Chiyu Mahou Chapter 62

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Author: The remaining two days of training will be done through the diary.

Training Diary

Day 3

I started to write in this diary since Usato-san said I should.

Today marks the day where I was reborn. Although it sounds cool, I actually ran away the other day. It was only thanks to Usato-san that I could finally find my own starting point in life. But I’m still a young boy who is a coward. I couldn’t meet all of Usato-san’s expectations for the training either.

Usato-san encouraged me to join the Rescue Squad but I was actually really worried about what to do. I would probably just be a burden to Usato-san’s group. I feel anxious when I think about the distant future. From what I hear, Usato-san’s Master is also a frightening person. I don’t know whether that’s true or not but she was the person who taught Usato-san.

I should write about my training.

In comparison to how Mina treated me, the training was much more severe.

I finally realized just how much Usato-san was holding back in yesterday’s training. Usato-san said it was just an act but I suspect that this was another personality he possessed. It could be that I’m venting my displeasure here. Usato-san would yell at me as I desperately ran to my very limits. Whenever I did something wrong, he would knock me down and heal me with a kick. I really didn’t know if he was acting or not… It felt like he discarded any trace of his own conscience once training started.

In my head, Usato-san is a monster during training. But outside of training, he’s human.

My hands are trembling as I write in this diary. There’s nothing wrong with my body since I had healing magic. In fact, my body is in really good shape right now. I’m shivering because of fear. I feel uneasy at seeing the good and evil sides of Usato-san.

When I imagine Usato-san’s smile and what he plans for tomorrow’s training, my trembling wouldn’t stop.

It’s no good, I didn’t have the will to continue on writing.

I’ll end Day 3 right here.


Day 4

I’m sorry for being so inexperienced.

I ended up fainting in the hallway.

I was desperately reaching for my pen and trying to write in my diary. It was a first experience for me. I strongly remember how flustered Kyou-san was when he witnessed this scene.

At any rate, I should record today’s events.

Let’s start with the abuse in today’s training.

According to Usato-san, my stamina was unbelievably weak. Even so, he also said my stamina wasn’t that different from an average person’s. But this kind of stamina wouldn’t suffice for the healing magician that Usato-san wanted me to be. He said my body was feeble like a sheet of paper… And if I were to take one punch from the Rescue Squad’s Leader, all the bones in my body would shatter. With that being the case, he combined the magic training with some measures to help me overcome this problem.

I was finally able to get a feel for the magic training so I lamented a little once he told me this.

I thought I reached a stable foundation for healing magic.

I was wrong.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I wrote about how I had a starting point yesterday but let me revise that. Nothing had actually begun for me. In the first place, the real training only started once I developed a feel for my healing magic.

The training intensified.

The abuse became fiercer.

I was optimistic that I could manage with yesterday’s training but it had completely changed today.

This new training was simple, I just had to avoid these magic spheres. Since my body wasn’t all that strong, I just had to avoid getting hit. Or at least that was the idea behind this training…

But Usato-san’s way of using healing magic was wrong on so many levels.

Actually, why would he do something like throw a magic sphere?

There had to be a mistake somewhere… He was definitely born in the wrong species.

The speed of his magic sphere exceeded Mina’s.

Just what does he think I’m fighting against?

The most unreasonable part was that I would get knocked back if I got hit and Usato would blame me ‘Don’t get hit, dammit.’ When I tried to say that it was impossible, he grabbed me by the collar said ‘I was pounded with fists!! Getting hit by some magic balls shouldn’t be a big deal, right!?’ I had no excuse once he said that.

Since the sphere was made of healing magic, it didn’t hurt. I only felt the impact when I got hit. But even that was more than enough to scare me.

I was also a healing magician though, so maybe I could do it too.

It was impossible.

I didn’t have that kind of monstrous strength to begin with. Being able to inflict that much impact with a sphere of healing magic wasn’t normal either.

Of course, it didn’t end there.

Usato-san continued to restore my fatigue with his healing magic and I ended up doing this training for the entire day.

I really thought that this type of training was a little too insane. I couldn’t feel tired even if I wanted to. Whenever I got hit with a magic ball, it would heal me. I had no choice but to keep on dodging. And although I didn’t want to admit it, I was able to sense the flow of healing magic whenever I got hit by a magic sphere.

I continued to move my body until Usato-san used up all his magic.

Although my body was fine, my mind was exhausted. I have heard from my lessons that your mental state has an effect on your body. It seems like it’s true.

Even as I’m writing in this diary, I feel like nothing matters anymore. Rather than worrying about my fight with Mina, I’m thinking about how I will survive my training tomorrow. I can tell that there is something wrong with my current state.

It’s no good.

I don’t really get it but I know it’s no good.

I should sleep. I’ll end the diary right here.


Day 5

The final day of training.

The only thing I could think about was training.

Whether it was the spectators or the bullies…. None of that mattered to me anymore.

Ran, blown away, yelled at, blown away, blown away, ran, blown away, blown away, yelled at, dodged, blown away, blown away, ran, blown away, blown away, yelled at, yelled at again, blown away, got kicked into the air, blown away, ran, dodged… After repeating this for the entire day, the training finally ended.

In the end, I could only dodge Usato-san’s healing magic ball a few times.

Usato-san muttered ‘Did I overdo it…?’ but I felt satisfied.

Thank you very much, Usato-san.

And prepare yourself, Mina.

I didn’t want revenge nor did I have any grudge towards her.

I just wanted to settle everything by cutting this tie. Then I’ll be able to proudly stand next to Usato-san and join the Rescue Squad. There was also one more reason and it was something I didn’t tell Usato-san. This match is going to be how I will say farewell and separate from that unpleasant family of mine. I won’t be bound anymore. My life will then truly begin. For that sake, I… I won’t yield anymore.

I’ll defeat Mina.

Wagering everything I have, I’ll beat her down.



After reading this in Nack’s diary, I closed it. I saw that it dropped on the floor in his room so I picked it up.

And then I thought.

Healing magic training changed people into demons. Just a few days ago, Nack was a timid boy. But now he had completely changed.

“Is this really going to be okay…?”

He had already left to fight with Mina.

I planned to head out as well. I wonder if Nack would be able to win against Mina. It was a little hard to imagine.

“…I’m sure Usato has something in mind. Yeah.”

Even if Nack got heavily injured, Usato should be able to heal him.

As I nodded and withdrew from reality, I placed the diary back on the desk. I then prepared to head out with Kyou and Satsuki.


Today was the day of Nack’s fight with Mina.

Amako and I were at the crowded entrance of the school wedged among the students. Nack had already left a moment ago. Bluerin was back at the stable. As expected, I couldn’t bring an irregular existence like Bluerin to a place like this.

Once I told my reason to Amako for not taking Bluerin along, she commented in astonishment ‘You actually considered it…’ But since I was open-minded and generous, I forgave her after flicking her on the forehead with healing magic. Amako held her forehead like she was in pain.


“Oh, you came.”

While ignoring Amako’s spiteful glare, I responded to the voice that called my name.

I could see Inukami-senpai and Kazuki making their way towards us. We waited here for no reason other than these two.

We hadn’t met at all while I was training Nack. I guess I was worried that Senpai would do whatever she wanted and interrupt the training. And there wasn’t really a reason to meet during this time.

“Heey, Usato-kun. It’s been a few days since we last met. I wonder if this phrase is appropriate in this context? …Amako, what’s the matter?”

“Usato bullied—“

“Wow! It’s been a few days since we’ve last seen each other! Kazuki, how’ve you been?”

“Yeah, I’ve been good. It looks like you were quite busy, Usato!”

Amako was trying to seek help from an annoying person so I quickly greeted Kazuki and used him as cover. I wonder if Senpai heard? On the other hand, Kazuki was giving a radiant smile.

As always, Kazuki was a handsome young man who could give such a dazzling smile…..

“What were you guys up to?”

“We went to places like the grand library and did things like practice magic… Basically anything we could only do here. I really wanted you to come along, Usato…. But you had your own circumstances so it can’t be helped.”

Kazuki responded.

“I thought you would probably be busy training Nack. So I did my best to not visit and get in your way.”

Inukami-senpai thoughtfully said.

“I see… I feel bad for letting you take so much consideration for me.”

But I’m glad.

Even though it was an act, I didn’t want these two to see me acting like Rose. I didn’t really get it myself but Kiriha and the others seemed to have witnessed something dreadful.

“What about Welsey-san?”

“She had some matters to discuss with Gladis-san. They’re probably discussing that letter.”

One week had passed since we delivered the letter. They might have made their decision by now. I forgot all about the letter during training… At the very least, nothing major was decided yet.

“Shall we go? Although we still have a bit of time left.”

“There’s nothing wrong with going a bit early. Let’s go.”

“I’m extremely curious as to what kind of fight I’ll see from someone personally taught by you, Usato.”

We were going to see Mina and Nack’s mock battle.

Nack should be able to fight with the training he received from me in these 5 days. There was nothing else I could do. The rest of it depended on Nack’s own power.

“….Amako, what are you doing? You’re going to be left behind…?”

“Why you… I’ll definitely never forgive you… I won’t forgive you…”

Seriously, I only flicked you on the forehead. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

I guess it can’t be helped.

While Amako was still glaring at me with resentful eyes, I placed my hands on her sides, picked her up, and walked towards Kazuki and Senpai. People were glancing at me with strange gazes. It was a little odd to carry a girl who was wearing a hood like this but I was already used to people looking at me like this when I trained Nack.

“Usato-kun, is Nack going to be alright?”

Although Inukami-senpai looked at me suspiciously because I was carrying Amako, she asked me this question instead.

“He’ll be fine. I like to believe I’ve done everything I can for him already.”

“Does that have anything to do with how the people around us are looking at you…?”

“….Who knows.”

This Senpai of mine was really sharp. She already noticed it.

While I smiled and played dumb, I took a look around at my surroundings. The students immediately averted their eyes.

What’s with their reactions? Am I some kind of gangster?

“You did such an amazing training? Enough to shock all the students here!”

“Y-yeah… I don’t really know if it’s that amazing or not. It was just the training I received before. Stop looking at me with those eyes beaming with curiosity, Senpai. My training is really plain. All I did was make Nack run and dodge some magic balls…”

“You’re really good at smooth-talking…”

Be quiet, you little fox girl.

When I saw that Kazuki’s smile had stiffened at Amako’s words, I started to shake her up and down.

‘This is your punishment! Become nauseous!’ I thought as I kept shaking Amako. But before I knew it, Senpai was staring into my eyes with a doubting gaze.

“It looks like you’re getting along really well with her now.”

“Eh? Well, I guess. We were together and all…”

“Together, together… Huh.”

What was she getting at? Senpai who had been walking in front of me had turned around. She placed both of her hands onto her cheeks and looked at me with upturned eyes.

“…I wonder… Am I jealous…?”

Hearing such sweet words and seeing the lovely expression on Senpai’s beautiful face… I couldn’t help but think that the people back at our school would faint at this sight, regardless of gender. In reality, I was confident that this would have applied to me too… If it was the Senpai from before.

“Ah, I see. What kind of magic practice did you do, Kazuki?”

Even if you acted like a maiden now, it wouldn’t change your deplorable aspect.

Ignoring Senpai who was looking at me, I caught up with Kazuki.

“Hmm? Let see… I was working on controlling my light magic better. You saw me perform it during the training right? At the moment, I can’t control it without putting all my concentration into it.”

“Well, in my case, I can’t fire out any magic. But maybe you could try thinking of a different method to control it. It might work out for you.”

“Wait. Just wait a moment!!”

As I was having an enjoyable conversation with Kazuki, Senpai suddenly shouted from behind and vigorously gripped my shoulder.

What is it? So bothersome.

“Shouldn’t you have a better reaction than that!? Are you a deadpan person!?”

“How impolite. If it wasn’t me, any other guy would have been in great joy. I won’t just suddenly fall in love.”

“But ending it with an, ‘Ah, I see.’ reaction is a little bit rude, don’t you think!? I’m a beautiful girl, you know!? Why can’t you be honest and feel shy about it!?”

“Please realize that there’s something wrong with you for admitting that about yourself…”

Calling yourself a beautiful girl was one thing but the dreadful part was that there would be no one here to deny that claim. No matter how I looked at it, she was indeed a beautiful girl. But I won’t fall for such an obvious trap since I wasn’t a fool. It was also pleasant and interesting to see Senpai’s face full of frustration… Wait, no no. That’s wrong. I’m not going to be like Rose. If I really thought that, wouldn’t that really make me a sadist like Rose?

I took in a deep breath and took Senpai’s hand off my shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m super shocked. Is this fine? I’m going ahead.”

“Kuuh….. I’ve been humiliated… I feel like he’s even more of a sadist than before…”

Senpai muttered this and her cheeks flushed red. I continued on walking.

Kazuki had seen everything and cheerfully laughed.

“Hahaha, you really get along well with Senpai, Usato. I feel relieved whenever I see you two talk.”

“…I agree, I feel the same when I talk with her alone.”

I responded without denying anything.

Although I was usually dishonest, I really wanted to be honest during times like this.

…This was bad. I felt like my face was getting a little hot. I shouldn’t have said something so out of character. I had to at least make sure I walked in front of Senpai so that she couldn’t see. I also covered my face with my hand so that Amako couldn’t see either.

“Usato, what’s wrong? Hiding your face like that… Do you have some horns or something?”

Amako questioned.

“I’ve calmed down. Thanks to your needless comment.”

Just what kind of monster did this little fox girl think I was?

I’m a human, how could I have horns?


A large number of students were gathered on the training grounds.

Two students were fighting at the center. The mock battles had already begun. The surrounding students were spectating the match.


“Alright, I will win this time!!”

“Heeh, what a sight.”

I let Amako down and caught up with Senpai and Kazuki to spectate the match between the two students.

The two students both had wooden swords. After one of the students roared out, both of them clashed their swords against each other coupled with their distinctive magic. Senpai looked at the fight with great interest but she suddenly turned around to look at me.

“It’s just like what I expected. A fight between two magicians should feel something like this. It’s quite different from your match with Halfa-kun, Usato-kun.”

“Well, there aren’t many magicians who use their body to fight to begin with. So obviously a fight like this is the norm.”

Halfa-san used his magic eyes and close quarters combat to fight.

I relied on my healing magic to boost my own strength and left everything to brute force.

In my case, I wasn’t savage enough to pick a fight if someone just bumped into me. But I definitely wasn’t a normal magician. My way of using magic was wrong at its very root.

“There are a lot of magicians that use a weapon to complement their own magic. But there really aren’t a lot of magicians who use their bare hands to fight.”

“Hahaha, I don’t need a weapon anyways.”

I didn’t really require anything sharp while I was in the Rescue Squad.

I also have my new technique, the Healing Magic Ball. I didn’t need something like a sword.

I did use a wooden spear against the snake but now I feel like it’s not something I needed.

I did kind of want some gauntlets like the ones Kiriha had, though.

I shouldn’t ask for the impossible. We decided to walk around and find a good spot to watch the match. As we were walking, we noticed that the students were looking at a familiar student with ashen-grey hair.

“Don’t mind me, everyone.”

“Hello, Halfa-san.”

“Did you also come here to watch the mock battles?”

I greeted Halfa-san who showed a gentle smile.

I saw Halfa-san during my training with Nack but I don’t think I have seen him since.

“Yes, I have an interest in this so I have come to pay a visit…. I actually wanted to participate too but my opponent had already forfeited…. Hahaha.”

“…I-I see.”

I’m willing to bet they were scared of you… You only aim for the vitals, after all.

I felt a sense of fear during my fight with him too. Halfa-san shrugged his shoulders in disappointment and started walking back to his original spot.

“You can see well from here. It’s strange that no other students come here to spectate.”

“Yes, I understand your doubts, Usato-san.”

……Why did it feel like he was indirectly saying I was the one scaring the other students away? That shouldn’t be the case, right? They’re scared of Halfa-san, not me! This guy aims for the vitals! When I tried to look at my surroundings again, the students averted their eyes.

“I-I can’t accept this…”

“Really, just what did you do? It’s obvious that these students are afraid to make eye contact with you.”

Inukami-senpai expressed her doubts.

“Oh, you didn’t know? In the training grounds, Usato-san— Upu.”

I sealed Halfa-san’s mouth with my hand. I used my other hand to make a gesture by pressing my index finger against my lips.

‘This is a secret, you got it?’ I wonder if my message got across.

After seeing Halfa-san nod, I let go. I then turned to Senpai with a composed expression.

“Nothing happened here, right?”

“….Yes, nothing happened here.”

“….This is way too suspicious, you know!? Your exchange just now is obviously suspicious! Just what happened while we weren’t here!?”

I couldn’t deceive Senpai. Her breathing became rough and she drew closer.

I knew she wasn’t someone I could trick by using brute force but what should I do…? As I was thinking of what to do about Senpai, Kazuki stopped her advance from behind.

“You shouldn’t inquire too much. Even Usato has one or two things he doesn’t want others to know.”

“Guh… Muu… T-that’s true…”

I didn’t really mind if they found out, but if I could avoid it, then I would.

I mentally thanked Kazuki and directed my attention towards the mock battle. This time, Halfa-san threw a question at me.

“…..Usato-san. Who is this…?”

Halfa-san looked at Amako who was hiding herself behind me.

“Hm? Aah. This person is… A friend who I’m going on this journey with.”

“It seems like they possess magic too. But it’s different. I see a collection of white magic power around her… It feels similar to my magic eyes… No, maybe even more powerful? ….I saw her during your training with Nack but just who is she…?”


“….No, you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. I’m well aware of the difficulties of possessing a magic similar to mine.”

It really saves me the trouble when you’re so understanding.

Amako’s ability to see the future was special even among the beast kin. If Halfa-san knew this, he would definitely be able to deduce her identity.

Still, Halfa-san’s magic eyes were amazing. Just by looking at Amako’s magic power, he roughly estimated what her magic was. It was also possible that he just felt that their magic was similar.

“I’ll change the topic. I’ve been entrusted with a message from Kiriha. She wanted me to tell you if I spotted your group.”


“‘It wouldn’t look good if we were together so we’ll be cheering from somewhere else.’”

“I see… Thanks for delivering this message.”

“No, don’t mind it. I’m personally happy that she would entrust a human to deliver a message. It’s something I’ve never seen her do.”

Halfa-san was smiling at me like an idiot as if to say ‘Maybe something caused her to change her way of thinking.’

I ignored it.

It seemed Kiriha’s group was spectating at a different spot…. It would be easy to find them though. They weren’t hiding their faces like Amako. It’s unfortunate that we can’t observe the match together but there’s not much I can do.

But I really wonder when Nack’s mock battle will be coming up. From what I heard, there weren’t a lot of participants this time around so his turn should come up soon.

The match in front of me seemed like it was about to finish so I looked around… Then I spotted a boy with short black hair and a girl with twin tails confronting each other.

“Ah, found him.”

“It’s Nack. And Mina is there too.”

Was Senpai also looking around? She stood next to me and looked towards where Nack and Mina were.

I was worried that Nack would be intimidated by Mina and it would affect his movements during the mock battle. But it looked like I didn’t need to worry. Mina tried provoke Nack but he only had his eyes on the match.

It was the result of training, or more accurately, his heart had grown stronger. I felt like I was a little too harsh but the result was alright in the end.

“All that’s left for you to do is to defeat her.”

The bell rung, marking the end of the current match.

At the same time that the crowd of students cheered, Nack and Mina stood up to begin their fight.

Mina had a silver shield and, looking at her proud expression, it seemed like she thought there was no way her impenetrable defense could be broken by Nack. But if you underestimate Nack too much, you’ll be in for a world of pain.

Healing others wasn’t all you could do with healing magic. Mina was probably also the one who caused Nack’s healing magic to no longer properly function. She’ll personally experience what I mean with her own body… Since Nack couldn’t use healing magic on others, I didn’t teach him my Healing Punch. It was a technique that could be used to knock others unconscious without hurting them. Nack’s attacks will deal real damage to Mina. She could even suffer a large injury if she wasn’t careful.

“This is why I’m here. You don’t need to hold back, Nack. Show your heartless parents and those guys who bullied you that none of them can match your speed—  None of them can catch up to you.”

The suffering you experienced in these 5 days and the results you obtained… Today is the day to show it.

Author: Next time: Nack vs Mina.


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