Chiyu Mahou Chapter 63

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“—You sure look confident. Aren’t you being a little conceited?”

Mina suddenly spoke.

My match with Mina would begin shortly. The fight between the two Senpais in front of me had just ended and they were shaking hands with each other. It was a good match. I often dreamed of being able to fight and use normal magic like them.

It was supposed to be a dream that shouldn’t have come true for me. However, I was standing at this stage right now, regardless of the fact that I possessed healing magic.

As I surveyed my surroundings, I spotted Usato’s white uniform among the students wearing black robes.

“No matter how hard you try, nothing will change. It won’t change the reality that Oji-sama and the others abandoned you, or how your beloved little sister was pulled away from you. Lastly, there’s nothing you can do about your magic. If I had to compare my magic with yours, it would be like the difference of Heaven and Earth.”

Right, I have a little sister.

Because of that worthless household of mine, I was separated from her.

I’m sure she has been living in happiness, surrounded by my parents’ smiles. I didn’t feel jealous. After all, she’s my one and only little sister. She thought of me as family until the very end. I wonder what my parents told her about me leaving… I’m sure they gave her some convenient answer like I was working hard somewhere far away. I still didn’t understand why they wanted to hide my existence so desperately but it really didn’t matter at this point.

“Mina, those things don’t really matter to me anymore. Whether it’s to be a noble again or getting revenge on you… None of it matters anymore.”

“Are you saying you’re willing to discard your noble lineage? You still have a chance to start over but because of your foolishness, you would willingly cast away your proud noble status? Nack… Nack Argales.”

“You sure say some strange things. I’ve already been discarded…… By ‘Oji-sama and the others’, as you would say. That’s why we became unrelated to each other the moment those idiots put me in here.”

“….In that case, why are you standing here right now? You should know just how painful my magic is… But I’ve actually been holding back, you know? You’re not that much of an idiot, right?”

That’s right.

Despite how she’s someone that found joy in hurting others, there has never been a time where she seriously used her explosion magic on others. She has only used her magic to inflict the maximum amount of pain that people could withstand. That’s what she was doing to me until now.

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that her reaction was exactly what I imagined in my head.

“Have you gone mad?”

“—I actually didn’t need to fight and keep this promise with you. I was shown another path but… I’m no good at the moment. When I saw the broad back of ‘that’ person I admire, I couldn’t help but think something this presumptuous: ‘I want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them’. I haven’t gone mad, Mina. I finally found it. It’s something worth betting my entire life on…”

Before meeting with Usato-san, I had nothing.

I got kicked out of the place I’ve called home. I’ve been frantically and desperately trying to live ever since then. I had no future and lived an aimless, everyday life. But I was given a path… I found hope.

No matter how much abuse I received, my feelings of gratitude didn’t change. I’ll become a healing magician like Usato-san someday and proudly enter the Rescue Squad. That’s how I want to grow and mature as a person.

“Are you referring to that healing magician guy who is secretly a monster? You want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with someone like that? It’s proof you’re not sane. I truly feel sad. You actually want to become something that isn’t human.”

“I’ll admit that he’s someone with monster-like strength. But no matter how strong a person is, if their character isn’t good, it just becomes plain violence. For example, someone who has explosion magic like you.”


Her eyes widened.

But I had survived these 3 days. Her wrath didn’t startle me in the slightest.

“Mina, I’m going to defeat you and say farewell. Afterwards, I’ll slip out of Luquis…”

This was something that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. I planned to make various preparations to leave Luquis after this mock battle and head for Lyngle. I don’t have any reasons to stay here… I don’t have any friends. Still… I don’t know whether Kiriha-san and the others could be called friends but it was really heart-breaking to bid farewell to them.

Originally, I was someone that was naturally hated. I was awkward but they didn’t treat me any differently. It was painful because I couldn’t return this debt of gratitude in any way.

It seemed like my words really startled Mina. Her eyes were wide open in astonishment and filled with scorn. She squinted her eyes and glared at me. I felt a sense of danger.

“…Leaving here? Without my permission? …..That’s an interesting joke, Nack. This is surely what it means for someone to be extremely conceited, right? I was only intending to have you taste a bit of pain and let you off but… I changed my mind. Fortunately, Oji-sama and the others have told me ‘Do as you like.’ for this fight.”

Mina pointed at me and continued.

“I’ll make you cry and beg me for forgiveness. I’ll make sure to have you wear some rags and be my slave for a lifetime. It’s an honor, right?”

“You really are someone who does and says whatever you want… No, you’ve always been like this…”

To begin with, I don’t even know how this conversation ended up here. Serving as Mina’s slave for lifetime? I’ll pass. There’s no way I would want to seclude myself here. I took in a deep breath and regained my concentration.

Mina took half a step in response to my words and readied herself and her giant, shiny, silver-colored shield. She then started emitting a large amount of magic power from her hand.

“I’m not afraid of you anymore.”

“Now you’ve said it, you pitiful little dropout.”

There was no need to respond to her.

This would be the crucial moment. I would show what I’ve obtained in these 5 days with Usato-san.

A strange silence dominated the training grounds.

At the same time Mina started firing her magic, I kicked the ground and dashed out with as much strength as I could muster.


A scarlet sphere formed in Mina’s palm.

[Explosion Magic]. A rare manifestation of [Fire Magic]. The characteristic of this magic is that it can momentarily heat up the atmosphere of a given space and cause an explosion, roasting and blowing up the target. As I can only attack in close quarters, it’s a bad match-up for me.

Additionally, Mina has a shield.

This is a problem. I suspect that her shield isn’t for guarding against my attacks. It’s probably to protect against her own explosion magic. It’s a good tactic to prepare a safeguard like this. The fatal weakness of explosion magic is that it could harm its user.

As I thought this, I kicked the ground once more and leapt to the side.


The place I was just at a moment ago was hit with a ball of magic and the impact caused a small explosion. As I examined the power of Mina’s magic, she looked at me in shock.


“It’s not like I came here to play around! Take this seriously!”

“Don’t underestimate me….!”

She started to form more magic spheres.

Just as Mina said, she added much more magic to her sphere for this fight. It was on a completely different level than the ones that hit me in the past. I wasn’t happy at all but it seemed like it was true that Mina was holding back before.

But it was overwhelmingly slow.

It was around half the speed of the magic orbs Usato-san threw. Honestly, it was a little odd for me to use him as a comparison but I ended up doing it unconsciously.

“Way too slow…!”

I ran from one end of the training ground to the other as crimson spheres of magic made their way towards me one by one. Using this time, I started to read where the attacks were aimed at. I twisted my body at the very last moment to dodge one.

I immediately squatted down to avoid another and picked up some pebbles near my feet as I did so.

Without any delay, I started throwing the pebbles at the balls of magic heading towards me. This triggered the explosions earlier, and I jumped back before the impact reached me.

“I’ve certainly obtained some results… Usato-san.”

While I patted the dust off myself, I felt the growth of my strength from my own effort.

I didn’t feel proud. But I did feel thankful.

I thought it was a magic that couldn’t be used anymore. I thought it had to be a magic that needed to be used for someone else… There was nothing that made me happier than using this magic to strengthen myself.


As I rejoiced, Mina’s magic flew towards me.

Despite the fact that the dust hadn’t completely settled from her attacks yet, she continued her assault. I could understand just how angry she was due to my words but…

This is a chance.

Mina is just taking shots in the dark. She doesn’t know exactly where I am. But I can tell where Mina is just based on where she’s firing her magic.

“That’s why…!”

I didn’t have the endurance to receive a direct hit from Mina’s explosion magic. It’s highly possible I would faint the moment I got hit. But as long as I couldn’t get close to Mina, I didn’t have a single chance of defeating her.

For this reason, I have to go.

I placed my right palm on the ground and stored power in my legs.

“I’m going!!”

With that shout of encouragement, I used all my power and ran through the cloud of dust straight toward Mina.

This is a suicidal act as everything would be over if I got hit by Mina’s attack while charging in. However, Mina is only firing at  where she thinks I am. She wouldn’t think I’m trying to recklessly charge her from here. It’s still possible for me to run into one of her attacks but it’s not like I didn’t consider that…

While explosion magic continued to bombard the training grounds leaving dust hanging in the air, I didn’t lose sight of Mina. When I was sure of her location, I took a firm step forward with my right foot and jumped out in that one moment.


I broke through the cloud of dust and appeared several meters in the air right in front of Mina.


“Eat this!!”

The momentum couldn’t be stopped.

As I dropped diagonally toward her… I coiled my body, preparing to kick the dumbfounded Mina.

“Hah, eh!? Hiiih….!?”

On the spur of the moment, she thrust her shield in the ground. She aimed the shield towards me to receive my kick while she hid behind it— But. That shield wouldn’t be enough. It wouldn’t be enough to protect you against my efforts in these 5 days!!

“Do you think an iron plate could defend against my kick!?”

“What!? No way! ….Kyaah!?”

I fully utilized my body and rotated it to further increase the penetration power of my kick. Mina was went flying back from the impact of my kick along with her shield.

While she flew through the air, even as she tumbled across the ground, I didn’t take my eyes off of her. Her clothes were now covered in dust as well.

“I won’t yield to you anymore! Mina Liashia! I’ll cut off this tie I have with you today!”

This is my strength.

This is the strength that you and your group looked down on!

I pointed and shouted at her as she got up. It seemed like she scratched herself a little when she landed, as blood dripped down from her mouth. Other than that, she wasn’t injured thanks to her shield. But there was a clean dent right in the middle of the shield where she blocked the kick. I could also see a small crack within that crevice.

Even so, Mina still recovered.

“Hah! Very good… I’ll make you regret making me get serious…!”

Using her dented shield to support herself, she stood up. While violently wiping her mouth, she glared at me with bloodshot eyes. I entered a ready stance as she glared at me, her intense stare filled with anger and bloodlust.

From here on out, I would be fighting against a frantic Mina. A side of hers that I didn’t know…


“He’s gotten stronger.”

As I was watching the match between Nack and Mina, Senpai, deep in thought, suddenly spoke.

When I took a look around, everyone was dumbfounded… Even the people that appeared to be teachers.

It was natural. I tried to copy and reproduce Rose’s training to the best of my ability. I felt a little proud to see my disciple’s growth.

“He became stronger thanks to the training. However, he obtained that kind of strength by following through with the training until the end.”

It must have been painful. Even my heart hurt to go through with it.

But Nack held on and completed it. It was only 5 days of training but the last 3 days weren’t something I planned. They were much more severe, after all.

I watched with folded arms as Nack evaded the spheres of magic.

“I heard from Senpai that it was only 5 days of training but… This is amazing. Wouldn’t it be bad if that girl called Mina were to get a direct hit from Nack? Look at his kick from just a moment ago, she would get knocked out.”

“Nope. He really should have settled the match with that kick just now.”

“Eh, why?”

Kazuki was surprised and turned to face me.

Without looking away from Nack and Mina’s fight, I started to explain my analysis.

“Mina’s responses were faster than I had expected. But there’s also the truth that Nack’s only strong point is his legs. Unlike me, his arm strength isn’t any different from an average person’s. You can think of Nack’s kick just now as his most powerful move.”

But Mina’s shield was tough, matching its appearance. I thought that since it was heavy, it would take quite a bit of strength to lift it. And Nack’s speed might have been enough to take advantage of that.

Since Nack couldn’t destroy the shield, this is going to be difficult… Mina probably isn’t an idiot. You might not have another chance, Nack.

“Well, that’s just how it is. Nack also doesn’t have much endurance so one hit might just knock him out. After all, I didn’t get a chance to make him tougher by beating him up with my fists.”

“One punch from you would kill Nack, okay!?”

Inukami-senpai exclaimed.

“Hahaha… Haha.”

What should I do? I ended up punching Nack once or twice yesterday as part of his evasion training.

But since I coated my fists with healing magic, it was safe, right? Nack himself looked completely fine too.

I was trembling a little on the inside. If they knew, they would definitely move a few steps away from me…

“You shouldn’t lie. Usato, lying is bad. You should confess everything right now.”

This little fox….

While I innocently smiled at Senpai and Kazuki, I secretly aimed a finger behind me. As I did so, Amako’s face paled and she protected her forehead with her hand. She also started pulling on my uniform and tried to hide herself.

Hey, hey. My uniform is going to stretch if you do that…

I sighed at the sight of Amako concealing her forehead with my uniform.

“Haah… Well, Mina’s endurance is about the same. The match will be decided the moment either of them takes a hit. And after seeing Mina stand up without losing spirit despite receiving Nack’s attack head on, it’s clear she’s not just a simple bully. I expected for her movements to falter after receiving one blow from Nack.”

“Mina is one of the more ‘capable’ students in her year, you see.” Halfa-san interjected. “She’s a bit overconfident but she understands the characteristics of her own magic well. You can see this from how she incorporates the shield into her own fighting style, both for offense and defense. I really have no idea why such a capable girl like her is scared of me… I can’t help but have my doubts.”

Halfa-san… Your fighting style is the natural bane of most magicians. Your way of fighting is dangerous as well. It’s obvious they would be scared…

Still, a magician who uses both magic and shield, huh.

This seems troublesome. If Nack could destroy her shield, I think he would have the advantage. The problem is that he doesn’t have that many options to destroy it.

“—But Nack is an evasion-type magician. Although there are aspects where he falls short, there are also aspects where he excels. Actually, he’s been dodging balls of magic for the past 3 days. You could say it’s a countermeasure for this situation.”

While Nack was busy trying to dodge my thrown orbs, I would also use a physical attack.

It was ‘Rose’s Sandbag Training Revised Edition.’ Or maybe it was more accurate to call it ‘Usato’s Shooting Training’? With my new technique, I would throw orbs like a ranged attack to train Nack’s evasion. With this training, normal attacks with balls of magic weren’t really effective against Nack anymore.

But it was only ‘magic balls’. If something else was added in, then this training wouldn’t serve its purpose.

“Don’t let your guard down. Even if you’ve grown stronger, you still have a fatal weakness. If Mina takes advantage of that… It will be severe.”

Even if healing magic could heal wounds, it wouldn’t erase your sense of pain.

You can’t take a beating like me. If you make a slight mistake, you might just suffer a lethal wound.


“It looks like you’re fast at running away!”

A scorching hot ball of magic was flying towards me.

I pondered how I could attack after evading it. But the density of this orb was evidently much thicker than before. Maybe it was to prevent me from conducting another surprise attack while using the dust as cover. The moment the orb made contact with the ground and exploded, I jumped away to avoid being caught by the shockwave. This is proving to be a big problem.

“Guaah!? …It looks like I’m not capable of completely dodging it….!”

Explosion magic slammed into my back… It felt like all the cells on my back were being scorched by a hot wind. She had strengthened the power of her attack again… My injuries wouldn’t be that bad with healing magic but the pain was tormenting me.

“I’m really envious of your ability to continuously launch attacks like this without a care…!”

“It’s a talent I was born with! It’s because I’m a genius!!”

As expected of a high-class noble lady like her. Her words were obviously different from the others in the same year.

She was overflowing with confidence. She was a talented girl who couldn’t even imagine her own loss since her birth.

It was quite a contrast when compared to someone like me who was abandoned.

Her amount of magic power was abnormal and she had that hateful look in her eyes. But there were things even I could do.

“Here I come!”

I ran with these legs and trained them until my magic was completely exhausted.

As I dodged the incoming orb of magic, I attempted to draw closer to Mina. Although Mina was the one casting and firing spheres of magic, its speed wasn’t much compared to Usato-san’s. Its only threat was the amount of power it held.

I kicked the ground and started to run in a zigzag pattern.

I closed the distance between us in one breath.

“I’m in range…!”

Mina couldn’t use her explosion magic this close or else she would get caught in it too. Grabbing onto to that weakness of hers, I felt confident in my victory.

One blow— I just needed one kick to connect and the frail Mina would easily fall. I jumped to her defenseless right side as she hid behind her shield. I anticipated that she would block her own vision to defend herself and it would be at this very moment where the match would be settled.

“I’ve got—”

I kicked, feeling assured of my win——— At this instant, I could see Mina laughing through the small crack. No, she isn’t just laughing. She’s looking this way…..!? It looks like she understood everything from that expression of hers.

I felt a chill like never before and tried to hold back my kick… Without taking my attention off of her, in the next moment— I was assaulted with an impact on my defenseless head along with a ‘Gaan!’ sound.


My vision went black for a moment but I clenched my teeth, preventing myself from collapsing.

Shit, what did she do to me? While holding my hand against my head and suppressing the pain, I glared at Mina— But the moment I did so, a silver wall made its way towards me with tremendous force.

“Kuh….. Gaah!?”

I could see the attack coming but my body wouldn’t move. Mina proceeded to knock me away, slamming her shield into my defenseless body. I collapsed and rolled on the ground in pain while holding my head.

“You really are a big fool…”

Mina smiled in good humor while lifting her shield. She looked down on me in my agony.

Her shield. Don’t tell me, she got into position before my kick…? When I flinched, she charged at me with her shield?

“A shield isn’t just for defense… At least as far as I’m concerned. Well, it won’t work anymore after seeing it for the first time. But don’t you think it’s good for a surprise attack?”

“Gah…. Hah….”

Did I get cut on my forehead? Blood trickled down my skin… When I tried to operate my healing magic, I felt unsteady and couldn’t concentrate properly. If I couldn’t concentrate then my healing magic would only have half the effect— My wounds wouldn’t heal immediately.

As I fell down to my knees, Mina scowled at me.

“Let me tell you this, you can’t win against me just because your legs and vision have improved. A magician who doesn’t understand their own magic’s properties can’t win. Of course, you have to take into consideration the match-up against your opponent. My magic against your magic… is the worst match-up. Actually, why were you so conceited that you thought you could win against me? I thought you of all people would understand that…. The distinction between opponents you can and can’t win against.”

Opponents I could win against and ones I couldn’t win against… Is she saying that there are absolute win or lose match-ups among the students and Halfa-san here…?

“But I’ll praise you. You really did well. Even I’m honestly surprised that you’ve come this far in only one week. How about it? If you surrender now, I’ll make an exception and forgive you. You don’t want to be in any more pain, right?”


I’m genuinely astonished at how she was openly praising me instead of ridiculing me.

Her words also felt excessively sweet. After all, my situation might drastically change if I were to admit defeat here. I might not get bullied anymore… Yes, this is what I thought.

However, my answer didn’t change.

“No.. way.”

My situation would change? Wasn’t that just a naïve way of thinking? It was true that I felt that this was the first time Mina had recognized my ability. Since she despised me until now, I felt a sense of accomplishment. If I said I wasn’t happy, I would be lying. She was basically admitting that I had real ability.

But that’s all.

If I didn’t defeat her and overcome this, she would still continue to suppress me. My everyday life wouldn’t change.

I would be below her, and she would be above me— A relationship I wouldn’t be able to reverse no matter what.


“I came here today to beat you up. There’s no way I’ll recognize my own loss… If I yield here, I think I’ll be a loser for the rest of my life… That’s why I don’t want to yield… Whether it be to my parents, the group that bullied me, or you. I admit that if I forfeit here, my shitty everyday life might become a little better. But then the five days that Usato-san spent on me would be wasted. That’s something I definitely don’t want.”

“….Is it really that important to you? You’ve only known each other for a week, right?”

“Yeah… That’s right. It’s only been one week…! In that short amount of time, I’ve received so much and I can’t even express my gratitude for it all! It was harsh, painful, and I wanted to run away… But I was happy…..!”

I didn’t want to have expectations for anyone.

I didn’t want anyone to have any expectations of me.

I was deserted by my own parents and I couldn’t believe in anyone from the bottom of my heart… I wasn’t anything special but I was properly trained right here on these training grounds.

He believed in my victory. Wasn’t that reason more than enough for me to not admit defeat?

“He said I could choose to believe again… Ever since that day I awakened to healing magic, I’ve been living at the very bottom in darkness! It was something I never even considered again! That’s why even in a situation like this where I’m likely to lose, I will absolutely not surrender to you!!”

“……..Hah. You really just said that. Is this what it means when people get a rush of blood to their head and become idiots? I think it would be better to consider your own circumstances and carefully choose your words before speaking.”

“Don’t forget, I’m a healing magician… These injuries are nothing!!”

I got off my knees and stood up.

My wounds had already healed. Ironically, this conversation allowed me to buy enough time to recover. I wiped the blood off my forehead and flicked it onto the ground.

I can still fight.

“I see, it can’t be helped……. We’ll continue.”


With a sharp glint in her eyes, she pointed her palm towards me. I immediately retreated and put some distance between us. I couldn’t take another hit from her again.

A small explosion appeared at the spot I was just at. Mina sighed upon seeing me dodge. She held a hand against her forehead and directed her gaze at me.

“I’m going to change my method.”


“I thought I could just pin you in a corner by aiming my shots precisely but you’re more stubborn than I thought. It looks like that won’t work… That’s why I’m going to change my method.”

She thrust her shield into the ground and started using both hands to form a new magic sphere.

But it was different this time. She wasn’t creating just one sphere, she was making several smaller ones. The globe of magic split into multiple orbs, five floating in each palm.

Knowing that some kind of attack would be coming, cold sweat dripped down my back.

“Fufufu, although I’m not a monster like that hero, I can at least do this much. I’ll just keep launching explosion magic towards the direction you’re heading. I won’t focus so much on my aim anymore. One ball of magic will trigger the explosion of another, causing a chain reaction. The resulting explosion will lead to your destruction.”

Combining the magic in both palms, she has a total of 10.

She showed a fearless smile and spread out her hands. She then quickly jumped back.

“If you think you can run away and escape this… Why don’t you show me?”

In the next moment, several bomb blasts violently rushed towards my body simultaneously.

Shiru: Potential spoiler by the author… Read the following at your own risk.

Author: Mina is quite a troublesome character because of her personality.

The worst part is that she personally doesn’t properly understand the feelings she holds for Nack. As a result, her way of thinking has become twisted. An example would be her desire to monopolize him.


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              This is true for anyone.
              At least if a bully ends up changing for the better, said bully may become a respectable person later. You on the other hand… you’re unbelievably judgmental whilst also being incredibly dismissive and ignore any logic or reason others use and are absolutely adamant that only your way of thinking and doing things is right. Not too different from a bully that likes to defend his or her behaviour. And you’re right that life isn’t always happy. Sometimes you need to better yourself as a person instead of dwell on the past or blame other people, because everyone experiences pain. I too was bullied as a kid and ignored due to moving a lot. I beat the shit out of my first bully after one point and dropped all contact with the people that took advantage of me. Surprise, I made my own situation better. My own moments of stupidity as a kid had far greater impact than the trivial shit any bully tried to pull on me and to this day I try to better myself. I could point out a bunch of other issues with you but at the end of the day the only one that feels like shit and wants to spread negativity is you. Plus morons like you can’t stand being criticized in any way, shape, or form, even though you criticize everyone else for literally anything you dislike. Fucking hypocrite.


                • Great way to completely dismiss anything I say. I spent almost 10 years of my childhood with my only “friends” being people that shunned and took advantage of me. I lived with depression for 15 years and almost never blame other people for my issues in life. I have never picked on anyone, never attacked someone outside of self-defense, and I listen to differing thoughts from mine own so long as there is logic and reason
                  I suppose that’s bullying, right? I know this reply is late but I only read it now and this reply is just incredibly obnoxious and fits exactly in line with everything I just said.


              • People must atone for their evil deeds and in that they can find forgiveness for what they’ve done. Some deeds are not that easy to forgive and some demand of appropriate punishment. That’s how it works and that’s how it should work unless we won’t a world of chaos where it is fine to torture and kill people(and that’s exactly what this girl did). You on the contrary are saying that we should pat the bully(it’s actually appropriate to call her a criminal) on the head because she had her reasons. Don’t you think you logic is twisted?


                • You are jumping to conclusions, Adrian. You know there are three sides to an issue? No one said complete forgiveness for Mina though? Also, you don’t see Mina for like 100~ chapters in the raws. Mina’s smart enough to know the difference between kill and torment. So the intent to kill can be ruled out. She used enough power so that Nack can heal himself afterwards. The bullying only intensified after she saw Usato fight with healing magic. She probably assumed Nack was mocking her by not fighting back or some other reason.

                  Well Mina might be disowned if she loses the match or if its a draw. Even barely winning as well. Mina’s pov is in 170~ or something.

                  The Hawk: no forgiveness for bullies, no matter what they do to atone
                  Middle ground: forgiveness is acceptable if they atone
                  The Dove: complete forgiveness if the victims forgives

                  The hawk and dove are both extremes. Most people are in the middle ground, but Tanha’s language and self-important post makes him or her out to be a hardliner (hawk) against any form of redemption, therefore people are reacting overwhelming negatively to that post. Tanha also insulted the author just for explaining his characters in the author’s notes, so fans of his work will obviously react negatively to that.

                  It’s ironic how someone named Tanha is causing so much trouble with their misleading posts and is the least forgiving. Tanha in Buddhist means thirst, desire, longing, greed”, either physical or mental. It is typically translated as craving, and is of three types: kāma-taṇhā (craving for sensual pleasures), bhava-taṇhā (craving for existence), and vibhava-taṇhā (craving for non-existence).


        • How did you get “right” reason for bullying from this? Read it again, very carefully before your emotions explode like Mina’s explosion magic. These are some really foolish assumptions that you are taking up. Your reading comprehension skills clearly needs more work.

          Author: Mina is quite a troublesome character because of her personality.
          The worst part is that she personally doesn’t quite understand her feelings for Nack. As a result, the desire she has to monopolize him has become twisted… Even if she knows it’s wrong

          All the author did is explain why Mina has a strong fixation on Nack. It’s referring to a uncommon symptom among grade school children, where males may bully the girl they like or vice versa. The main character is Usato here, and he trained Nack. Nack is the underdog here and Mina is his obstacle to overcome right now. It’s fairly clear the author has somewhat taken Nack’s side versus Mina’s. Furthermore, the readers will be more sympathetic to Nack since we have his point of view during training. I personally wanted Nack to kick her some more….. like her face and not the shield. Hehe.

          Unneeded opinion? You took the effort to post a reply or opinion on a public platform. Of course other people will do the same because they have the same right to post. If you don’t want anyone to respond to your “foolish rant” then write in your diary. A public platform is not a diary or space to rant.

          Liked by 1 person

            • You act more like the child here, kiddo.

              “””””The author should go F. himself.””””

              Is a statement adolescent children make.

              Of course I would reply, you posted it here again. Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself with your infantile responses?

              I’m only proving your point about the unneeded opinion is moot, my dear child. Please read between the lines. Once again your reading comprehension skills fail you.


              • Cant we just get like a regular bully getting what he/she deserve?
                If you want a reason why she bully others you can give her a story like this “Their house is a proud noble therefore competition within the family is normal. Her older sister is always better than her. Shes ignored,her achievements are not appreciated. Thats why she bullies other weaker than herself to satisfy her ego”
                I swear if the reason why she bullies nack is because shes a sadist/yandere/confused girl then Ill drop this novel.

                Liked by 1 person

                • I trust the author on this because the way he wrote the story so far, he used cliches in unexpected ways to not seem cliche. Like another person below said, the root causes of her bad behavior is her noble house making her immune to criticism and them not properly scolding bad behavior where applicable. Mina is a spoiled rich brat, but she is somewhat intelligent in her fight luring Nack then using her shield to hit him.

                  Mina’s from a major noble house, so her peers won’t criticize her. Same with the school director. She’s prideful and biased against Nack, but still smart in some areas. She purposely avoids fights with Halfa, since she knows that she would lose spectacularly. She refuses to see things from Nack’s perspective. I would even say that Mina has never been scolded in her entire life to get to where she is at right now.

                  Nack’s kicks would be like a bulldozer hitting you, but Usato’s hits would be like a mountain rushing at you. I don’t mind if Nack loses or draws, but he needs to get a few more hits in. I wouldn’t call her a sadist/yandere/tsundere yet, but just a bully. I don’t see any dere traits here.

                  Usato and Rose are the real sadists in this story.

                  Liked by 3 people

        • I agree with this one. I enjoyed the novel so far. But this chapter makes me want to quit. The foreshadowing of mina’s feelings and the future “redemption/forgiveness shit” is irritating. Heck If I got bullied no matter what the reason is,Ill definitely not forgive them Its stupid.

          Liked by 2 people

          • A lot of you guys loooove jumping to conclusions. It’s really unavoidable at this point to say some spoilers. Explanation does not equal endorsement of said characters behaviors. Mina is still an adolescent, so there’s still a possibility for reforming bad behavior. Mina’s or Nack’s parents, not so much. Once you’re an adult, changing bad behavior becomes more difficult.

            You don’t see Mina after this for like 100~ chapters and by that point many things in the series changes. The purpose of Japanese legal systems and jail is to reform criminals and not keep them there indefinitely. For Mina, she might be disowned by her family after this fight.


        • The author’s notes has 3 sentences.

          1. Mina has a bad personality
          2. Mina has some feelings for Nack (not self-aware of it)
          3. Mina expresses it in a twisted way

          forced out of its natural or proper shape; crumpled.
          “the crash left a trail of twisted metal across the highway”
          synonyms: perverted, warped, deviant, depraved, corrupt, abnormal, unhealthy, aberrant, distorted, corrupted, debauched, debased, degenerate, sadistic, evil, wicked; etc
          (of a personality or a way of thinking) unpleasantly or unhealthily abnormal; warped.
          “a man with a twisted mind”

          “”””The author should go F. himself.””””

          Really man? You would go there with your poor misunderstanding? 0-100 right here. The language you used here is the reason why others will react negatively to your post. The author isn’t justifying anything. The author is only explaining his characters and the reason they act the way they do.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I hear that she liked him for a long time. She wanted him to get stronger, so she bullied


            • To me the moment she wanted to turn him into a slave that gave it away for me. If you think about it, in a weird way she is the only person from his past who hasn’t given up on him. Hell, she probably thought it was fine as long as he had mental strength, but then the anomaly shows up and shows that healing magicians can be stronk, really, really brokenly stronk. So why doesn’t HE be like that huh? He doesn’t have to take this.

              I do hope later in she comes back with a freaken vengeance against pretty much everyone else but him. Besides, he isn’t really rescue squad material (aside from being the strongest black jacket) so maybe he could be her CQC meatwall for the E X P L O S I O N!


      • I think the fact that you’re defending her actions is pretty fucked up itself.
        She used explosion magic on him because it was fun to her or because she is obsessed about him. Do you know what most people call ‘inflicting severe pain on others’? Torture.
        That goes way beyond simple bullying. Its a crime in many parts of the world. Saying that she’s just a kid doesn’t make it any less severe.

        Liked by 2 people

        • I mean if we wanna go by example using magic to bully someone in their world is quite similar to beating someone up in our world. U can control how much damage u do, or down right just kill the person. I dont think her bully is as much torture as a kid beating another one in our world despite it being explosion magic.
          I will admit that it’s still pretty fucked though


        • A well (ill) placed fist can cause a death, no need for use of “deadly” weapons. Death or pain can be caused by the same attack, either through maliciousness or mistake. This sadistic girl is smart enough to know the difference.


      • Open mind? Dude, what is wrong with you? She is a freaking sociopath that wasn’t just bullying the poor guy she plainly tortured him sometimes for hours inflicting real injuries, she even tried to kill him when his healing magic was at the limit. How would you feel if there would’ve been a girl that burned your flesh for fun that enjoyed your screams of pain? Jeez, I don’t understand people like you.


    • I don’t think the auther ever said there was any right reason. There is no justification.
      It was a statement on the falicy and pain of children with power. Which is a theme this novel has been using this whole time. Amanko. the heroes, usuato Felm as well, They’re all examples of children with power and responsbilities that no child should actually have. And how that power and responsbility warps them.
      Mina is an example of having too much power but without the guiding princples (heros have Japan sensabilityes (well usato has Rose). Amanko had her mother. Felm was only ever seen as a weapon and not as a person-and grew to only see her own value in combat and boredom without it–but now sheh as Usato and Rose. Mina had forced nobility, and loss of an arranged marriage (I think) with someone she loved/admired.
      That turned her power outward and lashing out.

      There isn’t a justification here. its just an explaination of how it ended up this way. Framed as a reverse of what we’ve seen up until now with similiar case situations. Nack and Mina are both coins of how that world fails younglings and power. ’cause Mina’s parents are utter rotten trout burgers.

      Even if its something like she realizes she’s been a utter f88kwit villain. That isnt’ a redemption arc. Its character growth. (of a character who likely won’t show up ever again). any growth she gains from this is used for Nack and Usato’s growth in this arc. That they themselves are trying ti improve the world.
      It is similiar to how Usato changed the Dark Knight deamon girl Felm. She’s murdered tens or hundreds of humans and deamons, up to this point. But by interacting with Usato, she’s starting to see their isnt’ much difference in the races and that she doesn’t just have to be a weapon. Felm was seemingly alwasy referred to as a weapon. Likely Mina was always taught to having to be that way. Usato also changed Rose in a similar way. Rose didn’t have anything left and was just floating through life. But now she has vigor again.

      This whol subplot is being used to show how Usato effects people and makes them better. And they in turn, grow into better people who will help other people. Rose to Usato. Usato to Amanko, to Nack, to Felm, to Kiriha. Nack to the other students in the school now. Off screen the two other heroes are likely having similiar experiences.
      Whether Mina is shown how horrible she is and tries to work on not being a toxic nobile or not. Nothing she’s done up to that point is justified or okay.
      Nack may “forgive her” but he’d be doing that for himself, to break all connections and not leave anything lingering in his life. That forgival will be for him. Not for the assaulter. For his closure, not hers.

      I do hope she doesn’t show up again though. Or if she does it’ll be long in the future after a time skip of some kind. Felm I’m more alright with–mainly because we’ve been shown more about how she ended up that way and the way people treated her. And we’ve only known her kiling in war (that we were told she was more or less raisd and only worth for war).
      Currently I very much dislike Mina. But the only way the author could flip that would be to show her family’s reaction to this. If they beat her, threaten her, throw her out, or something. Showing how much insanity her family is that forced her into a corner. Somethin that would let me shift the dislike of her to her family. ’cause I super do not like her. I objectively know that how she is, is 1000% a result of her family. but I haven’t been shown their horrible. So I am just left hating her horrible.


      • Zellgato
        I doubt Mina was taught to be a sadist that’s just the way her personality is. And don’t compare her to Felm, Felm is a soldier that follows her orders she is not sadistic or evil.


    • Sometimes there is a right reason to bully somebody, like if they’re being a total weirdo.
      Search for “Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times – Bullies”


  3. ‘The worst part is that she personally doesn’t quite understand her feelings for Nack”

    Wait.. WHAT? Nack, may you have a long lasting life


  4. Spoiler ? I thought it was obvious… rather I’d be surprised if it didn’t turn out that way.
    Well he can heal.. that said the mental shit he went through… well shit like this ain’t something you forgive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • well yea i got a feeling mina has a feeling for nack, but she expressed it in wrong way.
      i hope the author write it in the story on the following chapters instead of just being author note and without nack realizing his childhood friend’s feeling.


      • Pretty sure they were originally arranged to marry when they grew up. But when nack was thrown out of the house and lost his nobility. He no longer was a “valid” choice for nobility. So she was trying to hold onto a connection and it set teasing to an insanity crazy person level.
        Prettty sure her final plan involved making him marry her (or at least be her consort) and draw him into her nobility to make him a valid choice in that way.
        Probably was originally intending to use the excuse of “Nack is a healing magician. My power’s only weakness is blowing myself up. If I have this (consort/slave/butler/minion) then I’ll be unstopable in battle” to force her wants against noblility standards.


  5. Nahh without what author say, i know that girl is love that guy. But… She is a little bit S i think…

    Thanks for the chappu~


    • I’m pretty sure she knows she likes him.
      but she knows she isnt allowed to interact with him anymore because of the nobility thing. He is techincally no longer a nobile. and she is a seriously high level one. So normal kid teasing went really sideways but in her head this whole time she was planning to try and “save him” by making him join her nobility later on.(aka marry or at least her consort)

      Liked by 1 person

      • The broken backed groundskeeper, that you take with you from house to house, and even on vacation trips. He doesn’t need to be as presentable as a butler, or even a consort.

        Liked by 1 person

      • maybe, but it’s also possible that she hadn’t reconciled those feelings with herself, either way I’m excited for the conclusion to this whole thing~


  6. I don’t think anyone’s defending her actions (Mina). Just that there is a chance for redemption depending on how the author takes it. I want Nack to beat up his bully more….. then find a decent girl to start a relationship with her. Mina acts too much like a proud noble for my liking. Her family and Nack’s family enable this behavior. The school has trouble disciplining her since her family is a big sponsor of the school. Mina needs a meaningful and sounding defeat to change for the better, if not then scolded strongly. I wanted Usato to fight her in his exhibition match and show her…. but Halfa had to volunteer since he’s battle maniac…. Mina seems to avoid strong people she can’t defeat like Halfa.

    Also, keep in mind that this is fiction. In fiction many themes are exaggerated for dramatic effect. In this case, the addition of magic in the story makes the bullying even worse. This actually makes me wonder how many healers in the other countries are in terrible situations. Nack’s situation might be the most extreme, but there are surely more healers facing poor treatment.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Honestly I hope Nack stays at school for a while yet, and hangs out with Kiriha and them.
      Except for the idea that Mina’s group would start being assholes.

      Ultimately I’d like Kiriha’s group to head to the same kingdom. Nack can train up. Kiriha and her brother can also train somewhere in the kingdom (they have a high level mage after all who knows them, and they’re hero friends). Satsuki can work the shop that Amanko used to


  7. Thank you for the update. I had figured out that she liked him… in her own weird twisted way. So the author’s words weren’t a spoiler for me. I just really hate those kinds of idiots.


    • she will tell reason why she bullied him in chap 175. That’s what I heard


  8. Ummmm….. I had a scary thought. Wouldn’t Usato have a fan club or secret society after he leaves the school? He made Nack that strong in nearly a week, imagine a month of training later with the Usato regimen. I would expect some of the student body to admire him and some to even emulate him like Nack.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thanks for the chapter!

    Skimmed a bit of the debate and also can’t help but think that no one is justifying her actions. The author is explaining the motivations behind her actions.


  10. Yup she’s annoyingly insane in that she think she can only “connect” with nack that way. this whole time due to nobility BS. and had been intending to bring him into her nobility th whole time I think

    Also Nack boy. You threw a stone earlier and made it explode.
    One sets them all off!! If you survive this, THe next time she does that kind of MIRV attack, throw one stone and hit one. Set them all off when she’s there. Nack should’ve collected things the whole time to be countering them.
    He probably can’t throw amazingly but they seem fairly easy to set off all things considered.

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  11. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Bullying the person you like usually involved hiding stuff and the like. It doesn’t usually become physical. When it does, something is seriously wrong with the perpetrator.


  12. and I thought this was a long chapter… too long posts….
    parental and environmental exposure could had caused her to display her ‘affection’ for him in a twisted way ….. maybe from the start, where they didn’t know he has healing magic, Mina had taken a liking to him before but after the reveal and other factors involved… twisted…
    but then again, she and her group nearly killed him and if Usato hadn’t saved him/stopped them, then Nack would surely be dead by now…

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  13. So she does like Nack. I am personally okay with it. Nack was too pitiful and needs a push, but Mina, lets be real guys, shes just a kid who’s a noble and doesn’t know moderate pushing. Go easy on her would ya.


  14. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    I’m not sure what to make of this hint the author dropped there. I don’t believe that Little Miss Explosion can’t be redeemed, but it is gonna take a lot to make her redemption believable and acceptable…


  15. Wait… If healing magic is “trash” in the eyes of nobles. Then what would happen to Mina after that she’s defeated by Nack? If you lost to “trash” then you’re even worse than “trash”, right? Could be pretty funny if her family decided to discard her too and no longer protect her from the school.


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