to why because of that.”

So that was what she meant when she said it was a Demonstration. As expected, she was sharp and noticed these things. At times like this, she was really reliable.

But I really wish they told me beforehand. Even if it was necessary, it still took me a lot of effort to fight against Halfa-san. I definitely gathered too much attention as well, with what I used in that fight.

….No, this person probably planned this. They wanted to gather this much attention….

Gladis-san covered her mouth and chuckled after listening to Senpai’s words. Gladis-san’s actions made her feel like someone with wisdom yet also someone with a bit of playfulness.

“I really feel sorry for not saying anything. But you exceeded my expectations, the teachers who raised objections before could only remain silent once they saw your true ability… Fufufu, I really didn’t think you would destroy that target with your bare hands.”

Yup, it definitely wasn’t normal for someone to get their arm stuck in that target and try to pull it out.

Since I trained every day, I was able to tell that I was getting stronger. But I didn’t expect to become this strong. It made me realize once again just how important it was to continue practicing the basics every day.

While I was feeling satisfied by my conclusion, Welsey-san seemed to remember something and abruptly slammed the table with her hand. She then looked at me with frantic eyes and said,

“Usato-sama! Didn’t I say it just yesterday!? It’s dangerous to add more power to your own magic like that!! But you used it… Used it in such a reckless way… It’s definitely the wrong way to use it!”

“Erm, Welsey-san. How about thinking it this way? It’s my way of fighting.”

“Please don’t say something that Rose would say!”

I still hadn’t reached that person’s level yet. I was still fine.

If I continued to say more unnecessary words, I would just be lectured. I let Welsey-san calm down.

Meanwhile, I directed my attention to Gladis-san.

“Did Halfa-san move according to your instructions?”

“Yes, but the girl who spoke and challenged you in the beginning wasn’t part of it. Halfa-san was the only one cooperating.”

That girl in the beginning wasn’t part of it… That was why Halfa-san interfered when the girl suggested the mock battle. Then what about Carla-san? Was she an accomplice…?

But I had a feeling that someone like her could receive permission to do almost anything if she just talked to you.

“….I’m really glad I left it to him. If it were a magician other than him, it would have ended before we could see your true abilities….. As expected from her subordinate though. There’s no way her subordinate could be ordinary. She can easily send people to the skies with just her fists, after all.”

“….Hahaha, I’ve still got a long way to go. I was beaten all over with a recent training I did with her. It was 10 times harder than my fight with Halfa-san. And you know what? Even though I succeeded in dodging her punch, she just used a roundhouse kick on me anyways. So unreasonable, right? Well, I’m just talking to myself. Don’t mind it.”

At first I thought I would die. But once I got used to it, it wasn’t so bad.

Although it felt more like my body started getting numb from the pain than anything else…

“….I-I see…”

“Usato-sama, you are…”

Eh? This was where you were supposed to laugh.

Wow, just how much power does Rose have?~ I was expecting a reaction like that… Gladis-san who was smiling just a moment ago had returned back to her serious expression. Welsey-san was looking at me with eyes that said ‘Really, just how on earth are you still alive?’

“Rose-san is incredible…”

“Just what is that person? I wonder…”

Kazuki and Senpai gave their individual reactions. I created a really weird and awkward atmosphere.

“T-that reminds me, Gladis-san. I have a request.”

“What is it? As long as it’s not too excessive and within my power then…”

“Bluerin…. I mean, the familiar that I have with me. Do I need to receive permission to walk around town with him?”

“There are a lot of students with familiars here so I don’t mind.”

Alright, I’ve received permission.

Just you wait, Bluerin. Your days of indulging in laziness are over. I’ll make sure you run tomorrow.

I felt slightly pumped at knowing I would be able to do some training with Bluerin. But for some reason, Welsey-san nervously called out to me.

“Erm, Usato-sama. Bluerin isn’t a familiar, you know?”

“…Eh, is that so?”

How could this be?

Then what would Bluerin be…?

“What do you mean, Welsey?”

Gladis-san questioned.

“Err, that is to say… Usato-sama doesn’t have a familiar contract. Or it’s more accurate to say that it’s not necessary.”

“Not necessary?”

A familiar contract, did it literally mean there would be a real contract? I didn’t have anything complicated like a contract with Bluerin… But what did she mean by not necessary?

“A familiar contract is formed by mixing both the familiar’s blood with the master’s. It acts as an intermediary. Additionally, it requires for the familiar to completely yield to their master. These are the strict requirements required.”

“Yes, there are a lot of required steps to form a contract with a familiar…”

There were so many bothersome steps and requirements to form a contract? I guess you couldn’t just sign a paper and be done with it like that.

But I didn’t want to control Bluerin like that. He definitely wouldn’t want to submit to me either. Even without that, he wouldn’t do anything to betray me.

“Usato-sama and Bluerin don’t have a master and servant relationship. Let see… Their relationship is closer to being good friends.”

“Heeh, that’s quite incredible. The familiar in question… What type of monster is it?”

“It’s a Blue Grizzly.”


“…?…..It’s a Blue Grizzly.”

For some reason, Gladis-san didn’t respond so I repeated my answer. After repeating it, she was still silent. Welsey-san showed an ‘as expected’ expression and hid under her arms.

Why did it feel like I was the weird one here?

Since I didn’t understand what was going on, I could only question it.

I remembered that Uluru-san said that Blue Grizzlies usually didn’t stick with people. Was that why? Or was it that it was too dangerous of a monster to take as a familiar?

“W-well as long as it’s not dangerous, then it’s fine. Just be careful and pay attention so it doesn’t act violently.”

“Yes, I understand. If it comes to that, though, I’ll subdue him myself.”

“….Normally, I would doubt the one saying that and think they’re lying. But strangely, when you’re the one saying it, I don’t think so… It really is amazing…”

I thought I heard Gladis-san mumble something just now… Was it just my imagination? At any rate, I received permission to walk around with Bluerin.

“Senpai, Kazuki, what are you two going to do now?”

“Let see, how about going to Bluerin’s place? Since we received permission, let’s go meet him.”

“I’m feeling a little tired so I’m heading back to the inn. Yeah…. Have fun with Usato, Senpai.”

Kazuki was heading back first…. I was a little worried to go with just Senpai but she had a point. We should go meet with Bluerin. Before that, I also had to go pick up the luggage I left back at the inn.

“Well, that’s how it is. We’ll be going back.”

“Yes, come again if you’d like….. That’s right, there will be a mock battle competition in a week. I think you’ll be able to see a lot of different magic, so if you’re interested, please do come.”

“One week, huh…”

“As for the letter, we’re still having a discussion over it. You three might be bored during this time, so come if you feel like it.”

A mock battle competition. It seems interesting.

We bowed to Gladis-san and left the school.

Just you wait, Bluerin… Don’t think that you can just sleep all day.


Usato-sama and the others were leaving the dining hall.

I watched as Principal Gladis sent them off. After making sure that they had all left, I voiced the doubt I had.

“Was it really a good idea to not talk about it?”

“I don’t need to worry about him. There’s no need to say anything right now. The mock battle between him and Halfa, it was to convince the teachers but we don’t need to tell him the other reason yet…”

Of course, the other teachers recognized everyone’s strength. It was a splendid result. Suzune-sama’s overwhelming offensive ability, Kazuki-sama’s precise control over his light magic, and finally Usato-sama’s healing magic that allowed him to surpass a human being’s strength and speed.

But even I didn’t expect him to use so much reinforcement against Halfa. It was part of the reason why I felt shivers down my spine as I was watching him.


“Strength, magic power, and race. We need a trigger to reform the students who are biased against these three things, Welsey. For that reason, I got Halfa with his magic eyes to fight against a healing magician such as Usato.”

Halfa-san and Usato-sama’s fight wasn’t a coincidence.

Originally, instead of Usato-sama, it should have been Suzune-sama or Kazuki-sama fighting. Principal Gladis purposely chose Usato-sama for the other students to see.

“….Magic that can’t do anything but heal. Magic that can’t do anything but see the flow of magic. Even though they are different, they are also similar. This battle had value because these two fought against each other and showed the students— No, the people who live here, what is possible.”

It was a mock battle to change how people viewed magic.

You could say it was effective. The students who possessed strong or rare magic would despise other magic… That was exactly why they would understand they still had a long way to go when they saw that the magic they despised had greatly surpassed them.

It was an overbearing method but I couldn’t think of anything more effective than this.

However, even though the letter was one reason for this mock battle, I felt pained for not telling Usato-sama and the others.

“Fufufu… Usato’s actions are truly unexpected. Despite how I went to the trouble of arranging an inn for him, he stayed at another place… What’s more, you told me that the house’s inhabitants are actually beast kin… Even though the people that live here detest them… Really, he’s such a strange child.”


Principal Gladis giggled while I gave a strained laugh.

The three of them who had been summoned from another world really had different views from us. They experienced and saw everything in this world with excitement in their eyes, they were like children.

Especially… The beast girl, Amako, who was together with Usato-sama. It made him look very dependable. Seeing a beast girl like her together with Usato-sama, it was normally something I would never be able to see.

“It’s because he doesn’t avoid other races that I want him to change this country’s mistaken ideology. No matter what magic you possess, you can make it shine. It would be a waste of your talents to not polish it. As long as you desire it, you can grow… I want them to understand that.”

Principal Gladis who had been left in charge to look after this city… Her eyes looked very gentle at this moment.

She knew that everyone wanted immediate results and were impatient. She aimed to improve this school’s environment at all times but she couldn’t make any careless moves when considering her position. Which was exactly why she was borrowing some influence from another country— She intended to make it so others officially recognized his power.

But her gentle expression quickly became sullen as she put her hand on her forehead.

“The problem is whether or not that child who viewed the mock battle today would think the same way…”


After saying goodbye to Gladis-san and Welsey-san, we walked to the inn. Once we separated with Kazuki at the inn, we then headed in the direction where Bluerin, Amako, and the other knights were.

As we walked, Senpai was in an awfully good mood. I was worried she would get distracted and run off to look at some weird merchandise again.

“The boy who is a healing magician like you, he was part of the juniors’ class that was present for the training right?”

“Yeah, he was surprised when he saw me. Do you think he was shocked to see another healing magician? He recognized my face too.”

“He was probably astonished to see how different you were from him. He’s probably never seen a healing magician like you who could fight like that, after all. Don’t you finally know the reason why Carla-san wanted you to tell them you’re a healing magician?”

That was one way of looking at it.

I was aware I wasn’t the same as the other healing magicians. It would explain why Carla-san had that expression during the mock battle.

But when the boy was knocked unconscious, why was he in such a hurry? Because he was late for class? It was strange. If I was bullied for several years, I wouldn’t want to go to class. If there was another reason…


No, I shouldn’t try to come up with any weird reasons.

Senpai didn’t say anything as I was lost in thought and we walked in silence. It was some time around noon so there were a lot of people on the streets. When the others saw me and Inukami-senpai, they would move away and create a path. They also seemed to be whispering to each other.

My white uniform especially stood out. It was obvious since it was designed to stand out. But it still annoyed me during times like this.

“Your uniform is really conspicuous.”

“Would it be better for me to remove it?”

“No no, there’s no need. Your uniform not only looks good but I know there’s a proper meaning behind it and that’s why you’re wearing it. Actually, I want to wear it too.”

“You can’t.”

I didn’t mind lending it but I heard that there wasn’t another one like mine. Other than Rose’s uniform, there wasn’t another uniform like this right now. I didn’t know what materials were used to make this either.

But I knew just from feeling the cloth that no ordinary fabric was used to make this—

“Usato-kun…. In front.”


Senpai urged me to look in front of us. Following her gaze, I could see a crowd of people in a familiar-looking alleyway. Up ahead was where I found the unconscious boy, who was also the only other healing magician in this city.

….I had a bad feeling about this.

“Let’s go!”

“Eh, aah, Usato-kun!?”

I immediately ran towards the alley way and rushed to the edge of the crowd. I pushed my way past the others. I heard a thunderous sound… It sounded like an explosion.

Hearing an explosion here was definitely not normal. I imagined the worst possible scenario in my mind… I had to hurry.

I recognized one of the spectators from this morning and approached him.

“Y-you’re that person from this morning with those weird clothes…”

“What happened!!”

“T-the group that was bullying that boy this morning are doing it again…. And this time, they’re going at it more than usual…”

Was it my fault…?

I really didn’t think they would do something this fast. If they wanted to vent their anger, wouldn’t it have been fine to just come directly for me…?

I felt something boiling inside of me. But I was calm. I first had to get past these spectators.

“Senpai! I’m going ahead!”


I jumped along the walls of the alley way and made it past the onlookers instantly. I heard people exclaiming in surprise but I didn’t have the composure to care at the moment.

After landing, I could clearly see the open space in front of me.

In the center was that healing magician boy— That was… The twin tailed girl who challenged me to a mock battle!? There was also a group of both boys and girls surrounding the healing magician.

“If you were hiding your true ability, why don’t you show it already?”

“….I’m…. different…”

In the girl’s hand wasn’t a fireball. It was an orb that was slightly orange in color. The surrounding group had evil-looking smiles… The girl then aimed and fired the orb at the boy.

Looking at the boy, he looked worse than when I had seen him in the morning. Judging by his current state… He was completely out of magic!?

Don’t you know what would happen if you launched your magic at someone who was completely out of magic!? Did she really understand!?

“This is bad….!”

I hurriedly took off my uniform, wrapped it around my right hand, and began running at full speed.

After only a few moments, I arrived in front of the boy and used my right hand that was wrapped with my uniform to stop the oncoming orb. Using just a flick, I deflect the sphere of magic. The orange orb exploded and caused a bit of black smoke to form.


However, this magic wasn’t much. It wasn’t powerful enough to burn my uniform and if a person took this head on with magic, it wouldn’t cause a big injury.

Shaking off the black smoke from my hand, I turned around to look at the boy instead of the group of students in front of me. He looked at me, befuddled, as I expected, and I began gathering healing magic in my hands.

“It looks like you really exhausted all your magic… I’m surprised you’re still conscious and holding on.”

“W-why….. Are you… The same… as me….”

It looked like he had reached his limit. The boy fainted as I was applying healing magic to him. He suffered from some light burns… Was he beaten? His face was bruised all over. When I rolled up his sleeves, there were countless wounds…..

The problem was the injuries were so bad that a healing magician like him couldn’t heal them. Just how many minutes, no, how many hours was he tormented? It was possible that this group headed straight for him once the mock battle had ended.

“Hey… Can you like not get in the way?”

First of all, I should restore all his fatigue.

If I don’t heal him properly, these injuries could become permanent damage.

But I was really surprised that they allowed magic to be used so freely like this. The knights in Lyngle had proper morals to follow… I wasn’t saying that the students should only use magic for their country, but there were still some things a person shouldn’t do.

“Hey!” someone shouted, touching my shoulder.


I was getting irritated. I couldn’t help but respond with a rougher tone.

The boy who had called out to me and put his hand on my shoulder… He drew back in silence once he saw my face.

“If you didn’t like something about me, why didn’t you just tell me directly instead….?”

“I-it’s a misunderstanding… He’s my friend. Since you’re not related, could you step away?”

“I see, not involved… Hah———“

This was it.

It was already useless. I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Wouldn’t it just be fine to knock all of them unconscious?

….That was way too simple so let’s not do that. While trying to calm down and telling myself countless times to keep cool, I looked at the group in front of me. Especially at the girl who threw the orb just now.

Five people… Huh.

“Healing magic, you see…. It’s not something you can conveniently use to vent your anger, don’t you know?”

I learned.

I came to respect the pain from hell.

The magic she taught me, I was able to use it to save a lot of people.

This magic was ABSOLUTELY NOT a substitute for a sand bag.

“It’s also not a magic that exists purely to boost your own worthless pride. You know, even though I was irritated because of you, I just calmed myself … Despite how you tried to cast that explosion of yours directly on someone’s body. It would have caused quite the injury but I guess someone as ignorant as you wouldn’t know, right?”

“Ignorant, you say?”

You really say some cheeky things.

Did you really think such a flimsy lie like saying you were his friend would get me to back off?

You thought it was enough for me to overlook this?

You thought that I would forgive you as long you showed an innocent expression?

“For a healing magician that’s just tagging along with the heroes… Don’t get too cocky—“

“My superior, that’s also a healing magician, once said this…”

I didn’t think my personality was like this. Unexpectedly, I got angry pretty easily. Back in my world, I rarely got angry for real. Besides, the shitty people in front of me was something I thought I would only see in a bad movie.

But, this really wouldn’t do. Unlike the time when Felm tried to kill Senpai and Kazuki… It was obvious that a different kind of anger was spreading within my heart.

Seeing a nearby tree, I placed my left hand on it and started squeezing it. The section I was gripping conspicuously distorted, and the entire tree shook.

“‘During a time when you meet people who look down on healing magic and there are no other means to resolve the situation… Feel free to beat them up.’ That’s what she said. You see? I’m referring to you guys… Also, calling him your friend… That’s a nice thing to say… and a good excuse, right?”


Grabbing a chunk of wood in my hands, I crushed it and allowed the pieces to fall onto the ground.

With just that, the formerly assertive girl withdrew in fear.

“You mentioned that I’m just a healing magician tagging along with the heroes… Or something like that, right? Do you want to meet the same fate as this unconscious boy here? You’re just a little girl who can’t do anything without ganging up on someone…”

I took a step forward. Her face got even paler. It looked like some of them were about to cry. Once I saw that, I slowly relaxed myself a bit more and eased the current tension.

….I threatened them this much… they’ll probably behave themselves for a bit. I imitated a bit of Rose’s tone for the last few statements. It seemed extremely effective.

I wasn’t childish enough to raise my hands against these kids just based on my emotions. Speaking from my own experience, they probably won’t rebel any time soon after tasting this kind of fear.

I had finally threatened someone like this… It would have been nice if I could have brought Bluerin along too to further increase the effectiveness.

….But I really didn’t want to threaten people if I could help it. Was this issue settled for the time being? Now I just had to take this unconscious boy and put him in a bed—

“Usato-kun, calm down.”


Senpai had finally pushed through the crowd of people and put her hand on my shoulder, telling me to calm down.

She came at just the right time, I just settled the situation. I wanted to consult her for advice as to what to do with these students—

“Aah, Senpai. Right now I’m—“

“It seems like you guys really hold a grudge or something against healing magicians…. Good grief, if your true ability only amounts to this, then you’ve convinced me of how mediocre you all are.”

However, she didn’t listen to my words and turned to look at the twin tailed girl’s group. She threw down some very provocative words as well.

Senpai, don’t tell me… You really thought I snapped from anger?

Senpai walked triumphantly in front of me. While the twin tailed girl was somewhat afraid of the blunt Senpai, she also looked angrily at her.

“Usato-kun and I are both outsiders here. We have also been entrusted with an important mission that concerns the country’s future— That’s why you guys can’t do anything to him… I’m sure you’re mortified but….. Don’t misunderstand and get ahead of yourselves though, we’re not the ones who will put you guys in your place.”

‘You guys can’t do anything to him’ Senpai had a faint smile as she said that.

I understand why she was angry… Although, it made me happy that Senpai was paying attention to me despite how she was struggling with the crowd back there.

“W-what are you talking about!?”

“Isn’t there a mock battle competition one week from now?”

“! There’s no way I could win! Not against that monster and the heroes!!”



Despite how you were calling me a monster, your reaction was strange. At the very least, you didn’t think of me as a person.

The girl was being unreserved and just labelling me as a monster. I guess it couldn’t be helped, she already considered me as an enemy…

Leaving that aside, Senpai mentioned the mock battle competition. Wasn’t it different from today’s unofficial battle? I suspect only official students would be able to take part in it.

“……Usato-kun and I won’t be competing. It will be the boy that you guys just tormented.”

“….Ha, haah? You’re saying that guy that’s on the ground right now will be able to win against me?”

Wait a minute… I couldn’t understand Senpai’s intention at all. If he fought against them, it would be a completely one-sided game. The boy was unconscious right now and didn’t even agree to anything. I didn’t really have the right to speak out right now either since I just threatened them.

The girl was looking down on the boy that had collapsed on the ground. She then glared at Senpai but it had no effect. Senpai lightly smiled before telling me her plan,

“Make him stronger than everyone else in a week——— Usato-kun, that’s what you will be doing.”

“Hah? …..Haah!?”

I’m the one doing it!?

Throwing such a thing at me without warning, I would obviously be surprised. I lowered my voice and said to Senpai,

“J-just wait a minute, please. What are you trying to say?”

“This is the best way to resolve this situation. It’s a little drastic but I couldn’t think of a better method than this.”

“That’s true but…”

“Furthermore, the person who understands healing magic the best in this city right now is you.”

Training him? Just seven days….. No, he fainted so there was no way he could do anything today. We also had to account for the fact that he couldn’t do any training on the day of the competition. In reality, we only had five days.

As for the training itself, it’ll probably be impossible to accomplish anything unless he goes through the same type of training as me.

But….. If I were asked if there were any better methods to stop the bullying, then I really couldn’t think of any… You had to use your own strength to stop the bullying. In a way, this was the best way for this boy to resolve this, but also the most difficult.

I remained silent as I understood what Senpai was trying to say. Senpai turned around and continued provoking the other party.

“Whether you accept or decline, it’s up to you….. If you’re scared of losing to a healing magician like him then… I don’t mind if you decline, you know?”

“Hah, what a joke. Prepare yourselves for the consequences when that person loses….. Whether you’re the heroes or the messengers from Lyngle Kingdom, it doesn’t matter… Compensation…. When I win, I’ll demand it from you if I have to! Just try your best to make that failure over there stronger.”

After giving her ultimatum, she laughed mockingly and left with her group. They walked past the alleyway and disappeared into the main streets.

All that was left were the spectators, the unconscious boy, and the two of us. Thinking that I got caught up in something troublesome again, I sighed.

“Well~ I was really panicking when I saw that you lost your cool, Usato-kun. Now she won’t try and do anything to you. The letter shouldn’t be affected too.”



For the time being, I lightly chopped Senpai’s head with my hand as she tried to continue the conversation without me. I knew Senpai did it with good intentions in mind, but I wouldn’t feel satisfied if I didn’t do this.

“W-what are you doing!?”

Senpai had tears in her eyes as she spoke, even though I only lightly chopped.

It made me feel like I was doing something wrong but I ignored it and started my explanation.

“Senpai, although I was angry, I had no intentions of doing anything to them.”

“Eh? ….Ha, hahaha… But you had such a scary face…”

“I was planning to just lightly threaten them.”

I heard some of the spectators muttering in the alley.


“That’s gotta be a lie, right? His expression was like an ogre’s. I’ve seen it before, I read a book on it….”

“He took a chunk of the tree’s trunk with his bare hands… Unless you’re a beast kin, that’s not the type of strength a human possesses…”

“Beast kin? Could it be… he’s one of them?”



W-well, let’s just say my acting ability was that good and leave it at that. But I didn’t think that these spectators would get involved too.

“But it doesn’t change the fact that you suggested the best solution to resolve the current situation, Senpai….. The problem is whether or not this guy is up to the challenge.”

“Deciding everything on my own, that’s… Although I feel bad about it, I believe it was necessary.”

“….That’s for sure.”

In a situation like that, it was natural that you would want to do something about it.

Especially if that person was Senpai.

“Nevertheless, I’m glad that the other party behaved exactly as I imagined. It would have been really embarrassing if I was wrong.”

“Why did you try and go through with such a hit or miss proposal… Really…”

Astounded by Senpai, who went with such a reckless plan, I checked the boy again to make sure there were no other wounds.

Even if healing magic could heal the damage done on the body, it couldn’t heal the damage done to the mind.

If that earlier explosion had hit him when he had exhausted his magic, then a blow to one of his vitals could have killed him.

….I had once heard that there was nothing more frightening than giving a child a dangerous weapon. It looked like that was really the case. She was a person who could cast magic that hurt others with a smile on her face.

After confirming that there weren’t any other wounds on the boy, I put him over my shoulder.

“He’s quite light.”

Feeling that his weight was appropriate for his young age and height, I felt something boiling inside me once more when I remembered his desperate expression.

The method of making a healing magician stronger… There were a lot of ways to do that but I first had to ask this boy what he wanted to do.



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